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I’ll be honest and say that I am not a very good writer. Sure, I’ve tried my hardest to get better, and hopefully get some free criticism, but there is one aspect I still don’t get above how to make characters, and that is providing a proper scale. In short, I was more or less trying to hit two hundred pages, where I explain the backstory of 26 characters, a massive world filled with smaller worlds, and fulfill any desire I had in my head.

However, as I reached the 80 page mark of Nari’s Log, I realized that I’m going to need another draft done, with a complete overhaul, seeing as how I actually think my remade first arc ended up being pretty alright. I could blame myself for just not having the mind to create a large narrative, but in fairness, I have 0 people to talk to about it, so things are solely dependant if they make sense in my brain or not.

From here, I plan on doing little short stories, instead of combining them into one big project. First one will be a revamped version of that Terrance story I did a week ago, but told from a first person perspective looking back, since it is my prefered POV. So… yeah, I’ll keep posting what I have of Nari’s Log, unlike what I did the first time and keep these stories coming with no continuity. Because it was more trouble than it was worth with so many characters, seeing as how I thought I was as good as SWERY, when I’m far, far, far from his level.

So, after three months of work, and two drafts both spanning several dozen pages, I’m done with Nari’s Log, at least for the time being. Perhaps I’ll return to the idea someday, but for now, I’m just going to have weekly one shots about five pages apiece, where I do something I would have done if I had continued Nari’s Log, but I build up so much BS that I don’t want to shovel all away and bring it back for a third time.

Every Tuesday or Wednesday, I’ll have a short story. With Nari’s Log continuing for seven more weeks every Saturday, and NWS continuing every Sunday until I give up, assuming I decide to give up. With reviews, like always, being about two days after I’m done with something, because I finish at night, write tomorrow, and edit and post the next day. Unless it’s a weekend, when I save them. Now I’m off to film a children’s play that my sister is directing, because that is kinda my job.

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