Natalie Rambles About Her Childhood Fan Fiction

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Because fan fiction is fun!

Segment 1-0: Fan Fiction Foreword

As the title of this post indicates, this is going to be yet another semi-articulate look into both my childhood and my previous works, and the subject on the itinerary is none other than the various fanfics I wrote throughout my childhood.

Like many writers from my generation, some of my earliest examples of leisure creative writing involved me creating works based on the works of others. It has become a common trend since the advent of the internet and the unification of fandoms across borders. And while it may be easy to write off fan fiction in general as just being a load of crap, which is true, as 90%— maybe even 95% of it— ranges from mediocre to terrible, fan fiction is something that I have come to look at as a very positive thing in recent years due to the multitude of purposes it serves.

For young or aspiring writers, fan fiction gives them the opportunity to work with an existing world, cast, and associated storylines that they can build off of without the burden of establishing something original. It can be a form of venting, honing one’s writing or storytelling skills, or just a way for one to cope with their personal feelings through a creative medium.

For devout fans, it is a way for them to interact with something they are passionate about, either by reinterpreting a work, pairing together characters they like, or transforming the original fiction into something they find more palatable. Such as making things angry, more mature, or turning something that distinctively wasn’t porn into porn.

For more experienced fans, it is a way for them to deconstruct or build upon an existing fiction, reinterpreting it into unique directions, and using it as a canvas for their own creative exercise, albeit one with a more intellectual or sophisticated goal.

And for all fans, by working within the realm of fan fiction they are, at least in theory, allowing their works to reach more people. Because in a world as SEO and IP driven as this, you have a far better chance of accruing an audience by writing fiction for a small group of passionate people who love a given IP, than you would if you were to write something with its own world and characters.

However, I say this from the perspective of somebody who has produced three fan fiction short stories this past year, intends on creating more, spent a few years of her teenage years perusing jolly old, and got her start as a writer by producing fan fiction.

For the longest time, I thought that these works of mine were simply lost to the annals of time. But then I dug through an old plastic tote in my closet and found a couple of old notebooks and other mementos, including the bound paper copies of my first two fan fictions. While the third was thankfully preserved on

I went through them one lazy afternoon some months ago, groaning at how terrible they were, but at the same time, they are sources of precious memories for me, and when viewing them in sequence, I think it is interesting to see how my writing developed from unintelligible garbage to something… ‘better’. I thought about keeping these stories hidden away, because they all suck, but I am so far removed from these stories that I feel no guilt or embarrassment about what I wrote, and I got a kick out of reading these. So I figured maybe somebody else would too.

For the sake of context and content, I will not be changing the text from how it was originally written, including all the egregious grammatical errors and typos, but I will preface them with an introduction as to why I wrote the stories, and include a brief post-mortem on them.

I will also be posting scans of the original handwritten versions of the first two stories, complete with little childish doodles and my perpetually horrible handwriting. The only thing I will be changing about these scans is the removal of my deadname.

So without further ado, let us begin!

Segment 2-0: Sonic and Pals

Oh boy, we’re starting off with a doozy, now are we? Now, I previously talked about my history with Sonic in the predictably titled Natalie Rambles About Sonic, but I will summarize my history with the series. As somebody born in 1994, I didn’t really get to experience the Genesis-era of Sonic, yet I still found myself gravitated towards it from a young age, and accordingly spent much of the ages 9 to 12 immersing myself in the Sonic games released on GameBoy Advance and GameCube, the Archie comic series, the anime series Sonic X, and various re-runs or VHS copies of older Sonic cartoons.

It was one of the many series I was heavily invested in during that era, but something about Sonic, particularly the (relatively) complex narratives seen in the Sonic Adventure titles, really struck a chord with me. To the point where, when I was asked to write three 5-page stories back in 2004, when I was 9-years-old, as part of a school assignment back in fourth grade, my mind gravitated towards writing a story about Sonic and the expansive cast I was steadily learning more and more about at the time.

Yes, you heard me right, I wrote fan fiction for a school assignment! However, at the time I don’t think I was even aware of what fanfiction was, and I certainly had not been exposed to anything that could be considered fan fiction. And even though I attribute the creation of these stories to my affection for Sonic, I really have no idea why I didn’t create an original story at the time, as I did have experience creating ‘original’ characters.

Long story short, in the summer of 2004, I wrote Monkey Man, a 31 issue series of 12-page comics starring an expansive cast of 30-ish characters. And while I would LOVE to show you all the garbage child comics I made back then, I sadly lost every issue of this comic nearly a decade ago, and barely remember anything other than some of the main character designs, and that the titular protagonist, Monkey Man, was mind-control-raped in and issue and had to be rescued by his many sons.

…Anyways, here’s some garbage and cringe Sonic fan fiction I wrote when I was 9.

Segment 2-1: Sonic and Pals: Journey of Seacka

Page 1: Intro

500,000 B.C. an energy was unleacht. It crushed 17 planets in 3 days, then the energy excape in the future to find its master and creator, then he was in the clutches of Dr. Robotnik! the doctor told him lies. Like his ancesters created him so he he was master of the energy. then he scand the energy and then figyerd out the energy powers. And they were trasformation. Granting wishes, and casting spells. What will happen now⸮

Page 2: And so it begins

5 days later. Sonic was dashing to the grand city when he ran into 3 of robotniks slaves. They were attacking him but he did his double dash blast. That choped them into bits. Min while Knuks was cornered by 7 Doom bots. Knuk’s punches were no use so he left bombs underground that exploded 4 of them. And the remaining 3 merged together to make mecha sonic. that knoked Knuk’s out. Whats next⸮

Page 3: Chaos Boom X

3 hours ago tails was in the tifone sensning for emerlds 4 hours later. When he found the emerlds he was attacked by Mecha Sonic then tails lanched a misele at him. but it failed. then Mecha chaged at him and broked the tifone. then tails Disabeled him and exploded. after that tails got 2.1 emerlds.

7 ½ minets later. King Robotnik was about to turn Sally into A Bot. Will any one save her.

