Psycho Bullet Festival 2222 – Bout 20

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Disclaimer: This novel contains adult material including sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, mass murder, child murder, suicidal themes, derogatory language, and more. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

Psycho Bullet Festival 2222
Bout 20: Black Righteous God X White Genocider Daemon

Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 22:22 UTC
Coordinates: SPACE!

You know, over the last eight years, I’ve seen truly amazing things. But this is the first time I’ve seen an entire planet destroyed before my very eyes, let alone in such a ridiculous fashion. When I gave Nari these powers, I didn’t expect much from him. I expected him to do something on a cosmic scale, and throwing the moon at Earth certainly fit the bill. When I blew that sucker up, I thought I could relax and smoothly ease things into round two… Instead, he just had to show his true colors and become a true and honest to goodness Genocider. A Genocider of all humanity.

“Gotta say, you did not disappoint me with this display,” I said, turning to look at Nari as we drifted in what was once Earth’s orbit.

“It was never my intention to impress you, you vile woman.” Nari barked with scorn in his throat. “I had hoped you possessed enough empathy to weep for the deaths of a world, but I see your heart is as black as your aura.”

“What, you think I just don’t care about these people? The reason why I’m not shocked is that, for one, I had an inkling this was gonna happen, as you are a genocide-loving freak. And for two… once I’m through with you, I can just revive everyone you killed. They’re not dead as much as they… are queued up in a holding dimension until after this fight is over.”

“What you witnessed was a mere fraction of my power. A power that you, senselessly, gave to me. I can create anything, be anything, and do anything. Yet you claim that you can defeat me? Such avarice would be funny… if it weren’t so sad. Face it, Verde the Black, your end is nigh. And all I need to do is decide on how I shall finally, at long last, kill you.”

“Uh, yeah. That’s cool. Hey, so you know how my Aura Seer power was upgraded? To such an extent that I could hack into a moon and make it explode?”

“What drivel are you spouting now? Why must you delay the battle?”

“…Fine, be a bitch. I’ll just cut to the chase.”

As I said that, a Rift in the recesses of space opened above Nari’s head within a span of a fraction of a second. The Rift Walker I inherited, or stole, from Raiyne was souped up to level 9,999, and with a mere thought, I opened up two Rifts. One above Nari, and the other thousands of kilometers away, located right next to a remnant of the Earth’s core. 

While Nari’s reflexes were quick, it was too late the instant these Rifts were set. A mass of lava poured out from the core and onto Nari, flowing downward and coating him in super-heated rock. I moseyed toward him right as things were… heating up, sat back against nothingness, and watched Nari as he tried to escape the magma I was dumping on him. 

…But after 30 seconds of just watching him struggle, I sealed the Rift, and waited for him to recover as the lava exhausted its heat, boiled, and became little more than a bunch of hot rocks. Once the rocks were cooled, Nari burst out of his second stony prison, his white aura shining like a… well, not a star in its prime. More like a white dwarf. 

“What the HELL do you think you’re doing?” Nari snarled.

“Showing you the type of power that I’m working with. This Rift Walker thing I’ve got going on? It’s been upgraded dramatically, and its limits have been… broken.”

“What do you mean, ‘broken?’ What limits are you even talking about?”

“Oh, Nari,” I said in the most patronizing tone possible. “Surely you understand what I mean. You can become things far more imposing and powerful than ever before, and your Real Booting powers are leagues beyond what they were previously. I was able to shatter an entire moon’s surface within a matter of minutes, and I hacked it to death. Our powers are beyond their original forms. We have surpassed the realm of demigods and… become as gods.”

“…What does this mean for your Rift Walker ability?” Nari replied, his voice flat.

“It means that, instead of being able to travel a mere 10 kilometers a leap, I can travel distances far, far, longer. All I need is my imagination. Here, allow me to demonstrate my power by opening up a Rift that will take us to… Neptune.”

With a thought and a quick double check of the mental solar system calendar that I… apparently inherited from Abigale, I opened up a pair of Rifts.

“Whites first,” I said as I presented the Rift before Nari the White, but he was having none of this.

