Rundown (6/09) E3 2019: Get Your News While It’s Hot!

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I am very well aware of the fact that it is beyond pointless for me to try and cover an event like E3 or offer my hot takes on any given press conference due to the simple fact that everybody and their baby cousin is doing the same darn thing, and that my posts do not technically go up until hours later, where they offer a text-based summary of a video broadcast. It is all kind of pointless in a sense, but I have fun making this elongated opinionated summaries, and that’s the important part. …I think.

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Rundown (9/10-9/16) Video Games Can Hurt Sometimes

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So, I recently picked up Metroid: Samus Returns, and while I enjoy the game quite a bit, I have one resounding problem with the game that is not the fault of the game. It’s that the original model of the 3DS is downright horrible for action intensive games. Maybe I am just clenching the system too hard, or not distributing my fingers properly, but after less than an hour with the system my hands started getting sore as the system dug into my palms and my fingers contorted themselves into an awkward claw so I could press the miniscule shoulder buttons. Maybe I’m just getting old, seeing as how it has been almost 4 years since I played an action game on the 3DS, but… wow does it feel bad to use. (more…)

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Rundown (6/11) E3 2017: Return of the Busiest Time in My Life

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E3 has begun, and thankfully the duties have been spread apart this year, with the previously mostly vacant Sundays are now being used by two major press conferences. Meaning that I only have three more to go after pushing out this post right at the cusp of midnight because Bethesda thinks it is good to have a press conference at 9 PM PST. Also, the title of this post is not a lie. I do more work per day during the Monday and Tuesday of E3 than I do during any other time during the year. Especially this year, as I have to work and attend class while E3 is going on. Anyways, on with the rundown. (more…)

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Rundown (6/12) E3 2016: Boiling Points of Many Emotions

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CookingWith a slew of leaks and early reveals out of the way, E3 has finally begun. By which I mean that EA is holding an event outside of E3 around the same time. The ever expanding Bethesda is getting early coverage by going one day before the press conferences traditionally begin. While Kadokawa games, a growing publisher that isn’t even having a proper press conference, just a private media briefing… Whatever, that’s good enough for me. (more…)

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Rundown (1/31-2/06) Yeah, This is Not Funny Anymore

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come_on_guys_by_ONATSo, it was just pointed out to me that it is grammatically incorrect to add two spaces after a sentence, when I have been doing that for the past six years because one of my teachers told me so and nobody pointed it out to me. I’m also dealing with an incredible amount of hatred towards my own work and livelihood, and am genuinely considering going to see a therapist or psychiatrist. Also, this header image was made by ONAT. (more…)

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

2016-01-14_00092Wolfenstein: The New Order has been on my to-play list for quite some time, even though I don’t have much affinity for first person shooters. Ever since it clicked to me that they visually look like games about disembodied guns shooting people, it became difficult for me to not look at them as somewhat gauche. Yet, I heard good things about the story, which is weird for a game where you shoot nazi robots in the face with dual wielded shotguns. (more…)

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Rundown (2/08-2/14) You Shouldn’t Exist, Subhuman Scum!

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0 Yamada Kun leave me the fuck alone forever you miserable disgusting skank fuck off die in a fire you awful human beingI honestly do feel very bad about pretty much everything I do, and feel as if I should be better in just about every regard. From personality, to appearance, to time management, to writing in general, but I also lack the drive to go and fix these things, so I am pretty much stuck as a negative zone of a person who could probably get a lot from therapy, but would rather try rewriting a novella from scratch in order to tell a better story with it, after I felt the original story I wrote was not as good as I could and should have made it. It doesn’t help that my sleep schedule is pretty bad, and I have to manage both work and school in addition to several hobbies, but a true human being should be able to do twice as much as I am doing and still call it an easy day. (more…)

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Skyrim Review

never againYou may have noticed that I have made four posts prior to this one about the Nigmabox Adventures With Skyrim, and if you chose to read them you would have seen that I grew increasingly more negative with my gripes out the game, with my irritations rising above all else. Well, they naturally had to lead to something, and they were, but there is one change I am going to make in contrast with my original plan to beat the game a second time, and not do that. Oh, trust me, I played the game, I played another 125 hours of it, on top of the 187 hours I originally invested in the title back in 2011. Heck, it’s partially because of that game that I am here doing this review, as that was the first game I chose to review, and I did so positively. So, what better way to show how much of a bitter, detached, and overall worse of a person I’ve become my shattering my old praise and bring forth a massive review of my massive amount of time spent with this massive game. (more…)

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Nigma Box Adventures With Skyrim Hours 66-95

2014-07-10_00019I was originally going to play The Stanley Parable over the prior weekend to give me something to experience than more Skyrim, but no, instead I am here and losing my patience with the game, well, not quickly, as I am at the 95 hour mark right now… God do I wish this game was shorter. (more…)

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Nigma Box Adventures With Skyrim Hours 41-65

2014-07-04_00002After indulging myself in another 25 hours of Skyrim, I have come with another series of things that popped into my head, but this time I took notes meaning things will be a hair more rigid in the structure, but I will cover more subjects and give more criticism at the same time. So without further ado, let’s get up in them guts! Oh, and why is this post going out when it is… right after the first? Because I had it ready beforehand… Simple as that.


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Nigma Box Adventures With Skyrim Hours 1-40

0 I made a big exploration on my mappyOkay, I feel as if I need to explain more than a handful of things before beginning what I hope will be a series of about four posts, each recapping a rather large amount, though not as large as this, of my second playthrough of Skyrim. Normally, I would simply review it afterwards, using the piece as a landmark to see just how far I had come over the two and a half years since I wrote my first internet published game review… while not reading the original post, let alone remembering it. But what will these posts actually accomplish? Simply stating and explaining my opinions as I play through a 200 hour long title. And as such, this post will assume the reader is familiar with the game, as it sold 20 million just a few months ago, and is in the top 20 best selling retail games of all time. (more…)

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Fallout New Vegas Review

fallout_new_vegas_wallpaper_by_xsirzombiex-d4qesp8So after their owner ended up losing almost all their money, Black Isle reestablished itself as Obsidian Entertainment. Working on sequels to games that fit their specialties, only to eventually be able to pick up the license they had been working with before Black Isle got the axe? With the countermeasure likely involving them having a fraction of the budget to a game they were essentially modding in hopes of using up ideas gathered over the years. Which is essentially the backstory for New Vegas’ development, or so I believe.


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Dishonored Review

248854Oh yes, the ever awkward sensation of attempting to review something old enough to have been played by most people who would care about the title, but not old enough to be nostalgic to those who played it. Well, screw it, I had this game on the shelf for six months, was originally waiting for a DLC sale so I could have the whole package, but decided to get done with it and give my thoughts.


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