Page 4: Nega robo rampage

127.3 seconds eriyer Sonic was 6/7 throgh the grand city. Sonic found a warp key then Nega Knuks apeard is that you Knuckles said Sonic⸮ No! im Nega he said. Yo’ll have to fight me for the key. Energon canon attack he said. Take my Mega Dash shouted Sonic. Nega’s atack whipped out Sonic. But Sonics failed. Then Sonic dashed and got the key and was serowended by bot’s and Sonic quickly whiped them out. then Sonic was sent to the moon. It is over for Sonic⸮

Page 5: Race to the moon

Meanwaile tails and Knuks were looking for emerlds. When Nega and Mecha came and they fused to make a SK-9 bot so tails & Knuks Dashed to over load the main brain. In 15 minutes Sally was excaping from the king then Sally was sent to the moon. after she graded two emerlds While tails and Knuks found the remaining emerlds and then teloported to the moon so was Nega and Mecha.

Page 6: the final battle

Now everyone was on the moon. King R. was the keeper of the emerlds and fused 50 bots to gether to make a super bot and the bot anielated Sally then Sonic and Knuks became there super formes and chaos blasted the super bot it fail and then the use the full power to Distory! the bot. And the day was saved THE END!

Segment 2-2: Sonic and Pals 2: Chaos Strikes Back

Page 1: The Battle Begins

In the ruins forist Sonic was running from amy as usawell. Whaile Chaos was excaping from the super emereld and take the master emerelds power and distroyed the floating island then nucks rushed to the island to battle chaos but Chaos used a super warp to enter the city. then he enterd the sewers right ine for picka apend with tails whats going on her they thought⸮

Page 2: Transformation

Whale Chaos was in the swers Sonic lost amy in the windy vally sone. And Sonic met up with Knuks and told him chaos is back! Meanwhele amy was being sucked in the fortress then chaos apered in the ruins with 2 emerlds with a PickA and tails. When Sonic and Knuks showed up PickA and tails were battleing Chaos 2 and they were losing majorLy! Then sonic and Knuks joind in Chaos 2 evolved into his 3rd form what next⸮

Page 3: Munch! Chrunch

after that Chaos 3 flew to the fortress. then It started chasing amy EEEEKK!! Shouted Amy. Then Chaos grabbed Amy and ate her and started distroying the ruins quickly every on got on the trains and went to the city now Chaos evolved into Chaos 4. And when tords the city. Is every one doomed⸮

Page 4: Down with the fortress

While Sonic, tails, Knuks, And PickA were fighting Chaos 4. They were sucked In the fortress they were seperated in the deck. they hade to serch And watch out for traps. When they found each other on the deck Chaos 5 became to Chaos 6 and he was almost invinsable. But the trio bas wiped him and the fortress out what happened⸮

Page 5: final strie

Luckely they were a o.k. But Chaos found the remaining enegy and Distroyed the city now he is Chao ∞ then amy apered and made him defetable good bye Sonic she said and made him and PickA Super and the Battle began then Chaos ate tails then they did the final blow and was defeted and peace was restored the end

Segment 2-3: Sonic Shadow and Pals 3: Light and Dark Part 1

Page 1: Ultimate Life forms

Our story bigins By Earml and Shadow dashing to a island. On the island Shadow absord Sonic!! And quicksilver was born he had amasing powers Like Chaos Blastes and to run at 1,200 miles. Silver was serching the isle with gsoid for victoms and he found Mecha Silv tryed to stop him but then he became A Mecha X Wow! seid Silv. Now whats going to happen⸮

Page 2: the hunt Pt. 1

Whale Mecha X and Silv were looking for upgrades. Whale Cream was traning with Knuks. And roudge and tails were also traning. then Silver found hover shoes. And same with MechaAX. and in Silv Sonic was tring to excaps. then Silv found them and tried absobing them but tails and Knuks smashed him but MechA X came. And nocked Cream down. Will our hero be safe.

Page 3: the hunt Pt. 2

then roudge fused with Cream and became Creage and smashed MechA X. Meanwhiele Sonics data was being distroyed!! But Shadow just saved him. But Silver was alive and was Now ultraya and it was useless. As Sonics move was working beter then Sonic and Shadow tryed to furse and they became. Dark Sonic and now they might have a chance now. Or are they doomed⸮

Page 4: Shadows Lightside

Then the fuses were over but Shadow was half dark-half light! And then Shadow was wite insted of black and Ultra was dark everyone was confused when Shadow was in a transe and was ready to fus then Knuks, tails, Cream, roudge, Sonic, and Shadow fused to Mega and was ready to fight Ultra. Our heros doomed⸮ Well I doubt it.

Page 5: Next

The fight has began Light and dark coliding. Then Ultra exploded him self then seperated the team Cream in the city. Knuks in lost isle. roudge in the grand forest and Sonic on headgehog island so tails and Shadow were sucked in a U.F.O. Is this the end⸮ Fin for now

Segment 2-4: Sonic and Pals – 15 years later

As a child, I had a lot of developmental and communication issues. I was not an academically stupid child, I routinely came home with report cards lined with As and Bs, and I always excelled in math. But when it came to communicating with others using the English language, I always struggled and lagged behind others. My speech was often unintelligible due to my lisp and inability to pronounce certain sounds, and my speech patterns themselves were repetitious due to how hard it was for me to converse with another person without pausing every few words. I thought that this was an issue strictly with speaking and that if given the ability to communicate via text, I was far more verbose and articulate. But then I read this and realized that, oh no, my language skills were COMPLETE GARBAGE when I was younger.

I don’t even know where to begin with critiquing the grammar, spelling, syntax, and sentence structure issues that are abundant throughout this post. Every sentence is awful. There is an error every three words. I clearly did not know what an apostrophe or quotation mark was And it is all so bad that I can barely get through a few ‘pages’ without my brain feeling like a bowl of wet cold mush.

But through the atrocious writing… This is an earnest effort by me to recapture the storylines of the Sonic series. The bizarrely named Seacka being a mismatch of Shadow as he is introduced and the evil Super Sonic from issue 126 of the Archie comic series. Chaos Strikes Back is largely a retread of Sonic Adventure DX, but with minor variations and a stupidly fast sense of pacing. While Light and Dark is… just straight up Sonic fan fiction written by somebody who was really excited about Sonic Heroes and Sonic Battle and liked the fusion-heavy Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z a bit too much.

