Rundown (2/23-3/01) I Am Replaying Pokemon FireRed with Nuzlocke Rules

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The Proper Pokemon NumberingI have a secret past time that I may have only ever told one person about, and I just spent about ten hours making it easier on me, because I lost something tied to it. What this secret thing is, however, should be pretty obvious if you look in between the lines I laid out and if you steal my computer… although the punishment I would deal on you for that would be on par if you deleted my Pokemon X file after I finally got all 713 obtainable Pokemon… obtainable for me at least. Now I’m six hours into Pokemon Firered, this time with Nuzlocke rules.

I don’t recall mentioning the announcement of the isometric action title, Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction, but the downloadable title may not even be seeing the light of day, as it turns out that Interceptor Entertainment, the company making the game, had a lawsuit filed against them by Gearbox. As for how this slip up even happened? I’d be on the side who were actually making the game as Gearbox is one company in the game industry I would be glad to see go under. As Randy Pitchford basically stole money from his investors to fund his own shitty little projects that got critical acclaim for god knows what reason.2014-02-09_00001

One thing I know is acclaimed for a good reason is Persona, and Atlus once more threw a bunch of announcements considering the year of Persona… well, it is! Namely US confirmation for the fighter, dancer, fan fic, and mainstream installment. What? Persona Q looks like a fanfic and that is awesome. Anyhow, they’re coming out in fall, 2015, fall, and 2015 respectively. Maybe I’ll get to play Golden before then so I can join the fun train, but… actually, I am 100% going to get a job this summer, so yes, gonna board that space train to the future.HeroJob It Looks like brains were yanked out this is random and should not be happy awkward shit

Yes, the future. The place where Nintendo’s Wii and DS online servers will cease to be come May 20th, and Warner Brothers release it’s upcoming live action Minecraft movie. Inspiring the reactions of understanding and apathy, as little is known about the film. Also in the future, Hideo Kojima plans to leave the Metal Gear in the hands of somebody else to pursue other projects. This has been something of a running joke with him since 1998, when he said he wished for MGS2 to be directed by another staff member, and that has not happened for fifteen years. Hell, the one game he did leave for his team to make ended up getting the can and being handed over, at least in concept, to Platinum Games. In other words, it will work as well as King’s failed candy crusade.SCD Parents are abandoning you goodbye we're done

It is a bizarre decision in my mind, about as bizarre as how Microsoft priced the Xbox One at 429 pounds in the UK, only to reduce it to 399 pounds and bundle in Titanfall. Certainly a quality bundle title, that’s for sure, but the fact this was not something of a plan from the get go just makes them look incredibly incompetent. Unlike Steam, who decided to let developers set their own discounts without contacting them. A move I am surprised was not implemented already, as I would hate to be the guy responsible for managing who wants what discounted when. Also, the family sharing system was released. Yays.WataMote FInally Not Alone Anymore

Radio silent can often mean dead, and before Sony Santa Monica experienced recent layoffs, which was apparently tied to the cancellation of an open world sci-fi game. A title set to debut later this year, but after four years of development is no more. To which I promptly spit out the salted boiled peas I was snacking on and ask just how poorly development went. Now, development issues are certainly not rare, but saying this game was a time and money hole is likely putting it lightly.

That’s all the news I felt like talking about, so here is a picture of a girl going into a hole. I have no clue where it is from.Unknown Hide in a hole from the worldBy the way, yes, I did assemble the header image through six hours of work. Paintbrush was a shit program.

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