Rundown (7/06-7/12) Apathetic Cynicism is the Baddest Feeling

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0PGOS Bombs of outrage and angerI’m not sure what it’s been about this week, but I’ve been on edge for the majority of it. It’s not that anything bad happened, it’s just that I’ve been playing a title that no longer makes me feel feelings akin to joy, enhanced by how I played one of my favorite games in the past few months as a break from it. It also didn’t help that nothing much happened in the industry as the summer is a time to plow through game development for a winter or Q1 release window that cannot be changed. Well, things did happen and were said, but none of them were that good sounding, yet I suppose that can be considered the mainstay for this industry’s news. Or perhaps it is due to how cynical its audience has become after years of bullcrap pecking away at them affecting how they perceive a hobby they still love, but cannot see entirely past the layer of feces placed over it… or something like that. *Farts*

One thing I never really got about VR is how it avoided the problems people had with 3D, especially when you consider how they would be more plentiful and motion sickness would need to be avoided by a special pill. However, even the CEO of Sony isn’t sure of how it’d work in the mass market, despite how Project Morpheus is arriving next year. Or perhaps I am just a cynical old man who doesn’t want anything but a controller and monitor to worry about while playing games. Yet that still doesn’t mean I can be right, as the instant I, and everybody else heard about what GameStop’s upcoming preorder plans were, knew that it had the possibility of ruining games. The plan effectively means that GameStop would work with publishers and developers to get exclusive content with just about every major release, and make the slice of exclusive content be a substantial part of the game, thereby forcing players to use a specific retailer to get content that was likely cut out of the game, and is only available as a pre-order, possibly forever. …Even though they later said that they will not be involved in the creative process, here’s a picture of a girl vomiting and pooping by the lovely Gashi Gashi. Because pre-ordering is a horse that has been sexually abused.poopy

In better news, meaning it is merely goan worthy in my opinion, is that Gearbox is working on another game that, following their recent track record of five games, will perhaps be one or two ticks better than their prior gross business practices. I am speaking of Battleborn, a title that sounds like I made it up in five seconds and knew nothing of the game, which is effective an FPS MOBA. Already not my cup of tea, not even something I’d look at in the store aside from morbid curiosity, as even the normally appealing cartoonish and colorful art style the game dons does nothing but pour dust on my raging fires of cynicism towards Gearbox. Hopefully it will do poorly on Gen8 machines whenever it comes out… I just really hate that company’s products and their behavior has been shady as a result.2P4G I'm a pooping demon on a toilet in teh BATHROOM! #fuckthisgayearth my ass if full of penguins

Now would be a good time for me to speak of something I enjoy, but Dragon Quest X is an MMORPG, which I only like if I can play it by myself without even seeing other players, and is now coming to the 3DS… but just in Japan. Yes, after years of silence and non-localized Dragon Quest titles, I doubt the tenth main title will come out, but I’m sure Yo-kai Watch will. Yes, after it has been deemed a smashing success by being a multi million selling media behemoth in Japan, Level 5 had finally announced that, in line with its sequel being released, that they are considering a western version… Should’ve done that about a year or two ago, mates, as the US will never be close to getting caught up at this rate. And yes, I realize you have a localization staff of 12 people, but you are a big company who can afford to hire ten more employees. *I know nothing of Level 5 USA/International’s size, but the lack of in-house localization makes me believe that they are severely understaffed.*3KC Are you bullying Me You Jerk

Anything else to talk about? EA claimed they were being too innovative with Dungeon Keeper Mobile, which sounds like it should not exist in this reality as something that is true, but I am numb to the company at this point. Hell, I would actually not mind Bioware going to crap if only because I don’t want Origin on my PC, and I know it’d be required for the pretty darn rad looking Dragon Age:Inquisition.

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