I clearly wanted to write something exciting, grandiose and actiony, but I was too ignorant and inexperienced to have even the slightest idea of how to achieve as much in the format of short stories that, in all likelihood, I wrote in less than an hour per installment. As such, the final product is very much a raw stream of consciousness written without much foresight, and absolutely no outline, as I had yet to learn that, or general story structure, at this time in my life.

Segment 3-0: Is Plagiarism Fan Fiction? …Yes.

The next story on the itinerary is one I wrote a year and a half later. In early 2006, when I was 11-years-old, and halfway through fifth grade. It was around this time that my elementary school was doing some light experimentation with me, and trying to decide what classes I should attend in middle school. Yes, my grades were good, and I was a diligent student, but I was very non-social, my communication skills were poor, and I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which my school didn’t understand as well as they should have.

All of these factors combined inspired somebody at my school to occasionally send me to the special ed classroom, which had about a dozen children with more… severe developmental disabilities than my own. They were people who would never be able to hold normal jobs, and would need lifelong assistance to get through their day-to-day lives. Unlike me, somebody who holds two real adult jobs, got a Master’s in accounting, and has enough life skills to live on her own, but doesn’t due to financial reasons and general comfort.

I never really learned anything when I was in the special ed classroom with these students, but one of the teachers did ask me to write a story at some point. I could have done everything, but the first thing that came to mind was a rewrite of the beginning of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but with different character names and descriptions so as to trick the teacher into thinking that what I wrote was original… though I honestly cannot remember why I felt the need to hide that fact.

This was originally just a few pages, but over the span of several weeks, I worked on this story during my downtime at school, after tests, and after finishing classwork, until I covered the entirety of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Once done, I later showed the finished work to the special ed teacher who asked me to write it in the first place, my regular fifth-grade teacher, and my drama teacher, all of whom were complimentary towards me and impressed that I managed to write something so long and detailed.

But some of you are probably wondering why I chose to write a story based on a gosh darn Mario RPG, and the answer is simple. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is my favorite GameCube game, hands down, and was the Mario game of my childhood. Screw Sunshine, throw the Super Mario Advance games in the trash, and forget about Mario & Luigi. To me, as an 11-year-old, this is the game that defined the Mario series, and it was probably the most complex and developed story that I had ever become invested in up until this point in my life. Paper Mario TTYD, or Paper Mario 2 as I called it, was an epic that dealt with such a wide variety of subject matter that it is genuinely amazing that nobody at Nintendo told its developers to cool it with the weirdness.

It is a game where you make a dragon sick using the sound of crickets! It is a game where the protagonist gets body snatched! It is a game where people gamble on their lives for cash and glory and are murdered to preserve the power and immortality of an amoral kingpin of a gaudy island in the sky! It is a game where you need to lift the spirits of a sentient explosive who drinks his worries away while pining for his lost wife! It is a game where a computer wants to fuck Princess Peach!

And you know how much of that was lost on me as a child? 90% of it. But even then, there was so much that I adored about the game, its world, and its prolonged story. I loved it so much that I wanted to break it apart and redo it for myself… so I did just that. I took the basic story, characters, and concepts of the game’s plot as I remembered it from both playing it and routinely re-reading my Nintendo Power strategy guide, and condensed it into a 3,000 word story. But I was also worried that I would get in trouble for using existing characters in my work… so I changed one letter or syllable for most things in the game, went about recreating it, and made several changes to suit my fancy along the way. I could break down what I did in detail, but a passing familiarity with the game and a read through the text should make the differences abundantly clear.

Segment 3-1: Maxio and the 1,000 Year Diamond

One day a princess was captured by the lord of the Zox and kept a hostage on the moon base. So an english warrior traveled to the island she was captured on and followed the map she sent but it was for the 7 diamond shards so he went.

So when Maxio got there he found a muffo being attacked by the Zox. and teamed up to beat their leader and they did and got to the town of Spendo. After that they introduced each other the muffos name was muffella. And then the map opened a passage to the ancient underground city that was destroyed 1,000 years ago.

And met 3 different muffo’s a regular one with wings, and one with a spike on his head they fought. Maxio used his hammer and jump and mufella used head butts. And they won and continued through the dungeon.

then they met a giant Muffo with wings and a spike on it’s head. And ate Maxio Muffella ran as fast as she could but she tripped over a super shroom she used the shroom to be come giant like the other Moffo. Then mufella kicked and slapped it but he used his spike on mefella then the muffo spi out maxio then they beat the giant muffo.

Then the map opened another portal. But a giant squid was blocking it. They knew they needed to beat him to get to the portal to but mofella was small again. Maxio used his hammer and cleats (shoes with spikes) on the squid. And mufella head butted, slapped, and kicked it. To finish it off, Maxio used a fire ball to beat it. then the portal was opened and they whent through to a field Northeast of Spendo and there adventure began.

When they got there they saw a dragon being attacked by flying turtles called Cappos. They sent him to a castle north from there. Then the Kappos told Maxio an mufella to stay away and to go east to the village they listend and went to the town of Kappos with wings fell down and they were the only ones and asked Maxio to find 2 special stones in an eastern fortress.

They traveled east encountering Muffos with spikes and wings and one gave Mufella wings. They encountered red evil Kappos with and without wings. When they got to the first gate they met 2 bald cicos and 2 spiky orblike creatures called spikotos. and entered the fortress.

Once Maxio and muffella entered the fortres they met many black fuzzy creatures. Maxio waked them with his hammer and bounced on them. And mufella slapped and head butted them. but their leader a golden one named fuzayo. They all combined to create a giant fuzzy who absorbed Maxio and mufella. And went to Koopovile a brave Kappo named Kopa bust him into thousands of fuza’s. And Maxio and mufella were freed also. And Kopa joined them to the castle. And placed the stones in their place in the shrines and the path was opened.

Once they got here Kopa was given wings and a giant evil Kappo attacked Kopa did this solo with his shell toss and just bearly beat him and continued.

After that they traveled through the castle Kopa found some Kappo bones! And hundreds of other Kappo bones that came a live. Kopa, Maxio, and mufella all fought the zombies and won but there leader known as red skulls. Wasn’t defeated he fused with the other zombies to become Ultrabonez. And mufella sacraficed herself to destroy Ultrabonez and maxio got her sacret book. They countinued on with the adventure.

