Rundown (10/19-10/25) That Illusive Shiny Gengar

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shiny_gengar_pokemonOn Friday I did something I haven’t done in quite some time, and went into a GameStop. It was so I could pick up a Shiny Gengar, and because I forgot to go last Friday. I decided to walk there, even though the nearest GameStop is 2.5 miles away, but because I have never walked that far from my home before in my life, I got lost as I missed the street I was suppose to turn left on. I did end up finding a GameStop, one that was not my destination, and they had run out of codes. I found my way to my planned destination, and they were out as well. Meaning I walked about seven miles for nothing. Thankfully an employee told me to call Nintendo to get a code, so hopefully my ghost will be gotten yet. If not, I’m probably going to get Diancie this week.

So, WayForward, a company that funds passion projects by making licensed titles that run the gambit in regards to quality, has another passion project… which was picked up by Amazon. Til Morning Light is a horror game about a teenage girl that is exclusive to a line of phones some guy on the street told me were shit… I had to drop off a box for work but was told the wrong address and got lost. Point is, interest has been effectively slayed, as saying a game is not for mobile makes it automatically more interesting to me, like the new Time Crisis. Yeah, I know nothing about the franchise, but the promo material looks pretty neat… but I have no idea if it, an arcade game, will come to the west.Bento edible tits breasts sexual japan why the fuck

You know what else is not coming to North America? Phantasy Star Online 2! Even though I think it has been translated, Sega is instead focusing on YuruYuri crossovers… which I think is super rad. Much like whenever developers are complete idiot, like a man who made a game by the name of Paranautical Activity, and threatened to kill Gabe Newell. His game was naturally removed from Steam, all because Steam did not fix a mistake they made in under two hours… This is why social networks are like ass cancer.a2145971114_10

On the subject of cancer, or Kyan-cer since I’m the worst too, Smash Brothers Wii U Direct, which makes it pretty clear that compared to the 3DS version, to quote the Direct itself, “it’s not even comparable” With 50 unique features, it is clear why the 3DS version was released first, so thank goodness I didn’t pick that up… I’ll just pay to get Mewtwo instead. Much like how I will probably pay for Sunset Overdrive, as an ad appeared claiming it was coming to the PC, which is pretty neat, but just another reason to not get an XBO. I just hope it’s not as flaccid as some are saying. Eh, reviews will be out Tuesday and I’ll make my decision then.Press Switch No worries everything is great good fine dandy silly fun saluteOh, and seeing as how this is a segment where I can talk about personal things, I have effectively minimized my social interactions with those around my age. Now beyond family, the only people I plan to interact with are those at work, and occasionally teachers. I ain’t no NEET by definition, will go outside when needed, but you’re goldarn right if you want to call me a lonely bastard whose claim to existence lies on this WordPress blog.

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