Return of Mighty Terra: 2052 – The DNApocalypse

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The following is the original September 11, 2014 release of Return of Mighty Terra: 2052 – The DNApocalypse, a novella by Natalie Neumann. Natalie does not recommend that you try to read the original work due to its low quality, structural issues, and grammatical errors. Instead, she encourages you to read the summary included in Volume 11 of The Saga of Vincent Dawn and the development history described in Volume 07: Return of Mighty Terra: 2052 – The DNApocalypse of Natalie Rambles About The Saga of Vincent Dawn to better understand the content of this novella.


The following is an excerpt from between the fourth and fifth chapters of this story, inserted to provide better context as to how this story and Terrance & Urabe’s Alien Assassination Adventures tie together.

Well Arjeanne, I told you about my… experience with Urabe, so I’ll pick up right after that. After getting my current body from her, I was then introduced to another gift she left me before vanishing from my life, that of my friends, who I’m sure you’ve heard a plenty about. Maxxie Flare, Zoe Xing, and Jad Spencer, two of whom I knew to a certain extent prior to our meeting, yet the middle one was a complete stranger to me. Thankfully, the three were already friends, and I gelled into their trio pretty amazingly well, enough to the point where, less than a month after I met them, they, meaning Maxxie, thought our friendship could withstand a road trip to her parents’ seldom used summer home in Colorado.

The trip was nothing short of a blast, except for how, when testing out my many, many newfound powers during one night where I chose to test them in the wilderness, I happened to be filmed cutting down trees into wood chips with a sword I literally pulled right out of my butt. I didn’t know at the time, but shortly after sunrise, I noticed that a video of me was posted online, meaning that my secret life as a robotic superbeing was effectively over, as I was traced by the US Government within a few days. Now, if it was a short video, I would think this would be absurd, but no, I was testing out the ability to turn my individual fingers into firearms in addition to a plethora of other experiments that made up a twenty minute video that went viral instantly. So of course men in black suits came to ask me how I managed to do what I did. I said, very simply, that I am actually a robot, to which I converted my hands into mittens that stuck to the walls, and began using my feet based thrusters to levitate me off of the ground before turning part of the kitchen counter into a statue of a frog… I wanted to convince them very quickly, as I knew it was inevitable.

This was more than enough reason for them to try and imprison me, despite the fact that we both knew there was nothing they could do to keep me in any form of prison, as I would heal almost instantly from any wound, and had gained the ability to turn air itself into a toxic gas. This meant leverage was needed, and capturing my friends and family was the best they could have done. There was unfortunately for them the problem of getting something out of me, as I was something of a bastion of technological insights that could be used in countless scenarios. Meaning a deal was struck. Everyday for a year, I would provide them with 23 hours of access to do whatever they wanted with me, assuming it would not be used to create weapons or the like. My friends and family, as a result, would receive the highest caliber of college education possible, while their families would receive generous annual donations from the government… both of which I will claim to be selfless reasons.

You see, Zoe and I managed to spur up a conversation in where we talked about how my powers could be used to benefit mankind, where both of us decided that if we could harness it into a business, it would be beyond successful. And, after getting a private education for him, Maxxie, and Jad, we were just about ready to make that a reality. …But that took a couple years, which were certainly filled with a lot, and by a lot I mean entire weeks, worth of planning. So, what did I do during the in between time? The period of 2017 to 2020? I went around the world and helped with whatever I could which was, not to be too full of myself, pretty much everything I could imagine.

I helped establish nations, builds cities, ended three wars going on in the world, helped a nation gain its independence, and even enjoyed a lovely European summer adventure where I expanded older towns and cities’ roads in order to make transportation easier, which I did by bending the Earth around them. …Okay, when I actually say it, I may be a bit in the right to be full of myself, but that does not mean I like the way your sort view me. Oh sure, I was all over the web, in papers, in the news a load of times, and even bombarded with interviews I did while learning how to use my powers, which have always been a little bit… misunderstood, so I’ll try to explain them as simply as possible.

I have a self repairing robotic body that is constructed of very small metallic parts which create things such as artificial skin and blood cells to make me look and feel more human. If I am harmed, they reconstruct themselves and the layer of, let’s face it, skin tissue that is around me. They are powered by the air around me, or whatever gas or liquid, or even solid that I am in physical contact with. Hell, that’s actually where I get most of my power with now being something of the exception, but I’ve never had my reserves drop down to zero before. Even then, I have the unique ability to conceptualize items and abilities for myself and make them into something tangible and real from the matter around me in a process I refer to as Real Booting. But how exactly does that thought transform into something real? I don’t really have the answer, at least not right now, as I owe just about everything to my mechanical brain, which is pretty much the most powerful computer on the planet, but I am sadly unable to use it in order to figure out the logistics of creating a pair of hover boards for the two of us, meaning that we’re stuck being driven in this… actually surprisingly clean truck.

But, how exactly did I use these powers after I decided I would start a company with my friends? Well, at first my idea was to gain some capital by producing rare materials and minerals for next to nothing, not taking into account how exactly that would affect the economy at large, so my company, Nigmaworks Industries, began spitballing ideas that we could sell and produce with hired distributors spreading it across the country. Enter Sigmas, the greatest billion dollar idea to ever be inspired by watching poorly dubbed 1990s anime with an intoxicated friend. It was originally hard to pitch as it basically resembled a cigarette, only it was stark white with the only other detail being a small Sigma symbol on the end you place in your mouth, but once it was lit up and began emitting a rainbow of smoke, everything was different. Stimulating the smokers’ mind in order to allow them to maximize their thinking power and focus, with the only negative being a level of exhaustion one could feel after using them obsessively. Nothing long term, and next to nothing but profits after we were able to get the word out.

Yet, there was a teensy little problem with a one man, or I guess woman, robot, whatever, one developer for a product set to be distributed nationwide, and even after being able to shove out packages of fifty every few seconds, I felt as if there had to be a better way, a way in which I could apply my power to a separate entity that, if my experience today is any indication, grew far bigger than I had ever anticipated. Enter Real Booters, large machines that take matter from the molecular level and converted it into something different. Saying it was a dangerous tool would be an understatement, but it also made a billion dollar company into a trillion dollar one before we could even begin introducing other forms of Sigmas, with my favorite, to this day, still being the “Sigmidifier”, which was implanted in classrooms worldwide, and helped boost test scores by a rather dramatic amount. 

It was here that Nigmaworks could sift through the next few decades with extremely high profits, but Zoe insisted that Jad and I devise another pillar to this empire. We both interpreted as removing ourselves from the production of drugs and pharmaceuticals, which Nigmaworks did dip in through contract work by a few companies, some of them even being consumed by ours in order to increase our company’s size. So what did we do? Take over the entirety of the medium of technology!

I like referring to our actions as a blitzkrieg, an onslaught from all directions as not only had I worked on an operating system designed to put all others into the minority, which we ultimately achieved, but I managed to have complete control of production, with a series of machines being able to quickly and effectively manufacture extremely inexpensive parts that were roughly thirty years ahead of the game upon our debut, only to grow closer to a hundred as time moved on. That’s not to say it was over in a flash or adoption took only a few weeks, as it consumed a decade to get an 95% market share, absorbing all other companies in the meantime, and providing jobs simply due to how each of the four founders of Nigmaworks Industries, myself included, had personally gained twelve digits of profits in our time and simply did not need any more.

In fact, we were so profitable thanks to the original and regularly updated versions of the Real Booter that we were managing over a hundred million employees. This, however, did mean that the core four of us were not enough to keep track of what went on with most of our company, that is, aside from me. I kept tabs on each and every one of our employees, which was widespread enough and of a large enough quantity to populate a sizable country. I heard every request, and responded to them when I could, but the quantity was getting to me even if I was doing 99.999% of my monitoring subconsciously. The price of fame was also getting to me as I couldn’t sift through the internet without hearing something about me by people who I had never heard of, and their praise, hatred, and mixed feelings were all things I could not ignore, when I really, truly, wanted to. Unfortunately, my fame and powers made such a desire impossible, as I was adamant about maintaining control over my products, and the world at large. It actually got to the point where I needed to construct an incredibly powerful series of machines to lessen the load for me, but I would like the emphasize the ‘lessen’ in that statement.

I realize the… selfishness of complaining about divine abilities, but it was truly getting to me. Made even worse by how Zoe Xing in particular felt it would be beneficial for out massively profitable company if I demonstrated more of just that. I had this conversation with him as much as the conversations I had about whether or not we should reconstruct the worldly economy to better fit with our Real Booter technology. Yet the arguments were a standstill last I checked, and, well… the proof is in the pudding I suppose. Whatever I did in that time, it is in the past now, and I suppose this is the world I should be facing head on and head first. There is much about this brave new world I am uncertain of, but I am sure, that in a matter of hours, I shall obtain all the answers I desire.


The first thing I remember about the whole blasted affair was feeling clumps of grass cover my face, insects crawling in my hair, and the sensation of being hit by something possessing a massive amount of force. I groggily stood up as I struggled against my stiff joints, a sensation I was not familiar with. I naturally did the first thing that came to mind, which involved searching the internet to get some quick information, but all I got was a lot of nothing. I naturally looked past my grown out hair and began testing to see if everything with my body was functioning properly, and the answer was sadly no. I could not Real Boot anything, or even activate my butt thrusters. I was a confused and more than a little bit scared as I noticed my tattered clothes and felt my formerly shoulder length hair brush against my back. Time had clearly passed, and I had to figure out my surroundings very quickly given this scenario. Unfortunately, all that I could see was a sunset over an empty field of grass, weeds, bugs, and nothing else for a good mile. I let out a groan as I stumbled westward to the setting sun, my legs feeling like they could barely support my weight.

Normally, I have a form of automatic repair that kicks in whenever I sustain any damages. It’s kinda like being made of a liquid metal alloy, except the metal is just really tiny and has a layer of flesh that also repairs itself above it. Hell, the fact I had scrapes and cuts over my exposed arms and beneath my business skirt were only more flags that implied that something had gone very, very wrong. Oh, but it was more than my own personal issues as I did eventually stumble upon a corpse in the middle of this empty field, that of a young woman in an ill fitting flannel shirt and jeans that barely fit her even with a tightened belt. She had a pistol in her arm, dried blood near a hole in her head, and a load of flies over her corpse. I would have normally pulled out some forensic investigation, but I was unable to do anything in my current state, I couldn’t even tell how old this corpse had been here beyond it being fairly fresh.

I left her there, as I could do nothing aside from potentially carrying her out, yet my normally enhanced strength was barely enough to keep me walking. I did just that for what had to be an hour, when I finally found something that wasn’t just grass and weeds, a road. A road that possessed a series of signs along it, but as I began gazing at them, I was only reminded of how my HUD was seemingly deactivated, effectively meaning I was lost. With a groan, I began walking along this strange strip of barren road, only to begin sprinting upon discovering a tidbit of civilization that broke the image of a seemingly endless stretch of land.

I was panting profusely halfway to the establishment, making note of several features I pieced together in hopes of causing some form of determination fueled dash. Unfortunately, I was a machine at the end of the day, meaning I was probably running off of fumes. My destination was that of a dingy little roadside diner, a fairly decently sized one complete with a parking lot and large sign reading “June’s” yet I couldn’t ignore how the building seemed to be in dire need of renovation, as it looked about fifty years old. I did eventually make it there, but I was falling over myself and had my vision flicker on and off by the time I opened the door into the building, pausing to access my surroundings far less quickly than I was accustomed to. In many ways, the exterior matched the interior of the building, but then I saw that the stools near the counter were spotless, despite how said counter was chipping all over the place. Windows that were perfect pieces of large glass that looked to be the sort designed to keep heat under control, but their frames were practically falling apart. It was an odd building kept alive by minor additions, and naturally a few people I could make out in my observation. One of which made her way directly to me.

I locked eyes with the large hazel ones placed properly in her doll-like face, a face pale in complexion, but sprinkled with enough freckles and tiny strands of curly red hair to explain such a skin tone. Her job was made very clear as she was donned in an oddly skimpy looking yellow and white stereotypical waitress, to the point where I was unsure if this was a costume, or this woman was simply too well endowed to fit in it without revealing her cleavage and showing a trifle bit too much much of her bare and slender legs. Yet before I could double take her feet, which were donned in ill fitting and worn out tennis shoes, she snatched my attention by speaking to me in a chipper voice. “You okay lady? Looks like you were in a pretty big uh-oh.” I was set off guard for many reasons, but the fact I had yet to speak since getting up would be the most valid in my mind. “Uh, yes. I think. I woke up a few minutes from here and am not sure what is…” I paused then and there, recalling something that this woman, no, any person in the world should know, and that is who I am. I then looked down upon myself, grabbing my elongated hair and fathoming how messed up my face likely looked before letting out a sigh. “I know I may not look like it but I am Terrantina.” I said very clearly to the woman, who simply tilted her head in confusion. Not even disbelief, but more like she had no clue what the hell I was talking about. 

“Y-You know, Terrantina. Robotic woman who is responsible for the technological advancements of the past two decades. Ring any bells?” I was rather rude in retrospect, but I was tired and exhausted for the first time since May of 2015 when I was still flesh and bones. Yet, this young woman still displayed no understanding what I was talking about, which is why I was thankful when I heard another, slightly more gruff and low sounding female voice pierce from behind the counter, likely from this place’s kitchen. “Gayle, let the customers be for a minute, I need your help!” Still confused as to what was going on, I simply followed the waitress back into the kitchen, as she did not so much as notice me following her until we went behind a door. Proving a theory I had quickly made about her being something of a ditz.