“You seriously think I’m stupid enough to—” Nari said before I snapped his head open like a booby-trapped pig with 10 sticks of TNT in its tummy. 

I then grabbed his legs and threw him into the Rift, following him as we found ourselves instantaneously thrown a couple billion kilometers. Truthfully, it was something of an underwhelming sensation. We were thrown so far away, but we were still surrounded by a scattering of darkness and distant stars. The only difference was the size of the sun and the presence of the enormous blue gas giant we were almost in the orbit of. 

It was quite a beautiful little ball. One painted a truly vivid shade of blue with a visible texture that almost reminded me of a marble I stole from school. But for as compelled as I was to admire pretty balls, I was not here to gawk at sexy planets. I was here to shock the scuzzball regenerating right beside me.

“How is it even possible for you to… what the hell is THAT?” Nari exclaimed as he regained consciousness. 

“Neptune, duh. I opened a Rift, and now we are at Neptune. Looks pretty sexy, dontcha think?”

“I… but how? This is impossible! Even if we were traveling at the speed of light, it would take hours for us to—”

“Ya nailed it! Good job, Nari.”

“Nailed what? That you can go… faster… than… the speed of light. Faster than I… can go when I transform… into light.”

“As such, there is zero point in us fighting, isn’t there? Because while you could summon miniature suns, fling them at me, and wage a Dragon-Ball-esque space Battle of Gods, I could run away 10 thousand light years in some random direction, and wait for you to catch up. And if I sense you coming closer… I could just head another couple thousand light years up, down, left, or right. I could do that right now… and you wouldn’t be able to do SHIT about it.”

“No, that… that is impossible! How can you go faster than the speed of light?”

“It’s a wormhole. It bends the laws of physics. Just like your Re;All Bürthing. You create matter from nothing, and I am not bound by the speed of light. It’s pretty simple, really. So, how do you counter that? You don’t. You merely accept that your genocidal quest has failed… and it failed before it even began. Tell me, Nari, how does one kill Abigale Quinlan? How does one kill a God? The answer to both is quite simple. You don’t. No matter what you create, no matter what you become, you cannot kill me. You cannot absorb me. You cannot become one with me… unless I allow you to take hold of my essence, and I won’t. I died many times… but that was in the past. Now, I am content and comfortable with living forever. Forever growing. Forever evolving. Forever being. And there is not a damn thing you could ever hope to do to change my mind. For I have ascended unto true divinity!”

“…You pompous little bitch. You do realize that I can throw you into stars or black holes. That I could—”

“—Do nothing to combat my ability to control natural phenomena, such as black holes, or alter the gravity and state of a sun? Even without my Nature Manifest ability, I could always summon a Rift and flee from whatever situation you prepared for me. If I did that— as I just said— you would need to spend years and years wandering through space, searching for me, until your sanity falters, while I use my power to call for aid. Currently, I cannot call for aid in the traditional sense.” 

“But if I topple a galaxy of three,” I continued, “I’m sure that my wife, Shin Abigale Quinlan, would take notice, sweep me off my feet, and send me back to my humble abode. Hell, she’s probably on her way right now, considering the destruction and godly power floating throughout this Scenario. If Shin Abigale were to rescue me, you would be none the wiser. You would still be traveling through space, chasing the white— erm— black whale, because it is all you know. Because that is all you are. Because it is the only original idea in your head..”

I could not see Nari’s face, even though he was only two meters away from me. His aura had grown more intense, casting his face in white. That alone told me all I needed to know. Deep down, Nari knew his quest was over. However, a desperate man is a man without sense, and this man would not give into sense until he saw the error and futility of his ways firsthand. The only way to prove this to himself was to fight against it. 

Truthfully, all I wanted to do at this moment was make cuddly-wuddlies with my sweetie-cakes. But someone had to free Nari from the light and white of desire, and bring him into the dark and black of reality. And who better to illustrate such things than Verde Dusk — The Righteous Black God?

