Rundown (11/19-11/25) Clothes Are My Enemy!

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Seeing as how I am going to begin presenting myself as female within a month or so, I have recently been shopping for a large quantity of clothes in search for ones that look good and actually fit me. Female clothing in particular uses at times baffling measurements to determine sizes and how large a certain article of clothing should be on a person. And if one goes against the generally accepted norms by being very small or taller than average, then clothes shopping becomes that much more annoying. Being 5 foot 10 and 125 pounds, or 178 cm and 57 kg, I am pretty much relegated to tall small clothing, and searching for decent clothes in those sizes made me realize why women stereotypically spend so much time shopping. Because even finding something as simple as a good crewneck sweater can be an endeavor.

The Valkyria Chronicles series has had a rather odd track record. Starting out as a PS3 title that was well received for a tactical RPG that then moved to the PSP for two titles, one of which was never brought to the west. That marked the end of the series for a while before it returned with the action-oriented spin-off Valkyria Revolution, which came out in June of this year, had a lukewarm reception, and was swiftly forgotten about. However, Sega have recently announced that the series is continuing with Valkyria Chronicles 4, which is coming to PS4, XBO, and Switch in 2018. And probably PC after the PC version of Valkyria Chronicles did super well.

The game marks a return to many aspects of the original entry in the series, taking place at the same time, albeit in a different place, and basing its gameplay more off the first entry than the PSP titles. The game also emulates the look of the original, with the beautifully cel-shaded characters and environments that are perplexingly kept within a white border in order to make things look more like a painting. The game ultimately looks promising, but I was not a big fan of the gameplay of the original Valkyria Chronicles, so this is not necessarily on my radar. Still, it is nice to see niche core franchises like this being supported by larger publishers.

That was the only major piece of news that really caught me this week beyond the continued fervor and discussion about loot boxes in games, which reached a fever pitch after the release of Star Wars Battlefront II (2017), which caught the eyes of many nations and governments around the world who promptly submitted this query to the gambling departments of their respective countries. With Belgium and even the state of Hawaii speaking out against these practices and calling them gambling. Personally, I am quite eager to see some major regulation come and limit these practices, and I am also quite existed to see how EA fares.

Well, that is a way of putting it. A more honest way to put it is that I hope EA gets in big bad horrible trouble, loses a bunch of money, and is forced to pull a THQ and liquidate their assets by selling off the few remaining studios they have left and their various IPs. Though, they’ll probably just be shipped over to other scummy companies like Activision Blizzard, Warner Bros., and Take Two Interactive. Which is a lot like a third world nation losing one horrible leader and gaining one that is approximately 12% less of a dirtbag.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I’ll be back for three more weeks of content with reviews of Army of Tentacles, Pokemon Ultra Moon, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, before heading out on a surgical hiatus, with only a year end post to tide you lovely readers over.

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