Rundown (5/05-5/11) Obey the Word of God or My Horse Shall Eat You!

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NR HorseYesh, talk about a gap between updates. Probably should purge out my unedited writing about bee people and my limericks of high school when this happens next week, unless Singularity is short as knickers. But I am still willing to regurgitate overly opinionated game news, so let’s do that, or else the horse will eat you.

In a move that sounds remarkably odd, but not unexpected, the ever enjoyable Plants vs. Zombies’ sequel that has been in the talks for a while is scheduled a July release under the title Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time. Which is a pretty short sighted title, seeing as how if they make a seventh title, the term will lack any context that can’t be found without hitting up Wikipedia. Shame that I lack the time to dive back into something I know will be the equivalent to a pool of yogurt, not that it prevents me from going out and playing Red Dead Redemption, a game far more devouring of the precious resource of time.

SCD First Time is the most funSpeaking of which, it’s another poop typhoon time, but that means it’s been three days since the last one. This time it’s EA once more, because Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 flopped, but more interestingly, they now control the future of Star Wars, at least in terms of its bigger titles. Now, I’m more than a bit skeptical of how this could work, due to how EA pretty much abandoned their partner’s program, so DICE and Visceral will probably be the only studios making the titles for a while. And based on a tweet, they will all use the Frostbite 3 engine, while confirming that it doesn’t gel with the Wii U very well. However, people will inevitably get their Battlefront 3, since I guess people really enjoyed that or something. That, and KotOR 3 is far more likely to happen, so I guess I get what I want as well. Now to finally go and play the second one if I can remember for more than three minutes.

PGOS Pay attention to who is talking listenAlthough, I will not likely remember how XSEED is not quite itself anymore. Really, it just has a new label of Marvelous USA, seeing as how they merged with Atlus Online, who I was not fully aware existed. Unexpected, but not all that important to me, not unlike The Sims 4 reveal, aside from how you can actually play it offline. Or even the new dual generation Wolfenstein, unter the subtle of New Order, after the reboot in 2009 was meh. Except for how it stole my idea! I was going to get around to that story about Nazi mechs eventually! Except mine would have magic, and transformations, and America would become the best country because they’ve got all the plasmid-like powers. Sorry for not structuring my story fast enough, but I have until Q4 2013 to avoid Plagiarism. All because I wanted to eventually make it into a visual novel with about seven other people during all of the actual game making stuff while I did half of the writing, which is a scary thought for anyone who would try to play such a title.

SDC It is hard to write a moving emotional story

Although, it does smell of the safety card that will be all the more prevalent during Gen-8 than it was in Gen-7. And it makes the guy behind a slightly gritty Mickey Mouse title with the distinction in the form of the word Epic. Warren Spector, on his horse of making really good games 12 years ago, called to the kings of the world that he is with the utmost disdain for titles like the new Wolfensteins. All because he is still in the phase he was during Dice 2013 where he doesn’t like certain types of games, so they should not exist, namely Lollipop Chainsaw because he is an old man, and it is too anti-semitic for him or something equally absurd.

SCD Lost faith in you bad man

However, you can’t say absurd without having me think about Saints Row, well, half the time you can, but not this one. With part four’s date locked in place and presence likely being minimal until after E3, Volition kindly showed off some gameplay footage that’s basically what they had PAX a few weeks ago, and as someone who is a bit too emotionally attached with the series, I’m still skeptical. In all fairness it looks like Saints Row: The Third with tons of extras attached, which is meeting one big issue I had with it. However, in terms of providing a lengthy campaign experience and world I enjoy exploring, I’ll be waiting by the bench with my legs kicking in the air as it is still my most anticipated title of 2013.

SCD Hidden Excitement from Background

Although, I am glad to see them keep things contained and not push for a quicker next generation title like I’m sure they considered. After all, with the likely doubled budgets for the games, it’s not overly surprising that Activision will only focus on big franchises… I said not surprising, but it is still a load of donkey bollocks! To paraphrase Bob Chipman, every medium needs a middle ground, without it the two polar opposites will not be able to support the weight of an entire industry. Although, I only own one flop of a title from them, so I’ll let them be as they please before launching my sky-train armies at the game industry.

SCD Planes can not fly they are iron sorcery magical

But alas those lumps of iron shall not exist until the future, along with the new consoles, which obviously have buzz going around. With Microsoft’s next Xbox likely going with the name of Xbox Infinity, reassuring that there will never be another afterwards, oddly enough. Because Xbox Infinity 2 sounds absurd. And then there is the probable slogan of “Infinite Possibilities”, which is only slightly better than what Sony’s got. “Greatness Awaits” is the alleged thing that will sell units, when calling yourself great is not a remotely decent way to sell a product.

WataMote Sleeping with a dildo

Although, I suppose Nostalgia isn’t either, but it works if my hype for Pokemon X and Y is any indication. With the newest leak of four Pokemon getting me excited, while the image of customizable characters and ridable Pokemon do the same. Serious, I’ve been waiting so long to have a game where I can ride a Rapidash across the world! Sure, I’ll be grumpy when I do my whatever for it. But for now, I’ll just be coming up with how I would change the mechanics to allow for tier based battles, unlocking a Pokemon species and natures, changing moves on the fly, and ultimately butchering the original titles. Because I feel enough connection with Pokemon to place my desires above anything Gamefreak wants to do. Which is how I am willing to end what is, like always, my potentially final piece of writing. Well, I could die, so I see it as right.

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  1. burnpsy

    Well, damn. Did not hear about the Activision thing. Luckily, Spyro managed to revive itself as the mega-hit Skylanders (fun fact: it’s currently the most profitable gaming franchise per year, somehow) before they made that decision, but this means Crash will never get a new game. :/

    1. Electnigma

      It is always possible someone could end up buying Crash back, but considering how Activision is the company unwilling to part with the Metal Arms IP I would not count on it. That, and a lot of the more recent stuff was not that great, so at least the series did not shift to complete mediocrity.