Rundown (11/15-11/21) Despair Deepens

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0 GUP Depression Life id Painful Sad Lonely GroanSo, I am now in the weeds regarding a massive group project I have doubts will be completed on time. I am behind on my next novel, The Malicious Abigale Quinlan after some major retooling occurred. I just turned 21, and am having doubts about truly being transgender despite the fact I have already made strides in changing my voice. I should start working on my new computer within a few weeks. Also, I need to change my sleep schedule so I am in bed by midnight. Growing up is still hard.

Speaking of February 2016, that is when Disgaea PC is coming out. Yes, after some low financials, NIS (Nippon Ichi Software) had chosen to bring their niche JRPG series to PC by making the ultimate edition of the PS2 title with the extra content from the PSP version. Great, I just hope I can make the character sprites look like pixel art instead of a blurry mess as shown in the early screenshots. If not, I may just be better off emulating it, as I own the PSP version on PSN and can justify doing so. Speaking of emulation, Sony is making a Playstation 2 emulator for PS4, a feature that, along with the system’s nonexistent PS1 emulation, would have been appreciated a bit closer to launch. However, these things are not a very high priority, and like everything having to do with game development, take more work than one would think.1 Mari Go On toilet fap teenage girl love awkward weird huh what how impossible great amazing

That said, I wonder how much proper effort Tommo Inc, whoever they are, have and will invest in Bubsy Two Fur, a PC re-release of the first two Bubsy games… You know what, sure, why not? Somebody is trying to bring back Bubsy, and I say go for it as long as you take inspiration from the 38-year-old transgender Bubsy and Arcane Kids’ Bubsy 3D. Or they could make a game on par with the first episode of Afro Samurai 2, a game so bad that its publisher, Versus Evil, chose to retract the game from all storefronts, and are giving refunds to all who purchased the game. Or I suppose you could say that the game was redacted… you know, because it was developed by Redacted Studios, a company that doesn’t even mention the game on their website. 2 Nyarko Now You've Made a Big Mess You Silly People Bad Man

On a brighter note, Valkyria Chronicles is being remastered on PS4, and will receive a new installment with a demo included in the remaster. There are some details about its art style, combat system, and so forth, but since I struggled to get into the first Valkyria Chronicles, and I recall it having a ranking system too, I’m not really interested in this series. Same thing with Deus Ex after doing a pure non lethal stealth run in Human Revolution. So my reaction to hearing that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has been delayed until August, six months after its intended release date, I simply view it as odd, and little more than that. Besides, delays are ultimately a good thing. Well, unless you are trapped in development hell and your tech is vastly becoming outdated.3 Jojo meta invade parasites what the hell are these things

Also, there was an interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, the president of From Software and head of the Souls series, where he alluded to the Souls series changing, which people began interpreting as the series ending, which it isn’t. Bloodborne 2 is basically confirmed, and Miyazaki himself stated that he intends to continue the series, exploring sci-fi and ninja themes. It’s just that things will shake up from now on. Even if the series is coming to a close, there were five games that ranged from great to amazing, which is a pretty fantastic turnaround for seven years.4 Kill Happy

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