As I took a moment to indulge in my internal monologue, as heroes wanton do, I lost sight of Nari… only to sense something attacking me from behind. I propelled myself to the side and narrowly avoided a burst of energy. It moved quickly, albeit far from the speed of light, and looked like the waves of destruction that Genocider Jad used. Just white instead of black

I repositioned myself and saw Nari, a hulking slab of metal in his hand, moving toward me. I swiftly opened a Rift to dodge his attack, causing him to land his blow against nothing. The Rift only took me 50 meters away, and Nari took notice. Rather than dash toward me yet again, he transformed into something… inhuman. It was as if he turned his body into a giant ball that still clenched onto the weapon. The details were obscured by his radiant aura, and before I could peer closer for details, Nari began flailing his body while swinging his weapon erratically.

Through this frantic swinging, Nari released a spherical wave that pulsated out in every direction, growing more and more in size as it traveled further from its epicenter. I flew backwards, dodging and weaving through the layered waves of destruction. And just as I went to flee this scene by hopping into a Rift, a wave pierced my head and crashed its matter. Darkness followed, I lost my senses, yada yada, all that bullshit.

I eventually regained consciousness, and, upon opening my eyes, I saw Nari’s face. His white and featureless face with eyes of pure cyan. He looked down at me with what I inferred to be disdain while clutching the collar of my shirt.

“That was a pretty nice move you did there,” I said. “Using the Matter Crash ability along with your Omni Shift to become this creature that unleashed these pulsating 3D-bullet-hell patterns of death and destruction. I’m glad you are finding destructive ways to let off some steam.”

Nari said nothing in response. He merely brought his free hand to my torso and punched it. My body propelled backward at an absurd speed, and I felt atmospheric pressure kick in. Turning my head, I saw that I was dropping toward the dense surface of Neptune. I let myself fall through the atmosphere, my aura protecting me from burning up as the planet tried to destroy me, all until I slammed into the surface. 

The impact was enough for my dark aura to fail me, and for death to consume me as my body exploded. But I soon regained my composure long enough to look above from my craterous landing spot and into the sky… where I saw a giant white hand looming over me. 

It was unfathomably big. So large that it would make a normal mind pop as their reference for scale, the possible, and everything, was defied, and by something as innocuous as a hand. I could not calculate just how large the hand was, but it was to a human hand as Neptune was to a bowling ball. The hand was big enough to grasp, clench, and throw Neptune, and as such, it was no surprise to see it draw closer, bringing its fingers to the surface. 

The hand was obviously a creation of Nari’s, if not Nari himself, and I could feel the planet quake as he grasped it with his fingers. I was tens of kilometers away from the nearest finger, but I could still see it looming upwards into the sky, creating a wall of white as dense as a proper planet. There was absolutely, positively, jack bupkis that I could do about it other than sit back, and let this crazy-ass cracker do his thang. So I did just that. I laid down in my little ice crater, and felt the planet as Nari tightened his grip, and Real Booted the planet into something else. 

I did not really pay attention to what exactly, as before I could see the changes with my eyes, the planet exploded. Rocks hit me, debris demolished my body into little chunks, and I woke up in the recess of space.

“Alright, mate. I see you’re better at blowing up space spheres than I am.”

I didn’t see him as I spoke, but soon enough, I saw the blazing figure of white rushing toward me with his weapon in hand. He was coming in fast, but slow enough that I could dodge him if I felt like it. Instead, I figured it was time to temper the young man’s ego with a reality check.

Nari swung his weapon at me, and as he brought the weapon to my head, it stopped, a mere centimeter away from its target. Nari grunted, his aura grew even more radiant, and I could feel his muscles straining themselves as he urged the weapon to strike me, but it did not. For it could not. For I was the one writing the rules of nature.

With a flick of my wrist, I flung Nari away from me. He still clenched his weapon, yet his impressive aura shrank as he recoiled from the strike. Upon bracing himself, he rushed toward me again, aiming at my torso… but his weapon could not even reach my arms. I tacitly grabbed the weapon for myself before repelling Nari away from it.

