Rundown (6/22-6/28) Life… Is A Thing You Do Before Death

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0P4G Free will is for faggots we just be machines that obey creators no desires for ourselfs we dumb shit farters…I actually had two intros prepared for this post, but as the Steam Sales just entered their final day an hour before preparing to post this tiny post and I just bought them, I feel like talking about them. I made out well in terms of the titles I got, but the same cannot be said about my wallet. Sure, my games per dollar ratio was pretty good throughout and I did regain a nice pool of variety before going into the replay bin, but I also ended up cleaning my plate of every PC game released before 2014 that I wanted to purchase and eventually play. It actually felt pretty good to clear out the spreadsheet I made to keep track of them, but it also brought forth the reality that the number of games I want that were released, or will be released in 2014 is massive. 41 titles I have yet to buy, and now my job fueled wallet is looking at lot less bulky.

I forgot that I played and was suppose to review Ducktales throughout the week, so I naturally forget if I mentioned the RUMORED Nintendo Fusion, a hybrid console and handheld that seems like NIntendo’s next logical move. Well, Miyamoto got word of this and claimed he also saw this as a possibility, while pondering the notion of cross buy with Wii U and 3DS. But games are the reason new systems- you know the drill by now. And if you launched a system with something as cool looking as Vane, an open world game by former Team ICO, Battlefield, and Killzone developers. What exactly is Vane? Something that looks nice in gifs and has a unique visual style… Okay, maybe it was a bit too soon for me to try and talk about this.1HeroJob Cum on the girls head how pathetically pititful and sad this even is you waste

Yet the video game industry is still filled with many companies who must pay their employees or… their CEO turns into a dead dog. That may eventually happen in Crytek, as they have allegedly had trouble paying employees. Am I surprised? Not in the slightest. Crytek is and has been in my mind a company that sprung out of the ether after releasing a handful of games I doubt sold that well and were nothing to write home about. Yes, Crysis was a benchmark for PCs for quite some time, but how much do you think it cost to make? As such, the cancellation of a new IP, loss of Ryse 2, and possibility of bankruptcy. If that were to happen, I would laugh and laugh, as nothing or worth in my mind would have been lost. It was somebody underleveled fighting the New Game+ boss and their death will only serve as an example of how one cannot simply have eight studios.2MLM Die Stubby!

The one studio system actually still allows for multiple projects to be worked on at the same time, often in secret as nobody could or would have guessed that Platinum Games was making a Legend of Korra title. Although the fact it is a downloadable snippet lowers expectations in a few regards, but as a developer they have yet to make a bad game, so this is one of the increasingly few console based licensed games I feel one has every right to be excited for. Although I cannot say the same about a newly announced and fully Gen8 Afro Samurai, as I paid the game no mind. After all, the industry is massive and one cannot keep up with every aspect it holds with the 12 digit annual sales mark being something that should be broken by 2018. 3KLK Mad at the rich executives and famous do not be silly they just deserve frustration money bad spending no more AAA

Now I’m off to play more Skyrim because I decided to open up that pit of despair once again… Already spent 40 hours on that blasted thing and have at least a hundred more.

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