The Transformation, Ascension, and Degeneration of Terra!

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Hello internet! This is Natalie”Electric Nigma” Neuman here to talk about his second Novel, The Transformation, Ascension, and Degeneration of Terra! The synopsis is the following:

A reclusive young man’s life turns upsidedown as he awakens to discover he is trapped in the body of a robot from space. Join Terrance Honyaku on his adventures of murder and mental trauma as all he wants to do is get out of what he views as a fascinating, but incredibly horrific situation. Thirty-seven years later, a once beloved idol of Earth awakens to find herself nearly two decades in the future, and a matter of days after a tragic event left every human’s DNA altered as they have become a new species altogether. Unfortunately her godlike powers have been disabled for the most part, so she needs to bum around with a cherub of a young woman, and a peach pit who used to be a fifty-year-old dick. But that’s all fluff for the “real” story. So here’s what I did. I took this one retarded guy, put his brain in a body that didn’t have any of that retarded stuff, had him cum a bunch in his stolen female bod, have him murder some people, and possibly cause the end of all times. Does he? Read and find you, you fucker! You already opened this up didn’t ya?

The collection of three Novellas is available here for free, where you can check out the GoogleDoc I made where you can view it, download it as whatever the hell you want, and hopefully spread it if you like it. If not, give me a bit of an explanation in the comments and I’ll try to get you next time, space cowboy. Seriously though, please comment and spread this around!

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