Rundown (4/14-4/20) A Clever Title That Was Wasted On Demon Sharks

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NR Unknown Shark Crab from hell awesome radical confusingYou know, I actually did have a bit planned for this opening shtick, but I decided that it would be better on another piece this week. So for now I shant speak a tidbit about bums, and will now just admire that header… thing’s hideous, right? Yeah… video games.

Tossing down a spherical object with the aim of obliterating some whodunits, the first gem in the sea that I found worth talking about was Jake Kaufman doing something, namely a visual novel. An odd fit, but- A visual novel?  And it is about an alternate 1940s, and artists who encounter strange events that undoubtedly involve amnesiac situations. Hm… Well, it is completed for a good chunk, with an August release window, so I guess it is worth checking- except I can’t run it. Yeah, I’ll get working on that PC when I get a job, okay universe?

SB Please Make Me Human ChickenOh, but I already have so many titles to play, with this blog originally acting as a way for me to clear a backlog in addition to get better at critiquing stuff. And things are not made better by what my friend dubbed “The Life Consumer” being ready for another go. I’m talking of Skyrim in that regard, namely how it is totally finished. A bit odd, seeing as how I’d expect another batch of DLC, but I suppose the generation is over and now I should get the title in its full form. And devote another 172 hours to it with a new playthrough… No, I shouldn’t. I really shouldn’t buy the complete edition.

WataMote I should be pedophilia baitAnd Ubisoft probably shouldn’t have bothered with the Prince of Persia reboot, seeing as how there’s another likely coming up soon. Well, the details are scarce, but the probability is high, seeing as how I’m guessing the last two games didn’t meet the sales expectations or what have you. I don’t really mind a reboot, but rebooting, debooting, and rebooting once more makes your franchise look like it should be fully retired for a good while. But this is a company that makes one main entry in a series every year, I guess I should’ve seen this coming.

MLM ComplainingJust like how I should have seen the removal of anything about that XCOM FPS. With 2K no longer acknowledging the title’s existence, it is more than a bit likely that the semi-cartoony squad based FPS remake of a turn based strategy title will become a new IP, after the proper reboot, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, did quite well for all involved. And I’d rather have a new IP crash and burn instead of an old IP getting a crappy entry. And it’s not like the fans were even interested in the game, so I doubt any additional money would be made.

SCD More People Like Me Than Anyone COcky ArrogantEven placing a familiar franchise name over a game doesn’t seem to do it anymore, with March’s two GOW prequels doing poorly. Which is how I refer to God of War: Ascension and Gears of War: Judgement. Two titles I think would have made better launch titles for this winter’s new consoles. Or maybe it just shows that after making a trilogy and going back doesn’t get people hyped up very much, because you’re doing the backwards progress in terms of scope while removing much weight because we already know the ending. Well, unless you’re Snake Eater, aside from the sales part.

SB Chicken Path of Destruction

While remakes are a different matter in terms of sales, with a lot of the game already made for you and likely a strong fan support. And there aren’t too many series with more support than the classic Resident Evils. which sound far more appealing due to the possible updates to the first three. Granted, it could just be a PC port, but there is no such thing as Japanese PC gaming. Well, outside of a million or so. People prefer handhelds more than anything, so I’d say that there are few better ideas than Resident Evil Classics as a 3DS and Vita title. You would only need to update two anyhow. Speaking of which, I still haven’t opened my copy of the Resident Evil remake, better get on it.

MLM I Forgot

I mean the time it took for me to be aware of it and actually play it would be about as long as it’s been taking for square to finish Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which is apparently getting some big news soon. Although, from the way it was translated, I think the game has gone through three different iterations by this point, which could mean many things. I just hope it is good, seeing as how the only reason why I dislike the company is because I know they have talented people there, and nothing would make me happier to like every major game company. Just make sure it is not rubbish, rename it FInal Fantasy XV, shove it on the new platforms, and say it’s coming Holiday 2014 to the PS4. Sure, I wouldn’t buy it, I just want it to be a thing that is good, alright?

SCD Good I'm not wearing any pants

Just like how I want Capcom to be a better company after partaking in Resident Evil 6, on disk DLC, and cancelling a game after they indefinitely delayed the finished demo. As they did some reevaluation of their current titles. Which basically boils down to increase promotion of DLC, which I’m becoming increasingly less of a fan of, due to hard drive space, price, and the compulsion to never sell the game. Stop outsourcing stuff and do it themselves, which considering they found Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry reboot to be unfulfilling means they’ll probably just play it safer. Although, I’m sure Resident Evil 6 was outsourced a bunch, so it is a mixed bag. And improve worldly communications, which I hope it means that they won’t make a radical looking Monster Hunter MMO exclusive to China… It uses CryEngine for crying out loud! China doesn’t have the money for that! Well, more specifically the average Chinese person, or am I misinformed?

SCD Can't see you beneath my massive rack puny humans

Well what I do know for a certain is that Project Zwei, a cooperation between Shinji Mikami and Bethesda Studios, is now called The Evil Within. Sadly, that is most of what I know other than how it is a survival horror game about a detective, because the reveal live action trailer hardly clenched my plums. I’ll admit to not being big on the survival horror traits, not having played a proper one yet due to incompetence, but it already looks like something I can avoid, which is the opposite of what a reveal trailer should do.

SCD Everything is reversed opposite inverted topsy turveyAnd that is all that I have to say about the going ons, with my Nintendo Direct post covering the rest as my opinions remain largely the same cynical banter, with the amendment that Mario & Luigi 4 looks better with a second glance, Zelda doesn’t look as visually good as I expect a Zelda game to look, and Yoshi’s Island is still ugly! Now I am off to plow through an anime I don’t want to watch because it is pretty bad, and I decided that I would finish most of it up over two days.

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