Finaly they got to the dragons lari but his wings were gone it must have been Mufella they thought but they still battled the dragon with Maxios hammer and Kopas shell blast once he was defeated Maxio stabbed the dragon with sharp bones. then Kopas Dad was spit out with the shard and the adventurer was over for now.

Meanwhile the princess was at the Zox’s moon base. there was a Zox soldier who fell in love with her but was actualy a robot. But didn’t know what love was. So the robot downloaded information on love. Then the robot sent the princess a love letter and also a digital letter sender so she could send messages to Maxio. Meanwhile in England the king of the Kappos went looking for the princess to capture her.

After Maxio and Kopa had rested Kopa received a super shell. Then Maxio held up the shard for a new vortex to open. It was to a forest west from there. Once they were there they met 3 ghostly witches. One of ice, one of thunder, and one of fire. they they said they were waiting for him Maxio and Kopa used their best moves and won the fight but the witches escaped now part 2 of their adventure begins.

After they defeated the witches they met a mouse like creature called a Muni. He said his name was Munio. And asked Maxio to save the other Munis and his sister Munia from the Zox who are also after the shards. So they agreed to help. One the way there they fought giant fly trap plants, cloud mosters, and spiked cicos. After that they found a gold pearl necklace which belonged to a ghost named Felfet. they gave it to her and Felfet joined Maxio on his adventurer and Flexfet was able to faze through the door. and the entered a Zox base. Once in there 10 other Munis joined Maxio and fight after that 2 Zox soldiers foght Maxio, Kopa, and flufet. Maxio used his hammer, Kopa used hise shell, and flufet body slammed them and our heroes won and continued throght the tree base.

One they got to the bottom of the tree the found 91 other Munis an a Zox soldier with a key to a Muni cell. But he had a bomb strapped to him when Kopa saw it the soldier activated it but Kopa sacrified himself to save the others. But only his super shell was gone and they got the key but it was for the elders cell and the other 11 Munis. they freed the others but then 10 flafoz appeared. they had captured muni including an elder and another cell key Maxios 11 Munis founded the flafoz and rescued a thet. also got the other key. They freed the other 90 Minus and made a total of 105 Munis. Then X shaped creatured appeared so did spider like creatures. They combined to make an ultimate life form named Yidedex Kopa sacrified him self to save the Munis from it.

After Kopa died Maxio, Flufet, and the 105 Munis had a funeral for him. but Mufella’s spirit was at the funeral too. The spirit gave Maxio direction to the shard. After that Muffella disappeared.

Now that was done they followed the directions to the top of the tree. On their way, They met 100 Flafos! good thing they had 105 Munis to take care of them the Munis bodyslammed them, and the flafoz pecked them. After the battle the Munis met a monster muni flufet tribe to over shadow him but she couldn’t. Maxio pounded him with his hammer but it didn’t work so they all ran but on the way Maxio tripped over super boots and put them on to pound the monster Muni and he did. So they continued through the tree.

After 3 hours of Zox battles Maxio, flufet, and the 105 munis finally made it to the top. But the shard was stolen by their leader and he activated a super bomb that will blow up in 30 seconds! maxio automatically made 27 holes through the tree the rest followed and escaped the tree when there was 0 seconds left. The tree didn’t explode!

After that, the leader appeared in a tobotic suit. And shot missles an killed 90 of the Munis and Maxio was filled with rag and sadness and used the shards power to create an earthquake which sent the leader back to the moon base. Then Maxio got the second shard and a new portal opened.

Meanwhile at the moon base the robot told the princess Maxios didi-address and to meet me in the lobby at 7:35 with the secret admirer. They met after the robot downloaded dance steps. But the princess got scared and fleed the robot felt bad after that and felt like self destructing.

And then the king of the Kappos akaa, Bozar, was looking for the princess in Koopa vile with his assistant Jennifer the witch. And all of the Kappos bowed before him but Bozard did’nt care he just burned them all. Until he found a wax replica of the princess. But it melted when he took it outside and he felt like an idiot.

After that Munios sister Munia layed 800 eggs. And the 90 dead onces came back to life but not 90 zombies. then Maxio and Flufet whent through the portal and they were at a floating island for the third shard.

Once they got there they saw hundreds of people heading to an arena. Maxio and flufet were caught and found the shard but a mouse like creature called a mousio said you have to win 6 matches to get the belt with the shard. Maxio talked to the manager gurba the kappo. and he agreed.

His first battle was against 2 golden kappos, one with wings and one without. Maxio and Flufet took care of them easily. Maxio was filled with confidence in his next match but he couldn’t beat them. So he had to start over Flufet was in the hospital herself but Maxio found jumping eggs that didn’t want to be omelets. Good thing they just hatched into frogosauruses and joined Maxio and then he talked to Gurba and Maxio was still in. This time ha battled bomb like creates called om-bombs they exploded after 7 frogasaurs ate them but they when to the hospital. So it was just him and Alvin the frogarurous

After that Maxio was told none of them were going to make it so it was a duo again. So maxio went to the arena to right the cicos again this time Alvin ate them and they were finaly defeated them. now they were in the quarter finals.

After that some one sent an e-mail it was actualy 2 one was that Peach was ok. The other was for a package with an upgrade inside he got the upgrade it was a super hammer. So he could beat the wizard force. he beat them easily with the hammer. after that he got a package with a key to the arena after that the semi-finals begun.

I was Maxio against 9 black belt in 17 marial Arts. but Kopa’s spirit beat him so they won and are in the finals.

After that a second package arrived. It was a key to the storage room. In there they found 20 pairs of old trunks and 30 wears fighters! Some were the ones Maio fought.

Right then they announced the start of the finals. Maxio rushed to the arena and made it just in time. I was an epic Battle like the robot cyborg on the dragon. all in all Maxio won and was the champ.

After everyone left gurba told Maxio to come and the arena was empty and gruba became Super Macho! his punches just got stronger but after he got weaker from the poundings and all the other 30 fighters came out. Turns out he drained there energy then the first champion came out as bones with the real shard Maxio toke it and order was restored.