Before the waitress could tell me to leave the kitchen, I was surprised by its… layout. I only have mild knowledge of what kitchens are supposed to look like, but for the most part this was just two small ovens lined up, a large counter, a sink, and some cabinets. Not even a fridge to store the food. However, I was instantly redirected towards the oven-like wall embedded objects as I saw another young woman stand up next to them. “Blasted things, you put all your hope in one thing and when it craps out on you, whatcha gonna do?” She asked nobody in particular before noticing I was behind this woman’s co-worker. “Gayle, I told you not to let anybody in back here, just leave them, it’s not like they’d steal anything.” “Sorry Gramps, she snuck in behind me after saying she was Terrantina.”

It was here the other young woman walked up to me, looking very much like a hobo based on her attire of a dusty jacket over a tucked in shirt that certainly did not fit and a pair of thin pajama pants that would have fallen down if not for a crudely attached belt. Yet everything else was well put together, with a cute face that boasted large cheeks, soft looking chestnut hair that was jammed into a hairnet that could barely contain it, and a very lean figure that appeared to be the result of a decade of in the racial melting pot. I was promptly looked over, not appearing too high and mighty over this woman, despite how she was no higher than five foot seven inches. “So, what’s my granddaughter saying about you being Terra?” The woman asked, sounding annoyed at how I would suggest such a thing.

“Look, I get that I don’t normally present myself like this, but something happened, my mental network is down, and things have probably been going awry because of me. My… abilities are crippled and I need some help getting to Oransen where I can fix myself and figure out what happened to me.” I said very directly, pausing occasionally to take a deep breath as I was still very exhausted for some ungodly reason. “…The fu- erm, the hell are you talking about?” The raggedy woman said as she looked over me. “I’m telling the truth, I… should have a better reason, but I normally have tomes at my fingertips and can access any bit of knowledge or evidence I want. But please miss…” I said, ending by requesting her name, which she responded by saying “Susan”. ‘Susan’ then gestured to Gayle behind me to leave the kitchen, presumably for us to talk.

“So, are you really a fallen idol who decided it was time for a comeback a score after the fact, or did the shift mess with your noggin more than most?” Susan said very coldly towards me, causing me to be even more confused. “Wait, a score?” “Ya got robotic ears, right? I useta before all this happened, and they didn’t crap out as much as I take it yours are.” “Huh? Wh-What are you? Wait, what’s the date?” I said, trying to get answers out of this increasingly more worrisome situation. “Today is October seventeenth… 2052. Now, if you really are Terra, can ya help fix this piece of shit Real Booter I got? Shit’s been busted for the past coupla days.”  Susan said very crudely as she went back to work on her oven-like devices that I didn’t so much as glance at while I was hit in the face with reality like it was a sack full of bricks. Normally I would have more of a reaction, but everything went to tinfoil as I began trying to combine words to continue this conversation, resulting in my consciousness being lost as my senses dulled into nothing. I could only hope that my exhaustion induced collapse would not be as lengthy as my prior slumber… God, I was really scared that it was going to be though. Or that I would never get up… or that this was a nightmare that would get worse where I would be strapped for parts and be shoved into a phone. That would have sucked.


The first things I noticed when I awoke… again, was that I appeared to be in the same dingy diner as before, and that I was only out for a short period of time as the sun’s placement was very similar to how it had been last I checked. What was not familiar was the individual who was playing with my messy hair, likely attempting to cut it as she held scissors up to a clump she grabbed with her hands. The woman was very clearly young, looking to be done with at least the great majority of puberty, yet likely getting the short end of the stick as her body was certainly very plain and primarily feminine in how dainty and petite she appeared to be. With a pale complexion, lovely emerald eyes, a clump of platinum blonde hair on her head that, while short, would look misplaced on a male, and a pastel colored dress that she wore along with brightly colored rain boots and a navy jacket that did not go down past her rib cage.

“What are you doing?” I asked her after she recognized that I had opened my eyes. The young woman then scampered off from the booth seat I had been placed on, after placing down her scissors right next to me. I slowly got up and began to take note in my suddenly regained strength, though I did not know its origins. Then I looked over my raggedy self and found what looked to be a power cord coming out of my butt. It was naturally plugged into a wall, which distracted me from the five foot two silver haired barber. I had no idea that my body could even do that, but that was only the tip of the iceberg from me. I was lucky enough to have my Heads Up Display return, which included an icon displaying that my power was low, low as in 0.02% of my maximum capacity. I have massively dense batteries though, so it’d take a large country’s supply of power plants to properly reach 100%.

Yet before I could ponder this new information and attempt to access my all of my abilities, my wake-up call began walking slowly towards me. Her arms were crossed as if she was cold, which I suppose it was to a certain degree, and wore a look filled with both disbelief and excitement. So, I took to my fame and greeted her. “Yes, I am indeed Terrantina Honyaku. Now, young lady, could you please tell me about… well, the past when I… You probably were a baby when I was around, weren’t you?” I fumbled over my words as I recalled what made me pass out in the first place, but the girl then spoke to me, sounding as one would expect a cutie pie like her to. “So… you weren’t lying then?” She asked before instantly jumping to another sentence. “I mean, erm, you are Terra, the Terra?” 

“Y-Yeah… So, have I really been gone for as long as… Susan told me I was?” I asked, fearing my suspicions would be confirmed. “I never lived in a world where you were around.” She responded as she looked at me before looking away, likely embarrassed. “I- can you explain to me what happened? How did I disappear? I would check myself, but my… powers have been sealed… for right now.” I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I didn’t anticipate an almost research paper level answer from the girl. “Well, it was November 18th, 2033. You were supposedly taking Maxxie Flare out on a birthday party, except she ended up lost in rural Connecticut and was not found until 32 hours after you were last seen. She stated in numerous interviews since then that the last thing she knew was that you wanted to investigate something, and then she lost track of you in the woods.”

I had no memory of that event, or even the ones leading up to it, as my memory of events were pretty hazy a few days before my supposed disappearance. I could have thought deeper on the subject, possibly try to find a hole in the girl’s story, but I lacked a reason to believe she was lying to me. “Wow, that’s quite a memory you’ve got, but what about the time in between, anything I should really know about as, again, my body’s charging itself up right now and I can’t do, well, I can’t access the internet and try to figure things out.” This led to what had to be half an hour long talk with this girl, who identified herself as Arjeanne, Arjeanne Sterling. She explained to me just what my former business partner and friend, Zoe Xing, had been doing with Nigmaworks since I vanished, and what she had to say made me more than a little upset. The first strike, which was one enough to shatter what affection I held for the man after years of distancing himself away from me and towards our company, was that he released Real Booters, a device that is capable to creating anything out of anything, into the wild. Hell, he went the extra mile and began distributing them to people for nothing if they did one not so simple thing. Zoe Xing apparently desired taking over a country with the resources Nigmaworks possessed. And while I went out of my way to prevent the Real Booters from being able to create much in terms of lethal weapons, he had found a way around that using his administrative access to the output registry, thus leading him to take the work in progress robots I had been developing with Jad Spencer, and turning them into an army of mechs. 

That concept alone makes it sound like Zoe Xing wanted a war, but Arjanne explained that it was more akin to leverage in making sure he got exactly what he wanted, and that was to have Real Booters be in every home he could place them in, and reshaping the world to fit the capabilities of these machines. It ultimately resulted in the majority of countries in the world agreeing to this deal on some degree, even though that did sometimes mean Nigmaworks no longer had an irrefutable say in the final product, as all they could do was ban certain items, much like any country that adopted these Real Booters and joined what Zoe Xing dubbed the Unified Utopia of Uberty. He effectively became the most powerful person on the planet, and in a world where money was being removed… If her articulation was of lower quality, I would have believed her words to be complete and utter hogwash.

“In order to maintain control of this utopia, Mr. Xing decided to take his advertisement of Terrantina to a higher level by reintroducing her as a godly figure, simply referred to as Terra in all subsequent mentions. In order to achieve this, he began pushing it as something of a religion, offering benefits for those who expressed some form of worship towards her, and planting it in many higher quality schools. Doing so would give them better Real Booters, and potentially even more land, which are how most view one’s wealth in this world. As matter quantity is all that matters now.” Arjeanne said, finally letting me get a word in as she paused. “How the hell do you know all of this?” I asked, baffled at how a child could possess this much knowledge and express it with such clarity.

“I was enrolled, still technically am, in a private school where I am taught of your exploits and rewarded for speaking highly of you if I am observed doing so. I have been aware for many years that it is an over glorified form of worship, but… I suppose one could say I enjoy it. Merely stating that I was able to inform you should bring with it quite a large reward for me later in life. Perhaps the honor of working at your company, Terra.” Arjeanne said, likely unaware that I was not all for people viewing me very highly. “Was trying to cut my hair also something that would get you these brownie points or whatever system Zoe is using?” I asked, still confused. “The system does revolve around a form of ranking in certain categories which helps one determine their career choices. We may be living in a utopia, but one needs to fix janitorial machines after a plumbing accident and one needs to be the mayor of a town. And yes, mighty Terra, I believed I would get a boost by assisting you, though I was hesitant and have more or less reversed my stance on the matter of cutting your hair… unless you would like me to cut it.” Arjeanne said, rubbing her legs together as she looked at me nervously.

“Sure thing, girl. Just keep things simple, since I can’t just style it myself with what little power I’ve got.” I said nervously as I dealt with her, feeling a sense of failure as I moved to a barstool and had her stand on a little box to reach up to my head. She was actually very careful and gentle with her actions, but I suppose that was to be expected. What I didn’t quite get was when she responded to my comment from earlier part way through the silent trimming. “I’m not used to being called a girl… but I guess I better get used to it.” A very alarming statement that implies some sort of agreed upon sexual reassignment surgery with a minor, meaning it was hard for me to not immediately inquire about what Arjeanne meant by such a statement.

“So… what did people call you before?” Was what I said to crack the ice and not just demolish it with a single sentence. “Well, my name was Anthony before, but I also did have far darker hair and a taller stature. I am not entirely sure why the D-N-Apocalypse left me with a body like this, but I’d say that I adjusted pretty well. Even if I hardly have the same ethnicity before.” “…I know I missed something, but I am not sure how much it was. So, please, back it up and give me another one of your well spoken explanations.” As I said those words, I noticed how shaky my voice was, I was already nervous about missing so much time, and was very much upset about what Zoe had been doing, but all of that was something that I figured I had to properly confirm for myself. Here, I had a person telling me things that quite simply did not make sense about themselves, and I needed some clarification.

I didn’t get that though, as right as Arjeanne began, I heard a door slam open, it being the same one I snuck through shortly after entering this restaurant. I was expecting the duo of Gayle and Susan to burst out, but instead I saw another woman burst out of the kitchen, shouting “Fucking done with that shit, now get off yer asses and gimme a goddamn burger.” The speaker was somebody Arjeanne looked at with familiarity, but also intimidation. She was a very curvy Hispanic woman, one with quite a lot of charcoal colored hair that gracefully bobbed its curly strands as she walked. This mane, however, was oddly tucked into a trucker hat, pouring out of it and likely disrupted by such an ill fitting piece of clothing. Especially when I looked beneath her head to spy a midriff revealing tank top, very short jean shorts, leather boots that added to her already six foot tall stature, and a jacket that barely fit over her large breasts. As she gazed me with irritation with her dark brown eyes, I assumed that she was either a party animal or a very… loose woman. But those were my immediate guessed with a hampered brain that didn’t have much time to make predictions before this mystery woman she began engaging in a conversation with Arjeanne, who had stopped cutting my hair.

“Hey Arjeanne, so what’s the deal with this Terra fapper? Just another nut who got their ideal bod?” The woman asked as she shoved her face right next to mine, breathing out the smell of roast beef and mayonnaise practically right into my nose. “Actually, my name is indeed Terrantina, and as I’ve been explaining to your… acquaintance, I am currently being told what has happened since I went missing.” I said, trying to remain calm as I desired to clobber this woman. “Oh, whoopty fucking shit. Guess your infinite knowledge doesn’t mean jack. Shit, you were knocked the fuck out and I had to carry your sorry ass outta the kitchen.” I took a deep breath before my next act against this woman, and decided to try out my oldest trick, that of pulling out a knife from my hand. 

My mechanical innards were briefly shown to both the crass woman and Arjeanne, and both were surprised to varying degrees. “Fucking hell, I thought everybody’s robo-limbs vanished.” The woman with coconut breasts said as she grabbed my arm and looked over it, pulling up the sleeves and likely looking for an incision that would make this my ‘robo-limb’. It had been commonplace to replace one’s lost limbs with mechanical versions for about a decade after Nigmaworks launched, with the insertion process being on the painful side as one’s nerves are linked in with the mechanical piece before skin resembling theirs is place on… at least as of 2026. But even then, I observed every single thing my Real Booters made, and none of the cybernetic limbs my company made had any form of weaponry inside of them. Meaning that either Zoe found another way to piss me off, or this woman was just a fool.

It was here where I decided to devote some of my limited energy into healing my very visible leg and arm based wounds, having them turn back into perfectly normal skin right before these two’s eyes. This healing factor was something I know Zoe could not have created in this short amount of time, as I had done next to no research in the field of anything that would allow a human to mentally heal themselves. “Is that enough proof for you miss…” I said to the tall woman as she was gawking over my legs. “Eh, I didn’t pick up a new woman name, so I guess just Yuccot Kikanksy will do. Let me know if your brain can come up with a good equivalent for that shit. And yeah, I guess that is enough proof for me.” Yuccot said as she picked at various spots in my arm when I was holding a knife upright and a few inches away from her.

