Rundown (11/09-11/15) Don’t Go Outside or the War Will Get You!

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1 GUP War It is Hell And No People Are AliveSo, Dragon Age Inquisition comes out on my Birthday, but a combination of the price, bugs, and how I am saving for a GTX 970 ontop of the inevitable Steam sales puts it on the back burner. Oh, and Origin, never forget about that yucky Origin! I really do want to dive in though, but I have visual novels and some PS+ games to keep me preoccupied. Also out of the streets, where there is always a war on. A nice chilly one at the moment, filled with mutants.

Last week I said some stuff about Ubisoft taking their upcoming games off of Steam, but they are back in place, as closure to an event that shall be remembered by none as its significance is null. Unlike the announcement of a far better sounding video game award show than the one that introduced the world to The Phantom Pain, The Game Awards… Really? Well, it is supposedly funded from Geoff Keighley’s own pocket, and will likely be another step up from last year. Still, looking at the promotional showings of the VGAs, it is possible we’d see something more of Telltale’s Game of Thrones, which I have no real interest in, similar to the officially announced Just Cause 3 so… This transition worked well…2 WataMota She's a cum dumpster

I do have an interest in Rodea the Sky Soldier, that 3DS and Wii NiGHTS successor announced before the 3DS came out, and was cancelled in my mind for about a year. It will be coming out in 2015 for Wii U and 3DS, adding another Wii U game to my list, as it would be foolish to go for the hindered handheld version. Yes I would adore a Nintendo equivalent to the Playstation TV, and for that to exist for all future handhelds, because I only ever go out for school, work, or to be driven to a store.3 KLK I do not give a single fuck about any of this dumb shit fuck you I am out of the game no more of this stupid shit Serious

Sonic Boom recently hit stores, and is generally considered to be terrible, though the reasoning for that was revealed… partially. In short, a lot of the game’s staff left around July, meaning a skeleton crew for four months that are normally filled with crunch time. Plus, it is technically a licensed game, a new developer, and them trying to adapt an IP that has had less than a great run… Which was an unintentional pun that leads into Square Enix’s run for the past few years, which has been less than ideal, and they are thankfully realizing that, egads, one can have smaller titles that have a budget of 1-10 million, and not 20-60 million. Dollars, not yen even though the mere mention of a localization for Smartphone games and Arcade titles is laughable. Still, they compose of only 80% of their planned smaller titles… Why do I even care anymore? It’s not like I’ll play Final Fantasy XIII again and end up realizing anything but regret at how the game excited me… I will review it when it is cheap enough, as they are updating the game with features one should expect from all modern PC games.4 Crime Edge Yes your life is over so feel bad about reality disowning you foolish mortal

Oh, and as one final note, Majesco is in trouble… again. Honestly, the company is incredible in how they should have shut down back in 2006, but still manage to stay alive. If they do vanish though, I struggle to think of what of much substance will be lost…


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