Rundown (4/13-4/19) I Really Should Get That There Aspie Test

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0SCD I am Not Problematic I am Great CockyHey kids, guess what I did? Bought a Vita. I didn’t buy PS+ or a 32GB memory card, but the main system, a crappy plastic grip, and a 4GB memory card were sagged by me for $133 so I could not refuse. But seeing as how I don’t have much cash in my pockets, I only have one game which I played through twice before, Symphony of the Night. Why that? Because it is probably one of my favorite games of all time and I would be glad to own it on every system within a meter of where I sit as I type this intro that will help explain why I’m suddenly reviewing The Golden in… June-ish.

This week certainly began with a dissapointment for me, as Drinkbox Studios, makers of Guacamelee, a game I will heavily criticize under the umbrella of it not being my thing. announced another cool sounding project, Severed. Whatever I could say about it means nothing as it is a mobile game and not only do I lack any mobile devices, I also lack any interest in them as a gaming platform, to the point where I actively want every game on it to look terrible or be on PC. “What about the Vita?” asked my pet space lark who I named Pendel. I suppose that is acceptable, but I don’t like touch screen stuff, I like games, which the Vita has loads of. Even more as Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars, and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines (Go Forth Over My Dead Body) were all announced for localization by Sony. Now insert the bit where I yell about the Vita being crap due to its baffling memory card price and my desire for it to use SD cards or something like that. I mean, why use these super tiny chips for memory cards? Oh, and apparently Tales of Hearts is a Gamestop exclusive, meaning it’s also coming to the NA. Yay for the Vita master race. 1Watamote Life is a wonderful blast with new cola soda drink but 12 today

Spread the yays around, particularly to a certain kickstarter I feel like plugging simply due to how it is one of the five I backed. The game is H̶e̶n̶c̶e̶ Heart Forth, Alicia and winner of my least memorable title award as I forgot what it was called an hour after I backed it. In short, it is a beautiful looking stat heavy Metroidvania with what looks like a pretty dynamic gameplay system and enough promise for me to supply the lowest tier’s requirements. Oh, and they were backed as of day two, so clearly I am not alone on being keen on it. Much like what happened with Hyper Light Drifter, a title that shall not be coming until 2015. The reason? They got 20 times the money they originally wanted and as such need to deliver a lot more content. As long as it comes out I’m cool though.2HeroJob It is a golden wallet made to get more money gotta spend money for more cash because gold is good

What hasn’t been cool from what I have gathered was the development of that Soul Saga game that was being talked about after its super successful Kickstarter. In short, the game went through many, many redesigns, information was closed to backers only, they were forced to maintain a certain degree of creator demanded etiquette, and the polygon count skyrocketed. But recently some alpha footage was shown, and it does look like a game that can and will get done. UI is placeholder as hell, the narration from “Disaster Cake” comes across as generally upset and tired, and the gameplay seems woefully simplistic as all he does is mash attack. Also the game has three save slots despite targeting PC as its primary platform, where one can have 100 slots and only consume about 10 MB and a character’s color will supposedly be chosen by the forums, instead of being alterable in the menu. Hell, guy doesn’t even play his own game well when he weirdly decides to play on the hardest difficulty. Guy goes quiet halfway through and ultimately inspires less confident than if he just showed the gameplay footage, only boosting my belief that this game will get done to a 25% chance, which is better than a 10% chance.3Nobunagun It sounds better and cooler so my name is objectively correct you silly goose listen to my demands woman or be hit in face with tiny penis

What is also cool is the job Sony is doing with just about everything in the Game-o-sphere, hence why the bad boys are racking up them millions. Passing the seven digit, I feel as if this generation’s giant has been determined, as the XBO has been getting a bigger and bigger gap that is likely to never be fully filled while the poor, poor Wii U is still stuck at 6 million an extra year, but negative sales will do that to any system. Even with Smash and a very likely Mario Kart 8 bundle. But there will always be Steam, which despite my recent purchase of a Vita, will be my primary source of games for the foreseeable future. But that also means I have a large library of unplayed games, which is alarmingly common based on a recent study. It is actually pretty interesting and certainly easy to tab over and start learning about science and consumer behavior as opposed to my being of an tomfoolery.4SF Wow this looks really mean and bad why is the butt hanging out oh dear the pain and humanity fart face killer

Tomfoolery is pretty easy to connect to rumors, and one popped up about the… fourth reboot of Prince of Persia. Now, this is not confirmed, but the idea behind a UbiArt based entry into the series which has been laying dormant for a few years now is certainly a plausible one, with my interest coming from the mere mention of UbiArt. I have a more or less opposite option when I hear Skylanders, as I really do not like the designs. But I cannot deny that the game is worth load of cash, which could have been partially Nintendo’s. Still, Nintendo is an old fashioned company who is very stingy with their IPs after not giving a crap from 1985-1991, so it would be more fitting to blame them for… anything else.

I would normally conclude the post in some way, shape, or form, but I just got back from an Easter thing with family where I had to sit under the hot sun while having my very bad allergies be bad allergies. So I’m just going to play Symphony while sitting under my desk.

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