Rundown (8/31-9/06) TGS Was About Two Hours Long

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0 Watamote Yes Your Ass Stick is still a classic and this is totally awkwardWell, TGS happened and I only really found stuff of interest in Sony’s pre-conference, as Japan is all about those smartphone games, or distractions as most of them are. Yes, yes, I suppose you could say that of all games, but phone games are made for brief distractions that do not leave any sort of impact other than using unsavory physiological manipulation into tricking people that they are having a good time…. how do I transition this into talking about how Aliens: Colonial Marines is still unravelling its story of lies and making Randy Pitchford look more like a scumbag? By being lazy. Yay!

There were two specks of Dragon Quest news I stumbled upon this week, one being how Square Enix simply does not believe Dragon Quest VII for 3DS will sell outside of Japan, which I look at and scowl. Yes, the translation would be a possibly large investment, but if NIS America, XSEED, and Atlus can all take chances with unknown Japanese IPs, why do you think a highly praised JRPG series is not worth putting out? Oh, but I guess that means the West is also not getting Dragon Quest Musou, or Dragon Quest Heroes if that name has not already been used several times, which I believe it has been. Worry not though, as the Rocket Slime spin-off games will likely continue seeing a western release. Oh, and as for Dragon Quest X, they would love to, but it will not happen. On the other side of the JRG fence, Persona 5 finally gets a proper trailer, which means an animated cutscene from the game was shown at TGS bearing good and bad news. The game is coming to PS4 in addition to PS3, but it is delayed in Japan to 2015.1 MLM Of Course Obviously

Oh, but there is too much for me to describe in full detail, especially when you consider how quite a lot of these games may not arrive in the West, so here is a rapid fire announcement list for those who were in nighty time, like myself, or at PAX when the press conferences happened. Vita is getting a Way of the Samurai game, which is hilarious and far too complex based on what little I saw of part four. Luminous Arc Infinity is also off to make the Vita a better system, but I do hope I remember the franchise’s existence this time around, as I forgot all about it. Deemo is a port of a smartphone game, sounds rather interesting, but will never come out in North America. Hot Shots Golf is going to be very social based on its PS4 venture, meaning I have every reason to look at the floor instead of it. Earth Defense Force is receiving an update to 2025, and is set to come out on PS4, as was to be expected. Same with Disgaea 5, a series I very much should try and get into before the PSP titles start to exude the signs of aging poorly.2 Nyarko Could You Please Stop This Aggrivated

Project Milo is back, but more moe! With Bandai Namco making School Life, a Project Morpheus game about relationships… which will remain in Japan because translating such a game sounds evil. Resident Evil Revelations 2 was properly announced with an unrelated trailer. A PS4 Gundam game is naturally a thing. God Eater 2: Rage Burst will likely be the international version of the game for Vita and PS4, if not some Beast Hunting fans are going to be a bit upset. A new Ys game is aiming for both sony systems, and looks like the past two additions in the franchise, but is not a remake from what I can gather,which is nice to hear. More Senran Kagura, for some weird reason, for both systems as they are apparently similar to make games for. Fairy Fencer F, a series I never paid any attention towards, is getting a PS4 sequel.3 SCD Then We're done with the subject Next topic

Back out of Japan, Atari (Infogrames) finally supplied details on their two PC horror reboots, Alone in the Dark: Illumination and Haunted House: Cryptic Graves, the former looks to be a bit jump scare fixated based on a very brief trailer, while the latter appears to be more akin to Amnesia with its puzzles. With the most surprising aspect being how the duo of games actually look rather alright, when they are due out for November releases. Oddly only to the PC, a platform that shall likely see the mediocre Vita RPG Mind Zero and the fourth main entry of the aforementioned Way of the Samuraiguess which of these four I care about, as there is only one!4 PGOS Engage into sex with one and other in front of the town

There is also only one visual novel that I want to review on this blog when it is done, and that is Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme, a title I’ve been following since its Indiegogo campaign, and… boy is it shit. I played through two of its thirteen routes in various demos of the game, and I don’t think I have been that upsetted by a game. Well, maybe Final Fantasy XIII, but at the very least I enjoyed it at the time. Instead, GBDNATE is such an incredibly simply written and poorly drawn title that I originally wanted to go through the script, screen by screen, and criticize its story. It has no real understanding of the subject matter at hand, and is worthy of an irritated moan in nearly every scene I have seen of the as of yet incomplete game. Oh, but why am I bringing this up now? The title got through Steam Greenlight, partially through my help, and is now on Steam as a massively overpriced $25 title I will pick up and tear to shreds when it is completed. I am positively peeved that the free, asset stealing, over ambitious title, Press-Switch, is so much better than this title in every single way. They didn’t get over twenty grand to make their game, they don’t get to be placed on Steam, and they don’t get the thousands of dollars people paid for the game. I have been complimented for my writing ability by teachers, but I am upset when I read something people are selling for more than $1 and it is worse written than what I put out for $1 and then made free!5 screenshot0063

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