NWS (2/03-2/09) Racist Residents, Awakened All-Stars, Lackluster Legends, and Impossible Inquiries

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Let’s see how things went last week… no reaction, lovely! Not that it matters to me, because I just like writing, but hopefully if I keep doing something, I can at least get a fish. Because there is truly not a more noble weapon.

SAO You aren't a girl

Golly, this industry is filled with stupid, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Like a train rolling on in the station, someone threw out the sexist or racist card. This time to Gearbox, for creating a racist little girl… Perfect! The general notion is that because she uses some “urban lingo” which is the slightly more politically correct way of saying “jive speak”, she is a racist character, seeing as she is a white girl… huh? If anything, the character is going against racial conventions more than following them. It is like making a pimp character Asian, and saying that is racist. How? You’re going against a stereotype by applying traits to skin colors that don’t normally get them. And besides, complaining about anyone using the terms crunk and badonkadonk, is the true act of racial intolerance. Intolerance to the Human race.

MLM Stupid People Amusing Fun

And on the subject of things I find to be head tilting, Resident Evil 6, the game that made me put down the controller and just pace around, trying to see if I would even be able to comprehend everything that I hated about its demo. And I wasn’t. Managed to sell 4.8 million copies… ugh! But they originally expected to sell 7 million… hah! Having literally no nostalgia to the series, not even knowing what it was until 2008 despite growing up with a Gamecube. I was a stupid little piece of poo-poo. I can’t help but laugh at Capcom screwing things up with a game that I have no issue in considering one of the biggest wastes of this generation, as if the staff of 600 wasn’t enough. But the bad side is that they are going to play it safer. While the good side is that they will most likely go back to basics, except for that this is Capcom, the company that got rid of Clover Studios and lost Keiji Inafune… Now this is all making sense

MLM Let Me Be Leave Me Alone

However, good studios obviously exist, and one that grabbed me like a chocolate covered fishing hook, was Phosphor with their oft revived title, know as Project Awakened. A title with as much potential as polygons, despite how it could go wrong very, very easily. But not one to dismiss publicity, they decided to also talk about Publishers and how the industry is no longer dependant on them, which I can’t see any major issue with. How the Unreal Engine 4 is apparently excellent, because it does so much for you right from the get go, applying hope that the industry will not get quite as bloated with multimillion dollar budgets. And, seeing as how the game is mod focused, why we should all join the PC Master Race, except not really, because money and technical diddly doo. Personally, I would love to build a PC, but I need both money and know-how, because colleges require two years of a foreign language… No, really, that’s why I didn’t take any computer classes besides programming, which I was awful at

SAO First TIme You Smiled

Unfortunately, many studios are not as lucky as Phosphor, and are tossed out by publishers, because they didn’t meet expectations, if only due to a lack of hype. Sony ended their relationship with the PlayStation All Stars Markers, after Sony laid off several employees. I understand that they spent a lot of money trying to compete with Smash Bros, however most people didn’t even notice its release during the holiday season. That is not the developer’s fault, Sony, you’re pretty much the one to blame.

SB Are You A Bad Friend?

That, and you couldn’t work to get characters like Lara Croft, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro into the game. Which was actually the biggest appeal to many of the people who I talked to about the game, not playing as the girl from Heavenly Sword. I admittedly have not played the game, and the reception has been mixed. But one studio needing to prove themselves with one game before you can cut all ties with them? That is a sensible move from a business, but establishing a studio to make a title and then throwing it to the side, is probably their worst PR event since the whole PSN hack debacle. Huh, I knew everyone would forget about it within two years tops.

SB Forgot About That

But nobody cares about the third studio getting screwed over within a month, seeing as how there’s Witcher 3 to look forward to in 2014. But what amazes me is how uninteresting they managed to make it sound, with every word sounding like it came from a PR machine. I am in the minority of Think-Wrongs who had the tenacity to dislike Witcher 2, so talking about it being mature is as interesting as saying there are now horsies. And just because you can make a world 30 times bigger does not mean you should, James. But it will be well received, while I try to ignore it, because I felt like the last game was a bad $10 investment.

MLM Yay?

Or maybe it will all change by being on the next generation of consoles. Speaking of which, apparently the next Xbox will come with a faucet that turns electricity into its own patented “gamer fuel”. Oh wait, sorry, that’s a slightly more likely situation. Yeah, several rumors have surfaced about it blocking off used games, which is like flinging poop in the face of the biggest game distributor in the United States, where Microsoft makes the most of its Xbox dough. Is always online, when I know several people who don’t even own a computer, and know many people with faulty internet connections. Let alone other countries being completely blocked, because foreign money is fool’s money. Yeah, the console failure rates and online charges were struggles it managed to avoid, but this is like pooping in the king’s face after robbing him.

SB Derp, I'm So Silly

I can’t help but wonder about the Wii U’s fate in comparison to these undoubtedly diabolical machines from the multimedia bases. Especially after one of its best looking exclusives, Rayman Legends, is now coming out for Xbox 360 and PS3. Sure, it has been delayed from February to September, which pissed off Wii U owners. At least give them timed exclusivity. Seriously, there is no good reason for that, Ubisoft. But for people like me, it is diving into a pit of marmalade. Because Rayman Origins is one of my favorite games of this generation, and one of the few that I gave my highest score. So yeah, the Wii U now has only four shown exclusives (Wondrous 101, Pikmin 3, Shin Megami X Fire Emblem, and Wind Waker HD) that I care about, yay!
SB Day Has FInally Arrived Grudge

However, it was clearly an action based on the Publisher, and their dumb policy for everything coming out on the same day for every system. Even though the Wii U version is basically ready for launch. Something that I find surprising, after hearing from an anonymous developer. Apparently the game was in perpetual crunch time since E3, and had to work on several demos during that timeframe. Granted, it is a 2D platformer running on an established engine, but I recall hearing developers who were confused as to what the final product would be back during E3. For the sake of the developers, let them see their work ship when it is done. Not seven months after, when the new consoles will probably be near!

MLM Stop Doing That It

Leaping from subject in a manner that I am shocked works even half as well as it does, it is no secret that Mass Effect 4 will be for the new consoles. But we shouldn’t call it ME4. In a move that I think covers their rumps nicely, the next Mass Effect game will not take into consideration how you removed purpose from life, committed genocide, or reinforced segregation. Well, it might, or it might be a side story, prequel, or maybe they will just abandon the canon, which is what I would do, because I loathed the ending debacle enough to want the series to be recalled in every form.

MLM DOn't Care an Itch ABout You

But while I was actually happy with the ending to Mass Effect 3, I was certainly not happy about another game I bought then, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Whose studio’s successor, look up 38 Studios, Impossible Studios, is shutting down. In under a year a team was in two studios that shut down, wow. At least they were given three months pay as they look for another job, which is very classy of their owner, Epic Games. But why would you bring up a studio and close in in under six months? Who knows? It’s not like they did much during their brief run other than an Infinity Blade spin-off, because of reasons.

MLM None of it mattered I don't care Eating

My last bit is not news, but I just want to share it, because it made me drool a bit. Destructoid did a piece on a game called Limbo of the Lost, and the game looks utterly amazing in the wrong ways. And is one I’d totally try to get my hands on, but it was recalled, because of art theft. Yeah, this is probably what would’ve happened if I tried to make a game, and had ten times the creative talent I do as of now. Speaking of which, off to do that, but at least I’m smart enough to steal from public domain!

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