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0 KLK DOuble Friendship surpriseWell, 2015 is now upon us. It is a nice number, multiple of five, and has a nice calendar. It also happens to be the year where I will set a few of my upcoming novellas during, as I am the sort of guy who needs to tell the reader the date when writing a story. It is a dumb obsessive trait that I will probably never work out of, mostly due to how I doubt anybody will ever talk to me about my stories. Hell, they are a secret to everybody I know off of the interwebs, partially due to how I lack any friends…

So, the Sonic game to follow up the abysmal Sonic Boom title is a smartphone game named Sonic Runners. Details are scarce, but its platform is enough of a reason for me to not care. I don’t even like using phones for talking to people. I am not even big on handhelds, though two of my favorite series in recent memory live on handhelds, namely Danganronpa and Zero Escape. Why am I bringing these up? A Japanese developer survey with the writer and director from each series that heavily implied that both series’ third installments were being made. It is not a confirmation, but I will be sure to set aside $80 for the titles in 2016, as they are certainly not coming out beforehand.01 PGOS Just you Wait Sexy Bro

Though that is probably better than Tokyo Necro, a visual novel by the Steins;Gate studio that was just announced, which despite looking cool and having a great name, will probably never be brought out of… Asia at the very least. Hell, Robotics;Notes and Chaos;Child are both probably on the docket before this title. Or maybe it will be like Chaos;Head and be given a fan translation long after hope was murdered. On the subject of hope, Platinum is hoping to do another Bayonetta. That, and they are probably working on Metal Gear Rising 2: Rerevengeance, which has been hinted pretty heavily over the decades.1 SCD Sexy nothing underneath not hiding

On the subject of things taking decades, I was kidding when I mentioned XSEED bringing over the decade old Xanadu Next, Legend of Heroes’ newest iteration, Trails of Cold Steel, and… I don’t think I mentioned Corpse Party: Blood Drive, but that has a domain too. So yes, Tokyo Xanadu is also probably going to happen, which makes me all warm and happy for the next generation of video gaming. Oh, and they also are going to be bringing over that game from the former Rune Factory people, Forbidden Magna.2 SF Good luck hope please be well no worries be happy you sod

Well, that was the game news, but I feel as if I should plug a really great collaborative remix/mashup album of the Kill La Kill OST by the name of Cut, Paste, and Kill. I’ve been following the project for a while now, and the final product certainly does not disappoint. 3 KLK Bitch I don't give no fucks about that I do not care because I am badical and radical and awesome fuck the police

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