Nari’s Log Cycle 12: Ame Nochi Hare

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Nari’s Log was a ambitious unfinished sci-fi novella created by Natalie Neumann. Natalie does not recommend that you try to read the original work due to its low quality, structural issues, and grammatical errors. Instead, she encourages you to read the summary included in Volume 06: Nari’s Logof The Saga of Vincent Dawn and Volume 02: Nari’s Log of Natalie Rambles About The Saga of Vincent Dawn to better understand the content of this novella.

Justy as everything was becoming normal enough for me to skip past the whole idea of waking up in my old body thing, a very bizarre curveball was thrown my way. Namely how I was indeed in my room in the Omnibahn, but I was not necessarily myself. As I glanced down on myself and shook out my surprisingly comfortable wardrobe, the difference was obvious. A gender change.

I was relatively familiar with being female, but I was slo another person at the same time. Now I had my snow-like platinum blonde hair drifting down to my shoulders, as it went from being straight to curly. With an outfit mildly modified to suit my adjusted stature. The white trench coat was now past my knees, as the waist area was adjusted for a better fit. My previously tucked in shirt was now exposing a bit of midriff. Trousers were tighter, and my shoes were elevated by at least an inch.

“Goddamnit Doctor, what did you do this time?” I muttered under my breath, taking note of how my voice was a decent enough female version of my normal voice, with no notable qualities. I went through the metal doors, straight to the Rec Room, where I quickly realized this was not an isolated incident. Y’vonne was a good six and a half feet tall, as her face looked very different from her normal one. Originally appearing far more innocent, she was actually kinda scary and not only in size. Her magenta eyes looked misplaced as they glared intimidatingly at me, with a scowl moving some unexpected facial hair that was fashioned into a goatee. Along with short and more stable hair that did a strong 180 on her visual demeanor. With her only clothing being the dark green tunic, which was only large enough to be a shirt, dark jeans that poorly fit her, and some brown worker boots that looked to be from a bin.

Past her, some assorted bean bags, and the cream colored sofa, was Maxxi… I think. From the back I saw two heads, one with a messy, but rough looking ball of hair, and another with more tamed, but still decently unkempt short set of hair. But as the faces turned to me, with Y’vonne being pushed aside, I saw both a Max and a Maxxi. With Max having the rough mane, and Maxxi having the bedhead of short hair. WIth their faces signifying their gender by Max having a very thick moustache.

They talked at the same time, but neither sounded distinctly like Max of Maxxi, rather two mixed voices for the two that were talking at the same time. Weird was an understatement. “Hiya Nira, how’s it hanging?” I was speechless for a bit, before I looked at the television screen, and saw The Doctor. Now wearing a hat that looked like a lump of grey wool. “I’m not a very good driver, and we got caught in the space rain! No more yelling at me! You’re pretty sexy as Nira anyhow, so I don’t see what you got to complain about!”

As I was grinding my teeth, Y’vonne placed her far more weighty hand on my shoulder, as she talked down to me. Her voice would have fit shouting and encouraging people to piss off, but it was still her regular speech pattern. “Well, The Doctor always means well, it’s just that he makes mistakes a lot as well.” “How does that explain why I have C cups while in my own body?” I blurted out, as Max, Maxxi, Maxxisaurus? Whatever. The one formerly known as Maxxi interjected. “Raiyne has lotsa powers, but she likes the zappy stuff a lot. She’s sleeping, but wanted to do a switcheroo first, and a dingleberry with me.” Sounding even odder via the dual speak thing.

“In English, mah girl!” The Doctor began. “You just need to stay like that, while we discuss the last mission. Because Water Nymphs are wack as all can be! Love that word by the way. Wack.” “Okay!” I said, with a voice crack. “What was with the ragdoll and cube? I get the dinosaur who can leap between time and space… I guess. But why did they want to kill us?”

The Doctor paused, and rubbed his furry little chin, pulling a pipe from off screen. “I dunno! I think they’re just a few more Bozos who want to control the Omni by taking over all the worlds in it, because they’re constants, and can do that.” “Huh?” I slipped out. “We’ve actually met them before.” Y’vonne interjected. “There has been this Syndicate that thinks the Omni should not be multiple universes meshed together, and want to revert it back to its previous form.”

“Bestimmt!” Maxxisaurus began. “I don’t remember a talking doll, but they usta have a puppet master. That was a cool day, wasn’t it Josef? Having me for a hand as a talking puppet?” “Hold on!” I interrupted. “So, you have not done anything about these guys?” “Well, puppet man didn’t disappear himself. They’re like cockroaches, durable, quick, but not a major issue until there are more than a fist’s worth! And they’ll always come back, so let them be, they’re bugs and will die long before us!”

“…You said something about a Water Nymph?” I asked, seeing that pursuing the Syndicate would not be a worthwhile topic. “Nira-chan!” interjected Maxxisaurus. “How could you not know the species of your niece?” “You mean Raiyne?” I asked, as they nodded their head, or rather heads. “When we were gone in the woods, she got another four years. My baby’s now five!”

