Rundown (10/26-11/01) Either Be Productive or Be a Corpse

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XCA Gut PunchI’m really not sure what to say here. I guess I should say that there will be a review of X-Change Alternative this week, a title I purchased to feed a curiosity of mine that was not very satisfied. I did get limited edition Steins;Gate masturbation tissues though, which made the purchase of what will probably be my only physical PC game a bit worth it. For whatever reason I also bought X-Change 3, which is far less of a porn game then I would claim Alternative is. So I’m picking away at it and Sonic Adventure DX… What the hell do you mean by “relevant” games?

Sexy boy Hideki Kamiya has been spotted at Valve Software!  Feel free to take this as confirmation that they will be helping Platinum conquer the PC market with their character action games… I am more than willing to try each and every one. Despite, you know, how I stopped playing Revengeance so I did not play it, and I didn’t get Bayonetta when I first played it. I think I’d have a better grip on Valkyria Chronicles, which is coming to PC. Just another title coming over to the best gaming platform there is in my bias opinion.1 KLK The Ultimate Objective form of friendship so much happy is all around bliss joy and everythign goos partner

I mean, Microsoft is at the point where they are dropping the system’s price by $50 for the holiday season and including a game with their Xbox Ones. Personally, this is a very good thing for consumers, as Sunset Overdrive has been received pretty well, there’s always Assassin’s Creed for those who don’t respond to the series with “guh”, like myself, and it will call Nintendo and Sony into action to get all the Waifus to buy their boxes. Nintendo just needs to bundle Smash Bros, a Wii U, and a pro controller for $300. Maybe throw in Nintendoland too. Sony can… Yeah, they don’t have many good exclusives this holiday, do they? Nice Q1 though.2 Zvezda Look at this sad little boy and his balls pathetic

You know what’s not nice, and is seems pretty gross? The fact that Hellblade, the game that is trying to break the boundaries between AAA and Indie, boundaries that only exist if you blur your own eyes to see what you want to see, not what is real, must sell 200 to 300 thousand copies. Really? Fifteen people are making the game, but it still costs about 2 to 3 million to make… Wait, 15 people times 50,000 yearly salary times 2 years is 1.5 million so… assuming they get $10 per copy… Okay, yeah, if that’s the case, maybe you would not want to have one of the most generic names in the medium. In all seriousness though, that does make it more than a little surprising that more of the industry hasn’t been murdered by its own massive expenses.Crowds Boo Hiss bad want better worse

Especially Ubisoft, whose profitability is a mystery to me. At the same time, I also actively disliked Assassin’s Creed Unity based on what was shown beyond the China DLC that will likely be packaged by itself later on. Though that is not the only piece of DLC that looks far better than I, II, or IV in my opinion as there’s time travel DLC! Where to? An alternate history 19XX from the looks of it, which sounds like something I’d check out if I did not need to buy a game designed to cause stress with those who have OCD.3 SB You OCD

I would not say I am OCD about the Super 3DS hitting the NA anytime soon, but I am patiently awaiting confirmation… but then Iwata brought it up. Quite simply, when basic 3DS sales are down, the Super 3DS will come to bring the money back to Ninty. Not the answer I was hoping for by any means, but I’m sure it will come within a year. Unlike Prey 2, a game that was in Limbo for a bit, bit is totally cancelled. Why couldn’t it have been Eternal Darkness’ bastard kid, Shadow of the Eternals, because that will not come out good. I mean, I would be blown away if it was ever finished at this point. I don’t think most of the team shipped jack in over a decade.4 SF But I do think that bad guys deserve to die kill the assholes because you can objective justice and victory horrah

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