(10/06-10/19) Fart This Ship, I’m Gonna Play Some Pokemons

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Bed is a throne…What the blazes are you saps looking at- oh, wait, I’m not sure if anybody even noticed how this place has been vacant for a good week. Now how did that… *Looks at 3DS* 100 hours, you slippery SOB. All because I wanted to train myself some extra teams. I don’t even know why I had to do that extra EV raising bull- I’ll just double down on video game news, seeing as how two weeks have passed, and it’s early October, nobody’s announcing jack or anything. They’re all too busy with reviewing the influx of titles that are crawling from the abyss.

To dig up the articles I wanted to reference, and recycle text from a week ago, I’ll start by saying that Sleeping Dogs is getting a sequel called Triad Wars. I wasn’t too crazy about the original, as seen in my review from nine months ago. But that was more due to the arrangement of the city and storyline that did little to interest someone who has never seen a Hong Kong film, action or otherwise. Instead, it’s more interesting to see Square Enix teaming up with Indiegogo. With plans to help fund projects that collect community buzz and perhaps even let some old Eidos IPs be used after laying dormant for a decade. An idea that I fully support, despite how I’m with the majority that says Square Enix hasn’t done loads good since TWEWY… And Dragon Quest IX, that evil, rotten game I devoted a deleted 192 hours into.

SCD So, I'm bad, evil rotten, wrong

Not that it is the only instance of bigger Japanese companies looking at the crowdfunding scene with publication plans. Or I would assume so, seeing as how Inafune would be just fine with Mighty No. 9 becoming Mega Man. A plan that I doubt anybody would be angered by, aside from those who planned on trumpeting Mighty No. 9 as being a Kickstarter success. Last week, well, last Rundown, I basically said it was Mega Man’s next incarnation. So I’ll just leave a “Just Go For It!” Much like the recently announced rerelease of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Which will be coming to PC and PS3 later this year, after it had a series of pitiful sales due to a sixty dollar price tag. Though the game was pretty great, or at least I said so back in April.

Nyarko Eating Food Cute Animal Thingies Kawaii Cute Adorable

After all, everybody deserves to tastes success in some degree, and Ninja Theory only sorta got that taste, despite not being a bad developer. Oh, but good developers can easily get the boot shoved up their bum, like the creators of Rayman Legends, which I thought was awesome, and Splinter Cell Blacklist. Both of which underperformed. Which is rather remarkable in the case of Rayman Legends, considering its universal praise, but perhaps it will sell as time goes on. Though this shock was enough for Ubisoft to delay Watch Dogs and The Crew until Q2 2014.

PGOS Water Milk Spit SHock

Well, I’d be lying if I said this was anything beyond flabbergasting, as the game was set to release in a month and be the major showcase for the next generation of consoles. Yet the claimed reason for this delay is to avoid the competition, seeing as how expensive Watch Dogs is, and how much Ubisoft sorta needs for it to do very well. I mean, 900 people worked on Assassin’s Creed IV. GTA V had the excuse of being the biggest game ever, but for a game that is coming out a year after its prior installment? I shake my head at you, Ubisoft. You insane French space people who expect ten million sold copies of ACIV. For real dawg, what the bark?

Unknown Dog Girl in a box

In less surprising news, Pokemon X and Y sold 4+ million around the world within 48 hours. With another 4 coming around Christmas, I’m sure. While the developer of Bioshock 2 and XCOM Declassified, 2K Marin, is all but closed. Which is sad, as the two assignments they turned out were an unwanted, but not bad sequel that can be viewed as 100% non-canonical. Along with a constantly failed reboot at a popular franchise that was delayed until a far better reboot could come out and take away me and, I dunno, three million other people? I don’t have the freaking sales data on that game. All I know is that I like it, yet some of the mechanics are iffy.

SB Huh

Oh, and the Wii U had a 200% sales boost. It’s good, but not up to snuff, considering the release of WInd Waker HD went pretty far under the radar for most non-Wii U owners… I want consoles and exclusivity to go away. I have no more attachment to them despite having the three gen 7 machines right behind me as I type this. Be a goddamn adult this Christmas, wait it out, and buy a Steambox. It’s only gonna be about twice the price of a PS4, so you know it’s the best choice, you child… Did that come out as sarcasm? Teacher-man has been saying I do that wrong lately

That is all, I’m gonna EV train the poop out of a Scyther I named after something in Chaos;Head. Peace, dawg.

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