Rundown (3/22-3/28) D is for Despair, Demise, Death, Desecration, Devastation, etc.

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0 DR Welcome to Despair dude you will be sad and upset forever pain and agonyYes, I am sorry that I did not get up my South Park: The Stick of Truth review last week, it’s currently halfway done, and will go up late this week. JoJo will not be reviewed until the week after, as I find it very hard to watch and properly criticize as it is like listening to a deaf person give a speech, a well written speech, but one that is pronounced so bizarrely that I honestly feel a bit bad listening to it.

So, this was sorta announced last week, but I did not look into it as I stumbled onto it at work, and I should not look at busty anime girls while in an office where 70% of the people there are 40+ year old white men. Valkyrie Drive is the next series by the Senran Kagura team, acting as a cross media series that will be receiving an anime adaptation from the people who brought the world one of the most despicable things I have ever seen, Master of Martial Hearts. So, what it is about beyond busty young women with floppy breasts? It’s about lesbians fighting each other using their lesbian waifus who can also turn into weapons because… shut up. It’s absurdity honestly strikes me as appealing, but I doubt that XSEED would go out and give it the sort of satirical translation and titillation disabler that I would need in order to feel even remotely comfortable playing this. Especially because of Arms Corporation’s involvement, as I am still mad about MoMH two years after reviewing it.1 SB Kimono Mad

I am also still very iffy about the Batman Arkham games after playing through them again for review. They are finely built, but feel very restricted by publisher mandates that the developers do meet marvelously. That said, I am all for them receiving a remastering as is currently rumored, and to help its plausibility a bit, Arkham Knight is now coming out June 23rd… Really guys? I do want a polished final product, but this is the third delay! That’s the problem with announcing titles too early, I suppose, but at least they had something to show beyond concept art, unlike Square Enix’s reveal of Final Fantasy Type-Next… which is hopefully a pending name and is likely a Type-0 sequel, but for consoles and PC… You’re still gonna bring Type-0 to PC, right? You brought over six other FF titles which would have been way harder ports, I’m sure… Also, please try to fix the subtitles seeing as how I heard they are very poor at the moment, and the dub is alarmingly bad… like the localization… Yeah, how do you even do that with a franchise like this?2 P4G counting is hard and only for real boys goodbye everybody I'm going to commit suicide for being a dumb idiot

Also, how is XSEED so good to all the boys and girls unless they have secret contractors that I have not bothered to investigate via credits investigation? I say that because that goofy game about beating people until they are naked, Akiba’s Trip, is indeed heading to PC this Spring. Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim will be getting a similar treatment, except this one is a translation of an existing port, not a port done for the English release. Now bring over that Ys Vita game to PC so I don’t need to play it on my Vita, as you still have not brought over the PS TV support patch… Also update the Trails in the Sky port so it is better than that enhanced Vita port that is about to release… and bring that over to the west as well, lest you abandon the Vita… Seriously though, I love you guys.3 TDIAPT So Cute It IS Retarded Kawaii Love Grope

However, Square Enix is a company who I do not offer love towards, but am clinging onto good memories of their quality while looking at them hoping they may spontaneously combust, just like in Parasite Eve. And they have finally explained why the playable cast of FF XV will be 100% male, because adding a woman into the mix would change everything about the party’s interactions with each other… I don’t even think I can properly articulate my frustrations with this idea without delving into a full-blown rant. That idea is so lazy from a writing standpoint, sexist towards both men and women, bizarrely sexist in regards to how the audience will react to it, and culturally backwards. It is childish to assume that men and women cannot be friends without the idea of sex or romance being a critical point in the story, and share the same sense of friendship held by a group of monogendered individuals. It, and the annoyingly samey characters designs which I doubt will be customizable, make me feel confidence in saying that I will never purchase this title, and will instead buy the entire FF XIII trilogy. I know it’s not very good, but it should only constantly annoy me from a story perspective.4 Mari liar lying lie false foul evil cruel anger angry

Fine, yes, I will probably end up getting both, because I know I will laugh at it in the worst case scenario. Okay, anything else… Zelda U‘s been delayed to 2016, which is not very surprising, but I am a bit concerned that we will not be seeing it at E3 this year, as I am curious about what shape it will take. Oh well, I was gonna pick it up until 2017 at the earliest. Which is also when I will likely begrudgingly give Pillars of Eternity a chance, as I find it hard to get into CRPGs seeing as how I tried one for the first time a few months ago. Oh, but the game happens to have a bit of controversy around it in the form of a backer requested memorial, which read “Here lies Firedorn, a hero in bed. He was once alive, but now he’s dead. The last woman he bedded, turned out a man. And crying in shame, off a cliff he ran.” 5 CBRBNUzW8AAl4Kb

Firstly, that is not very well written, secondly it has been accused as being Transmisogynistic, as it belittles transwomen’s struggles or something of that sort. Really, I can only read this as, “playboy finds out that the girl he lured into bed hadn’t been able to get a sex change tonic yet, assuming they exist in this universe, and decided to kill himself as he was diddling with a dong that a dame doth not desire to dangle.” It just shows that the backer wished to represent themselves in the game as a complete dolt who thankfully rid the world of himself by jumping off a cliff. So if anything, it is really in favor of the murdering of those who are transphobic, as they are all dummies. I mean, it’s common sense that T-girls are the best girls, as they do not have vaginas, which are just awful when you really think about it.XXXXX Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy huh what awkward why the fuck not they are both touching their cocks

Oh, and to cover my butt, here’s the GoogleDoc of a paper I did on Transgender employment in the US, I am currently writing a story that is all about transgender themes, although periods, PMS, pregnancy woes, and all that nasty stuff about vaginas does not exist in its universe. Why? The god looked at it and said, “yo, that shit be wack! I ain’t havin’ none of it!” Also ever since I crossdressed at age thirteen (I am currently twenty), I have been fascinated by everything transgender, but also believe that making a hissy fit about it is just stirring up commotion for the sake of it… Oh, right, and I would love to get my hands on some female hormones, but don’t wanna ask my parents about doing that, as it would be very, very awkward. It’s not full trans, more like I want to become very agender and androgynous as opposed to somebody who is distinctly male. Seriously, remove my ability to grow bodily hair and cut off my testicles, as they are nothing but concentrated devil juices some schmuck decided to call cum.9 Rain Transexual Transgender and all that other crap in one bitSource: Jocelyn Samara’s Webcomic Rain8 TWGOK Faminism Women Transformation TG

Source: The World God Only Knows spin-off manga, I think7 TGIRL Source: El Goonish Shive6 Mayonaka no X Giten cut off your balls because that would be a fun trans girl man woman thing to do masturbateSource: Midnight Cross Method

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