Rundown (5/1-5/7) Don’t Look Into My Corrupted Mind; You Don’t Wanna

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PM crime police evil wrong justice hero corruptLet’s see… how to fill up a loosely related introductory paragraph… Oh, I’m almost done with community college before I move onto a real university, which is going to suck since I’ll need to commute into the city, but whatever. In the meantime, my summer is going to be pretty free, aside from the nonsense that will surely follow coming out to my parents; which I probably shouldn’t be talking about on a public blog, but I don’t really care if the mundane details of my life are detailed to other people. They probably should not even care, because aside from my self loathing and stream of thoughts that can only be conjured by a corrupted mind, I’m quite boring.

As I mentioned in my Hyperdevotion Noire review from earlier this week, the Neptunia series is one that I desperately want to adore more than I do, but the games are made very quickly and cheaply, and both the mainline and spin-off games have their own brevity of problems. However, Idea Factory and friends put two and a half years into Megadimension Neptunia VII, and the PS4 title will, as expected release on PC this summer, meaning you can expect a review of it shortly following its release. Probably two weeks after, as this is a self-contained trilogy and presumably very long.20160430172547_1

Another long awaited game arriving this summer is the often delayed and incredibly troubled Mighty Number 9, which is set to finally end this exhausting wait come June 21st, over nine months after the original release date. Honestly, even if the game is on par with the classic Mega Man series, I doubt people will care, or remember this game as a product. No, instead it’s more likely that everyone will remember the hubbub about the constant delays and the side projects that were announced before the game’s completion.PM bad terrible worst awful evil

What else can I talk about that touches the subjects of constant delays and a release date… Persona 5! Yes, the game is set to release in Japan on September 15th, and will launch aside a prequel anime series named The Day Breakers. When will either of these things appear in English form? I can only speculate. Shin Megami Tensei IV took 2 months before it was released in North America, Persona 4 Golden took 5 months, and Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse might take longer than that. I’m hoping it comes out sometime this year, even though I’m not going to touch this game for a long time… Since Atlus sure as sugar isn’t going to start porting their games to PC. And that’s probably for the best…P4G 150 Hours

Although, Grasshopper Manufacture clearly is interested in serving the sizable PC audience. The developer announced that they will release a localized version of their very first title, the 1999 PS1 point and click adventure game The Silver Case. I would be lying if I said I particularly wanted to play this game, but the studio has historically made games that are interesting and filled with a distinctive personality. Plus being a point and click adventure game, I doubt there will be many unnecessary gameplay sequences that hinder the experience more than they help it… right? [This is actually a Unity 5 remake of the game, which my initial source failed to mention.]KS Unsatisfied Upset Irritated Really Nothing

Shifting gears, remember how last week Activision announced Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which should have probably been called something like Space Warfare or Interstellar Warfare? Well, EA and DICE looked at that and decided to do the exact opposite thing with Battlefield 1, a Battlefield game set during the Great War, when tanks were crap, planes were rubbish, and trenches were both home and toilet for many young men who were thrust into what was presumed to be the war to end all war…

Who the flipping fubar decided to call this Battlefield 1 though? I swear, marketing executives don’t know how numbers work! True, there technically never was a Battlefield 1, but still. Call it Battlefield 1916, Battlefield: The Great War, even Battlefield I sorta works, anything but the confusing title they went with.TWGOK idiot stupid dumb

Oh, and two side stories I didn’t feel like tossing in enough speculation to warrant their own full paragraphs. According to a series of leaks, Volition, the developers of the Saints Row series, is making a game called Agents of Mayhem, which sounds a little plain, but based on the developer’s previous works, I’m automatically interested.

Also, there will be a Star Wars game from Respawn Entertainment. A third person action game, meaning I may have some interest in it. Even though I’m one of those people just looking at the crowded Star Wars bandwagon and not getting on it. I mean, I haven’t even seen Episode VII.PL murdering lolis with guns femenism women girl

Sorry, but I do not go to movie theaters, as I’m a friendless sort of person.

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  1. Anonymous

    I actually liked the COD trailer. It looked more Killzone than COD and I like it. Also liked the Muse influence in the David Bowie cover.

    1. ElectricNigma

      The trailer itself was perfectly fine, but after nearly a decade of hearing about it, I’m downright apathetic towards COD in any form.