Rundown (6/13-6/18) Segmented Summer Showcases (S3) 2022: Oops! I Wrote a 30,000 Word Novella Again!

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Wherein I discuss the progress of OPPAI 3, the Persona port puzzlement, Capcom’s subpar S3 showings, the continued Re;Birth of Final Fantasy VII, two HOT SPRG leaks, a possible niche revival, and a decompiled classic.


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Rundown (7/30-8/05) Gamindustri Is a Bizarre Adventure

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I’m looking over what I have to say this week, I think I can safely say that the game industry is a pretty weird place if you ignore most of the AAA fluff that goes about and dig a bit deeper. Just this week we have a Chinese imitation of a popular AAA game series published by a small scale American indie publisher. A studio collapsing due to a poorly received game that was locked in a vicious dec cycle. A completely failed attempt at crowdfunding that was picked up by a publisher of games based on children’s cartoons. A dancing rhythm game spin-off starting a character whose death is a crucial point in the story. And even a sexual harassment charge involving a boy who used to be a big deal on the G4 message boards. (more…)

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Rundown (3/29-4/04) Fetal Position

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0 HeroJob You Should Really pay attention to people and not hide in the sink you weird listen out of your bubblrSo, there is very clearly something going on with Zero Escape 3. I did not bring up the countdown website as nothing had happened, but it has recently updated and Kotaro Uchikoshi tweeted out some cryptic numbers, which when gven their letter value turn into FNJANUUVNWXOXDAFXAM and KYVCFEXVJKEZXYKNZCCYRMVREVEU. When put through a Caesar Cipher decryption, which involves the letter value being shifted by a set amount, 17 for the first one, 9 for the second one, you get the messages WE ARE ALL MEN OF OUR WORD and THE LONGEST NIGHT WILL HAVE AN END. You know what that means? Ever 17’s getting a re-release, and the previous two Zero Escape titles are coming to PC along with part 3… I know I got that wrong, but a girl can dream, can’t they? (more…)

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Rundown (1/8-1/24) The Sexually Dynamic Potato-Fish

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0PGOS Homosexuality man romance gayLet’s see… how can I alienate everybody before I get around to my stupid recounting of video game news… I think Final Fantasy XV would more more interesting if it, well, did a number of things, but just went out and said that the four main characters who are dressed like K-pop idols were all gay, and had sex with each other on the regular. And in order to make sure not skirts dare infest their manly game where you mash buttons to do a very nice buff supplying anal, make them the subset of gay men who think that women are only good for making more gay men and more women that can be made pregnant using their glorious manly cum. (more…)

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Rundown (2/23-3/01) I Am Replaying Pokemon FireRed with Nuzlocke Rules

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The Proper Pokemon NumberingI have a secret past time that I may have only ever told one person about, and I just spent about ten hours making it easier on me, because I lost something tied to it. What this secret thing is, however, should be pretty obvious if you look in between the lines I laid out and if you steal my computer… although the punishment I would deal on you for that would be on par if you deleted my Pokemon X file after I finally got all 713 obtainable Pokemon… obtainable for me at least. Now I’m six hours into Pokemon Firered, this time with Nuzlocke rules. (more…)

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