Meanwhile in space, the robot Zox codename Y-7 or Yipz, was making a hypno Blaster. To hipmontize the princess. He hipmontized the princess and transformed the pricness into a robot. When the leader saw it he tossed Yipz into space and remorfed the princess back to normal.

Also Bozar was attacked by 905 munis! but Bozar at all of them but the munis got out of him. Then the munis catapulted him to Spendo . And he was unconscious for days.

At the floating island Maxio held up his shard and a portal opened. It took Maxio and alvin to the underworld. There they saw people being turned into rabbits! but not all were rabbits. And the mayor told maxio to go to the castle northeast of here. Maxio traveled battling zombie muffos until they got to the castle. but on the way Maxio was cursed and his partner was eaten by the shadows.

At the castle Maxio had to smash and burn mini hard shell Kappos and ghostbut maxio made it to the 3rd floor And met Dopliz the king of all ghost! Hr said he’s been monitoring him for weeks. but he fleed to the top floor but he had to use his mini ability to get into the mini pipe but Maxio had to fight the giant ghost known as King Boo-ga-woga-boo Maxio couldn’t do this solo, so he ran and got in the pipe just in time. And made it to the top and faced Dopeliz in a body just like Maxios.

It was an extremely easy fight for Maxio but once he was defeated he toke over Maxios body! And maxio was in the clone body! Maxio chased his clone but bat like creatures attacked him but maxio still had his regular abilities and a paint brush blast. Maxio continued but he lost Dopliz. When he got back to town he met a neo ghostly girl. It was one from the woods but it could do fire, lightning, and irce.

She was crying when Maxio got there because her sisters abandoned her. Her sister lost a mega bomb Maxio found it for her but it was broken. She thanked him by joining him to get his real body back. they traveled back to the castle. There they, had the battle for the body but he needed maxio to guess his name, he failed. But then Maxio and Vivet (the ghost girl) investigated the castle. At the second floor they met a parrot who told them his name. So they headed to the top but all of maxios partners were there. Mufella, Kopa, flufet, alvin, and the other 7 frogasurus. but the parrot told Maxio the only way to switch back is to say his name so Maxio screamed DOPleZ! So Maxio got his body back and Maio beat him easily, but he escaped and Avilin’s bones came back to life and the other spirit disappeared, except flufet and fused with Vivet.

Meanwhile when the princess was sound asleep a dark spirit kidnapped her and took her to a castle in the underground ruins of Spendo. And at a floating island near the one Maxio as at Bozar was. But right when he found the shard the island fell, but he escaped right on time in his plane, so now it was a real island.

And in the under wold Maxio held up the shard and you know the rest. but they were at the island that fell but when they go there alvin bones and Vivflet (Vivet + fluffet) were going to the center where a zombie king lived or Ultrabonez II (2) said a om-bomb he also said his name was bango (bang-on) and he joined Maxio. So they traveled battling posonis venus fly traps in the jungle until they got to the center where they fought ghost made of fire, good things maxios shoes are resistant to fire so they traveled through a cave to find there was a sea in there good thing Maxio’s a good swimmer but not bango.

They kept on swimming until a giant squid came out and grabbed them and went down to the bottom where they found the zombie king aka Captain Deadheart. With alvin bones and Vivflet they were guarding gold, jewles, and of course the crystal shard. But it was too late. maxios friends fused with the Captain to become the true zombie king. But in the treasure maxio saw a new upgrade it was ultra boots with spikes when maxio jumped on the king he was suck and hammered him but bango tried to get him out but he had no hands so he thought after he exploded 7 times and jumped into his empty eye socket and blew up his head and maxios other friends were dead sadly.

But they got the treasure and got out of the care. But at the underworld it was a fight with Zox and bozars army but it was a draw. And the dark spirit fused with the princess!!!

And Maxio held up the you know by now but this time it was a train ticket and a boat came out, too. Good thing they did it by the beach. It took 17 days to get to the town of Spendo. And it was unfortunate that it will take 3 days to get to Ficsmurk. On day 1 a mouse like creature named Missuqik who lost a chest with 17 games and that she’ll give him an award if he finds it. Maxio looked all around but didn’t find it until day 2 but miss Squicks reward was to come with him. but right after that the train was flying into space. It was to the Zox fortress so Maxio and Miss Squik made it of and into a city it turned out to be Spendo but they noticed that bango was dead but they had to move on so they managed to buy 2 more tickets. but this was a one day ride but on the train after 6 hours there was a monster on the roof with 8 arms and a passengar in each arm.

So Maxio and miss Squik battled it miss Squik slapped his eyes and maxio hammered the arms till they let them go. When the monster was defeated he fell offf the train. And once they were at the city of Ficsmurk, Maxio was given an ultra hammer for saving them and they asked if Maxio or Miss Squik knew where the diamond shards went they were on the first train that went into space but Miss Squik confessed that she stole one and the other gems there but not the second one it was still there it was at the Zox fortress! So they tried to open a portal to the Zox base! Luckily it worked but they were a little bit to low. They ended up in the land of Interna Ice. It was filled with icy cloud like creatures and om-bombs. Maxio hammered them and Miss Squik slapped them until they found a rocket that they used to get to space, but they cashed on the moon.

On earth the dark spirit was wrapping the land in darkness. Bozar was heading into space, And so was Bango. After they got into their suits, Maxio and miss Squick went to the connector of the fortress and the moon. They traveled up there only to find 1,000 Zox soldiers. But before they attacked Bozar crashed into all of them and ignored Maxio and whent to the princesses cell but she was gone And then he turned around and saw Maxio, Miss Squik, and bando and they all battled but Miss Squik was killed! And so was Bozar by the poison miss Squik tossed in him!

But then Maxio met the true leader and he stole the 6 shards and made the thousand year diamond And summoned the spirit, and teleported to Spendo underground castle!

So Maxio went back to Spendo in an escape pod. It crashed right next to the castle. Maxio went inside and was attacked by a Super Muffo but a giant muffo with wings talked to him and it was Mufella! right before a giant squid appeared and he was attacked by Kopa but he had a golden shell and wings.

