Rundown (11/10-11/16) I’m Getting Old, But Not Really

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ButtholesTomorrow, assuming this is being read on the seventeenth, is my Birthday! Meaning that I’m going to be nineteen… okay! Yes, I’ve finally reached the point where my age going up means little to nothing, as there are no major benefits that I can receive until I am a bitter old man who throws bread crumbs at children because he’s bored and it was a Thursday. Yep, college, job, house, and then I’m basically done for life, with this blog being the best thing I’ve ever done with it… along with a couple crappy ebooks nobody will read. After all, the odds of me getting married are like finding a shiny Pokemon in a speed run. That, and being in a room filled with children just the other day and being annoyed at their appearance sums up my thoughts on them pretty well.

Dragon Age Inquisition, which is among my more anticipated titles of 2013, recently had some leaked footage. A half hour of explanation that seemed to focus a lot on making choices in the world, but not really explaining why you would choose to pursue them. For example, there is a town being attacked that you could have your troops defend, you can defend, or you can ignore. I realized this playing Telltale’s Walking Dead, and it applies here. Having the character do something that does not negatively affect them in any way is not a choice, it is the logical move. Also, where the hell is the magical horse you can summon with RT+LT? ‘Cos Darksiders II sure as hell got that right!

Haganai Are you an idiot fool horse head

Oh, but speaking about getting things right, Nintendo had a session of waving their hands and showing their news toys to their friends the day people were getting pumped up at how Knack is alright, and Killzone 4 is a bit underwhelming. WIth the announcements being a list of keen things that I would respond to with, “ Yeah, that’s cool, Diggs.” Bravely Default coming on February seventh. 3DS and Wii U account migration at long last, even if it is just eShop balances to spend on a nifty library of Indie games that made me mutter, “I could get most of these on PC,” while being mildly impressed they amassed a large library to show. Which is not limited to just games, as Youtube support now exists for 3DS, which is not very useful if I’m the average consumer, because I play my 3DS inches away from my keyboard. Although, Miiverse 3DS and Pikmin 3 DLC are nice.

MLM Good Job Girl

Yet the reveal that made me want to finally bunker down and plan some Tactical Espionage Action on a store this holiday season, meaning I rob it blind, was how Super Mario 3D World would be getting Rosalina as a playable character! Not specifically because Galaxy 1 & 2 are among my list of favorite games ever, but because I don’t want to play a colorful platformer as a male. Why? Sexism, you dork! It’s the same reason why when Atlus recently teased Persona 5 with… a baby! I was excited because I can easily connect that and a female protagonist. Which is better than a male.

Haganai Why Make Friends With a Guy Males

Not that the announcement was a lone, as a URL entitled might be Fallout 4. A couple things are worth noting, namely how its planned announcement date, 11/12/13 is the European style of dating things that I’ve taken to using, and how this Fallout would continue to be the most futuristic one of them all if the 2299 is to be taken as canon. With the source code mentioning locations in New England meaning that we will see a nuclear autumn with tree people who have toxic branches. Fart yeah, homedogs!

Nyarko Fork Play Sex Time Exciting

After all, I really enjoyed New Vegas despite its shortcomings, and Skyrim is a game I’m terrified to play ever again, even if I can now have mods with it. A benefit with buying a PC before the Gen8 machines came out, what with their reports of hardware failures. Which more or less means that the HDMI is not going into the hole a move that is pretty sad as everything has a port nowadays.At least the box is going to get Uncharted 4, telling the story of Sir Francis Drake in something that Naughty Dog is super pissed at Ubisoft about, since the game will be very pirate themed. At least that’s my opinion based on facts and bullcrap like that.

TDIAPT Yeah Sure Whatever You Want You Wierdo Awkward

Just like the privilege to play as PSOne Snake in the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, or at least the PS4 version. Which is far more lame than, say, having Kojima West work on remaking Metal Gear Solid 1, which would make me super happy. More so than I was after seeing the revised TGS demo. I’ve been delaying a playthrough of MGS4 for one simple reason, I do not want to dislike it. And part five is looking to send it into the same intimidating direction, as it looks too much like a modern game, than a Video Game… You probably know what I mean by that. Less silly and clunky gameplay, more free roaming and power fantasy. Yeah, yeah, vertical slice and whatnot. Now I just must wait for the PC version to be announced and released… six months ex post facto.

PGOS Opportunity Waits For No Man Bath

Well, that’s about it for this week, except for how the city of San Francisco and the Make A Wish Foundation decided to turn a five year old kid into Batkid for a day… Freaking badical! Not batical, because that slip sounds wack.

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