Rundown (2/21-2/27) Bloody Balls and Ridiculous Reconciliations

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Wherein I discuss my busy and ‘hard’ life, a new dinosaur, a sudden stake through the heart, a continued western push, a rising thunder, the future of Sony, the continuation and compilation of the Compilation, Anthem’s third death, and new highs and lows for the Pokémon series.


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Rundown (2/04-2/10) Natalie Needs to Stop!

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So, you know how I posted my review of Fire Emblem Heroes earlier this week and ended the review by saying that I would stop playing? I’ve been learning how hard that actually is and that lifestyle games are pretty much the worst thing I could have ever gotten into. Knowing that if I stop playing the game, I may forever miss out on various bits of content is genuinely disconcerting to me, and because of that, I do not know how to distance myself from the game. I need to stop, but it’s hard!

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Rundown (8/20-8/26) Natalie Will Spend All Her Money!

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So, I recently made my appointment for facial feminization surgery, and as it turns out, I will be using approximately all of my money outside of my IRA to pay for it. Because of this, I will not be doing as I originally planned, and I believe referenced in a prior Rundown, and purchase a Nintendo Switch for my recuperation period. I will also be taking a hiatus beginning in mid-December and lasting until sometime in January. I take pride in how I have maintained a constant weekly review schedule for the past two years, but I will need to break it, on account of my face being reformed into something prettier. (more…)

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God Eater 2: Rage Burst Review

It’s been nearly a year since I reviewed God Eater Resurrection, an action oriented hunting game that was very promising, but struggled when faced with irksome minutia and over complicated mechanics. It was the kind of game that could very much benefit from a fully fledged sequel that reworks things and tries to maximize the core appeal, but that is not the case with God Eater 2: Rage Burst. Despite being a sequel that came out a few months after GER in the west, GE2 was actually released several months before GER in Japan. This means that many of the mechanics of GE2 appeared in GER, and the notable improvements are slim as such.


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Rundown (5/28-6/03) Natalie Avoided Wasting a Bunch of Time!

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So, I did not talk about this last week, but I played a bit of Fallout 4 recently thanks to a free to play weekend deal. I was very critical of the game leading up to launch, objecting to a number of additions of changes made to the title, and after spending 4 hours with it, I feel that I was completely right to think that. The protagonist is severely limited by the inclusion of voice acting and a baked in backstory, the dialogue options are very poor at conveying the protagonist’s actual response, and the story begins with such a rapid and dramatic set-up that it all rings hollow. Then there are the overburdened crafting and town building elements that I know I would have invested 100 hours into if I actually purchased this title. (more…)

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God Eater Resurrection Review


So, I’ve been slowly chewing on this game for about two months now, and I’ve actually forgotten why I thought it was a good idea to purchase God Eater Resurrection, or more particularly, God Eater 2: Rage Burst, which came with this game as a bonus. My experience with hunting games such as this is limited to Freedom Wars. A game from one of this game’s developers that I thought was needlessly restrictive and ultimately frustrating, as detailed in a review I barely remember writing. I guess I was just in the mood to give them another chance, and I would say it paid off pretty well.


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Rundown (4/17-4/23) Leftist Center Progressiveness, Ideological Pragmatism, and Cynical Optimism

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0 P4G apathy upset mad cruel king queen princessIt just occurred to me that I have no idea what a comma splice, independent clause, and dependent clause are. The could be due to my own foolishness, but I like to think it’s because my school placed me in remedial English during my middle school years. I’m not sure why, as I was always a B student, and my writing was actually praised by a few teachers. This school district also sent me to play with the down syndrome and retarded children once a week in third and fourth grade. Because Autism, I guess. Now my autism causes the state to pay for my super level schooling and probably pays people to care for those retarded adults. (more…)

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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Review

20160326144447_1It’s been about three and a half months since I looked at Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, a sequel to a game I came around to loving despite a few gripes, but found irritating to play because of a few mechanical changes. But with Dark Souls III coming out tomorrow, at least for those who haven’t grabbed the Asian English version, I figure I may as well give it another go and actually beat the game. (more…)

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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Review (Based on 16 Hours)

2015-12-22_00011I gave this game another shot several months later. Please consult the full review I wrote for it.