Everyone else appeared: Flufet, Alvin, 7 frogarsauruses, Vivet, Vivflet, Alvin Bonez, bango, and miss Squik (she died in the crash) but they had to battle 3 dragons, 3 robot suits, macho gurba, Dopliz, Ultrabonez 1 and 2, and 9 monsters like the one on the train. It was the biggest battle ever. After hammering, tackling, shelling, slamin, eat’n, burning, freezen, zapping, bomb’n, and slap’n!

After a 47 minute battle, they continued through the castle until they found the leader of Zox. It was another great battle he used magic to sheld himself and attack them. But afyer 23 minutes they won and they went to battle the spirit!

Maxio was shocked to see the princess being controlled by the spirit but Maxio knew he had to stop it. Maxio and his friends could’nt even tough the spirit. So Maxio had a thought. That if him and his friends has merged they did, and became Super Maxio! It lasted for 17 days, 14 hours, and 19 minutes. Later the spirit got out of her body and fled into a time portal. to the 1,000 year in the past and there he sealed it in the diamond and destroyed it in the presant. but Maxio was shot into another galaxy from the diamond and he never returned. Then end?

Next chapter


IN FALL 2006

Segment 3-2: Maxio – 14 years later

That was a MASSIVE improvement over what I did just over a year beforehand… but I now fully understand why my school sent me to remedial English classes in 6th through 8th grade. I can forgive the typos, spelling errors, and general poor grammar, but my God is the language of this woefully repetitive. Even to this day, I have a problem when it comes to using transition words. I need to keep in mind how many times I use words like but, then, and after when I write just about anything, and at this time in my life, I was very much not aware of this bad habit of mine, so the final product is positively lousy with these phrases.

Even when forgiving that though, the very structure of my storytelling feels more like a list of events that happened rather than a proper story, not helped by the fact that, aside from the section with the Munis, I was just blazing through the narrative of the game as quickly as possible, doing everything I wanted to, and nothing else. There is very little in the way of prose in this work, and everything reads like a stream of consciousness by a child… because that is what it was. It was me writing and cataloging the events of the game, while making one major change. I had every partner throughout the story die.

Now, I still remember why I did this. Because I thought it was odd how Mario just traveled with so many partners at once in Paper Mario TTYD, and was under the assumption that they cease to be narrative entities after a point, as their storylines largely conclude in the chapter they are introduced in. For example, Madame Flurrie, who I reworked into Flufet, has nothing to contribute after chapter 2 of the game, but tags along anyway.

The fact that I recognized this dissonance as a child is genuinely impressive to me, as I still struggled to understand a lot about what constitutes a good story and had yet to develop a critical mindset… but it is also really weird to see Mario fan fiction that flippantly mentions there being a funeral in the middle of it. However, that is just one of many weird decisions I made.

At some point in the story, I fused Flufet and Vivet into a character called Vivflet, because I was really into the idea of two people merging into one and being better than the sum of their parts. I still am, by the way. I had a Muni give birth to 800 eggs that contained the… spirits of the other Munis who lost their lives in battle, which is really kind of fucked up when you think about it. And I had the final battle last for 17 days, 14 hours, and 19 minutes. Around this time, I thought that incredibly specific timeframes yet outlandish timeframes were hilarious… and I honestly still do. The fact that something like a battle could sustain itself for so long and that somebody, anybody, would keep track of the actual minutes is a joke in and of itself, as such granular ‘Aspergian’ details always tickled my fancy.

Overall, the ‘quality’ of this story’s writing is high enough that I don’t hate it. If anything, considering that I was a pre-teen with language problems, I actually cannot help but admire past me for devoting themselves so much to something that they really didn’t need to do.

However, this did not mark the end of my fan fiction days, as I still had enough drive to work on a project… two years later.

Segment 4-0: Funsies

The summer of 2008 was a very… halcyon time for me. It was the summer between seventh and eighth grade, I was 13, and between attending summer school, I was spending a lot of time home alone exploring various… things. I was Immersing myself into the world of ‘gender bender’ stuff like Ranma ½, Fictionmania stories, and stuff found on DeviantArt. Exploring my gender identity by dressing my male body in my sister’s clothing… for like a month before I gave up this pursuit following a close call with my father. And I also began looking up ‘gender bender’ stories on

Yeah, this was a very… complicated summer for me that I previously discussed in Natalie Rambles About Being Trans, Autistic, and Weird, and I won’t repeat myself for the sake of brevity (like that’s ever stopped me). Point is, I was home, I was alone, and I was exploring parts of myself that would expand and grow over the ensuing years, as I found myself permanently fixated in the TG rabbit hole, and would come out as transgender in 2016.

…But I should probably explain why exactly, during that time, I decided to write a Metal Gear Solid fanfic. Well, throughout middle school I had a whooping cough that would come and go, lasting for a few weeks every time it cropped up. During that time I would occupy myself by watching playthroughs of video games for systems that I did not own. Most notably Final Fantasy games and the entire mainline Metal Gear Solid series, from the original Metal Gear Solid all the way to the recently released Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

I was gosh darn infatuated with the series, and when I was perusing for ‘gender bender’ or body swap fanfics based on the things I liked, and I was disappointed to see neither of those for Metal Gear Solid. So much so that I… decided to write my own… only to get bored by the process of writing the story partway through, and bringing it to a sudden conclusion in an attempt to cap off the story rather than leave it sitting on the internet, forever incomplete, like most works hosted on

I think my justification was that I was going to be busy with school, which was partially true, but it was still an embarrassing display capping off a concept right as it got started simply for the sake of completing it. But what was the concept I went with and how exactly did I end it? Well, the answer is in the segment below… or on if you want the true authentic experience.

Segment 4-1: Metal Gear Switch

Chapter 1: The Switch

Three months after the Shadow Moses incident Snake, Meryl Silverburgh, Nastasha Romanenko, Mei Ling and Hal Otacon began creation of Philanthropy an anti-Metal Gear organization, thanks to Nastasha Romanenko and her book “In the darkness of Shadow Moses: the unofficial truth and the money it made. Now, Snake and Meryl are sent to destroy Metal Gear Ray’s blueprints that someone found on the Black Market.

“Damn it Otacon why do I need a partner on this mission!” “You and Meryl need to practice working together.” Replied Otacon “I told you Otacon I work alone”. “Stop Complaining Snake this is nothing compared to Shadow Moses, the guards are half asleep and just have pistol’s!” explained Otacon “fine” sighed Snake.

