Rundown (4/20-4/26) An Uncreative Title for an Uneventful Week

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SF Super sadness and upset why you leave me bro I wanna have butt sechsLet’s see here… Bandai Namco’s going some indie stuff? Nah. Zynga has lost a lot of market share, but I don’t even care about them as a thing. Gamestop is closing many stores and shifting more to mobile, but I am going digital from now on, so I don’t really care a hair. Battlefield 4 is still busted, even after it came out six months ago. Just Cause 3 may be a thing, yet I found 2 to be super dull. A lot of people have played Watch Dogs and its story sounds loathsomely mundane for a game with giant robot spiders. Oh, and a bunch of people dug up some old ET cartridges… Yeah, it’s been a very slow news week.

I feel as if I am in the minority who believe that anybody who dares to refer to the 8-bit era or early 3D era as anything akin to being a “Golden Age” as most games from those eras are between the realms of okay and utter drek. Although Banjo Kazooie somehow avoided that pitfall and is one of the few games from Gen 5 that I like. So it is a shame that the spiritual successor fell apart. Why? The guys were too busy with other jobs to work on another game. I mean, 3D platformers are far from cheap.1KLK But I Have No Money For Shame This Day is Sad purse is empty of cash

Visual novels with a premade engine that will only require new backgrounds and character models are… kinda cheap. Which is what the next Ace Attorney game will be doing while also sending the game back to the early 1900s. In other words, I’d be surprised if it comes out as it will likely be dripping in Japanese culture references and linguistic jokes, and it will become a series in its own to boot. I would, however, be surprised if a newly announced Fatal Frame for the Wii U doesn’t come to North America. I know the series has a history of not coming out here with the remake of 2 and… normal version of 4 never hitting the NA , but Nintendo is hurting for good Wii U titles, so why would it not come? I mean, they gave us that crappy 3DS title. I’m not sure how much it’d cost, especially when compared to how much it’d cost for Ys 6 to maybe come to modern PCs. Yeah, turns out XSEED wants to try and bring it over, make it run on modern PCs, and retranslate since Konami did a crap job with the PSP version last I heard. Still, XSEED made lots of money from the three Ys games they released on Steam, so it’d depend on Trails In The Sky’s PC sales.2Nobunagun Fella what is going on confusion woke up now loading my throughts will have an answer later brb gonna think

On the subject of playing old and awesome video games, the Vita just got nearly all of the PSP and PS1 classics (until they undid it for no reason), which will soon include the ever elusive Suikoden II. So I decided to buy one at the right time for games and bad time for my little wallet. Said wallet will stay closed when I see a Ubisoft Logo around anything not connected to UbiArt, especially around Assassin’s Creed Unity, which will have four player co-op of some sort, which is odd considering it is the Gen 8 title, not the Gen 7, which I’d normally be against, but I will take any opportunity to disagree with Gearbox.3SB I Hate Her Guts

And just as a fun factoid to end on, I am currently sick for the first time in about five years… yeah. Because I took some adult medicine that made me vomit. I didn’t weigh enough for it to work properly and I now I’m a slug of a human being who is cold despite being bundled up. It sucks!

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