“…So, would either of you care to explain what your supposedly extremely thorough and unwilling sexual reassignment surgery entailed?” I asked, genuinely confused why every one of these women had hinted something along those lines. “Um… just for clarity, Terra is not feeling too well, and can’t seem to access much, Yuccot. She doesn’t remember the past nineteen years and I was about to explain to her the recent events but you…” Arjeanne said very quietly before being interrupted. “Oh, so that’s the best fucking excuse you got?” Yuccot said to me before trying and failing to take the knife from my hand as I promptly kicked her for attempting such a thing. “Yeah, I get it. Finding myself in the woods after two decades isn’t the best excuse. But you know what? There’s no goddamn way I would’ve approved the things Zoe has done to this world, as he very much directly went against what I wanted. So, please, Yuccot, can you shut your mouth while Arjeanne explains to me why two people in this place appears to have changed their genders to female very recently?” I shouted back at her while noticing that I was nearly back to where I started in terms of power reserves. Apparently something else was being used by this electrical outlet or this place simply wasn’t allowed to use much for me to siphon off.

“Well, Terra. It happened four days ago. Everything was fine at first, but at 14:32 everybody in the world underwent some… changes. I mentioned, poorly on my part, how I used to be very different, and I was male, looked nothing like, and was younger looking than I am now. Everybody’s bodies changed into something more akin to that of a woman, and everybody who lost their youth regained it back, while those who were younger quickly advanced in their years, much like Gayle, the ‘waitress’ you saw a bit ago, who was supposedly seven before this began, while I was fifteen… yet I haven’t much of a clue why she is maturing faster than I have. Communication largely went down at the same time, with only radio signals functioning and power being scarce for many places without their own means of generating it. Much like this building, which is only getting power thanks to roof mounted solar panels. I do not like the name the radio seems to have given this event, calling it the D-N-Apocalypse.” Arjeanne said as I was left stunned for a few seconds before asking a follow-up question.

“So, everybody in the world is now a woman?” I asked, wanting clarification as this new reality sunk into my brain. “Not necessarily. Preliminary studies by those equipped found that to be a generalization. Rather, calling us humans now may be improper as we apparently lack certain aspects that allow us to share a species, with Homo Provectus being the given name for us.” Arjeanne explained, sounding unconfident in her words, but still reciting them very well and quickly. I was about to begin another lengthy series of explanations, this time with a crass individual likely blurting in and being exceptionally rude, but then the door Yuccot exited out of mere moments ago opened up.

Gayle came out, holding two plates with identical burgers and fries, both of which looked visually appealing, but that hardly spoke much about the food’s quality. Yuccot promptly grabbed a plate as Gayle was preparing to announce that her food was ready, not noticing that one plate was missing until she got a few syllables in. I then looked at Arjeanne, who very clearly wanted to eat her food based on her lustful glare, to which I shrugged and told her that I’d like it if she ate instead of telling me what had been going on. Leaving her with a grin, I decided to walk through the door behind Gayle. Inside I saw Susan using one of the Real Booters I spotted earlier, pressing menus on its touchscreen in order to get out what I assumed to be some more food, as there was no sign of another source anywhere else this restaurant. Before I could begin speaking to her, Gayle slammed open the door, grabbing Susan’s attention.

“So… are you really-” She began as she took a step back before I interrupted her, likely having overheard parts of my conversation with Arjeanne or figuring out that most people do not release a plug out of their butts when they are knocked out. “Yes, I am. Don’t worry, I can hardly blame you for your suspicions and will not seek any form of punishment to lay upon you. I just want to know what I missed and learn about this… DNApocalypse.” Susan responded by looking into one of the many drawers this kitchen held, eventually finding a portable radio that she threw my way. It was very clearly an old one, a pre-Nigmaworks piece of technology that did appear to be fully functional and even had a fairly slick design to it and decent sized speaker. “It’s about seven, tune into, erm, 89.9 and you’ll find this hourly report. They’ll explain things a hell of a lot better than I could. Oh, uh, do you need anything to eat or…” Susan said before I shook my head to say no and smiled while thanking her for letting me use her radio.

Yet, before asking for an area for me to listen to the broadcast, I had a few questions to ask to her. “So, how did these recent events affect you? I mean, Gayle did call you Gramps.” Susan sighed before responding. “I always said she should call me Gran if she desired to so much, but she just liked that term too much. I was seventy-three before all of this started, still running this place as I had been for forty-one years, and was nearing ready to give it up and retire. Until I was given a very… different body from what I had before, but I’d take it over my old one any day.” Satisfied with her answers, I was directed to an isolated area of the building to listen in, claiming I wanted to take this in privately while the others ate. 

Susan accepted this, and directed me to, well, it was the bathroom of this establishment, but it was thankfully far less odorous than I had anticipated. It would suffice for my information gathering, and that is precisely what I did for the next several minutes. Now, I could recap the information gathered, but the fact I have the transcript saved and believe it would accurately describe the setting I was thrusted in, I shall provide that for the following chapter. Enjoy.


In all honesty, I was more strapped for power and wanted to enter a sort of standby mode while listening, one where I did not make any mental comments, and instead absorbed the information I am about to regurgitate by presenting if a different medium. As such, I have altered the appearance of the text based on the speaker, as I believe it would be a rather easy way to distinguish between the three. So, without further beating around a bush:

Hello and welcome to hour one-hundred and four of the D-N-Apocalypse rundown. This is your sleep deprived and energized hostess Caroline Steticks here to bring all of you lost souls a little bit of clarity after the world was sent to!

Actually Caroline, the numbers are still coming in, and the whole notion of this being an apocalypse are greatly over-exaggerated. Instead it will likely be a term that is disposed of on a later date for one more accurate. Such as… The Sapien Alteration.

For real? Raiyne, you never were the most creative sweet soul sister I ever knew, but that was just lame with a capital L.

Well, what do you want? I worked as an O.L. for forty-five years and never dabbled with the marketing team, naming things is hardly my job. 

Yeah, but now your job is to provide the best silver star quality info-tainment and edutainment these people of… the world can imagine! So put up your dukes and bash the English language into being the sexiest mistress you can be… I’m gonna get a Sigma, you take over.

Apologies for that, we are doing this out of the goodness of our hearts after all and it is our fiftieth session within five days so we are both a little on edge. That aside, time to reiterate the information for those just tuning in. Four days ago, October thirteenth, at 14:32, the world’s population of human beings all underwent a transformation, transforming them all into what appeared to be women of a certainly idealized bodily shape and image. It was an instantaneous and painless process, but during the minute it took to affect the entire planet, the world was forever changed. The reasoning for this transformation is currently unknown, as the theories which are popping up all over the globe as damages are still being assessed. The known body count made due to complications with the transformations has currently passed the 600,000 mark, which is likely an understatement as, I’m sure many of you are aware, Nigmaworks branded products and the 5% of other electronic devices have all underwent a lengthy number of problems. Nigmaworks Industries president, Zoe Xing has stated that he is doing everything he and his company can in order to correct this issue, though they are currently hampered greatly due to their own methods of communication being “incredibly hampered following these sudden and unpredictable events”.

You bet your butt, Raiyne! But I just got faxed, freaking faxed, over some really killer factoids about this new wave of Homo Provectus, or Hyumins that we are from here on out! You remember how unpleasantly this worked for anybody who was expecting, right? How, well, often the mother and child died if the pregnancy was at a certain point, those who did make it along with newborns have been examined by some bodacious science gals who have one rad discovery to unveil. Scientists assume these babies, and all prepubescents, will not only gain the body of an eighteen-year-old within a month at worst, but also, and I’m quoting this directly, “be able to comprehend terms, situations, and scenarios that are common in this world, and become an adult in terms of their mind”.

Caroline, would you say this goes back to the theory on the Collective Unconscious being something implemented in our new species, or do you have a differing theory as to why this is? Also, you do remember how you “pinky promised” that you would behave while on air? Because it appears that you have forgotten.

Well, if I may segway while keeping my notes, because it is my fax machine-

I gave it to you back in 2008 because I thought you’d try and sell it, instead you shoved it in your disaster of an attic.

You know why people call ya Raiyne? ‘Cos you’re raining on my parade… of fun times.

…What was your segway, Caroline?

It’s just that the science people of these modern times believe that Homo Provectus have enhanced brains to go along with their growth, as comprehension has been reported as higher, and the brain appears to be both more active and efficient.

Very interesting. Would you care to read the scientific explanation as to how that is possible, especially when you consider how our minds were that of humans and do not appear to have lost anything in the almost instantaneous process?

Nah, because that mumbo jumbo is boring and your super brain should be devoted to other things.

Is that in reference to what you have done with your… breasts?

Raiyne, I’ve been living with Bs my whole life, I wanted to try using my “Mental Physical Alteration” My MPA, which lets me think about getting a bigger butt and breasts, and bam, get them right where I want them with a mentally adjustable size. Downside is how it takes a while, upside is that everybody can be exactly as sexy as they want!

…That aside, I personally can see this acting as a massive change in the world’s perception of appearance, as both racism and sexism, even physical discrimination, all appear to be removed from society at large.

Dude, we’ve got girls who look as old as I am getting upset at black women because they were old before Civil Rights 2.0 was a thing. Heck, people can still use all of the craptastic terms developed over the years.

What I am saying, Caroline, is that there is no inherent way to track one’s genealogy as a mother and daughter can now look like two completely different people. Nigmaworks president, Zoe Xing, stated recently that they are planning on implementing some sort of ID chip in citizens’ bodies, which some are paranoid about, requesting that no form of tracking is placed in this chip, let alone some form of bodily intrusion.

Pfft, this isn’t some Z-tier Sci-fi novel, we’re gonna be just dandy with our overlords, hell, if enough people hate his actions they’re able to up and fire him from his position, right? 

Right you are Caroline, much like how I was right in my assumption that the general physical being of individuals is far greater than it was before this “D-N-Apocalypse”. This goes for a wide variety of things, from muscle mass and the ability to obtain it, an alteration to one’s desire for sweets, salts, and fats when their body becomes compromised due to those very things, and a far greater recovery speed and immune system as observed by treating those who were injured over the past few days.

So Raiyne, are you trying to say that life is better now that everybody’s a Homo Provectus? Or are you preparing a big heaping plate of negatives?

No I am not… to the latter, not the former, which I agree with- Look, the most negative aspect of this transformation appears to be what some believe to be a form of compliance that is affecting our minds into enjoying this transformation more than we ‘should’, but the data for that one is inconclusive at best. Frankly, we are a far smarter, stronger, and more durable species than before with increased reaction time and an improved ability to comprehend and learn information across the board. That is even before getting into our ability to alter very minute details about ourselves from voice, height, weight, and so forth with thought alone. I would be surprised to find people with a very valid argument against the change.

Well, guess who our guest of the hour is right now. A local from an Oransen suburb who we couldn’t let wait in our lobby as this show goes on, it is David WIlliams, a former man who feels as if this transformation is something that should be fixed and reviled when looking back on it!

Don’t shove your own words in my mouth, you dolt! Yeah, I personally hate this shit more than the next guy, but I made sure to not be as dumb as you when talking to the masses, Caroline!

Oh snap, the kitty’s got claws. I’ll just leave you two to duke it out while I-

Caroline, just go to bed, you’ve been up for days at this point and we have already done our part.

Fine… mom!

Now then, Miss-ter Williams, seeing as how I briefly touched on some of the more general benefits this transformation has brought, could you please explain the more negative aspects which I, personally, have been able to locate given the current state of transporting and sharing information.

Thanks for being civilized, Raiyne Underwood. Before this transformation, I took the utmost pride in my body, my sex, and my physical form that I had honed over the years. I was complimented day in and day out, lived my life very much as a male, as I goldarn well should have. But that was too much to ask for, as I had all of that robbed from me. With the entire world losing the very idea of masculinity.

Let me stop you there, because I’d like for you to clear a few things up before we continue. Firstly, please explain your current appearance, getting into specifics for the viewer. Caroline and I both remain similar looking, albeit half a century younger. Secondly, could you please explain what you view as masculine, possibly explaining why it is something you view as a very… meaningful loss.

Sure. I was a very tall, strong, musclebound, beard possessing Black male, but I have been reduced to being a very short and scrawny-ass Asian woman, who looks to be over a decade, if not more, younger than I am. As for masculinity, I view it as everything that went along with being a guy, being a male, being who the **** I was, going to bars, enjoying sports, and maybe getting a bit violent, but it was all in good taste. In fact, when the going gets tough, one gets going and fixes what needs to be done to the best of their abilities, staying strong and never giving up.

I’d like to quickly add that just because we resemble female humans more than males now and have settled on feminine pronouns, at least tentatively, but I would very much like to keep this conversation going. David, did and or do you find your current form to be attractive?

… The hell are you getting at, Underwood?

Well, I believe it is an important question to make in building your argument, as preliminary studies have shown that one whose form greatly differed from their prior form changed into an idealized version of themselves, or a form that they found to be attractive. With the former being more common Androphilics, those attracted to men, and the latter being the same, but for Gynephilics, those attracted to women. It should also be noted, David Williams, that if you do truly believe in the masculine ideals you claim to have been robbed of, your body should accommodate for that by giving your a form more fitting of a protector, and resembling a female version of yourself. Unless you have another reason, I believe your argument is based on misinformation and possibly greater issues of identity that I doubt will be very uncommon following this great shift. Still, the aforementioned mental alteration will likely allow one to better cope and enjoy their new body.

…My wife was walking along the street during this D-N-A-Pocalypse. A car hit her, she died before any help could arrive. My son, he just turned four a couple weeks ago, he was staying at a daycare, he got out and nobody’s been able to find him. You’re trying to tell me that this is for the better, and during this time in my life, my lowest low, I am left with a body representing some sort of… repressed desires I have? Meaning I’m cheating on her before she’s even been buried?

