Rundown (5/26-6/01) I’m Gonna Be Missing All of Those Sex Children

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NR Missing You SchoolYes, I am forever done with highschool, and will likely only go back there to get my diploma or maybe film something, assuming I can have my dad arrange a deal to produce DVDs of the school’s plays. However, I am just being silly with what I dub Apansexuality! Because I love sexualization, but I don’t want to have sex, just watch twelve year olds get it on while I’m in the bushes! …I guess that could be a good chapter three… where was I? Right, video games!

To rock the bismarck, or whatever the voices I like to imagine are people living inside of my noggin are trying to say, Rayman Legends is coming to the Vita. Not a massive surprise, seeing as how the Vita is similar in terms of power to the Xbox 360 and PS3, and due to how Rayman Origins was on the thing during its launch. But what is odd is how the game will apparently be the most similar to the Wii U version due to the back touch screen on the Vita, while also having both exclusive levels and costumes. A trend I’m always surprised manages to survive. If anything, providing too many incomparable to each version makes the buyer confused and likely give up on the title. However, I’m still likely going to own this game twice now, assuming the Vita and its disgustingly expensive memory cards drop in price.KS Gross Disgusting Sad Bad

Although, I’m still a bit confused as to why or how Rayman is still in anyway relevant, still being a 1990s mascot character. But I guess- oh bollocks with this segway, Sonic Lost World‘s trailer came out. I’ve actually got a bit of a history with the series as someone who pretty much got a Gamecube because he saw Sonic on it, and his seven year old brain thought Sonic was the cool, I’ve had a passing relationship with the character, but that is a topic of bullying and crossdressing fascination that I will not talk about here.

SCD Then We're done with the subject Next topicInstead, the teaser rubbed me off the wrong way, the same way Skylanders and some snippets of most modern kid’s media. Not helped by a very basic art direction with stereotypical looking baddies. While in terms of actual gameplay, it is very easy to make a Sonic title look neat through trailers if the Sonic Cycle is any indicator. With a game very reminiscent of the cancelled Sonic X-treme for the Sega Saturn, if it had a climbing mechanic. However, the game does seem to keep things simple from the footage, while the visuals do so a bit too well in my opinion, looking fairly unfinished. However, it just might be the motivation for me to go through the last two titles in anticipation. Well, I have been, and let’s say my expectations are now lower.PGOS Build Up Your Expectations with tits

Something I rarely do nowadays, but I’d love to do it with the two Zero Escape titles, despite how lengthy they can be to complete. Although, with the case of 999, I guess puzzles are no longer viewed as a must, because there is puzzle-free version on iOS. Currently only out in Japan, but claimed with an American release this autumn, 999 is a game that would be very hard to port to another system. And removing the whole puzzles functionality kinda removes a major part of the game’s gorgeous narrative. Still, I haven’t played the title, and don’t have a phone of my own, so I’ll pass on judgement for now.

CDI Drroling Anticipation LovingAlthough, I will judge the knickers off of Microsoft, primarily because Ich glaube ihnen nicht(I don’t believe them), due to how they flip flop on every issue related to the Xbox One. Like the indies they apparently weren’t going to support now part of an undetailed creator program. I don’t mean to be particularly venomous, but come on! Run through the questions you expect people to have, and give them straight answers out the get-go. Misinformation only make you as a company look less competent, and therefore, less worth supporting. I wouldn’t be surprised if this box WILL cost 500 smackers at this rate.

PGOS Puffy Face of Merf AngerHowever, I am not likely going to put all my eggs in Sony’s basket. Even with a very interesting push for remote play. Taking the off TV play idea of the Wii U, and making it something mandated with every single title, it really does seem like smart way to counter the television dispute, but I can’t help but see a negative slice with developers possibly not wanting to use the Vita’s hardware, or there not being enough support, because the Vita has only sold, what was it? 2.3 million by now?

PGOS Just you Wait Sexy BroWhich would be a great segway to how a game merely selling that many units is a failure, but that wasn’t the case with Metro: Last Light. Surpassing Metro 2033‘s sales within the first week. Something that inspires a raised eyebrow, because there is literally no reason why everyone doesn’t own the game in some way, because THQ was handing them out a few months ago. Still a great achievement, likely owing something due to how it was the biggest game of May, although keeping the game’s proper mode as a separate add-on was dumb then, and it is dumb now! Now to wait for some sort of Metro compilation, because how do you follow up “The Last Light”?

VO So Cool Like it computer internet neat keenA phrase I couldn’t really connect to Prey 2 allegedly being remade. By which, I mean that Human Head Studios, the people working on the sequel to the only vaguely related follow up to the forgotten 2006 FPS about Native Americans and space, are removed from the project, with their work eliminated. The reigns transferred to Arkane Studios, who are best know for Dishonored, which I’ll be posting a review of tomorrow. With a projected release window of late 2016… Huh. While this is not confirmed, the information is very concerning, and there is likely an interesting story about studio mandates, artistic visions, and contracted deadlines. However, Arkane are not a bad studio by any means, so perhaps the project will be better for it, despite how I’d guess Human Head were at least 60% done.

BTM You're Human Garbage Shit WorthlessI guess I could talk about that Double Fine Kickstarter, but I’d rather note Pokemon concept art. If only because of my desire to imprison the original creative team, along with most people at GameFreak, and ultimately ruin the series because I removed any value with an individual Pokemon. But I know I would be a saint fore I removed the foulness that is Effort Values. Goodnight, and godspeed!

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