Rundown (4/23-4/29) I Never Played a PS2 Game

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Considering I have a website primarily dedicated to game reviews and news, it should probably come as a surprise that I never so much as touched a Playstation 2 with my own hands. I had opportunities to play the system at a friend’s house when I was a little kid, but I never took advantage of that and instead preferred watching them play. It is the best selling video game console of all time, was the prominent one during a bulk of my childhood, and the fact that I never did, and likely never will, play a game on the thing just makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong. Then again, I sometimes feel that way about existing, so I’m probably just a bit of a fool for getting worked up over such a semantic thing.

Two weeks ago, after the PC port of Bayonetta was released, and did positively gangbusters for a port of a 7 year old game, selling over 100,000 units in that period. I bring this up as the game was recently given a 22 KB update for the game that added a tiny JPG of the main character of Vanquish in the game’s “EXTRAS” folder. A move that effectively confirms that Sega and Platinum Games are working on a port of the game, with all the subtlety of a burning pink dump truck.

Shortly after that, Platinum Games began uploading odd clips of Bayonetta on their YouTube channel. Clips that played the same cutscene excerpt three times in a row for seemingly no reason other than to tease something. Something about both Bayonetta and the number 3, perhaps. The company’s lack of subtlety aside, the announcement of a Bayonetta 3 would be excellent news to hear, and if the game is indeed happening, it very well may be announced at E3, which is just over a month away.

Spike Chunsoft has announced the next project from the Danganronpa team which will take the form of an RPG by the name of Zanki Zero. The game is set in a demolished Earth that has been engulfed by water, with new animal lifeforms adapting to this more hazardous terrain, and whatever remaining humans are reduced to scavengers. Gameplay will be very action oriented, the cast will change each chapter, age will apparently play a thematic role in the game, and there is going to be a mascot character, because of course there will be. While it sounds a smidget bit generic, as a fan of this team’s work, I’m quite curious what shape things will take, and will be keeping an eye on this project going forward.

Atlus has offered an update regarding their stance on Persona 5 and streaming, amending the latest in-game date that footage can be shown of from July 7th to November 19th. Effectively showing that they do not understand where the backlash from this is coming from. It was not the date that was the big problem, it was how this account banning initiative is set to go on indefinitely. This would not be so bad if spoilers were kept under wraps until, say, June 30th, after most die hard fans would have beaten the game, but no. Instead Atlus plans on keeping up this foolhardy pursuit, because Japanese companies can be really stupid about this sort of thing.

After having shown surprising dedication to the 3DS family considering the handheld is at death’s door, Nintendo has announced their presumably final iteration of the system with the New Nintendo 2DS XL. Seeing as how I think 3D was and is a bad idea for anything, and how I have been interested the New 3DS, I would actually be interested in picking one of these up… if it weren’t an XL console. My hands are fairly small for somebody my height, and larger systems are less comfortable in my hands because of it. Plus, I know the low resolution will bug me if the screen’s that much bigger. Regardless, the system will launch in North America on July 28th, to also commemorate the end of a system that would be lovable if not for its horrible screen resolution.

Oh, and as a last minute bit of news, a well known Nintendo dataminer looked through the Nintendo eShop servers and found an entry relating to a game called Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX. This sounds like an updated version of the original 2003 Gameboy Advance RPG, and as somebody who has rather fond yet limited memories of the game, I would love to check it out. Well, assuming AlphaDream does not alter the game until it is comparable to the two most recent Mario & Luigi games. In that case, I’d just play the original. And then Bowser’s Inside Story. And then the other four good Mario RPGs.

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