…I am not entirely sure how you made that leap, David. However, I do believe that you have assisted in confirming the theory that the form taken by individuals following this “DNApocalypse” is due to their own personal desires. I will, however, insinuate that perhaps your claims to enjoying being masculine may not be entirely true, Perhaps you desired something different out of your life, but was in no position in order to change that. Does that make you wrong? I personally would enjoy to have a debate with anybody who would make such an assumption, as it is giving into what comes naturally to somebody while not harming anybody else, unless they placed a personal stake into who they believed you to truly be. If anything, this is a major step for our species, or rather one of the firsts, what with the reclassification and whatnot. Speaking of which, do you have any thoughts on the commonly used term of H-Y-U-M-I-N as opposed to human? 

It appears that David has left the building, listeners… That was our special guest! I would love to go on, but I could go for a nap after letting out one more piece of information, a recent one based on the examination of DNA samples between Homo Sapiens and Homo Provectus, the former of which were oddly not changed, likely due to their separation from any living human being. This information is still tentative, but it appears that any form of scientific alteration of bodily cells from Provectus to Sapien would be, more or less, fatal if possible. I understand that note may be a sad one to those who hoped to return to their normal forms, but I believe that any form of transition shall be over rather quickly. Even if the transition process was likely possible, it would undoubtedly take months in order to get any widespread surgery nationwide, with the few who would desire to change back into Homo Sapiens regaining many… disadvantages they would have in a world populated by Homo Provectus. I am Raiyne Underwood, and I must attend to my co-host, as she is getting into a heated argument with my guest. Good night!

Music then began playing, but I did not recognize most of the tracklist, given how nineteen years brings forth quite a few new songs.


Following the broadcast, I left the closet and noticed that the kitchen I emerged into was absolutely empty, so I made my way out and into the dining area, or whatever the proper term I cannot think of right now is, and saw the four sitting together and having a conversation that stopped the moment I opened the door. I walked towards them taking a deep breath as I pondered my options as of right now. My butt cord has been absorbing a good amount of power for me, but it was hardly enough to get most of my systems, let alone something like GPS up and running for some reason I genuinely could not figure out as this never, ever, happened to me before. Yet, I would very much need such a feature as Nigmaworks was my next logical destination, and if there was anyone who could help me out and get back to snuff, it would be Jad Spencer, Maxxie Flare, and Zoe Xing. But I’d need a ride to get there.

“Hey, um, Susan, Gayle, Arjeanne, and Yuccot.” I said, despite how I already had the four’s attention. “I know this may sound weird coming from somebody who could fly at the speed of sound, but… could one of you guys give me a ride to Oransen?” I left out quite a bit of the stuttering, as I was very much not used to asking people for things, especially when they are clearly going through tough times themselves as their physiology has morphed into something unfamiliar to them, with mental changes possibly causing some internal perceptions about their own identity. While Gayle, who was very likely a kid before this happened, effectively lost her childhood and will supposedly have an adult mind in a matter of days.

Yuccot KIkansky looked at Arjeanne with an annoyed face, while Arjeanne gave her puppy dog eyes, likely wanting me to come along with her, as it would get her those brownie points… Or she just wanted to spend more time with somebody she viewed as a deity. “Fine, Terra.” Yuccot groaned. “I’ll take you along, but only ‘cos I’m making a delivery to that place, okay? That, and we’re not too far off.” Yuccot then got up from the stool she was sitting on, rubbing her butt in a manner that I could not perceive to be due to how sore it was from sitting, and instead be based on how much she loved fondling herself. Arjeanne soon followed suit, walking close to me as she gave me a warm smile, with the two Susan and Gayle calling me before we got to the door that Yuccot had already used.

“Hold your horses!” Susan said, running in front of the door and blocking us from the exit. “Oh, and I can offer you nothing but thanks for offering me- oh, and I suppose I should return this….” I said, forgetting that I had the small portable radio in my hands and giving it back to Susan. “Huh? Oh, you can keep that, not like we can’t get a new one or anything. But what I can’t get just about any day of the week is a visit by the great Terra. And seeing as how you’ve been siphoning my solar-based electricity, I think you owe me a little reward.” I wanted to slap my forehead as I forgot about my butt cord, which I began attempting to shove back into my butt as I asked Susan what she wanted from me. “Oh, nothing special, just a picture of you in this restaurant, would be a nice credibility boost if you catch my drift.” There was naturally a problem here that Susan forgot to address, the fact I looked like crap at the moment, which Gayle pointed out before I could. “But Gramps, isn’t she a little raggedy and crappy looking?”

“…I was just about to give her a change in clothes, and watch your language Gayle, you’re only seven.” Susan said to her granddaughter, who looked like she belonged in the same generation as her.. “Would you like for me to resume your haircut, Terra?” Arjeanne asked just as a parked truck’s lights went on in the night that developed during the time I spent in that closet. “Yes, I would like that very much.” I said nicely to the blushing girl, feeling up my half cut hair while being certain that I looked like a homeless person more than I did somebody she was taught to view as a deity. 

After sitting down to have my hair be fixed, Yuccot seemingly sitting in the truck outside, wallowing in her own juices, I was delayed further by having Susan ask the valid question of what my proportions were in order for the clothes to properly fit. Arjeanne had an answer before I did, which was a bit shocking until I remembered my reboot as she chopped off my blonde hair. Every year or two I would redesign my appearance to fit what I would like to look like, a gift I always felt a bit guilty for having, but I certainly never misused it, and am no longer the only person on the planet with such an ability. Anyhow, I suppose I should clarify what I looked like at the time, and saying I was a six foot tall French-Japanese woman with modest proportions and very flowing blonde hair and sharp hazel eyes would be the simplest way I could describe it. Modest proportions were part of this idea I had where I wanted those who may look to me as a role model see me as somebody they could look as good as, with my body type certainly being within reach, yet just about anybody I could shape mine into would.. unless I wanted a male one again, which is now impossible for everybody… 

Depressing realization aside, Arjeanne did a very good job at cleaning up what felt like a mop tossed on my head, as she fashioned something I could not properly see until Susan returned with a very sensible and basic business suit in tow along with a hand mirror. It turned out that I was given a far more maintained mane, but I sorta liked it, and I would not be hesitant to claim it looked rather cute. After thanking her and patting her on her pixie cut, I began to give her something that, in retrospect, could be viewed as another way of saying thanks, as I changed before her eyes, thinking nothing of it, as the entire world had seen me naked several times, and I stopped counting after the first Petabyte of porn of myself that I found. Not of me, just cosplayers and people who drew me fingering myself, or me being raped.

Anywho, after taking care of the changing as I could practically sense Arjeanne looking away out of some notion of respect, and taking a nice little snapshot with Susan and Gayle before bidding them farewell, with my butt cord having been shoved up my own rear, obviously. Arjeanne and I promptly left the restaurant after that, with the next destination being the twelve wheeled vehicle with a bored looking latina sitting in the driver’s seat, in this rather small parking lot. Actually, the vehicle was notable to me as I recognized the model, meaning it was about twenty or so years old. Still looked nice with its very slick exterior, and was well kept over the years, no doubt about that, but part of me was expecting to see the innovations of the past two decades a bit more clearly since awakening. I mean, aside from the Real Booters.

But that’s besides the point. The interior of this truck is far more important than the exterior for the sake of telling this tale. I recall nearing the end of an ear of man controlled automobiles, and looking at the cramped dashboard explained why, at least in one regard. There were dozens of buttons, small screens, meters, and peripherals jammed into this thing that I would doubt most people would have any confidence in driving this until they read the manual cover to cover. Not that Yuccot looked at it with any sense of intimidation, as her eyes were fixated on only the primary components, and not the needless secondary features. I only briefly focused on it while getting in the middle of the large single beige leather seat, which was covered with stains that, despite being washed, still possessed a different texture and in some cases an odor. Yet the most eye catching thing about the seat was the notable imprint of a… large person’s rear, that Yuccot was sitting in, implying that she was far more horizontally proportioned before all of this.

As I made my way to the middle section of this seat, Yuccot gave me a rather disapproving look that she carried over to Arjeanne as she took the right side and the seat belt that went with it. Yet that was apparently not quite the amount of support she desired, as she meekly looked up at me and asked me if I could place my arm over her during the trip. An odd request, but one I felt no reason to deny as I heard a groan come from the woman to my left. “So… Arjeanne said you don’t know where you’ve been for the past twenty years. Now, I don’t think you can blame me for this, on account of your story sounding like bullshit, but I expect a better explanation from you, almighty Terra.” As she said this, she was starting up the truck, which let out a notable hum as the dashboard lit up.

I let out a sigh as Yuccot began positioning herself very crudely across the seat, and placing only a single hand on the wheel while exiting the parking lot. “Look, I don’t have a lot of power, and I already showed you that I have the ability to Real Boot objects. I am not sure what caused me to vanish from the world for nineteen years, but I am hoping to find it out. I do not know how or why this happened, but I would enjoy nothing more than to help the world out after the… event a few days ago. “Yeah, ain’t the timing just perfect.” Yuccot responded as she flipped her hair and looked at me instead of the, admittedly, vacant roads. “So, do you have a theory behind why or even how I would accomplish this, let’s face it, disaster?” “I’ve spent over 15 years living a life where I existed solely to help people. I stopped wars and brought forth more technological advancements than I can name in an hour, day if you’d let me get into the nitty gritty.”

“You always liked to keep things a secret when it came to yourself. You never let people in on how you’re basically a tranny, didn’t ya?” Yuccot said bitterly as I nodded in order to confirm that she was saying what was essentially the truth. “Who’s to say that you didn’t have this repressed desire to see all men go away, wanting the entire world to become a certain way, making it a place that would fit your ideals? You gave the world enough good to justify doing whatever the fuck you wanted with it, and who would expect the most beloved person on the planet of ridding the world of a species.” “Oh please, you’re extrapolating that information from thin air. What sort of justification could you have beyond me accumulating enough brownie points to decide that it’s be okay if I abandon this world and cause some disarray.” I said, hoping to end this argument as soon as possible. “I dunno, think back to 2015, May twenty-second. You tore off my fucking arm and left me to bleed out in an alley. All because I thought you looked sexy and wanted to give you a bit of a compliment. Explain that, motherfucker!”

As we talked, Arjeanne has been tightly gripping my arm as if this were her mommy and daddy fighting, but after Yuccot dropped that bit of information, her grip loosened and her eyes looked up to me, as if in disbelief. It was also around here where I made the three part connection of how I was sitting in a vehicle with a person who I assaulted and witnessed the maiming of… It did not feel good, I’ll tell you that much. “Oh boy… that. I have an explanation for that, but it’s one that I haven’t said to anyone else, and probably sounds like bullshit.” I said as I prepared to bring up Urabe to these two, and did just that as quickly and effectively as I could manage. I went through what I thought were the basics, mentioning how she came into my life, filled me with dread, and then left for reasons unknown to me, leaving me with her body and three friends she found for me. I could tell Arjeanne believed my story, while Yuccot simply abandoned the topic shortly after, I began talking about how I was introduced to Jad, Maxxie, and Zoe. However, there was about a minute of silence afterwards so I took it upon myself to get to know those around me, starting with the one on my right.

“So, Arjeanne, what was… what was the ‘D-N-Apocalypse’ like for you?” I said, making finger quotes to match the tone shift in my voice. “Well… I was with my parents, they were my adoptive parents, but I’d been their son for ten years, and… I guess I will never be their daughter, as they… they died in a car accident along the expressway. They were using the auto-driver, but something went wrong and… it crashed into another car. We transformed almost instantly, but before I realized what happened, I looked at my parents… My parents didn’t die on impact, they just… they died slowly as I called for help, but nobody was near and blood was gushing from both of my parents’ bodies, too much for me to try and suppress. Even then, I was scared. I don’t think I would have been able to do anything even if I could, my reality was breaking down as all of this happened and I… and I feel as if this is all some sort of dream that I’ll wake up from. Especially after meeting the almighty Terra.”

…What the hell do you even say to that? This kid’s parents died in front of them and she was unable to do anything from a treatment standpoint, paralyzed in shock, and underwent a likely shocking alteration of her physical appearance. I was surprised she got this far without breaking down in tear every few hours. I know I would be utterly mortified if my mother died in front of me, and I am technically over fifty at this point! I honestly felt as if I couldn’t do anything but hold her more, giving her a constant hug as the ride continued. Unfortunately, the ball was in my court and I had to say something, so I asked the same question to Yuccot, hoping for a less tragic answer from the person currently fondling a breast out of boredom.

“Well, I guess I will tell the liar some truth, so here it goes.” Yuccot began, demonstrating how much of a dick she is before reciting the tale of how she lost her’s. “Because of your company’s bullshit, I was given this real shit job fixing up robots, learning how they worked and needing to shove my metal arm down them in order to clean shit that was shoved up their metal asses. Before that, I was doing what I’m doing right now sans the wimp and the one who left me for dead.” “Will you just listen to me! I said I was not in control of my body at that point. It was a machine from space named Urabe. You live in a world where people can press their hand on a touch screen and get nearly anything that can fit in a designated area for nothing! How are you such a close minded wor-” I said, very upset with the boar I had to be sitting with, who exemplified her animal-like behaviors by punching me in the face. It didn’t hurt, but the gesture still pissed me off even more than I already was. 

“As I was saying, I was fucking around with some cleaning robots who got a bunch of dried up leaves shoved inside of them, which is just shitty craftsmanship on your part, Terra.” Yuccot said as I merely scowled at her. It’s not even like I crafted the final designs for machines, I just came up with prototypes that never tested. I had nothing to do with the final product, I couldn’t have, but this idiot didn’t quite get it. “But then, bam, the fucking robot breaks down into a bunch of little pieces, because all of those Nigmabots have to be made of a million chunks of shit. But as I was getting pissed, I noticed that my metal arm didn’t feel quite right, in fact, the skin sleeve looked to be too thin and tanned as well. So I looked down from that arm, found myself these babies,” Yuccot said while pointing at her breasts, “and I went right the fuck to town on them. All the men did. How about you Arjeanne, break your goods in yet.”

