Rundown (11/08-11/14) Growing Up is Hard

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1 P4G I need an adult becoming grown up no longer a child think of the kids youngsters little onesNeptunia Re;Birth3 is taking forever because it is a Neptunia game and twice as long as it needs to be. Meanwhile, I have yet to touch Student Transfer, and now Higurashi Chapter 2 is out. I would start binging, but I have two papers due next week, and I need to work on a group project in addition to my next novel, so I’m a busy little buckeroo. I also want to buy my new computer parts soon, build it, and get my new PC all ready, but that may need to wait until after this semester… when I’m working full time for a month. I also want to come out as transgender, but am so terrified of worrying my poor mother that I feel I can’t. Also, I’m turning 21 on Wednesday. Growing up is hard!

Moving onto proper game news, a new Nintendo Direct kicked off with the long rumored Twilight Princess HD, which looks a lot better than the original, but is still a little rough looking due to its art style. The game will have some new features, which were not explained in favor of a Wolf Link Amiibo, which will be compatible with the upcoming Zelda U, which we saw some incredibly brief in-engine footage for. I’m still sorta hoping that the main character will be a female link, but I know not to get my hopes up, and should be happy with Hyrule Warriors Legends’ new character, Linkle, a dual crossbow wielding girl with no real relation to Link.2 linklewah_sml_by_Ian Samson

So, yes, I am looking forward to playing Zelda games that will hopefully be ported over to the NX. Along with a version of Star Fox Zero without that motion control nonsense, as that is a foul stain on an otherwise pristine looking game. I also really hope the NX lets me somehow let me play 3DS games at an acceptable resolution. I do enjoy the library of the system, and would love to play Majora’s Mask, Yo-kai Watch, and the upcoming five part RPG punch of upcoming JRPGs. Just at 480p or higher. Said multi-part punch is that of Fire Emblem Fates, which is divided into three parts, Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation, and all three together cost $80 at launch, which I guess is acceptable. 3 SNAFu Yeah Sure Whatever IDK Fine With me you fucking dickdigger

I will also give $80 to a retailer who bought two 3DS games I have been begging for quite a while now, as Square Enix has finally chosen to bring over Dragon Quest VII and VIII. Even though VIII probably looks like complete trash compared to the PS2 version… I want my Dragon Quest, but I want it on PC, like Dragon Quest Heroes which will be sometime next year, as confirmed by Steam showing an ad too early. Though, there is no way I want Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam on anything, as it doesn’t look like what I want out of this crossover. Minigames, card buffs, messy visuals, and so forth make me feel this will be a repeat of Dream Team, which I didn’t even buy after seeing its tepid reception. I’ll just stick to the five out of eight other Mario RPGs that I really enjoy, and pass this one by.4 bnpm___title_01_by_eniotna

Continuing this trek of cynicism, Nintendo showed off two “free to start” titles, such as the Badge Arcade, which I understand as it is paying for minor visual changes, but is basically a pay to play crane game. Along with Pokemon Picross, a game that I scratch my head at, as it’s Picross, but with Pokemon sprites.  Pokken Tournament, however, looks pretty cool and will likely receive high praise, but not do very well for a Pokemon game. What? The game was removed from arcades due to a lack of interest. 5 Yamada cry sob sorrow sad upset wah

While in Super Smash Brothers 4, another new third party character has been added due to fan interest and requests. It is surprising, but about on par with the inclusion of Solid Snake, which I didn’t quite understand when I heard the news back in 2005. Cloud Strife is coming to Smash Brothers, which is amazing in so many ways, and it makes me wish I actually cared about this game as a thing you play instead of think of. Regardless, I still get excited for it and will get excited in about a month, when another Smash Brothers event will be held. Oh, and in Japan, Mother 3 releasing on the Wii U. So, yeah, Nintendo, please edit the fan translation and bring Earthbound 2 to the west.6 HHD Please Eat Me!

After dropping off the face of the Earth following the release of Infinity Blade 3, and having made the excellent Shadow Complex, Chair Entertainment has announced their next project, Spyjinx, a game about tactical espionage or some such thing, and is being work on by J.J. Abrams of Star Wars fame. Nice idea, except of the fact this is implied to be a stealth focused game, and those historically do not go well for me.7 PL Sigh Awkward Ugh Groan

So in conclusion, I am picky about certain games, I hope the NX isn’t utter garbage, and not much happened in this week because of Fallout 4, the first video game I saw advertised on top of a taxi.

Also, that Linkle image is from Ian Samson, who is one of my favorite artists of all time. Paper Mario fan image is from an artist by the name of Antoine Giessner, who I only know from their cool, stupidly detailed Paper Mario fan art. I just wish that there was a fourth Paper Mario game so I could see designs half as cool as their’s.

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