Rundown (11/05/2023) re:Dreamer Isekai Ver. Alternative/If…

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This Week’s Topics:

  • A re:turn to re:Dreamer for side content
  • An email-based TSF story from 2002
  • A triple dose of acquisitions
  • NetEase is back with their tenth new studio since 2020
  • Another re:turn of an older Sonic style
  • A 3.5-hour-long animated fan film

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Rundown (3/26/2023) One Year After Body Swap Terrorism Incident is DOPE!

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This Week’s Topics:

  • The BEST TSF idea book
  • A Loose Ranma Ramble (inspired by Chari)
  • Why it is ethically and logically correct to take digital copies of every delisted Nintendo game
  • Bye-Bye Battlefield
  • Counter-Strike 2² bay-bee!
  • Sonic Origins: The Better But Not Good Enough Version
  • Another new Nep-Nep (Feat. BIG MODE)
  • Tell this waifu your social security number because Intuit is evil!
  • AI is the next generation of game development (maybe)
  • Horde for Power – SapphicFuxx Part²²²²

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Rundown (9/24-9/30) A 13-Year-Old Dream Lives On!

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I believe that I have talked about how back when I was around the ages of 12 – 14, I was a big fan of a lot of Newgrounds flash animations, amateur made cartoons that often took the form of video game parodies, and provided one of my friends and I with countless hours of enjoyment. One of my favorite series from back then was TTA or TVTome Adventures, a story driven and incredibly ambitious series centered around a convoluted anime-esque story about people playing a virtual reality MMO based loosely on the online interactions of a bunch of teenagers. It was a 73.5 episode saga created primarily by one person, Chris Niosi, throughout his high school years, along with other various flash cartoons. (more…)

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Rundown (1/17-1/23) Sadness of a Large Amount

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0 KS Sad TIme Depression UpsetOkay, The Malice of Abigale Quinlan has been released, and now I’m pretty lost as to what I should do. I’ve been pretty depressed as of late, with school starting up, my job being incredibly stagnant, and my inability to come out as transgender to my parents is really getting to me. I have insecurities and anxieties, which are two common things that I should learn to live with because they are never going away no matter what I do. Oh, and constantly feeling like a failure when it comes to literally everything I do certainly doesn’t help. (more…)

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Rundown (2/08-2/14) You Shouldn’t Exist, Subhuman Scum!

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0 Yamada Kun leave me the fuck alone forever you miserable disgusting skank fuck off die in a fire you awful human beingI honestly do feel very bad about pretty much everything I do, and feel as if I should be better in just about every regard. From personality, to appearance, to time management, to writing in general, but I also lack the drive to go and fix these things, so I am pretty much stuck as a negative zone of a person who could probably get a lot from therapy, but would rather try rewriting a novella from scratch in order to tell a better story with it, after I felt the original story I wrote was not as good as I could and should have made it. It doesn’t help that my sleep schedule is pretty bad, and I have to manage both work and school in addition to several hobbies, but a true human being should be able to do twice as much as I am doing and still call it an easy day. (more…)

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