“Her parents died in front of her a manner of days ago… how the hell did you even get her to agree coming along with you, you bo-” I said before Arjeanne tugged on my sleeve, desiring to contribute to our conversation. “I… I was crying as I walked along the road, seeing other accidents as I attempted to find anybody who could help me. But everybody seemed so busy with their own problems that- that I didn’t want to be a bother. I didn’t want to talk to anybody anyhow. I just wanted to be alone somewhere the was quiet and warm, instead it was a cold cloudy afternoon, and I heard sirens bustling around as cars zoomed past my head.” “Yeah, but then I, having taken up the job to deliver a few spare parts to Nigmaworks Industries while they got their shit together, decided I would take you across the country with me, all the way from Oregon to Illinois. Long trip, but I’d say we both had our own entertainment.” Yuccot said, once again bringing up her breasts, which looked to be a wee bit larger every time she drew attention to them.

“Speaking of which, you think you could get me out of doing such Migder work, eh Terra? Least you could do for fucking with my life and having me drive you this far.” Yuccot said, despite how we hadn’t even been on the road for half an hour. “…Fine, Yuccot. When I get things situated, I will look for a… hold on a second, are you going to keep that name?” I asked as I imagined the woman in front of me introducing herself as Yuccot. “The hell’s wrong with it? Not like there are any of those gender norms now. Didn’t you listen with your robot ears?” “…I’m just saying, Arjeanne changed her name, so perhaps something like… Yeshara, Y’vonne, Yoki- ” “Pfft, you fucking kidding me? Who the fuck’s been named Yoki?” “I doubt there is another Yuccot in the world, so it’d certainly be fitting, don’t you think, Yeshara?” I said, simply messing with this crude person I had to interact with for an extended period of time, thankfully making Arjeanne grin as our banter went on throughout the night.


An hour had passed, and we just concluded discussing what I decided to insert as a bit of a flash forward in this tale. However, it did spark a very certain question about those who I named as my friends, Maxxie Flare, Zoe Xing, and Jad Spencer, namely where were they now, two decades after the fact. This was a question I asked Arjeanne as I’m sure as hell Yuccot hadn’t a clue. “…Maxxie Flare was… is dead. She died when I was very young, too young to understand who she was. In your absence, she had been trying hard to keep Nigmaworks afloat, acting as the face of the company and promoting the now commonplace Real Booters you created. Yet it was known by many that the stress was getting to her as she worked twelve hour days where she was told to guide a large group of people even more lost than she was.” I honestly had not thought of that. I guess I could blame it on my filled plate during the past few hours or perhaps my reduced mental capabilities, but I still felt selfish for such an oversight.

“How… how did she die?” I asked dryly, having this scenario sink in as Arjeanne looked very saddened by how she was explaining this to me. “She… had an accident in the Real Booter factories, where her head Real Booted int-” “No!” I said loud enough to get a response from the crass individual who was to my left. “Pfft, you were just flapping your gums about how you saw everything in the world, how much fucked up fetishized shit did you see back in the day to make that be what clogs your gears?” I really fucking hated Yuccot at this point, as she apparently did not understand the concept of personal connections making the loss of an individual sting worse than the death of those whom one did not know. Especially if it is something you can trace back to your own actions. 

Regardless, I didn’t want to hear the specifics, as I would then likely erupt in anger due to how the fact my Real Booters were somehow used to murder went against a very, very simple goal I had when I was working on the code they would follow, the laws, the safety measures that would be in place and prevent these devices from ever, ever being used to create things such as weapons. It also had precautions where human cells, unless long since dead, would not be considered an acceptable substance to be converted, which were somehow broken, meaning everything I spent years on preventing was destroyed by Zoe Xing… but there was something else I believed him to be responsible for that I desired to question. Well, after giving Yuccot another glare I doubt she really understood.

“Arjeanne, where exactly did you learn about me and learn to… well… I’d like to know what exactly you were taught about me.” “I am enrolled in a private school, one that was actually set up by Nigmaworks shortly after your departure. As for what I learn about you… we are told of your exploits, how well you served the world, how sad it is to see you leave it, that sort of thing. But… some instructors were far more enthusiastic about your exploits, demanding us to write about your greatness and show a deal of emotion over the very idea of you, Terra.” “Were you ever told that I was on an inaccessible plane, as if I was a… god?” Arjeanne grumbled before responding. “…To a certain extent, but there was factual evidence to back up their every statement, praising your work adequately has actually been the subject of many of my papers, most of which were due to how the subject matter was set in stone.” “But would you call it a religion?” I asked, very much realizing how bizarre it would be for any deity to actually sit down and ask why their subjects worshipped them if they hadn’t been doing anything for two decades. “No.” Arjeanne said, causing me to let out a subtle sigh of relief. 

“Going back, Arjeanne, what happened to Jad Spencer? After this, we’ll talk about whatever you think I should know or, heck, just about yourself.” I said, wanting to continue developing my relationship with this young woman as she sleepily looked down at the ground, implying the news was bad. “Jad Spencer disappeared shortly after Maxxie’s death in 2037. Nobody is sure where he is even to this day. Zoe Xing called off the searches for him after a few weeks, saying that Mr. Spencer didn’t want to be found.” 

I should explain for the uninformed. Maxxie and Jad always had a very close relationship. I mean, we all did, but they had been friends for a continuously longer amount of time than any of us had been, as they met in middle school and were basically the closest and most friendly sort of siblings. Looking at Maxxie as the energetic socialized go-getter who had an amazing knack for knowing how to plan a situation or an event, and Jad as a more reclusive guy who liked writing, working with computers, and tinkering with concepts. Their relationship was never much beyond friendship, despite what many people believed to be the case, but neither of them ever seemed to look for somebody to form a relationship with, and I highly doubt that they were simply asexual. If anything, I always assumed they were both demisexual.

The point is, I was hardly surprised that Jad needed some time away from the world after Maxxie’s unfortunate death. Hell, he was probably still broken up about me leaving, as I believe I got along with him more than I did with Maxxie. As for Zoe Xing, he was always more interested in the business, having this extreme fixation on making Nigmaworks this massive empire that would dominate over the world, when none of us were really on his side. Don’t get me wrong, I had some great times with the guy when he decided to take off his tailored suit and occasionally spend a night with the Maxxie, Jad, and I, but those times had become less frequent as he simultaneously began sleeping in his office and selling his home.

“So, Jad hasn’t come back yet, fifteen years later?” I asked before Arjeanne shook her head in response, which I used as justification for a depressed sigh. “If you’re done with pulling the tragedy level, I’ve got a fact I’m guessing you haven’t checked unless you fondled Arjeanne while I wasn’t looking?” Yuccot then interjected as Arjeanne’s expression instantaneously took a sour turn. “What the hell are you talking about?” I asked, very crassly, but not as crass as the jay I was speaking to. “I’m just saying, you might as well see what us… you got a better name than Homo Fractus or whatever we’re called?” “Well, the term Hyumins has been used, but I wouldn’t say it’s official.” Arjeanne said, keeping the pronouncing of Hyu-mins as exaggerated as she could portray to a being as thick as Yuccot. “So, there’s no goldarn difference, is there?” “No, it is spelled as H-Y-U-M-I-N, Hyu-MIN as opposed to H-U-M-A-N, hu-MAN.” Arjeanne said very clearly to a Yuccot who simply didn’t understand.

“Well, whatever it is… eh, fuck it, I’ll show you since Arjeanne sure as shit isn’t giving up her goodies.” Yuccot said before she quickly stopped the truck alongside the road. Without letting me inquire or protest, Yuccot slid her jacket off, causing her breasts to jiggle a little, before crossing her arms over her chest, grabbing both straps of her tank top, and showing Arjeanne and I her breasts. Normally I would expect a bra, but seeing as how clothing was indeed scarce as, well, Real booters apparently couldn’t make much food, which comes before clothes in the list of important things. Also, this was Yuccot, meaning I was not surprised. What I was surprised by were the nipples, namely the lack thereof, as there was no form of blemish in the flesh that hung from Yuccot’s chest, which she obviously began to fondle. “Yeah, pretty nice aren’t they? Best thing about them is that they’ve got this stuff, it’s not helium, but it is lighter than air, meaning I can make them a couple cup sizes larger and not worry about back pain or any of that shit women used to bitch about.”

I was silent following her claim, somewhat baffled at how she figured all of this out and adapted to her new body as quickly as she did, but then she took off her very tight, and very small shorts. Not all the way off as her boots were still on, but she was still displaying an area of her body I did not want to look at, but couldn’t help my own curiosity after she mentioned taking off her panties. What hit me like a ton of bricks was… a penis. It crawled out of what I assumed to be a vagina-like sexual organ, but then this thin malleable object burst ten inches out of Yuccot and was just swirling around in my field of vision. Arjeanne was shoving her face into my sleeve, and I certainly couldn’t blame her as I yelled at Yuccot to, “Shove the goldarn thing back where the sun doesn’t shine!”

She thankfully followed my request while bickering about how she actually was helping, when really all she was doing involved showing me things I did not need to see, and could have just been explained, seeing as how I had to ask questions once Yuccot got dressed and began driving once more. “…What is the penis for?” I asked, thinking it was the most important question that needed to be addressed. “Fucking.” Yuccot responded very dryly. “…Into what?” “Well, I guess its into other dicks. Didn’t try it myself, but apparently you move them into another and have them kinda merge into one thing and just have them go to town, pumping juices all around your body and all the shit. Although, people still do it in the ass and mouth.”

Arjeanne, thankfully, saved me from this ape and gave me a more clear explanation of whatever Yuccot was talking about. “The… the Hyumin genetailia involves linking up with another, where the skin latches between the two, but only when both are erect. From there, the genetailia recceds back into both members as the link maintains. They then begin thrusting against one another, with the more passive one being… impregnated if they so desire. Even then, the process is believed to take about a tenth of the time it did with humans, as well as lacking a number of the side effects it causes in humans. When not being used… for intercourse, the gentailia recceds into one’s body, enlarging their posterior.”

“…How do you know all this?” I blurted out, amazed how she had known all of this information and could recite it with such ease… well, not ease for her to say, but she said it very clearly. “I listened to many radio broadcasts on the subject, and ever since my body transformed, and my mind as well, I have been able to clearly recall just about everything that happened. It- it is a blessing, but there are times it is not as well.” Arjeanne said, likely thinking back on the first thing she saw after transforming. I merely thanked her for informing me about this, which caused her to grin a bit. I decided to stop talking though, and look out the window a bit, observing how close we were to Oransen. While I did not recognize the area, even without the swarm of abandoned vehicles, Yuccot claimed we still had four miles to go.

However, we were both close enough and elevated high enough for me to make something out in the already substantially more light filled and taller Oransen than the one I remembered. In the center of town, about where Nigmaworks HQ used to be, there was a very large tower, a tower that was hardly a rectangle, and in a shape very abnormal for a building. Thankfully, I had regained my ability to zoom in on my environment with my eyes, and I could make out that it was a statue, one as large as the one that was used to greet European immigrants into the United states for decades. It looked to be some sort of shiny grey metal, and was unmistakably molded in my image. Some of the details were exaggerated, but there was no question about it, Somebody built a 100 meter statue of me. I was both flattered, and extremely annoyed due to the simple fact that I would have never allowed this to be erected. Even if I had truly died, I had documents explicitly stating that I did not wish to be treated like this, but apparently Zoe Xing or somebody who I cannot name didn’t make that document public.

Yuccot saw this statue and let out a very audible “pfft”. ”If your story checks out, I guess this’d be the first time you ever saw that eyesore, Terra. It may look nice with its platinum coating, but it was made out of shit, everything your company makes probably is.” As I was trying to use my limited vernacular at this given moment in order to properly craft a response to the moron before me, I was interrupted in terms of losing my trail of thought by Arjeanne, who took it upon herself to tell Yuccot off. “It is recycling. We are reusing every bit of matter in this world so that our resources are maintained for the foreseeable future. They had been dwindling in the current years and thanks to Terra and Nigmaworks, not only are we in an astronomically better spot than we were decades ago, we have also been able to reconstruct much of the civilized world, and helped eliminate the majority of poverty that plagued former third world countries. They have been a substantial benefit to society and you, Yuccot Kikansky, are an idiot in your criticism. Unable to produce a valid argument to even the simplest of things if your meaningless life depended on it. I mean not to be rude, but the time I had spent with and around you has been among the worst few days of my entire life, and I genuinely feel you are in the bottom one percent, if that, of huma- apologies, Hyumin beings on the planet.”

Yuccot was stunned by the fangs Arjeanne grew almost instantaneously, and by then we had exited out of the expressway, and into the city proper, where we hit our first notable stop in our journey in the form of a red light. I could tell that Yuccot was preparing something due to a shit eating smirk on her face, an action that inspired me to grab the panting Arjeanne and quickly bring her out of the truck, along with myself. I suppose my plan would have been to walk, even if we were still three miles away.


…Or at least it was the plan to walk all the way to Nigmaworks HQ as I took in the very different city. The company and I had began reconstructing much of the town back in 2030, but it was far from completion since I last saw it, with that certainly not being the case as I took in the sleekly designed buildings that pierced the previously untouched sky. The city was actually designed based on what science fiction writers of old imagined the bustling cities of, say, the 1950s would look like in a century or so, which just so happened to be the case now. Every surface was cleanly cut, there wasn’t a notable blemish in any of the architecture or even concrete beneath my feet. There was, however, a very low number of people walking around. I’d guess the whole DNApocalypse was to blame for that. The world has changed and people are frightened, it’s as simple as that.

