Rundown (9/20-9/26) Oh Right, I Almost Forgot About You!

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158Sorry no review his this past week. I didn’t really play anything the week before that, and am currently working my way towards Undertale, which is pretty darn fantastic and is probably going to be my favorite game of 2015. Heck, I’d say it’s a ten on ten if there was an easy mode, because I am really not good at games that focus on avoiding things that move in odd patterns or give you a limited reaction time. But I’ll save that for the review. For now, enjoy this page of shoddily constructed game news that I gathered, in contrast to the TGS rundown of last week.

So, last week, Konami claimed they will stop AAA production, and being Konami, they are now claiming that they will continue creating console games for “Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, PES and all the rest.” This is confusing on many levels, as the company is not sending a clear message, but could be true that while they no longer plan on making AAA games, they could focus on smaller efforts with their IPs while having them strut their stuff on the iOS and Pachinko marketplaces. Which I would be okay with, but at this point, I would rather have their IP literally die on the vine, because I have grown so bitter and distasteful towards this company. #FucKonami1 Hitomi Horse ass horsing around what in the fuck is this bullshit sorry horse shit faggot

On a brighter note, thanks to a misspeaking voice actor, it was revealed that a Wolfenstein: The New Order 2 was teased, and should not come out until 2017. Okay, I should get to the first one by then, so that’s good. And for those who are hoping that Phantasy Star Online 2 will come out on Western PCs, Sega promises that they are still working on it, though their localization teams is probably too busy working on two Yakuza games, which cost millions to localize. Why exactly do they cost so much? I really do not know. But I do know that there is no way that a visual novel trilogy by the name of Muv Luv only costs a quarter million to translate 2.7 million characters, as one may assume by looking at their Kickstarter. What is Muv Luv and why am I bringing it up? A very well received visual novel trilogy from about a decade ago that goes from a dating sim to a sci-fi dystopian dramatic thriller about saving the human race from extinction… Never more have I been so disinterested in the first game of a series and so much more interested in the latter two titles.2 TWGOK Random Kiss For No Reason LOL Puns

Speaking of trilogies, which is a very loose segway, Sony does not intend to release a PS Vita successor. They claim the climate is not very healthy, and, well, it has sold pretty poorly. I’m sure there is a lot of life left in the system, but a hypothetical third portable system’s library should be fully compatible with the consoles out around that time. Just let it live on and drip feed it titles until it dies. And speaking of dying, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are near a proper death, and this year’s Call of Duty, Black Ops 3 on will only be multiplayer on those consoles, as the single player campaign would either be too much work to run on older hardware, or it’s just not worth it.SCD I don't like recomend enjoy video games

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