Otacon was right though the guards were half asleep and the room with blueprints was right in front of them and there were also no guards or security devices. The two then went to the door and swiped out the key card they stole from the first guard. Once they were in the room they found piles of junk and the blueprints in a half open box. “This is the most pathetic mission ever aren’t we special agents or something?” Meryl shouted with rage “Just grab the blueprints so we can get out of here.” Snake said with a sigh.

(Codec beep) “Snake I just found some new information, this organization steals machines and blueprints so they can take over every country in the world!” “So I should destroy everything to stop them?” Snake said with a smirk “No just take as many machines as you can and destroy all the blueprints who knows how delicate these devices are.” Explained Otacon “Got it.”

20 minutes later the two agents emerged from the base with high-tech guns and a metallic sphere with m1n0 5w1tch3r on it that was held my Meryl. Lucky for our hero’s the Philanthropy helicopter was in the distance. While rushing to the Helicopter Meryl tripped on a root and dropped the sphere, the sphere then released a flash that knocked out Snake and Meryl simultaneously.

3 hours later.

Snake’s POV

I woke up back at HQ and felt some extra on his chest and extra hair over my eyes, but this wasn’t my brown hair it was long red hair just like Meryl’s hair! I struggled to get up and I wobbled to the bathroom, where instead of seeing my normal reflection I saw a young red haired women staring back at me! “What the hell!” I shouted in a women’s voice before I covered my mouth.

Maryl’s POV

I woke up back at HQ and felt like I hade a girdle on her neck to my feet and a bandana on my head. I struggled to get up but collapsed on the floor where I saw Snakes reflection in a small mirror on a desk. “Snake what’s going-,” I moaned before realizing how deep and faded my voice was.

To be continued…

This is my first fic and I’m just board so don’t flame me.

By the way in the next chapter I will refer Snake in Meryl’s body as Snake and just reverse it for Meryl in Snake’s body

Chapter 2: You’re me!

Both Meryl and Snake had no idea how this happened so they went to see Otacon, but meet each other in the hall instead. “Meryl?” Snake in Meryl’s body asked looking at his own body. “Snake is that you?” Asked Meryl in Snakes body looking at her own body. “You’re me, what the Fuck happened!” Shouted the body swapped duo waking Otacon in the process. “What is it this time you two.” Yawned Otacon. “Otacon we switched minds or bodies or what ever.” explained Snake. “What, but how did this happen?” Otacon questioned fully believing Snake in Meryl’s body.

“Maybe it was the orb that said M1N0 5W1TCH3R?” asked Meryl. “You mean that you didn’t know that meant mind switcher!” Otacon questioned with rage. “How the hell where we suppose to know that it was in code we don’t spend a lot of time online.” Defended Snake. “Well there is some bad news you guys are stuck like this for a while.” Otacon blurted out nervously.

“What do you mean by a while!” Shouted the two in union. “Well that was the only copy and it fell in a puddle and wasn’t waterproof, but the waves weren’t as strong as they should’ve been so it will only last about a week.”

“I need to be in a guy’s body for a whole week!” Shouted Meryl “Well I don’t have it easy either.” “Well, Snake what’s wrong with my body?” “What’s wrong with mine?” “Will you two just shut up, if you keep this up you’ll be stuck like this for more than a week” Otacon said. “What do you mean by a few more days?” asked the duo. “The waves are sensitive and repel each other when rage is put ageist them, so relax when near each other and things will go back to normal in about 165 hours (one week minus 3 hours) ” explained Otacon.

“So, if we relax I can be me again?” asked Meryl. “Yes you can.” Otacon replied while walking back to his lab. “So we need to remain calm when around each other.” Snake said with a smirk and cupping his new breasts “Touch those again and die!” Meryl said with a hint of rage. “For the next 165 your body is my body and my body is your body, so we should make the most of it.” Meryl stood there for a few second’s before responding, “What is wrong with you Snake?”

“The device was a proto type so obviously there would be some side effects.” Nastasha said while coming out from nowhere “So he’s now some kind of a pervert?” “Sort of Snake, I mean Meryl.” “So this only last’s a week” Snake said while lighting a cigarette “Snake stop, I don’t want a nicotine addiction like you.” Meryl said trying to suppress her anger.

“You two should just go and enjoy your temporary bodies but do not go overboard!” Nastasha requested. “Fine Nastasha we’ll try and enjoy this as much as possible.” the two said in union before they walked opposite directions each letting out a large sighs.

To be continued…

Sorry I needed to change the characters so this could be more entertaining and easier for me.

Chapter 3: Adjusting

Snake returned to his room hoping to retire for the night since it was almost 11. “I could stand being nearly anyone but why Meryl Silverburg this was suppose to be my vacation week for Christ’s sake.” Snake sighed.

“Just admit it Snake you’re enjoying this, I did some research and it informed me of Big Boss’s mission Snake eater and how he behaved while near EVA.” Explained a figure in the dark.

“Just because I’m a clone doesn’t mean I think exactly like him Otacon, but I should try to enjoy this” Snake said before grabbing and squeezing his breast’s.

“Oh, that reminds me Meryl told me to give you these” Otacon said while pulling out a small container with purple tablets (pain killers for monthy day’s). “Oh shit I wish we waited that week to do that damn mission.” Snake shouted, “Maybe you should take these as well,” Otacon said while pulling out a container with red tablets (anger pill’s). “Thanks Otacon” Snake said femininely before kissing Otacon on the lip’s (Yes on the Fing Lip’s.)

A white spirit (Otacon) and a black spirit (Snake) then exited the bodies and Otacon was now in Meryl’s body and Snake in Otacon’s body!

Snake then opened his eyes and saw Meryl’s body staring back at him and then cheered about how he was himself again before Otacon explained that this was all a prank gone Horribly wrong made to make Snake and Meryl closer and Snake kissed him because his new female emotions kicked in at the exact moment, also that the kiss was the way out of it kind of Like in “An Unlikely Hero” by la periodista.

Otacon then fixed all the body swapping and everyone was back to normal. shortly after the incident Meryl quit Philanthropy and they didn’t see each other for about 9 years or did they?




