Rundown (7/05-7/11) Miscellaneous Mildly Angry Grumbling

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0 Yamada thanks for fucking everything up you miserable piece of shit fuck off and die in a fire leech on society's buttholeYes, my Punch Line review is still not done, I got frustrated with writing it and recently just finished the initial draft of my novel, Verde’s Doohickey, so I decided to put it off. Verde’s Doohickey is a story I am aiming to release on August 31st, probably sooner, but I still need to edit those 50,000 words. I’ll also get a game review out next week, and have been starting therapy. What have you been doing at the weekend? I’ve been organizing my stupidly constructed music library I barely touch. *Dies in a fire*

With the summer months settling in and studios crunching to hit deadlines, a couple publishers, well, two have claimed to start reforming their ways, as Ubisoft will no longer use unrealistic visuals to sell their games and Sega will use what they learned from Atlus, who they own if you recall, to make better games and treat their brand with more respect, which they have not done for the past decade… But they will still not release Phantasy Star Online 2, that is absurd. More absurd than a live action Mighty Number Nine movie? Well, no, that is indeed a very bizarre thing that nobody would want- oh, wait, nope, it is totally happening. What’s next, Dragon Quest Minecraft? Yes, apparently…1 PL What the hell are you doing wtf explain seriously what was that huh

On a more normal note, Alex and Urien from Street Fighter III and Karin and R. Mika from Street Fighter Alpha 3 are rumored to be coming to Street Fighter V. Also, Ken was recently confirmed, meaning there are only about five more slots are available, and one of them is probably for a revamped Blanka who is not a green Bio Force Ape. As with most fighting game news, it’s cool for those who care about it, and I wish them the maximum amount of happiness as long as they are not jerks. On the subject of jerk-like behavior, there was some buzz about Nintendo of America not publishing Devil’s Third after confirming it, as they thought the game was shit, to the point where there was a video from Unseen64, but by the end of the week, NOA confirmed that they are bringing it over. It ultimately did not need to take an Operation Rainfall to get the game back, but the idea of releasing a game in Europe and not North America is baffling to me.2 SCD Too tired today do whatever can't deal with this

On the subject of baffling, Konami has been confusing me for years, and I continued to shake my head when I heard that, according to Solid Snake’s Japanese voice actor, Kojima Productions has been disbanded. I expected as much, but the weird part is how I assumed that disbanded meant that Konami was literally taking the building apart while modifying The Phantom Pain’s code to be as shit as possible so they never need to make another Metal Gear title after this one bombs.On the subject of likely bombs, Gravity Falls is getting a 3DS game from the folks at Ubisoft, and I’m not sure what to make of it. It is a licensed title whose name, Legend of the Gnome Gemulets, makes me feel as if it began development when the show began, but is coming out three years later, potentially due to the difficulties encountered with getting UbiArt to work on the 3DS, the worst platform for UbiArt, as the resolution is crap. I mean, 240p is just pathetic these days. Not even worth looking at…3 Jojo disgusting breed of sexual espionage action like no toher go to a gym you fat ugly POS

Anyhow, that’s all for this week, here’s an image from the Midnight Cross Method:MCM Kawi Desu Chan

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