With a simple gesture, I stole his weapon from him. And with a mere thought, I sent it flying back at him, slamming into his body. He gagged as the weapon penetrated his ribs and lungs, and he tried desperately to remove the weapon from his person, but he could not. For it was bound to him thanks to the magic of gravity.

As his frustration billowed and the white sheathe left his face, Nari transformed himself into light and approached me, brushing against my skin, poking through my face, and blinding my eyes. It was annoying, yet harmless, and soon enough, he tried traveling inside me. He attempted to morph into a gelatinous explosive, but the moment he gained some form of matter, he found himself ejected out of my mouth. As that avenue of attack failed, Nari transformed back to his default state of being, and looked at me, rage billowing in his cyan eyes.

“Nature Manifest,” I began. “The ability to control and manipulate the natural world. I can change seasons, cause weather and natural disasters, reshape planets— if given enough time and focus— and manipulate things. Things. Such. As. Gravity. So long as you have matter, you can be manipulated by gravity. And with just a thought, I can use gravity to draw things toward you, or draw you away from things.”

“How… how can you use gravity to seperate things?” Nari asked, his voice strained and loud. “Gravity does not work that way!”

“Yeah it does. You just need to enter a negative value. Or imagine a negative value. Then you create antigravity. It’s dumb, but it’s how VDVerse works. And those are values I am Godly enough to manipulate. With this power, I can prevent you from ever touching me. How does that make you feel? I can traverse distances so lengthy that it would take you millions upon millions of years to find me, and I can prevent you from ever touching me if I exude a modicum of will. You cannot kill me, you cannot catch me, and you cannot touch me. How could you ever even THINK of winning this fight? Tell me, Nari.”

Nari offered no verbal response. He only rushed toward me, clawing at me, but unable to lay so much as a finger on my person. I looked at this futile feat, sighed, and knocked some sense into him the best way I knew how. With my dick!

From out the fly of my suit, I unleashed my retractable 69-centimeter-long tail-like penis, and socked Nari in the face with it. With a little bit of gravitational manipulation, I sent him flying through space at a rapid speed. Then, before he got too far, I opened two Rifts. Two Rifts that faced one another to create an infinite loop. Just like what Raiyne did with Punky. It was a cheap tactic that relied on disorientating the opponent, and I knew Nari was too crafty to be phased by this for more than a few seconds… and I only needed a few seconds.

I shut my eyes and activated my sight beyond sight— my Aura Seer ability. I saw a flurry of white and light. A ruthless radiance that could only belong to Nari. I knew there was no way I could talk sense into someone this manic, so I had to find some other avenue to persuade him.

Due to confidence or folly, I did not hesitate to thrust my disembodied self forward to Nari and plunge into his radiance. I was met with the miniscule quantity of experiences that constituted his life. Between his time in Nari’s Logs, exploring my domain, and embarking on this genocidal conquest, Nari had a life that only spanned maybe two weeks. He was born into a world of my creation as a person with no memories or past. And from the very moment he woke up, his life was fraught with turmoil, trials, and tribulations. 

I looked back at the time he spent with Max, Y’vonne, and the Doctor… but his memories about them were seared with hatred. He did not consider them to be his friends, nor his allies. He did not consider his multiversal possession adventures to be anything more than a punishment where he was overwhelmed, abused, murdered… and raped. 

He was brought into this world with nothing but a name, vague knowledge, and a body. While he retained his name, his knowledge betrayed him as he was thrust into worlds beyond anything he could imagine, and was robbed of his body. He was confused, frustrated, and frothing with fury as he was subjected to this repeated mistreatment… Then things got worse. 

For a length of time longer than he could comprehend, he was in stasis. He was robbed of sensation, robbed of autonomy, and isolated in a chamber of lights devoid of meaning or purpose. All he could do was think. And based on his experience with life, all he could think of was hate. Hate for others. Hate for his life. But most of all… hate for the God responsible for it all.

“I will find the one who blessed me with the enigmatic horror that is existence, and I will kill them. Then, once their carcass is at my feet, I shall bring an end to myself.”