I just put Chapter four in here because I didn’t want a cliffhanger before the epilogue and I was kind of lazy.

Segment 4-2: Metal Gear Switch – 12 Years Later

Well… that was shit. …And I apparently couldn’t count and thought that chapter 3 was actually chapter 4.

Considering that this was only two years after my last story, and the fact that I learned very little in middle school remedial English, I’m not too bothered by the garbage syntax, formatting, and grammar. Yes, I should have known better, like how every new line of dialogue should be on a new line, but this was, and the language standards were very low in most cases. But I should have at least re-read this story more carefully or known that an apostrophe is used to designate a possessive, not a plural. It is still better than what I wrote before, but I was still very much a child at this time and, like most children, I wrote like a gosh darn idiot.

So, the writing is trash, but is it at least a good and earnest fanfic? Well, not really. While I liked Metal Gear, and still do to this day, the politics, themes, and minutia were all over my head, and while I do use a lot of terms and characters, they lack context or purpose in the story. So as a fan fiction, I would honestly give this a low grade, as while my enthusiasm for the material was there, I clearly did not get it. Hell, I didn’t even get how one should facilitate a body swap in the Metal Gear universe.

Which would obviously involve the character of Psycho Mantis. He can control and possess people, so body swapping is not even remotely out of the wheelhouse, and while he died… twice throughout the series, there was no reason I couldn’t bring him back for the sake of telling a story. Instead, I made the swap initiated by some technology-based magic ball called M1N0 5W1TCH3R, or m1n0 5w1tch3r, that Otacon somehow found the time to build, and rigged it up to not only turn Solid Snake into a teenage pervert, but allowed it to swap people’s bodies via kissing. I know that I was just repeating and copy/pasting various body swap tropes I read in stories by other young writers on, but seriously, 13-year-old Natalie, you could’ve and should’ve done better than this.

…And somebody actually took note of that.

On August 24th, 2008, two days after I completed Metal Gear Switch, it received a review that read the following:

“1st 2 chapters were good but the third read like you decided to end the story before it got started. What happened to the 1 week they had to wait for? But I give you credit for not leaving the story unfinished. Next time take a few extra paragraphs to wrap things up without changing the rules of your storyline. And keep writing! You obviously have the talent to get a story started. It will be interesting to see you run with a story for a bit longer than this one.”

This made my day when I first read it, and the positivity and constructive feedback still brighten my face to this day. But you know what about this review really struck a chord with me? The person who wrote it. Caleb Jones.

Caleb Jones was a prolific author on Fictionmania, which was one of the first bastions of TG, TSF, or Gender Bender content on the internet, hosting thousands of stories, and something I could gush about at another time. Bottom line, he wrote a lot of stories I really enjoyed at the time, including Body-Switched and True Stories From the Time of The Great Shift, so seeing him review my story and encourage me to keep writing was shocking to me. It was something that should have urged me to keep trying, keep creating, and honing my raft into something impressive… but I didn’t.

Segment 5-0: Fan Fiction of the Future

After August 2008, I did not pursue the world of fanfiction, or even writing as a leisurely activity, for over three years. I only resumed writing when I started up a video game review site called Breaded Rump on January 1st, 2012, only to close that site down a few months later after opening the metaphorical doors of Natalie.TF on May 27th, 2012.

When the sites launched, I only posted game reviews or general impressions, keeping my focus narrowed, but I quickly began diversifying my content in the ensuing months. In the summer of 2012, I began writing anime reviews, as discussed in Natalie Rambles About Anime, establishing myself as a reviewer of multiple mediums, but I decided to change things up again on September 30th, 2012, when I released the first installment of Intertoids, a weekly short story series that ran until December 16th, 2012.

Now, Intertoids is a topic that deserves to be described in detail, but now is not the time for it. What is important is that it marked my return to writing creative fiction, and finally doing what Caleb Jones advised me to so many years ago. Focusing on my storytelling talents, expanding my works into something far more voluminous, and pursuing a wide spectrum of creative ideas by starting a lot of stories. And I do mean a LOT of stories.

Nari’s Log
Raiyne’s Whimsy
My Life as Abigale Quinlan
Punky’s Post-Apocalyptic Adventure
Terrance & Urabe’s Alien Assassination Adventure
Return of Mighty Terra 2052: The DNApocalypse
Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR)
A Vile Doohickey
Verde’s Doohickey
The Malice of Abigale Quinlan
Maple Loves Senpai
Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan
The Saga of Vincent Dawn
Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Re;Birth.

All of which were published over a span of 7 years, and that is not even including my short story series. By writing all of these stories, by writing hundreds of game reviews, and by writing all of these prolonged rambly personal essays, I have improved dramatically as a writer, and hope to continue improving as I keep pursuing more projects, taking on greater ambitions, and am exposed to other people’s creativity and talents.

But despite all that evolution, I still found myself returning to the realm of fan fiction.

On April 1st, 2020, I released Fan Fiction Funsies: Steins;Gate – A Kurisu Christmas. A 6,000 word short story based on an innocuous line from the game Steins;Gate 0. When I started the project, it was meant to be a joke, an April Fools goof, but I had so much fun doing it that I made Fan Fiction Funsies, or Efu Efu Efu, a recurring segment on Natalie.TF that I iterated on with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon – Rescue Team HOT MILK and Dragalia Lost – Chapter 14a: True and Terrible Pleasure.

Why do I go and work on other intellectual properties when I am so capable of creating my own stories? Well, as I said in the introduction, there are a lot of reasons why people write fan fiction. I write fan fiction because it lets me play around with an established universe and characters, allowing me to jump right into the crux of the story I want to tell. I write it because I love the worlds and works created by others. And I write it because I want to pay tribute to it by putting my spin on it and leaving my own mark. Whether that be a bizarre not-so-good deconstruction like Rescue Team HOT MILK, or channeling fan desires with True and Terrible Pleasure. And so long as I continue to be inspired by the works and worlds of others, I have every intention to continue making fan fiction going forward. Because at the end of the day, fan fiction is… foundational, fulfilling, and overall… fun.

…God, fun is such a shitty adjective to end something semi-analytical on. But I don’t have anything better to end this essay with, so…

Das Ende

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