Rundown (1/04-1/10) Dial Doctor Genocider ‘Cos I’m a Lazy Girl

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0 MLM Murder KareokeWork is my reason for not doing a game review last week, and I will be sure that I have one ready this week, and probably two the week after, as I will dive into the visual novel bin upon completing Dark Souls. I have not been in the mood to write after waking up at 6:30, being put on a train, working for seven to eight hours, and then going on another train, arriving back home ten hours later, and only having about six hours before I gotta go to do my bedtime stuff.

Did I talk about this? I don’t think so, but will now. Destiny was a flop in regards to a positive reception, as it was believed to set the world on fire, and it barely left a scorch mark. I am honestly confused if anybody will care about a Destiny 2 come 2016 or 2017, but I take it that Activision is banking on it, as four more DLCs are (probably) planned. One major expansion, and three mission packs, I guess, spanning until… I presume a few months before Destiny 2 does come out. Yeah, the first DLC was so well received that I am sure this will not backfire in any way…1 KLK You Better believe that's right twin birds of apathy nothing's gonna stop us sarcasm

You know what did backfire? The decision to price the 3DS at $250. I did buy it at launch, but I may end up buying another, as original 3DSes are vanishing, and as if that was not a clear enough sign, Nintendo is offering Europeans the chance to preorder a New 3DS … Yes, they are actually calling it that… Damnit. So, I will likely be spending $200 on that, and another $50 on Majora’s Mask 3D because Skull Kid figure. I honestly thought this would be at least six more months away, but I guess Q4 wasn’t as fruitful as Nintendo predicted for the 3DS, as Iwata said they were waiting for when the market needed a revised handheld.2 P4G love me and give me everything you adore this is great and awesome cross dressing

I guess dreams do come true in that regard, but I doubt that any of the dream-like premises Ubisoft provided for future Far Cry games will be made a reality. Though, considering it is Ubisoft, a dinosaur island, a distant planet in a sci-fi setting, and Blood Dragon 2 are far less likely than, say, a game set in Alaska, during the Vietnam War, one with zombies, or Peru based drug trafficking. It will need to be the former premises to maintain my interest in the series, as I am very much hesitant to the idea of buying a certain graphics card, the MSI GTX 970, because I do not want to get a free copy of Far Cry 4 with it. I said I would not play any open world Ubisoft games for at least two years if I disliked Far Cry 4, but I am tempted to not even give it a chance, as I dislike Ubisoft’s AAA side that much. That said, expect for me to eventually review every UbiArt game that does not fall under the few genres I simply do not like.3 WataMote Adorable Face of beauty

I would also say one should expect for me to join the legion of 18.5 million who bought a PS4, but I have other purchases that take priority. The aforementioned graphics card, newly confirmed New 3DS, a monitor I want to get from a proper store in case it is defective, 16GB of RAM. some $200 headphones, a Playstation TV, a Wii U, and… I’m already near $1,600… Eh, I have about $900 I will allow myself to spend. Not going to, as I do not like buying most things that cost more than… $20.4 KLK You Know what I would like money and lots of cash being thrown at me right now

I could easily transition into how there is a Puzzles and Dragons: Mario Edition, and how I am not going to pick it up, but I also have little idea what Puzzles and Dragons actually is suppose to be, showing that I am an old man at age twenty. I do not dwell in that tween hole, only the tween hole I had back in the mid to late ots, which is the tween hole of Japanese games, such as this sci-fi game by Vanillaware, possibly featuring giant orange penises on robo-lolis. Or the titles teased by XSEED for a 2015 release, which includes a dozen titles, only ten of which will release before December 31st, 2015. What are these titles? Brandish: The Dark Revenant for PSP, Corpse Party: Blood Covered for PC, Story of Seasons for 3DS, and Trails in the Sky 2 for PSP and PC, and eight mystery games. 5 Nyarko Glorious Hamburger I am super joyful and happy

What are these mystery games? The ladies at NeoGaf has some guesses that are the following. Lord of Magna (Forbidden Magna), Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, Sengen Kagura 2, IA/VT Colorful, maybe Trails of Cold Steel, Xanadu Next, Corpse Party: Blood Drive, and Onechanbara Z2. Personally, I just want the PC ports of Akiba’s Trip and Ys IV: the Memories of Celceta as I will buy anything that company puts on Steam. Also, how large is this company? 40 staff split between this and a mobile game office? Yeah, that is absurd.6 Recettear Crazy Crap Crackers!.

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