Then… he got his chance. He woke up in my domain after Cataclysm.exe did its job and I lost my God Admin status. He learned about who I was. What I had done. And how I mistreated him. He learned about his past and his origin… and he focused on the only thing he could. His revenge. Revenge against his tormentor. Against me. 

“Nari… I failed you,” I said as I peered into his aura. “As a creator, I used you, and for that, I am sorry. I would offer you salvation. I would offer you anything you might desire… But you do not want that. You only desire death, destruction, and nothingness. Not because it will make you feel something. But because it will make you feel nothing. Your soul has been tainted and bleached. It has been mutilated and abused into something devoid of hope or kindness. Nihilism and a lust for death are all that remains and, apropos of erasing who you are… there is nothing I can do to help you, Nari.”

I left my Aura Seer vision and opened my eyes. Nari was still trapped in the Rift loop. I grabbed him by the arm, stopping his momentum before pulling him out, closing the Rifts, and building some distance between us. My scarlet eyes crossed with the cyan lights oozing from his glowing face. He knew what I had seen. He had heard my words. And he was none too pleased.

“Go on. Let it all out. I can take it.”

Nari then looked around himself, at the remnants of Neptune drifting aimlessly around us, and he began throwing these rocks at me as intensely and powerfully as he could. Alas, they all drifted past me. My gravity pushed them away, preventing even a pebble from striking my person. He saw this and changed tactics.

He then used his Re;All Bürthing ability to his advantage, crafted explosives from nothing, and threw them at me. He expected a great kaboom, yet was met with a dinky little thud as they went off, failing to spread themselves in a vacuum. Explosives were only useful within an atmosphere or when exposed to oxygen. 

Nari chided himself as he realized his foolishness. After exhausting his options and only finding more rage within, he sought to take a more drastic option. He used his Omni Shift ability to transform into something grander and more powerful than he had ever been. His radiant body exploded into a flurry of light, and I found myself pushed back as a wave of overbearing heat burst from his body, scorching my form.

As I regained my composure, I was met with an intense light that was growing with every passing moment. I was met with the sight of a star. It stood before me, imposing, commanding more strength and power than anything else in the universe. It was the greatest feat Nari could manage as a shapeshifter… but it was a feat that I managed to separate myself from with a mere flick of my finger. I looked on at the star as it burst into a pulse of heat and destruction, and right before it hit me, I fled into a Rift.

I found myself thousands of light years away, looming over a lifeless rock of a planet, counting the minutes before I opened up another Rift to return where I once was. As I arrived there, I saw emptiness. There are no remnants of Neptune drifting about. No space rocks to scope out. And not even a speck of loose dust to be seen. Instead, there was only one thing that remained in my vicinity of a couple hundred kilometers. The body of a person. A person whose body did not shine with a radiance befitting a sun, but whose platinum blonde hair and pale skin made his identity clear as can be.

I drifted up to him, looked at his cyan eyes, and looked at his naked body, wrapped in a fetal position. The fight had left the man. For the battle was done. For this battle was won.

“You tried, Nari. You tried to end me, but, much like myself, you failed. Now, all there is to do is accept the reality before your eyes. I could leave you to drift aimlessly in this world. I could craft you a new one. But you don’t want that. You have been met with overwhelming failure, and with that, you seek death. I can do that for you, Nari. I can grant you this desire. But to do that, you must surrender and become one with me.”

Nari did not look at me as he spoke. He turned his body away, like a timid child, before he offered a response. His voice was weary and bereft of feeling, but the scorn was still ample in his words.

“There is nothing I would like less than to become part of you, Verde. I despise you with every fiber of my being. But I am powerless against you. Even with the power of a God, I am nothing to God herself. …What a crock of shit. Like you said, you won. And there is nothing I can think of to stop you. I could try and try until I destroy this entire universe… But what is the point? There is no true point in fighting against God, is there?”

“Not unless you are an anime or JRPG protagonist, bud. And you can’t be either of those with a name like ‘Nari the Genocider.’”