At least those were my thoughts as Arjeanne was holding my hand, her face red with nervousness and possible regret. Yet, as we were about a block away from our abandonment of Yuccot Kikansky, I saw the same truck park right in front of us, ignoring a sign that prohibited that very act. I was ready to tell her off while defending Arjeanne, but then Yuccot burst out or the passenger door, literally kicking the door open with her leather boots. She poked her head out, looked right at Arjeanne, flipped her the bird with her left hand, and then flung something at Arjeanne’s face with the right. I didn’t realize what it was until she had already smacked her right in the face, covering Arjeanne with Yuccot’s excrement. Yuccot then went back into her truck, began speeding away, and shouting “Fuck you, pussy!” I lowered my brow, took in a deep breath, and began to assess my situation. I was not going to let this stand, but first I had to help Arjeanne, who began tearing up before Yuccot had even started her escape.

I currently did not have the power to stop her, but I figured the solar panels covering the city together had enough power to give me a boost to five percent, meaning Terra could truly come back to the world, and deliver justice upon those who deserved to be punished. I grabbed a streetlight, assuming it was connected to the city-wide power grid, adjusted my hand to absorb the power that was being sent through it, and saw my power percentage shoot up to a solid 7% as lights throughout all of the city flickered for a second or two. I could do just about anything I wanted now, and the first objective was to clean Arjeanne’s face off. I began by turning the air around me into thick, moist cloth that could lap up much of the soggy crap that was just about to drip onto Arjeanne’s nice dress and jacket. With one soiled rag in hand, I turned it into a bottle of a sanitizing gel Nigmaworks put out back in the 2020s, and was able to clean the remaining unsettling bits with another rag I Real Booted from the air around me, effectively leaving Arjeanne clean as she was still sniffling from the simple fact somebody hated her enough to fling their shit at her. She thanked me through her sniffling as I turned some of the cement beneath me into a mirror, allowing Arjeanne to look at her cute clean face.

Now that I had taken care of that, I still had to get Yuccot, who was benefitting from the empty roads by getting a few blocks away already. I then asked Arjeanne to grab onto my back, locking her arms around my neck, and legs around my waist, then I began running as fast as I felt she would be comfortable with, which was 60 kilometers per hour. We then began going after Yuccot as Arjeanne was shocked at how fast I could run, laughing as her tears ceased falling down her face. Within a minute, I had been close enough to leap into the air, pushing myself further with foot based thrusters, and then effectively magnetized my feet onto Yuccot’s truck’s hood, starring at her through the glass as she slammed on the brakes, causing the car to stop and almost sending Arjeanne off of me. I ceased my magnetic pull towards the truck’s metal components, and left Arjeanne off of my back. I proceeded to turn to the driver’s seat where I transformed my index finger into a key that could open up the door. Yuccot was cowering near the passenger’s as I got in, my glare alone causing her to panic. 

“T-Terra, I’m, what I mean is… p-please don’t kill me, that’s not your thing, right… right?” Yuccot said as she was sweating in the corner, trying to open the door until I was able to sync up with the truck’s on board computer and locked it. “Yuccot, you’re right. Killing is not something I have ever, ever, ever enjoyed doing, but if you recall- sorry, that would imply that you learned it in the first place, which I doubt. I have done so in the past, as the last resort, the true final option that I could make by sacrificing one person to save the lives of many, many others. You? Your life isn’t even close to being that important, Yuccot. You are a crass dimwitted fool that I can see did not go through any sort of revelation upon being punished for asking a random woman if you could fuck them. It has been half a lifetime, and you are on the same level as you were back then. Tell me, in all your life, what had you achieved?” Yuccot did not respond, only mumbling and panting as she searched her mind for an answer aside from nothing, which did not exist. “…I’ll let you go, as long as you do three things for me.” I said, prompting Yuccot to nod her head rapidly. “Give me your truck, apologize to Arjeanne for all the shit you’ve put her through, and, lastly, I never want to see you again, so get the fuck out of my city.”

Yuccot frantically agreed to my terms, begging for me to spare her life before I more or less hacked into the truck to unlock the other door, letting her drop onto the concrete where she quickly went up to Arjeanne. She fell to her knees, and planted her face into the street, and began listing a number of events I was not even aware of with apologies stapled attached. Not due to any form of remorse, but due to fear of what would happen if she did not say she was extremely sorry. She then ran with her tail between her legs, having her shorts fall as she sprinted away due to her belt being in the truck as opposed to on her waist. I let out a sigh of relief as I slouched back into the driver’s seat, grunting as I realized I was sitting in the same seat where Yuccot shat into her own hand. But hey, I’ve been coated with a literal ton of feces in my time, so this was hardly a low point, especially considering how I had Arjeanne hop back into where she had been sitting mere minutes ago. She grinned at me before jumping right to me, locking me in a great big hug as she frantically thanked me, tears once again rolling down her cute face, but this time out of joy.

“It’s- It’s no problem Arjeanne, really.” I said as I gently nudged her away from my arm. “Although, I suppose I should ask this, but did I live up to, well, I guess to what you had in your mind as Terra?” Arjeanne wiped away her tears and sniffled a bit before responding while smiling. “I have seen hours upon hours of footage you were in, and I suppose that you did line-up with what I imagined… with the context helping quite a bit.” I knew what she meant almost instantly. When presenting myself to the public, I always tried to conduct myself as in control, had my robo-brain examine every situation, think my words through ten times before I even said them, that sort of thing. Yet I was still getting all of my systems up and lacked access to my higher brain functions at this point in the story. Upon explaining that to Arjeanne, she claimed she understood my situation as best she could, and actually claimed she felt a little relieved seeing that even I could make mistakes, and despite not being made of flesh and the sort, I am still human, or Hyumin as the case may be. 

This was where I sat for a moment to think about my next moves, I knew Zoe Xing’s office would be my first stop, and I had a load of questions for him, or I suppose her if I am going to keep referring to everybody who is a Hyumin with feminine pronouns. But what of dear Arjeanne. Her adoptive parents are dead, temporary caretaker had left her alone for what I presume to be forever, and is very much attached to yours truly. She’s a knowledgeable girl who, obviously, does like me quite a bit, while being a good person from what I could tell. She may be fifteen, but part of me felt as if she needed a parent to care for her, and for a reason I did not ruminate over for very long, I decided that I would ask her if she wanted to have me as an adoptive parent. Her answer took a few seconds as the gears in her mind began to turn, processing this as a reality that she meekly responded to with, “Y-Yes. I would like that quite a bit.” With that, I ruffled up her hair, shot her a smile, and she embraced me in another hug. It was right then that any doubt in my mind vanished, and I knew I did the right thing.

It’s a shame that the moment didn’t last the technical period of time the word implies, which is ninety seconds, as somebody began banging on the driver side of the truck door five seconds in. I quickly redirected my eyes to see who was demanding my attention, and was greeted by a blasian Hyumin who was snuggly sealed by a police officer’s uniform, which apparently gained body armor and a thick helmet since I was last conscious. I didn’t want to do much right now aside from getting to Zoe Xing, and knew I had to take care of a certain something as soon as possible. So I opened the door, grabbed Arjeanne, and made my way out to the officer. She looked at me with a mix of confusion and concern as I spouted a grin and told her, “Sorry about all of this, I’m actually Terrantina, or I guess they’ve shortened it to just Terra in my absence, and did not meant to…” I paused to look behind the truck and spotted the sign prohibiting people to park at anytime. “…Violate any laws. I was going to take the truck right to Nigmaworks, but there was a slight detour, and the truck’s former driver ran with her tail between her legs… that sounded better in my head.”

“Uh-huh.” The officer said as she likely dismissed all of what I just said, so I decided to convince her even more by doing something that only Terra could do, turn her feet into thrusters that would allow her to float in midair, while naturally keeping Arjeanne with me, as she had her arms tied around my chest. The officer’s mouth was wide open as she likely pondered if what she was seeing was truly possible, but if every human being in the world can be physically altered instantaneously, there’s hardly any reason for anybody to be in awe by seeing this, unless they truly did see it as me returning to the world after nearly twenty years of absence. It wasn’t even the officer, as the few people out and on the streets were looking at me with disbelief as I decided it would be best to simply leave without saying any more, and instead of tracking a truck of valuable materials, I would simply fly to Nigmaworks, and take the next step in my return. With my unofficially adopted daughter smiling from ear to ear as she gripped onto me, having the utmost confidence in my abilities to protect her. With Arjeanne laughing as she experienced flight promptly zoomed towards a building made of platinum that resembled my body… I genuinely am glad I’ve been able to lead such an eccentric and eventful life.


I can certainly understand the questions one would have with why I assumed that I would be able to find Zoe Xing in his corporate headquarters after 21:30. Firstly, I mentioned previously in this little tale of my return to this world how Zoe Xing slept in their office, which I doubt would change after their company was supposedly hampered by the technical issues that ensued with their products have been malfunctioning after whatever the DNApocalypse consisted of. 

Solid enough point, but where would I find Zoe Xing? Well, Zoe did always enjoy being at the top of any building they owned, as they were also the top of the corporate hierarchy. With Nigmaworks HQ’s top being that of my head, a massive room that encompassed by statue’s eyes along with the bridge of the nose, ears, hair, and upper skull as a whole. The room was lavish in its design, coated in gemstones and lavish paintings that seemed to be crammed with goods in order to increase the elegance in its appearance, despite how gemstones are worth about as much as any rock somebody finds in the ground in this brave new world.

In the center of this ballroom of an office lied a massive desk coated with monitors, screens, papers, various forms of inputs, and just plain old clutter that held a figure in the middle. I could tell that they were Zoe Xing from a gut feeling, and in part to how through the veil of a business woman in a red and black suit that was as vibrant as the carpeting around her, the styled hair that, along with a kept a makeup coated face, prevented her from looking like a wreck. Unfortunately, she was doused in sweat as her tired eyes frantically glanced at papers, not going so far as to comprehend what was in front of them, merely recognizing shapes and patterns as she attempted to multitask when it looked like she needed a vacation. 

I almost took pity on the Hyumin I looked at through the massive window, as Arjeanne squinted in order to get a good look at the distant figure and understand why exactly I paused for as long as I did. I ended my observation by taking a deep breath and simply using a laser from my finger to melt away a sizable hole in the glass, allowing me an entry far grander than any normal person should ever strive to possess. It was more than enough to impress the one holding onto me, and the one I came to see, as both their eyes widened in unison, only returning to normal as I landed and evened out my distance between the two of them as they remained stationary upon letting Arjeanne down. 

“Good evening Zoe, or perhaps that it Zo-ey Xing as of now. I hope the years have treated you well.” I said to her very bitterly as she backed away from me as I remained calm and collected as she was struggling to accept the reality of the situation I crafted. “Heh… This is… Just a dream- nope- I didn’t sleep, but this… I have all my fingers, I can read perfectly. This is real… fucking hell.” Zoe said as she frantically moved in her soggy clothing, the fear and intimidation I inspired being transparently represented on her face. “Yes, Zoe. This is a reality that you created, and one that I am more than a teensy bit dissatisfied with. Oh, but you knew that, didn’t you? I told you many, many times, publicly, in writing, and in conversation where I claimed that I specifically did not want Real Booters in every home, Nigmaworks to become the world dominating entity you’ve transformed it into, and, naturally, that I didn’t want to be blown up to the level where I am viewed as a divine being, with the proof being my plus one on this little interrogation. But, I’ve just gotten up from a slumber I don’t recall entering, and I’m sure you’ve got a score of things to inform me about, so go on Miss Xing.” On one hand, that was very aggressive and more than a bit rude. On the other hand, I really took pleasure in letting that out of my system!

“You…” Zoe said as she took a deep breath, attempting to assert herself despite looking like a broken person. “You left me. Left Nigmaworks, left the world at large. What did you expect me to do? Honor the wishes of the dead through some form of idiotic respect, deny people things I feel, deep down in my heart, mind, that I find to be right? And is it vile, cruel, or sinful to want to build a society around the person who provided more of the building blocks than any other human being on the planet did? Answer me that! Tell me what I should have done when given the fate of the world in my hands with little help from you other than telling me a list of things you thought I shouldn’t do?” “…I think you partially answered your own question, Miss Xing. You just said she told you what to not do several times… yet you still did just that.” Arjeanne said as her voice, along with Zoe’s, echoed through the empty chamber us three were in.

“Right you are Arjeanne.” I said as I turned my head to give her a smile, only to turn it back and look at Zoe with a frown. “But regardless of my absence, I, by being the owner of fifty percent of this company, am entitled to know why you felt these decisions were right, Xing. So let’s begin with a very crucial one, giving the Real Booters to, from what I can gather, the entire population of… the country?” “No, Terrantina, the entire world. It was a magnificent piece of technology that I believed and still believe to be safe, due to the restrictions you thoughtfully placed into their code, unable to be altered without having the Real Booter become as effective as a heap of trash. Even upon your departure, you left a machine to keep things in check, approve every new object created from Real Booters, and prevent anybody from creating things you deemed as dangerous. Simply requesting the parts to make a gun would raise several warnings and in nearly every single case, prevented people from using Real Booters for foul deeds. That was before I took these marvelous machines out of the factories, hired thousands of programmers to tirelessly update their software, and began a mass production of Real Booters assembled by Real Booters, with garbage being all somebody needed to obtain their own.”

“…That’s the how, now could you please explain why you did this after, oh, I don’t know, Maxxie Flare was murdered by one of these things? Or should I even point out how marvellously society is doing when they cannot get food, as they lack power?” “Oh yes, bring up an example with no relevance to the device, despite it being a tragedy nonetheless! And follow that up with something I could not have possibly predicted. Everything went down, at the same blasted moment, and it just so happened a few satellites and planes went with it, some hitting vital areas that are difficult to repair amongst anarchy! I made a society where nobody needs to go hungry or thirsty, I am sorry I did not account for a scenario that was, until it happened, scientifically impossible. All while you spent the years absent from the world, doing…. what?” Zoe barked at me with the utmost confidence.