“Wait, what? How long have we been doing this for?” I asked, as my voice shook around. “Calm down Nira- oh, you probably don’t understand the naming scheme. We have different names based on our body’s gender. Mine’s Josef, it’s… German, so the pronunciation is weird.” “I get that, but why do I need to be called Neara?” “It’s actually an anagram of your name, and Maxxisaurus thought it was cute.”

“So, she, he, they are-” I stuttered out, before Y’vonne took reigns. “Well, Maxxi was changed into something else. We just settled on the gender neutral Maxxisaurus. Even though she looks more female than anything.” Curious about Maxxi’s appearance beyond the heads, I moved over to get a good look at the body. It was not what I expected, but why was I suppose to expect? Donned in a brown robe that looked like the one I met her in, or whatever pronoun I should use. She somehow had three large breasts, masculine looking hands, and three legs popping out, with thankfully only two arms, unless one was hidden.

“Funky, ain’t it?” she chuckled with both voices. “Yeah…” I replied, drifting to another topic. “So that water ball did this?” “Hey, no racial slurs!” Maxxisaurus blurted out. “Well, they’re the first of a species, so how could I really make up racial slurs?” I explained. “…It’s not nice!” was all either brain could think up, or maybe they are two brains working together, or purely identical.

Either way, the door I entered through opened up, and as I looked back, batting some hair out of my eyes, I saw what looked to be a little girl in a little dress, both made of water. She looked up and caught a glimpse of Maxxisaurus’ head, as she ran towards her, without making a sound that was not water plopping down on the floor.

She didn’t leap into Maxxisaurus’ arms as much as she spat herself into them, reassembling herself into her Mother’s oddly made lap. Maxxisaurus then began to squeeze Raiyne as her arms went through her watery body, which somehow kept a shape as Maxxi was playing with it like she was made of Jello. Both Y’vonne, or rather Josef, and I stood back as Maxxisaurus gave Raiyne double raspberries, and The Doctor made funny faces. Marking yet another scene I never expected to see in my life.

I waited for about five minutes, supporting the wall with Josef an arm’s length away, as we both became the two older kids, when the parents only cared about their new baby. “So… You knew those animal-men?” I asked, hoping to lessen the awkwardness. “We met them several times before, all were less than ideal. We don’t have the best of luck, but Xandy often helps us with these kind of things. Just his way of looking after his little Maxxisaurus.”

“So, where did Maxxisaurus come from? I take it The Doctor didn’t just pick her up.” “Well,” Josef began. “Maxxisaurus Biscuit was originally Max. At least as far as anyone can tell. He doesn’t recall much of his life. Just being trapped in a tube as people looked at him sadly, and people in lab coats glared at him. That was before his world got mixed into the Omni. After that, he woke up in some sort of jungle. It was the first time he ever remembered being able to move about freely, and out of a tube. Although, he certainly did not recall his furry tail.”

“He wandered about for a few days, getting used to moving and living with gorillas, until he hit his head on a rock. Everything went black after that, as he was awaken by Xandy. He adopted him as his pupil, taking him on adventures, and teaching him of why, and these are his words, “My pee-pee got hard so often”. This led to many a… noteworthy night as the two of them took place in sexual encounters across several worlds. None of us know where he got his ability to transport across worlds, but I don’t even think he recalls where his pocket watch, cane, or hat came from. The duo travelled for years- wait… yes, 24 hours, 365 days, several of those. All until Max discovered that he was very good at being whipped, but it was not lasting very long. Don’t ask, I didn’t.”

“Once Maxxisaurus started to abuse his immortality benefits, he started to attract the attention of The Doctor. And before he knew it, The Doctor was able to send a radio message to Maxxisaurus, which Xandy responded to, by dropping Max off with The Doctor. Well, that’s what I heard anyhow. I was not brought in until later, but… I’d rather not talk about the Under right now.”

The conversation died down, or rather the exposition, as Josef was called over to finger paint with Maxxi. So, I was left leaning on a wall, hands in my coat pockets, and the aggravation of being used as a canvas for non-toxic child’s paint, being something that overcame the idea of asking, I don’t know, more about that Mingling thing? What would the results be with me? Perhaps… Mary for Maxxi and I. While Y’vonne and myself would be… Huh, this is tough. Well, using Mystique as a framing point, I guess… Nyarko would fit for the group excluding Maxxi. And excluding Y’vonne, it would be…

Regardless, I made a path back to my room, to see if anyone would notice, and they did not, or they just did not care. I sat there in my room, as I could practically see the sleeping gas as it seeped through the small holes in the wall. I only had about five minutes before I fell asleep, ready for the next Shift. A large enough time to do something I realized that many other individuals would have done thrice if they were in my shoes. However, when I tried to do… I don’t want to say it. Things felt icky.

Having experienced something I wish to forget, not that there is much I experienced that I wish to remember, assuming this is just some sort of weird coma dream. I curled up in shame, and shut my eyes tighter in hopes it would somehow allow me to drift off a bit more. And I guess it did.

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