Rundown (11/23-11/29) Steam Sales + A Humidifier = This Week

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0 BaseAnother Thanksgiving, another Black Friday pushing the holiday out of the way, and another Steam sale to consume some of my money prior to my purchase of an MSI GTX 970 Gaming edition. What did I get? Analogue: A Hate Story, Hate Plus, Planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~, The Sacred Tears TRUE, Armored Hunter Gunhound EX, Devil May Cry 4, Bleed, Shadow Warrior: Special Edition, Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut, Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition, and maybe something else. Yes, I buy a lot of games, look at my wishlist.

So… I did not spy a lot of stories this week, partially because it is a holiday, partially because people plan things for the next week, and partially because I got sick for the first time since… A very long time ago. Still, I did spy somethings to use against Ubisoft, such as their plans for their game The Drive- Wait, not The Crew. Title was so generic I got it confused with one even more generic. Point is, the game will not be receiving any pre-release review, and will also receive nothing like Assassin Creed Unity‘s 12PM day-of embargo. Instead, reviews will take a few days, which inspires loads of confidence in one’s product, not unlike how Activision handled Destiny and… we know how that turned out. Ubisoft has also said not to trust early reviews, which makes me more than a bit upset to see them own the UbiArt engine, as the company could go burn after somebody bought that delight… And maybe both Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil along with it.Press Switch Simple and effecitve sigh upset whatever sure fine I guess you can do that whatever nerd

Okay, Assassin’s Creed China does look pretty neat, but I am not sure what its state is as, Assassin’s Creed Unity‘s Season Pass has vanished. Those who bought it will get another Ubisoft game, when really it just makes the launch of Unity look incredibly sloppy, when it was already a poop filled toilet. It doesn’t help that I very much want to put the title in one after watching the first hour of gameplay, but I’m one bad experience from ignoring all AAA titles the company makes for the next two to three years.DR cute little animal so nice kawaii and joyful happy yay

Though I am still cool with AAA games, even though I would not go into a bed with them unless I had a knife, even for something as hyped up as Arkham Knight, which received some new footage that made me question if I even really like the batman Arkham games much at all. It doesn’t help that the video implied going through an area three times before exiting it, but I know I’ll pick up the finished version when it releases in late 2014… It was not delayed, I just dub the GOTY versions as the finished versions, as they are A, patched, and B, “complete”.SNAFU Bitch Nigger I have a fang fuck off because I am a happy little joy duck yay

As a side note, I’m sorry that my novella is taking so long, but it WILL be out in December, I promise that much.


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