NWS (3/03-3/09) And God Said, “Let There Be Flying Piss Stained Panties”

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NWS 6I’m screwed up because of daylight savings and a sore throat, so I’m just going to post my next adventure into video game reality and talk about what I saw. So in one of my favorite quotables I will, “Just Go For It!”

Marking the tenth year in a row that people have been talking about the game, there’s another rumor of Shenmue 3. Unsurprisingly, people once more believe that the follow up for a massive $70 million budget for far older titles even has a snowball’s chance in hell of being funded at the scope the creators would need for a proper follow up. I mean, you’d probably need a kickstarter just for an HD release of the first two titles. Although, the idea of an anime/manga series seems far more likely, despite the fact that it would undermine how you could just walk into convenience stores, which was one of Shenmue’s biggest draws.

SCD Sexy Delinquent attention do not care

Speaking of games that will probably never happen again, Dead Space 4 is an unreality. Yes, after repeated attempts to expand and broaden the horizons, leading to the lowest scores of the numbered series and lower sales than the predecessor. I hate to tell you that I told you so, but I said you were a dumb person, and you just proved my point. Honestly, expecting to sell 5 million during a fairly busy time where individuals need to use their $60 tokens wisely, is borderline insanity. Godspeed Dead Space, if only your fate was not in the palms of complete nitwits who don’t understand the industry they work in. Although, EA later denied the idea, while not stating that another instalment was necessarily happening, but I’d rather stay pessimistic about this one. Or maybe the series is just taking a nap after the DLC, because after 3 games, a series deserves a break. Unless you’re Mass Effect, because EA, amiright?
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One such example is Thi4f, a recently reannounced and restarted title I will keep using because it was just that dumb, and not using it would be a waste. Several details have been revealed, making me think it is Hitman Absolution, mixed with Dishonored minus the magics, with a grappling hook, a device that theoretically makes any game a bag of fun. I personally adore the very idea of a stealth game, if only because I can knock out all the dudes unnoticed, but it’s another case where I need to see a demo before I start to care. That, and the whole new generation bit is going to affect titles like this for the eighth generation, which is forming up an identity that seems more dismissive than I originally hoped. So I might end up waiting even longer to dive in, especially seeing as how I’ll have access to a PS3 8 months every year.

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Not to imply that I believe this medium to be in a direct decline, seeing as how things like
Conception 2 are happening. For those unaware, or those who forgot like me, Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child! was one of those distinctly Japanese PSP games, where you had to form a party of heroes to save the world by seducing women into having your child thanks to star magic… Why was the first never released in English? Well, there’s a chance now, seeing as how it is not released at the end of the lifespan of a system, and has a dual handheld launch to help it out if someone eventually finds the money to give it a digital release, or whatever you can do with a niche audience. However, the game is far larger, so this might be one of those titles that I’ll forget in an attempt to lessen the upset from the realization that I’ll never get to play it.

SCD I just wanted to say that sorry for being awkward

After all, it is rare when a niche audience expands into something larger, with The Walking Dead as a good example. Built upon the groundwork that is not very different than a visual novel, it managed to receive glowing reviews, obviously leading to a successor, which will happen in fall 2014. Something that sounds a lot longer than it actually is, at least when you realize how they need to still do the King’s Quest and Fables games. But as for the idea of a successor, I would actually prefer something that was not based on the actions made in the first game, mostly due to how a lot of people died. But Walking Dead set in some little isolated Colorado town is probably going to stay right in my dreams.
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But if my dreams were a reality, there would be far fewer online titles, and the ones that existed would actually work, unlike SimCity. I understand it is difficult to maintain an online community and whatnot, but this is just sad. News flash anyone who desires to do a massive global launch of a game with constant DRM, buy twice as much server space for the first few weeks, unless you want negative press that will ultimately undermine your entire product, because a lot of people gave up and regretted their decision instantly. With the only remanence being a title that everyone forgets within six months. Remember Diablo III? Yeah, that’s what I thought.
SCD Think before you act you idiot silly boy
Oh, but it is far worse than Diablo in terms of bad DRM errors. With pulled marketing of the title, demands of DRM removal, all wrapped up by EA blaming the consumer for having too much fun with the game and overloading their servers. Wow EA, just wow. I think you past the ninth circle and headed down into China. Keep this up and you’ll sink so low you’ll be in space. It is bad enough you crammed in a bunch of unnecessary BS involving socializing and ultimately hurting the game because of it, but you HAD to know this would happen. Or did the unseen puppet master do this, as you played with a box of horse dicks?
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Speaking of things that people forgot about, that Sarkeesian lady who was under fire a few months back put up her first video. Which I didn’t watch because I don’t like her face, which has little to do with attractiveness, just that I don’t want to spend twenty minutes looking at it, and her voice bores me as well. But after a rather large fallout from her trying to talk about tropes in video games regarding the sex with the vaginas, I can’t help but find this as something remarkably dismissible. But I might not take this industry serious enough or some crap like that.
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What I was taking mildly serious was Project Awakened a rad looking and heavily moddable superhero title, which was not successfully funded by Kickstarter. However, there is still a plan B to get the game finished. Will it end up working? I have no clue, but hopefully it can be what they, the developers, want and not need to deal with a major publisher, because the industry is increasingly growing sour to them, because creative freedom and that jazz. This actually was surprising to me, but I was surprised that DoubleFine is able to stay in business, and they made millions via Kickstarter.

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But that’s all I have to say this week, mostly because I am rushing to get this done after filming a play for an easy $40 that will become about $100, because of editing. So without bringing up the not quite Ultima X, but good enough Kickstarter Project or Guild02’s US release, mostly because I haven’t bought either’s predecessors despite owning Ultima IV, I’m going to try and get some review ready for next week. Onwards, upwards, and westwards!

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