“No relevance to the device? Maxxie was helping with the distribution of them and was murdered by one of them, you dolt! And don’t tell me you went through all of this and did not have a form of food storage set up in every major area, some form of solar generator placed there as well?” I thought, but did not say, as I wanted to get this bit out of the way before I could retort his claims. “I was in a form of coma, unable to observe or take in the world around me, let alone see it before my eyes. I woke up in a field a few hours away from here and pieced together what you’ve done, including turning me into a messiah for you own gains, as I know how much you respected my desires upon my disappearance.” I spouted at her as she left an opening for me, my displease apparent in my tone alone.

“Come now, you revolutionized the planet in just about every single way possible, made a greater and more positive impact on the world than anybody else in history, and, of course, did so while being portrayed by myself and Maxxie as a kind loving figure to everybody on the planet. One still presented as human, but it was easy to write that off as a degree of modesty held by a truly divine individual.” As Zoe began to yell out her reasoning, emphasizing how hoarse her voice was, I was beginning to see her logic in this decision. I didn’t like it, but the world had changed, and I was effectively arguing about something that could not be changed in front of somebody who I, moments ago, unofficially adopted them as my daughter. And even considering what level I was on before entering this brave new world, I still had a prior standard to live up to that I felt as if I truly wasn’t. It is true that I was at a mere quarter of my full power and my mind was not connected to the internet, limiting my mental capacity, but I began to realize this argument would accomplish nothing, and Zoe Xing was merely doing what she felt best at the time. 

“Okay.” I said upon taking a few seconds to ponder Zoe Xing’s words. “Okay what?” Zoe spouted back at me, sounding both confused and paranoid about my actions. “I may disagree with you, but the fact is that the world has changed, and all we can do now is continue down this path, possibly steering it in another direction while not doing a U-turn.” “Oh… so… what’s your plan Terrantina?” Zoe asked as she cooled her jets, but still looking like she needed a nice long nap. “I fix whatever happened to the Nigmaworks servers, products, and et cetera before, or even while, making my return known to the public at large.” “…I’ll let them know you’re coming down to the server room, the faster you can fix them up, the better.” Zoe Xing said before she shoved a finger in her right ear and began to speak to somebody named Tiffany.

I felt quite a bit of relief as a massive step in this journey had been taken care of, even if it involved skipping up it and moving to the next one as there were quite a few more flights of stairs to go. But before that, I had to give Arjeanne a bit of attention, as she was merely watching in complete silence after her one comment. “Hey… sorry if I got a bit petty there. I hope you can understand.” Arjeanne looked surprised by how I said this, eventually saying, quietly enough for it to not echo. “Terra, I… I understand that nobody’s truly perfect. There are great people in the world who lose their way regularly. And even then, you’re going through a tough time yourself, as your friends have gone, your world has changed and your moth-” As she stopped herself in the midst of that word, I jolted my eyes open. “My mother…” I said, wanting her to finish her train of thought. “I forgot to mention this, but Juniper Honyaku also died in your absence, in 2050. She believed you would come in and save her if her life was in danger but you… couldn’t.”

Fuck. Fucking wet hot steamy shit reeking of old meat and cheese and shoved up my nose just to fuck with me even more. In the same hour I learned that my best friend has been missing for over a decade, my mother died because I was absent, and my other friend died in an accident because I disappeared. If there was a point in your life to just say fuck it and start being mad at the world and want to kill whoever the hell was in charge of this disaster you returned to after being gone long enough for a generation to have been born, it was right here, right now, and thank fuck it actually happened. 

At 21:45 Central time, October 17th, 2052, the skies over Oransen began to shine as the nighttime clouds that hide away the stars vanished, leaving behind a square shaped hole that a small object floated through, stopping about 300 meters above the city. The small object then began projecting a light at the barren square of sky, projecting a cyan colored pyramid-like ray that began to display a distorted video. As this occurred, every active speaker in the city, including that of Zoe’s phone and the ones built in to his many monitors, began emitting a loud screeching sound. The light projected by the unidentified flying object seemed to fade, as the video simultaneously cleared, revealing a creature unlike any I had ever seen, but similar to many.

It looked to have the head of a horse, torso of a reptile, arms of an ape, hands of a human, antlers of a moose, feathers of a peacock, and legs, or rather tentacles of some form of squid or octopus. Saying it looked odd or disturbing was an understatement as it spoke with a very crude British accent that was more than a little loud as it roared through the city. “Greetings to you, fine settlement of Oransen. My name is Gregg Vava Darn, and I come from a land your species has yet to properly discover several light years away. What brings me here on this fine night is that I must apologize for the trouble I have caused you all since my arrival in your solar system. Primarily the utterly dreadful event you chaps dub the D-N-A-pocalypse. I caused this event by sheer accident and would like to request you all for my forgiveness as it was a mistake I made attempting to make use of one of your planets finest assets that I believed you could spare for a few decades. But alas, I have lost her after a grave error, and altered your race beyond repair. With that in mind, I would be delighted to receive that asset again. An asset I believe you inferior lifeforms refer to as, Terra.”

The moment I saw his disgusting lips flap in order to create my name, I knew I had to apprehend this… creature with post haste. Arjeanne tried to grab me, yet with a mere glance, whatever I could have said was made clear to her as she told me, quite simply, to “go”. I smiled as I burst out of the hole I made, flying through the pyramid of light and directly towards the UFO in the sky at about four-hundred kilometers per hour. I grabbed the rectangular winged object made of a dark grey metal and coated in thrusters not unlike the ones I used to catch up to it. I then transformed my metal arms into claws that were large and strong enough to grab and partially crush the vessel. I then adjusted my aim and began spinning with the UFO, throwing it into a field a few miles away from Oransen. It quickly pierced through the sky before crashing into a bunch of grass and dirt, creating a large hole that I promptly flew towards, not caring if this whole event was rash, or left me without far less of my power reserves than it ought to have.

I waited outside of the crashed spaceship as I anticipated this Gregg Vava Darn to have the audacity to at least surrender himself before I took him to the, well, I hadn’t planned much aside from calling the police and such. I eventually grew tired of waiting and began both scanning the ship with my eyes and punching the parts I dubbed to be unimportant, hoping that would at the very least give Gregg Vava Darn the message to come out, which it thankfully did. As circular hole opened up in the most unscathed section of the ship’s exterior, and out popped a horse head, followed by the rest of the mutation that was my kidnapper’s body. I grabbed him before he could even get out, and tossed him to the ground, too pissed to care if it may be a misunderstood or sensitive lifeform. They were still responsible for thousands upon thousands of deaths, and I felt enough personal investment to rough him up a little.

“So, Gregg was it, why did you decide to kidnap me, huh?” I said as the creature was hacking and spitting out glowing blue muckus. “I fail to comprehend how that word which you speak, kidnap, is one that would apply to me apprehending you.” The creature said, its lips not matching its words in the slightest. “…Why?” I asked, already pissed off with Gregg. “You are a tool with a consciousness, I can hardly be blamed for simply taking that tool while your planet objectively lacked a required needed you.” “…Does the term ownership mean fucking anything to you?” I said as I was an inch away from kicking his ugly soaked face in. “Ah yes, except your species is in possession of an objectively inferior form of operation, as such I was fulfilling my duty and using their finer assets for myself. It is the best move, as the Zxkuqyb grow mightier as a result, bettering the universe in an objective manner.” I then moved that extra inch to kick and knock out one of the creatures pristinely white teeth out of its disgusting mouth that had half the quantity of lip a horse should have.

“This is a foul treatment of your objective superiors. It is merely proving to be a case example of why we as a species are the ultimate form of evolution. Now, if you would cease these actions of your comparatively retarded species, please come back where you would be the most useful, and repair my vessel while you are at it, tool.” Gregg said before I pulled one of his tentacles off while stomping on his torso. “Where the fuck do you get this egotistical sense that you are a better species? By studying space travel? You stole body parts from other species on this planet, and you’re using that to show how you are better because you…. I dunno, absorb them?” “I see your programming is rather accurate in its logical assessment, merely another example of how you would be objectively better as my machine.” “…You’re just dumb, aren’t you? I am seconds away from ripping off your arms, and have more of this gross black goo ooze out of your insides. Now, tell me without any of the bullshit you’ve been spouting since I’ve known of your existence, why did you kidnap me, and how did you cause this… DNApocalypse?”

“I wanted your abilities to recreate matter using any matter. Turn any element into another and manipulate objects at their atomic level. It would be an exceptional ability, yet you were clearly programmed by somebody who failed to see the benefit in assisting their objective superiors and was instead filled with difficult to comprehend coding that several rotations of your planet around your star to even locate, let alone decipher. I attempted to use your components for a planned genetic reconstruction I had planned to eliminate this utterly repulsive species through genocide by converting them into putrid and pulsating beings that could not survive in their planet’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, you denied such a request and showed the poorness in your craftsmanship, misinterpreting the command I sent through you and instead harmed your own planet, proving that you are far beyond my technological knowhow, and that I simply must bring you back to a Zxkuqyb objectively superior to me in that regard. So come now, you vile loathsome mechanism, repair my ship and fulfill your given objective by your superior being.” Gregg spouted before I moved over to his ship, placed my hand on it, registered its content and schematics into my mind, and promptly turned it into dust that faded away, leaving behind nothing as I was already decrypting everything in his ship, including the zettabytes of files I found.

I proceeded to then speak to Gregg very calmly as I could see a few vehicles in the horizon likely coming to investigate the crash. “You keep saying objectively, placing yourself and yourself alone above every single person on the planet, and believing it is my duty to be your servant… Give me one good reason why I should let you live if you do not see any error in your ways and whatever information your species could provide, I have in my head, as I was able to pretty easily absorb all the information that was in that ship of yours. But now, it’s gone, and I think you ought to be a bit less… demanding that we view you as a being who claims that they are better than any one of us. Hell, I think you actually may be close to dying after losing a tentacle and going through the crash.” “Bah, they grow back you nimrod. I shall be fine so long as a chunk of my body is left to grow, something the size of a mere insect from the Diptera order could keep Gregg Vava Darn alive as it grows and evolves, that is simply us Zxkuqyb ‘s way.”

“Or in other words, I can just clobber you for as long as I want without killing you… for an objectively superior species that is hostile to those it harms, you sure are one stupid creation, Gregg Vava Darn.” I said before I grabbed him, and focused my energy on removing all but his head, converting the matter in his body into dust… then I stopped and actually thought about what I was doing. I wasn’t going to kill or torture this creature before me. It was a pathetic boasting and foolish being that I wanted to merely imprison. Getting revenge upon him would be a fruitless endeavor, and I already sunk low enough to give him a temporary wound. He was an idiot through and through, and once the authorities came, I merely explained the situation, and flew back to Nigmaworks, giving all of Oransen a good look at their revived icon as I prepared to fix the world Gregg Vava Darn partially destroyed. Because I am the world’s defender and most powerful figure, and it is the least I can do with the gifts I have been given. The world may not need me, it never really did, but that’s not going to stop me from picking up where I left off in my endless quest to make it better.


October twenty-seventh, 2052. Ten days have passed since I returned to this world, and I have restored most of the damages done by Gregg Vava Darn. Everything is back online, I have been syncing my mind with much of the world once again, and am catching up on all that I’ve missed while keeping tabs on how people are interpreting my return. Thankfully, the reception’s been very positive and I’ve already found time for some technological advancements here and there. That still doesn’t make me feel anything but bad for being gone for two decades, and being responsible for the extinction of the human race, albeit more of a replacement than anything else.

Yet what I did during the hours of 3:10 to 4:02 in the morning were strictly for personal reasons, as I had been able to pinpoint Jad Spencer’s location, somewhere on the outskirt of Funke, Colorado, and in an underground bunker that, in itself, was buried far beneath several feet of dirt and even a decade old tree. I took all of that down with ease and found a locked metal door that was about as hard to open as it was for me to pick a lock, meaning it was done in three seconds. I was pelted by a distinct odor as I walked in, not one so much of bodily odor as much as it was of a room that had been sealed for far too long with little exposure to the outside world. I entered this area to find a fairly unfurnished living space that was very much devoid of clutter or dust. It was well lighted, and was only bleak looking due to the metal walls and tile flooring among the dresser, bed, industrial sized Real Booter, and computer the size of two vans. I initially doubted Jad Spencer, let alone anybody lived here, but that’s when I heard and felt something shake outside of the metal box I was placed in, with its source apparently having been that of the restroom of the dwelling. A subtly placed door swung open revealing somebody I never thought I would see again, starkly naked, and with a grin on her face as she fondled herself, only to then let go of her breast with a look of shock on her face as she realized somebody had entered her home. That person was Maxxie Flare, who looked exactly the same as she did when she was twenty-five… back in 2022.

Maxxie then did her trademark glomp onto me, hugging me profusely as she began kissing me on my cheeks. I was ecstatic, as was she, but I had come here with a purpose, and following a greeting she retorted by claiming she’d heard about my return, I naturally had a few things to ask her. “Maxxie this is just… I heard you died.” I said, expecting her to claim something along the lines that she’d been living with Jad, who was out in another room I didn’t immediately take not of. “Well, Terri,” Maxxie’s pet name for me, “my girl, I do have a wee bit of bad news to tell you about that… She… Maxxie Flare died over fifteen years, two month, five days, and nine hours ago.” “…W-What?” I said, baffled by what was being presented to me. “I… This place used to be the home of Jad Spencer, but now it is home of Maxxie Flare II!” The naked Maxxie Flare look-a-like said to me as I was both shocked and incredibly concerned as to how this reality wa born. 

