Rundown (3/30-4/05) Silence WORM! Imma Enjoy My Lonely Life

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KLK You Must BE Really Lonely to do that you loner solo individualHey, I don’t know if I’ve made this abundantly clear or not, but I’ve written a novel that is available through this link for you to purchase off of Amazon for a dollar. I know I am pushing this super hard, but I really do want to have 100 people read through this thing I’ve done, because I placed 11 months into the project and do not want it to go unnoticed. Yet I’m still gonna be here talking about them video games and get people pissed off if they decide to comment… I’m cyber lonely.

Good news because that means I can talk more about Metro, the franchise I want to love to no end due to how close it comes to executing a concept I adore, but cannot truly do that as the games have too many oddities for me to dismiss. No, it’s not the announcement of Metro 3, it’s the announcement of Metro: Redux, a improved version of 2033 coming to modern consoles… yay? Honestly, it has been only four years since the title launched so a remake at this point comes across as rather bizarre. Almost as bizarre as how Deep Silver just flat out admitted the game was being made after an Italian ad came on in announcing the game would be bundled with Last Light.1SF Who has a tiny mouth I must concur agree you are right just good positive affirmative okay usa

Oh, but I will continue to use the term bizarre as I do love it, and is applicable with how Square Enix decided to take Bravely Default’s success and everything else’s failure. Saying they will return to their roots from just about all aspects and stop broadening their horizons and focus more on making things that are, well, good. In other words, they are claiming to do what everybody’s wanted them to for a while, now they need to take steps 2-37 and actually implement this focal shift. It’s almost as weird as Google doing a Pokemon Maps challenge. Here’s the gist, using your smartphone and Google maps, you can find wild Pokemon in augmented reality. Become a Pokemon Master and you will become a Google employee. No, I don’t think that’s an April Fool’s joke, but here are winners:2GUP Not Sure If It Is Technically a Win

Zeboyd games teased a Wild Arms spiritual successor under the name of Untamed Armaments. Which actually sounds like something they’d do but maybe with a less shameless name. But seeing as how they are a two man team, it will likely happen when we see Cthulhu Saves the Universe and Breath of Death XIII-2… Both of which I super want. What I do not want nearly as much is Blood Dragon III: Vietnam War 2, not because I disliked what Blood Dragon was trying to do, rather I just didn’t like it very much as a game due to how ill fitting Far Cry’s mechanics meshed with the game. Though I am very clearly in the minority.3Watamote I am Defeated and hate you wrong man for this screw yourself

Oh, but the best, and by best I mean worst, is something that a guy running the Frostbite engine’s twitter account said about the Wii U, where they promptly displayed themselves as massive wankers. EA has a pretty shitty track record, but this makes me want to not give them money for Dragon Age Inquisition unless this man gets fired. Even if I do not condone pirating unless it is music, in which case go nuts. Oh, and actual best idea to come from April First was 32 player Octodad. So cool.4KLK What I struck broke was your heart and soul so cool

After the fun and games, or before in this case as Ubisoft claimed they will support the past generation machines (Xbox 360/PS3) well past 2014. I very much see why, as this prior console generation has had more systems in the homes of people than any before it, so why not keep raking in the dough? Much like Amazon likely will with their newly debuted game system. Actually, that’s a lie, as the device is far more like a Roku box, in fact they directly compared it to one of those. Main difference aside from a larger library of games is that it has voice control, which is the wave of the future if you ask a lispy man like myself. Oh, and the games library looks pretty meh if their trailer is any indicator. Best case scenario would be for the games to just come to PC, because that is totally not their market. I mean, Steam Machines are expensive.5KLK You Know what I would like money and lots of cash being thrown at me right now

Much like the development of any large scale game, god help you if you want to make one ambitious like Red 5 did with Firefall. As a title I actually do have some history with it due to a series of five videos made by the team behind Extra Credits, who did some controlled gushing about the title and how good the game could be. Naturally, shit went crazy from the gutting of a mode that millions had been invested in, regularity of people exiting and being thrown out of the company, poor direction given to employees when they were suppose to be hitting the molds very carefully with hammers, while the CEO of this village of the blind ended up driving his inhabitants into a pit of lions made of fire. It is a reminder of how hard it can be to make a game and how much this industry and be terrible to work in at times.6KillTime Poor Girl Even the good die young if they don't fuck them any how with your true sad sorrowWell, I’m done, will post two reviews this week, and two next week because I have a backlog. Will also try to work on Project Valkyrie, my second novel, but I doubt I’d finish it before 2015 is right next door. Also, buy my novel, I made it as cheap as I could without making it free!

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