Rundown (11/22-11/28) Everything Was a Mistake

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0 School Days That Face of a dead manSo, I mentioned before how I was planning on taking my most recent novel, Verde’s Doohickey, and turning it into a series of ten novels? Yeah, that is not happening, as I have decided to abruptly end the series with part two, The Malicious Abigale Quinlan, which will be releasing in Q1 2016. I have had a lot of trouble with the story, and I became increasingly bitter towards the idea of continuing the series in general. I will describe my original plans in Malicious, and will take some ideas and turn them into new, other, individual stories, free from continuity or massive casts of characters. Though I will recycle characters and names because I love some of them.

I’m pretty sure the only time I ever get upset about a localization not happening is if it is from a company like Square Enix, Capcom, or Nintendo. Large Japanese companies who have the resources to afford all issues that may arise with game localization, from funding, to voicework, to QA, to everything else that could possibly be an expense. Because, as described by a former XSEED employee, current freelance translator, Jess Chavez, the process is far harder than you would assume, much like every other aspect of game development. 1 SF Absolutely random no use fuck it ship it video games are dumb

The difficulty and costs are also a good reason as to why it is highly unlikely that people will ever see an official localization of the third Trails in the Sky title, that and the fact that PSP software sales are ending. You can still buy PSP games and download them onto your system, but you cannot access the online storefront from your system, and will need to transfer the titles through another device. Which sucks, but aside from XSEED and Gaijinworks’ contributions, the system is dead, and there is little reason to keep up a storefront for a dead system. Hopefully a more idealized solution for preserving these games may be found, and if not there’s always emulation.2 Haganai Sure You Are Little Bastard

Speaking of game emulation, I would have been rather thrilled if I heard the news that, as leaked though PEGI, Square Enix plans on releasing Final Fantasy VI if they were going to simply emulate the SNES or GBA version of the game. But no, in all likelihood it is the mobile port, which looks horrendous, much like the FF V port. Seriously, what’s wrong with reusing SNES sprites? Or if you want to replace them, at least do it right, like you did with the PSP version of Final Fantasy IV.3 SCD A crime is here look out bad man pedophilia

Let’s see, how to connect these stories… Brian Provinciano, creator of Retro City Rampage, once ported over a Commodore 64 Batman game to the DS. Why? Because he is crazy and very talented, as seen in the first major game under his belt. A game he plans on creating a successor for in the form of Shakedown Hawaii. A visually glorious game with DS-level 32-bit sprite work at play, and oodles of color and environmental details. However, the title of the game made me raise an eyebrow, along with the promotional material, as I had no clue it was related to Retro City Rampage until I saw the Vblank logo in the trailer. Maybe calling it Retro City Rampage 2: Shakedown Hawaii would be gaudy, but it would certainly help the game sell.4 SCD If You Made One MIstake, it would be... Screw Up Error

That’s it for this week, now I’m off to finish this semester of school, and wait for most of my new PC parts to arrive, which will be a Mini-ITX baby computer that is super strong. Yay!

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