‘Maxxie’ went into her dresser and pulled out a simple black T-shirt with an image involving Akumako from the 1999 anime Gokudo, a bra, underwear, and some shorts. She quickly put them on, her motions looking exactly the same as Maxxie Flare’s, although the less said about when I saw her getting dressed in the past, the better. She then slouched on her bed, as if we were having a conversation back when she was in college as I took a seat next to her. “Let’s… start with why you disappeared in 2038, okay?” I asked, wanting to hear the answers come from her, or I guess ‘Maxxie’s’ mouth. “What’s there to say?” ‘Maxxie’ said sarcastically, definitely playing her role well. “My best bud was missing for five years, my job was getting super stressful as a result, and it also killed my another one of my best friends… although she was more than that. I always wanted Jad and Maxxie to be something more than that, but Jad ended up getting scared to ask Maxxie to start going on dates, maybe get a bit closer physically, let alone become lovers or anything lovey dovey that.”

“But Jad always wanted to be more than that, Jad wanted to be with Maxxie until the end of time, and the temptation only grew to weird, freaky, and pretty gross levels over the years. Before that, Maxxie was killed in an accident, and Jad was left as an eggshell of a person, unable to be around other people and suffered a nasty wee thing called a nervous breakdown. Jad tried counselling, wanted to get everything out, but Jad also felt he had an image to uphold, and didn’t want to make Nigmaworks seem bad, as how he was one of its two faces. But that didn’t stop him from coming to work on random days, eating away at half a year of vacation time until, zip, zada, nothing, and Jad decided he wanted to leave Nigmaworks with only one of its four founding members. So he secured this little underground apartment you see today, and got everything he needed from an air vent, a Real Booter, and a good ton of rocks he could slice and dice from a mountain.”

I couldn’t think of how to handle this situation, and instead decided to weigh my options as I wanted to keep this situation stable, or as stable as I could given the individual I was dealing with. As such, I merely asked, “What did Jad Spencer do during all the years he was locked up here?” “He worked on a lot of things, all kept on a 512 Yottabyte hard drive he has… around here. Most of it involving spaceships, space stations, space colonies, and just about everything having to do with the great and radical final frontier. But Jad’s been away for quite a bit, ever since I got here, trying to be the best Maxxie Flare I can.” “May I please have that hard drive? I believe that the information on it could prove to be very useful.” I said, knowing that Jad Spencer would definitely be able to make something that would save me quite a lot of time in bringing the world closer to the technological ceiling. The Hyumin in front of me, however, took a while to answer.

“Maxxie really doesn’t need any of that space stuff, as Maxxie is perfectly cool with where she is, and thinks she’ll be hunky-dory for the end of time. But Maxxie does want one very important thing from you in exchange, Miss Terrantina Honyaku!” Part of me already knew what the individual in front of me wanted, particularly as I began to compare her to the very files I had accumulated over the years. “What is it that you want… Maxxie?” “Maxxie wants to have everything you, Terri, the keenest of all the beans, has on her. You don’t need to delete it or nothing, but Maxxie sure would love to get her hands on everything. What do ya say, Terri?” I had already gotten the data and loaded it into a hard drive which I was ready to pop out of my shoulder right as she finished her sentence. ‘Maxxie’s’ eyes then burst open with joy as she promptly grabbed a hard drive from the desk her computer was on, and swapped it with mine. It was simple procedure, but I was hardly happy about it. Not because of what I lost or gained, but because of what led up to this and what I knew would follow.

A person who was once my dearest of my dear friends had gone insane to a certain degree, and thanks to years of isolation and an event that made his fantasies true by making him appear to be his dream woman, has attempted to become her in both body and mind, abandoning the person I once knew, in favor of a person I also knew, but an artificial version of them. I donned a fake smile as I prepared to leave this place once and for all. “Well Maxxie, I take it both of us are going to be busy for a while, but with my return to this world, I’m guessing I’ll be pretty busy for quite some time.” “No worries, it’s alright Terri, keep on making the world a better place and Maxxie will keep being Maxxie.” ‘Maxxie’ then ran off to observe the data I had on her, as I closed the door and proceeded to return the area around it into its former state. I wasn’t happy about it, or much of anything at that moment, but I knew I had taken care of all the catching up I had to do, well, after stopping by my mother’s grave on the way back, making for the… third most tragic day in my life. I’m just glad that, at the end of it, I still has a glimmering silver ray of hope and optimism by the name of Arjeanne, waiting for me when I got back. My life as Terrantina has ended, much like my life as Terrance had years upon years prior. Now I am just Terra, and I am hellbent on making sure nothing tragically ends the life I currently lead.


November fourth, 2052. In the ensuing days I’ve been more or less swamped with work before I could make my proper return to the world. People knew that I was back in action, but I could still see quite a bit of disbelief on the revitalized internet I was keeping tabs on as I had 19 years prior. However, this was also when I delved into what exactly Gregg Vava Darn had planned using the decrypted logs I had in my head. It turns out that all of his talk about the Zxkuqyb was filled with inaccuracies as he was an outcast from the species, looking for things to sell and DNA his species could use. I was the former, and I guess his appearance is explained by the latter. This did, however, raise the question of what to do with him? Well, despite being unaware of it, he broke several laws, and would be imprisoned because of that, examined and used to increase the newly formed Hyumin race’s understanding of other life.

Normally, I would say we were decades away from needing to worry about that, but I have been using my time to also examine the files provided to me by ‘an old friend’. In his later years, Jad created revelation after revelation about space travel, how and why I haven’t the slightest clue. While the notes they left are a bit disjointed, the concepts introduced, combined with the tech I now can recreate from Gregg’s spaceship, create something I very much believe I can make into a reality. That of a world beyond Earth, and reaching both Venus and Mars, with everything in between being a potential plot of land for Hyumins to make their own. This, is what I wanted to introduce to the world, with production set to begin at the start of 2053.

How was I going to do this though? Well, a conference room with a delightful view of Oransen, which was also in my statue’s breasts by the way, was the filming location. Next to me was a small Real Booter, a series of drawers containing confidential files which just so happened to be there before, and Arjeanne Sterling. Since her proper adoption, I have given Arjeanne Sterling what I call Terra Armor, a revision of a form of battle armor I devised for heavy duty, as Zoe called it, Peace Keeping. Hers, however, was given far more glamour and decoration than what the former version of the armor had. Tightly wrapping around her and guarding her body from just about any form of injury while also containing nanites to prevent her white and crystalline attire from becoming stained. It also did give her enhanced strength, speed, dexterity, and of course allowed her to both fly and Real Boot whatever she desired with her hands alone, not having any form of restriction in what she makes, much like myself. I view the gift as the ultimate form of trust and the final hurdle to overcome to see if I truly did make the right choice with this fifteen-year-old whose been twice orphaned, and I truly believe I did.

But as of before I make this log, I am being hammered with requests from Zoe Xing himself to do X while emphasizing Y, or mention A without acknowledging B while not deliberately looking it over. I already had a script prepared in my mind, and I had nothing but the utmost confidence that it would be more than satisfactory to the world as I said it directly to them all, at once, live and uncut. I was ready to properly introduce myself to the world of the Hyumins, and lead them into a stunning and beautiful future, right behind me, piercing into the dark vacuum that is space!

…That was what I said years ago, eh? Guess I did make due on all of my promises, minor complications aside. Afterall, I am now sitting on one of the most recently launched “Space Stops”. An evolution to a roadside motel, except designed for people pursuing the boundless reaches of space and in need of a place to stay and a couple tons of matter for them to use how they please, although they hardly get that amount. Zoe and I viewed it as a necessity when launching the program, but she’s since retired despite how, twenty-five years after the DNApocalypse, she and everybody else looks to have not aged at all. That’s the case for most people, as the 20-30-year-old human range is viewed as an ideal, and one that includes the great majority of the population, though just about all of them look notably different from the day they became Hyumins. One example that just springs to mind is that of Arjeanne, whose more modest appearance was altered into one far more outgoing, along with her personality. She’s still the delightful and caring person I initially believed her to be, heck, she’s addressing the guests at this Space Stop just so she keeps a connection with the world at large. 

Me? I’ve got my mind uplinked to millions of things at any given moment, and control many of them, so I’m good. Hell, I’m better than good, I’m doing fantastic. Everything’s doing just dandy, and I’m constantly pushing technological boundaries even as I take a break and stimulate my artificial taste buds while gazing into the stars… That is, until I noticed something odd about one, as it appeared to be missing. Then another. Then another four. Then half the stars were gone from the sky and went from concerned to red alert as I spun my mind’s wheels on what could have possibly caused the light from the stars to vanish. I quickly left my reserved room, not caring that I spilled over my drink, and began rushing through the halls as I made way into the lobby area of the Space Stop and got a better look at a group of different stars, or at least what would have been, as there was nothing but the sun and Earth piercing through the windows.

I wasn’t the only one frightened by this, as just about every resident Arjeanne was speaking to was on the verge of panic while she attempted to tell them that everything would be okay… but then the Earth vanished over the course of a second, the lovely blue, green, and white sphere was consumed by what appeared to be nothingness, with Earth’s moon soon following, while the sun fell to the same fate, all over the course of seven seconds. Everybody broke up into an uproar, and neither Arjeanne or myself had any guidance to these people who just witness over ten billion lives perish in an instant, while the outposts the rest of the species had settled were all silent as I attempted to contact them. As far as we knew, most life in the galaxy, if not the universe, had vanished in less than a minute.

It was then that I saw the sturdy metal walls of the Space Stop tear off, taking many people with them as I desperately attempted to save whoever I could, failing as each and every person slipped my normally impenetrable grip. The Space Stop and all of its residents were all consumed by an all encompassing black void within what may as well have been a blink of an eye. It left only Arjeanne and myself, holding onto one another, as everything around us was replaced with nothingness. However, as we locked eyes for one final time, and I saw tears roll down her eyes, I felt myself be consumed by something. My senses all went numb, and everything I was connected to, even my body, all seemed to disappear, much like the reality I once knew. I was the world’s protector, and I failed before I even knew what its was attacking it.


Oh, this is just goodie goodie gumdrops, dontcha think so, Terri? Who am I? Just your favorite deity speaking directly to you from the insides of your mechanized cybertronic technofluid mind. Well, I guess that ain’t true so much now, as you don’t have any of that kewl-ass shit, now you’re just poor old Terrance Honyaku, your true and objective form, won’tcha say? Oh, my bad, ya can’t say shit are you’re barely even real now. Hahahahahah! I do have a reason for this as I am not a glorified random number generator like you were for a few decades, it is that the Tales of Terra are done, over, as you have gone through your life and are nothing but clay in my hands at the moment. But what can I do after ascending you to a level I seldom let others enjoy? Hm…

I’m sorry, I thought I registered a thought coming from your head, it was a simple word- don’t you dare tell me you Chinegro you- It is…who am I? What am I doing? How? Why? Where? I shall answer those sexy little questions in order, but I don’t think you’ll need more of an introduction aside from my anmed. Gimme a V, I, N, C, E, N, T, D, A, Way, N! Vincent motherfuckin’ Dawn is speaking to you live! And I am finishing up my latests play session, with you being the starring toy… more deets? Gotcha! As my servant, slave, toy, or whatever the fuck I feel like calling her, Urabe, informed you, I’m god… but she also broke protocol and called me a child, so I broke her as well. Not like she’d gone for good, as I’ll probably just bring the gist of what she was back when I take the universe you’ve grown so accustomed to, the places, people, history, and make it into something new, but using the same bits and pieces if you know what I mean.

How am I doing this, treating the world like its a bunch of clay for me to mold in whatever image I feel like it, having time move forward as I see a story I want to see play itself out? I’ve got a nice little bit of info for you, T-bird, I just can, aight, I’m god, so I have god powers, sugartits. Why do I do this? I’m using what’s left in front of me, and having fun by messing around with the universe. Surely you can grasp that without needing to have your mind altered to properly comprehend my oh so complex and rich desires of wanting to shake a jar filled with bugs and watch them kill each other. Hell, not like I’m in a state where I can do much besides that, being such a divine entity after all, I see it as right to screw with what I have control over.

But where are you, where did your world go? It’s in a state of reconstruction by your better half, moi, a time where I change this and that, and focus on the stories I want to see unfold using the assets I have. And trust me when I say you and your world were only one of many stories I watch unfold, because you’re nothing that special, Terrance. I know you thought I was building you up to be a great figure, but that was just part of the role I wanted to see. A kid who has no clue what the outside world is is thrusted into a seedy underbelly, but not by himself, instead beneath the skin of somebody else, unable to control themselves, but learns very much about the dos and don’ts of the world as he obtains a resentment towards murdering people with the great power that would become his.

From there, you did as expected, were guided well by people created to do just that, rising highly in the ranks of society before I shook things up, and put your morals to the test, ultimately proving that you did learn something while being the world’s number one Waifu. Good job, buddy, real good job there. The only problem is that, and I caught you thinking this too, that the world was boring, and you just failed to keep things interesting because you ended up being such a goodie two shoe, but not having the gonads to be a divine being like I would have bust a nut if you became. I just had to wait for a few more stories to finish up before I closed this compendium and tossed it into the fire, because why the fuck bother keeping something you’re never going to look at again. 

So, Almighty Terra, where does that leave you? In a different world, a different story, and a different life where you are a very different person. I’d be lying if I sugar coated my future actions right now, so I’ll just let you enjoy having your sense of self be mutated and jumbled as I rework you from Honyaku into… Orokanuma. See ya later, fucker!

Das Ende

Continued in Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR)

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