Despite having a poor initial introduction to the series, I came to love Dark Souls in due time. Its mechanics, atmosphere, world design, and so forth are all what makes it an incredibly memorable and ultimately excellent game. As such, I was quite eager to play Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, but after spending roughly 16 hours with it, spread across two playthroughs, I felt myself lose the will to continue playing, as the game was simply making me depressed and resent myself as a human being. (more…)

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Rundown (12/20-12/26) Hiding My Depression and Self-Loathing

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0 ONATart commit suicide you fucking moron nitwit why are you such a shit kill yourselfChristmas happened, meaning I hung out with a couple of old ladies because all of my grandpas died when I was little, and my other family lives a couple hours away and in a pool of cats. I played and stopped playing Dark Souls II: Scholars of The First Sins for reasons I will describe in an upcoming post. I also finished the initial draft of The Malice of Abigale Quinlan, which will still release on January 31st, 2015, or perhaps a few days early if editing goes well. The novel will still be the last of this failed series I started up, and I will refrain from writing multipart or interconnected stories for the foreseeable future. Starting with a silly story I’m tentatively calling Nat’s Quest. (more…)

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Rundown (3/29-4/04) Fetal Position

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0 HeroJob You Should Really pay attention to people and not hide in the sink you weird listen out of your bubblrSo, there is very clearly something going on with Zero Escape 3. I did not bring up the countdown website as nothing had happened, but it has recently updated and Kotaro Uchikoshi tweeted out some cryptic numbers, which when gven their letter value turn into FNJANUUVNWXOXDAFXAM and KYVCFEXVJKEZXYKNZCCYRMVREVEU. When put through a Caesar Cipher decryption, which involves the letter value being shifted by a set amount, 17 for the first one, 9 for the second one, you get the messages WE ARE ALL MEN OF OUR WORD and THE LONGEST NIGHT WILL HAVE AN END. You know what that means? Ever 17’s getting a re-release, and the previous two Zero Escape titles are coming to PC along with part 3… I know I got that wrong, but a girl can dream, can’t they? (more…)

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Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Review

dark-soulsAs I have been getting on in the years, I have been struggling with time management, and the fact that I have spent the past… month working full time does not help. During most of that month, I’ve been picking away at Dark Souls, a title I nothing short of hated when I first tried it back when it was shiny and new. But, after years of loathing simmered down, I decided to give it another chance. Did I like it? Well, I beat it, and that should say quite a bit. (more…)

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Rundown (4/20-4/26) An Uncreative Title for an Uneventful Week

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SF Super sadness and upset why you leave me bro I wanna have butt sechsLet’s see here… Bandai Namco’s going some indie stuff? Nah. Zynga has lost a lot of market share, but I don’t even care about them as a thing. Gamestop is closing many stores and shifting more to mobile, but I am going digital from now on, so I don’t really care a hair. Battlefield 4 is still busted, even after it came out six months ago. Just Cause 3 may be a thing, yet I found 2 to be super dull. A lot of people have played Watch Dogs and its story sounds loathsomely mundane for a game with giant robot spiders. Oh, and a bunch of people dug up some old ET cartridges… Yeah, it’s been a very slow news week. (more…)

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Project X Zone Review

Project-X-ZoneThe general rule of thumb with reviews is that you consume the media to a state of completion before writing them. Well, I’m pretty much breaking that rule, but only because I’ve given this game 60 hours and would prefer it to stop and not experience the final eighth. Some might call this laziness and a lack of devotion to a hobby, I call it my review of 60 blasted hours of a game.


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Chibi-Robo!: Park Patrol Review

47824-chibi-robot-logoMaybe I’m just an oddball, but I really don’t recall the games I played as a kid until I play something very much reminiscent of it. Most likely due to how as a child I often preferred thinking about video games, as opposed to playing them due to how much I was intimidated by failure, not learning to appreciate challenge due to how I rarely encountered it anywhere before in my cushy life. The unknown scared me and I chose to play games where the objective was far more lenient for my piss poor hand eye coordination, or I just activated cheat codes. The point is that I played Chibi-Robo! back in 2006, which is the lens I choose to review its sequel under.


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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review

enslaved-wallpapers_25333_1920x1200Did I mention how I am really, really bad with maintaining a clean slate of titles, with backlogs up the bum that I fix by picking away at it and filling my gap with another title? Well, I just did that, as I picked up a mostly forgotten title from 2010 and need to give my thoughts on it because that is fun for me.


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Klonoa Review


…Yeah, I’m not sure why I digged this old girl up again. I have other games I should be getting around to, but the ever large annoyance of DLC tempts me to wait for a “complete” experience once a sale hits. And I don’t want to dive into a Sandbox or another Metal Gear right now So I sat down with a budget title from Namco Bandai, jogged through it in two days, and was left realizing why it was largely forgotten and sold like spam at a vegan youth hostel.


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The Munchables Review


Alrighty, I’ve got several unopened titles, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Dishonored, Red Dead Redemption, The second and third Professor Laytons, Resident Evil 4, Okami, the Golden Sun trilogy. Hmm… nice backlog, but I’m gonna play this Wii game I got for $6, okay? My playing habits truly know no laws!

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Solatorobo: Red The Hunter Review

I really like games that people rarely ever hear of beyond a cool trailer or two. Games that are given a box release and clearly have a budget of a few million, but are neither indie or AAA. And I got bored and want to revisit a game because I thought it would be fun! So I’m just going to talk about a game I enjoyed and see how it holds up, read on if you feel like it… God I’m crap at intros!


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