Nari did not say a word in response. Perhaps he was truly sick of my shtick and semi-endearing drivel. Or perhaps he was merely content with his final words. Regardless, I brought my hand to his head, pressing my dark skin against his white skin, before I Real Booted him into ash. His body disintegrated within a matter of seconds, and while Nari could have fought against this, he did not. Instead, he allowed himself, allowed his body of ash, to flow into mine, where it pressed against my face, neck, hands, and chest, seeping into my skin. 

A euphoric calm washed across my body as Nari’s remnants were absorbed by my skin. Then, once the process was complete, I looked down at my hand, and saw that my dark skin was cracking. From these cracks, a radiant light emerged. I did not fight against this light, and merely accepted it, allowing my body to shatter as the light from within me clashed against my dark aura.

My senses were overwhelmed as the light escaped my being, and when I came to, nary a moment later, I looked down at my skin, at my body, and smiled.

A light brown colored my skin. My fingers and hands were slightly smaller. The hair on my head had lightened and grown past my shoulders. And as I brought a hand to my breast, just large enough to be noticeable on my thin frame, I knew who I had transformed into. I was no longer wearing the form of my beloved. I was wearing the form of myself. Of the body I crafted for myself a decade-or-so ago. I was Verde Dusk, in body and mind, yet again. 

“Of course, this is just the Omni Shift power playing its role,” I said, my voice high and soft. “But it is nice to look like myself again. Not that I don’t mind being Abigale Quinlan, especially a version of her with a slightly darker complexion. But after so many years… I’m just glad to be me again.”

I looked down at the black suit, now ill-fitted against my frame. With a mere thought, I replaced it with a simple green sweater and a dark skirt. It felt comforting against my skin in a way nothing had in oh-so long, and as I realized this, I felt a tear fall down my cheek. 

“It’s finally over. I merely need to give the signal, and she, wherever she is, should come running to me. I should be happy. I am at the end of this eight-year journey… and I have grown as a person from it. Away from my divinity, I have settled, I have matured, and I have grappled with my past. But now… why do I cry tears of sorrow? Because of you, Nari. Because I know how much I hurt you. I know how much despair I caused you. And because, even with the powers of the divine, there was nothing I could do to save you. For you cannot save those who do not want to be saved.”

“…I truly have never deserved this power. I was a victim in life. But I still hurt people. I still killed people. Yet, someone, or something, saw it appropriate to give someone as broken as me the ability to create worlds. To forge people from ideas. I obtained these powers upon death, and even if there is no answer, I need to look up and ask you… Why me? Why do I still exist? …When I have caused so much pain and suffering?”

I let out a sigh as I twisted my body into a fetal position. As I pretended to exhale air from my lungs, an aura appeared around me. A potent emerald aura that resonated over my being, and released a wave that moved at absurd speeds. A wave of light that would call for help across the VDVerse and inevitably capture the attention of my wife. But before she arrived, I had some time to myself, and with sadness in my heart, I was in the mood for a song to ease my sorrows and help me find my determination once again. With my voice returned to its higher tones, with my body floating amidst nothingness, I began to sing.

…Not an original song, but nothing described the weight and satisfied sorrow I was feeling at this moment better than a ‘transformative parody’ of Weight of the World by Keiichi Okabe.

Now that all is said and done.
No more life and no more Earth.
I have won… yet I feel so empty.
No matter how far I’ve come.
My mistakes still haunt me so.
Those I’ve written have learned to hate me.

Tell me, God. Is this my punishment?
Will you relent now that my sins have been atoned?
I’ve accepted myself now!
I’m the same person I always was.
And I say no more!

Because I’m beyond this shit!
Even if this is all meaningless!
As a God, I’ll carry the weight of the world!
And with this immense power,
I shall right all of my past mistakes.
For I am no longer a mere child!
With my power restored, I will forge a better world, this I swear!
This I swear…

I swear to you that I have changed. That, once I regain my God Admin status, I will clean up all the messes I’ve made, and I will bring peace to all who I have wronged. Raiyne, Jad Spencer, Punky, Zen Abigale Quinlan, Terra Flare, Peatrice, Nari, and especially… Jad Novus.

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