Rundown (11/17-11/23) Right, Right, I’ll Get Your Sandwich In a Minute

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Fuck Yo Ass DiggzIt’s funny that some of the best games in one of the best months for this industry in quite some time are not for the heavily hyped Gen8 machines. With the 3DS, Vita, and Wii U all having one spectacular title to swing around like a sixteen inch penis. As if there were any real reason to not adopt boxes that may have a few good games like Resolution-gun, Fort-za 5, and the Bread Rising part three. Not that I will get either until 2016, as the Wii U will remain cheap and Vita will grow an even more keen library as the memory cards finally stop being moronically expensive. Seriously, a 32GB card is more than my 1TB backup hard drive.

Intro aside, there was a fair bit of news about the Gen8 machines, with the PS4 sold one million in 24 hours, costs just under $400 to make, and has had an overall decent launch that was only met with a bit of meh. While the XBO (gonna keep doing this until we come up with something better), matched PS4 sales, and expectedly has hardware issues… Very bad ones with the disc drive not reading discs, just like Microsoft intended. I have to admit that the second to last system launch is a bit underwhelming, especially seeing as how the PS Infinity and Xbox TBD are not going to be “proper” consoles. At least that is my guess.

Nyarko It Is Obvious If You Know The Video Games History

Now to shift gears, Final Fantasy branded Pocky because Japan. Yet SquareEnix has been getting more things ready for the next generation, namely how Final Fantasy X HD is coming in March, and will likely only be played on the Vita, as the PS3s are going into the box of storage that shall seldom if ever be opened again. With the next generation getting an update I doubt many people demanded, but is still happening, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Which will likely have extra content connecting it to the previously announced, but will probably be officially revealed at VGX, Tomb Raider 2. While also trying to make back some of the money they lost on that venture. After all, it’s not like everybody who wanted to play it hasn’t.

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Yet, there are many games I personally wish to partake in and never had. Hell, I have the best two Resident Evil games unplayed and in my closet, and plan to finally play FF6 this December. Yet, the threat of a keen game going unlocalized does spark a bit of fear whenever something cool comes from Japan. With Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars being a game that I never thought would grace the West as it is an RPG about making children… kinda. Either way, Atlus is bringing the game overseas this Spring hitting both the 3DS and Vita, and I must admit that I would feel bad if this game did not grace my collection.

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Like how I feel bad I don’t have Persona 4 in my collection, or any games exclusive to Sony systems. However, it is possible that Persona 5 teaser will be- Oh, wait, it was actually revealed the morning of the 24th, so I’ll just talk about that reveal now. Persona announcement fever!  Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is a 3DS dungeon crawler with chibi versions of the Persona kids from 3 and 4 and will be like Etrian Odyssey because, well, look at the subtitle. While the fighting game is getting an update this summer, along with an rhythmic idol sim, I think for reasons best described with Japan being Japan. Oh, and Persona 5 is coming to the PS3, this coming winter of 2014, and probably involves prisoners or something like that. …What about Persona 6?

Henneko FUck You Punch Bitch I'm SO Mad Upset

Meanwhile, it’s been a while since I talked about EA as a company, so let’s do that. After being a strong supporter of the online pass, they claimed used games are important for the industry. A move that is about as unsettling as how they control Star Wars console games for a decade… Yeah, not talking about you for a while, instead I’ll just mention how Sony may have bought back their Bandicoot. Yes, after a decade of games that were in the range of meh to good from Activision before they got bored with the franchise in 2010, this rumor does hold water, helped by how Activision is removing all their ties with Crash titles. Meaning that Sony’s already keen first party IPs will now be all the better. So yay for that.

Haganai Homo Erotic It is so Good Yaoi

What is not super yay is how a trademark of Steel Diver Subwars has been registered. In case you forgot, Nintendo was planning a free to play Steel Diver game, and I guess that is really happening, despite how I doubt anybody would actually want it. I mean, nobody liked the game upon release. What people do seem to like is that Game of Thrones on their new-fangle high definitions televisions, and people do seem to have taken to Telltale’s latest titles, The Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead. So what happens when they’re pushed together? A rumor that I’m guessing will be revealed early December, despite how three projects seems like quite a bit.

Well, back to my list of unfinished reviews, papers, and some Brutal Legend to clear before I get the Zelda on Monday. Be good to each other and wear protection. It’s getting cold out there, unless you live in a bizarro world where winter is mild, you wimp.

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