Rundown (11/16-11/22) Pokemon is Basically a Nightmare Furnace

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gengar_junji_ito.0.0_cinema_960.0So, on the day after my twentieth birthday I was told that the company I work for as an office boy wants me to fill in some big shoes over my winter break from school. Meaning that instead of learning how to use Ren’py as I had planned while working on the Vivian James X Girl In My Dreams story, I will be making some money to afford that MSI GTX 970 Graphics card I’ve been eying for a while. Along with 16GB of RAM and maybe a new monitor… I’ve wanted that stuff for months, okay?

You know what people have wanted for longer than that? Smash Brothers Wii U, which is out now, and will be getting Mewtwo DLC, but work has not begun on any other DLC. I mean, if Nintendo is doing Mario Kart 8 DLC packs, and bonus Pikmin levels, why the hell wouldn’t they fill in the roster they made from Smash 4? But I’m sure they want to prolong the release to keep people playing and not selling their Wii U. …Wait, what sort of dummy would sell a console nowadays?1 DR you ar eusing common sense on something nonsensical and stupid give up logic there is no reason in her fuck dumb

The same sort of dummy who would think that Assassin’s Creed Unity was ready to ship, even though word of a third patch came in less than a week after the release. It’s bad enough that Assassin’s Creed is a series that I think less of whenever I see gameplay of it, with Unity making me want to have a copy of the title just to set it on fire, as I would likely give it a three or two if I were to review it. Though the series does plan on expanding, by taking this M rated title that involves murder and all that yucky stuff and shooting it in the soft faces of children. Their logic is understandable, but the… Actually, screw it, I’m done caring about this series beyond the modern day narrative.2 SF fuck it I give up no better no worse that is just terrible fuck it hit it and quit it this is prime time dog shit what the literal hell is that design

That said I am not “done” with Ubisoft, as I will likely be reviewing Far Cry 4 before the year’s end, but if I do not like it, I will promptly swear off all AAA Ubisoft games for two years minimum. That said, saying the people who worked on these AAA games are being given creative freedom is a rather good way to grab my interest by the gonads.3 BTM Crotch Grab

But Pokemon has my interest gonads grabbed by several sharp metallic objects that I cannot remove without dying. So I’ll go into a coma and become Punished Nigma where I will demolish several thousand nations, assuming there are that many… I have not been drinking potatoes juice!

Hopefully reposting that crotch grab picture will get me some more views… It got me hundreds in the past…

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