Rundown (8/24-8/30) Gamergate =/= Gamersgate, Buttface!

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0 Watamote This Bitch is crizzle dawg She be destroying her pantsOkay, so this whole Zoe Quinn, Phil Fish, JonTron, “Gamer” validity, Journalism Debate, thing that apparently has been dubbed #Gamergate by some dolt, which I think will result in 37 murders, 7,208 layoffs, and 72 company deaths, has been going on, and I’ve lost track of what the hell is happening. All I really gathered was in the form of 4Chan deciding to fund a game made entirely by women, and creating the character of Vivian James, who I will end up using the design of in something I have yet to properly outline. She will probably have a Di-Sword or some shit. Oh, and thanks to TotalBiscuit for keeping a calm head about the situation and making this peachy keen blog post. But let’s not talk about that and instead, let’s just talk about VA-11 HALL-A a bartending sim about “waifus, technology, and the hard lives of post-dystopia citizens”. If it was on the Humble Store and had a Steam Greenlight page, it would already have my $8. Seriously though, check it out!

Oh 4ChanOkay, more video game announcement time! Yakuza 0 was announced for Japan, and will be a 1988 set prequel, whose localization will likely follow part five’s in being utterly, completely, forgotten by Sega of America, as the localization will never occur at this rate. What will get a localization is not the large AAA sandbox game with a dedicated audience, but a decade old visual novel… which will receive full voice acting from proclaimed “all-stars”. I am talking about Clannad for those who are old enough to remember it, which will be released eventually on Steam after it’s Kickstarter… wait, what? Well, upon doing some research, this is common practice for Sekai Project, and they have been very successful in that regard… I guess these games should be placed on my radar.1 Nobunagun seriously dude rally gonna do that fine wahever that is cool I'm not mad just disapointed whatever

One game that does not need to be placed on said radar is Smash Brothers, whose leaks I debated talking about last week, but decided against it as I was not fully convinced. But they have been all but confirmed, helped by the announcement of Shulk as a playable character. So far, the leaked fighters are Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario, Wario, Ganondorf, Dark Pit, Falco, Jigglypuff, Ness, R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch and “Duck Hunt”, with the final roster being something NeoGaf has been debating for a week now. Although, this is pretty nifty as it is.2 tumblr_inline_nakwlvyehL1s2c7j8

NIfty like Amazon buying Twitch, as opposed to Google, as that was looking to be just so incredible as people began migrating to Hitbox. Also like Pokken Fighter being a thing coming to Japanese arcades in 2015, meaning a Wii U and western release is at least two years away. Much like the resolution to Capcom being complete and utter pricks when it comes to Patents. In short, they remembered several concepts they deciding nobody else should be able to do, and are upset about Tecmo Koei doing them before they could… after twelve years. Thereby diminishing creativity, and meaning that only one company can have loading screen minigames. Thanks outdated systems! Oh, and good job for taking the concept of Sonic 3 & Knuckles and deciding you owned it, jerks.3 School Gays What the fuck did your demon dick do to me you motherfucker dead eyes killed

I mean, if you own something, use it as hard as you can, like Nintendo sorta is with Mario Kart 8 DLC featuring Link, an F-Zero vehicle, an Animal Crossing villager, and a bunch of other cool things for $12. Which is one dollar less than Nintendo’s amiibo figures, making them complete and utter bullcrap. Much like having a Nintendo Direct at 6 am, even if it was intended for Japan, as they still unveiled a new handheld… sorta. There will be a New 3DS model, which people are still a bit sketchy about in terms of the details aside from how it will support changeable exterior plates, which I’ve been wanting for years now. It may have exclusive games, comes with another circle pad, has better 3D, but will likely not be a big leap in terms of power even though 240p is bullcrap in this day and age. Still, the system variant may try and possess exclusivity of Xenoblade Chronicles for 3DS… Nope, not biting that bait. I will bite into the depressing nugget that is how Nintendo of Europe laid off another 320 people, which is sad, but makes sense given their recent financial woes. Personally, I blame the decision to bring over Fantasy Life and its expansion.4 HeroJob Wow that is amazing but you are an idiot that is actually super not good bad shit stuff

Well, Fantasy Life is only one of my most anticipated games, but thanks to PAX, I’ve got another one! Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, a standalone expansion to Saints Row IV, one of my favorite games of the seventh generation, involving the titular protagonist going through hell to save the player character from the main games. It is coming January 27, 2015, a bit out of season, but I’m sure it will be a delight. Now, I just need to clear out the other Saints Row DLC I’ve accumulated… and maybe The Third’s PC version… Hell, they are bringing Saints Row IV to XBO and PS4, so maybe I’ll start from a clean save… Nah, not unless the GOTC edition is 50% off so I can buy everything twice… wait.5 P4G Remakes are wonderful so go buy them if you liked the original

Oh, Super Meat Boy, a game I feel apathy towards, is getting a runner based successor… I’m getting back to Danganronpa and Psycho Shatter, which I’m aiming to release on the 23rd or sooner.

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