NWS (1/27-2/02) Nintendo Bravely Shutting Down Kojima’s Microtransaction Blow

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Well, guess I’m going to try and make this a thing. A weekly segment where I go through the many happenings of the game industry, and maybe address a bigger topic as well, since I don’t have room for it in a review. It’s basically a grab bag of whatever’s on my mind, and it is mostly linked to Destructoid, big surprise. It’s almost like I tried sharing my stuff there before getting embarrassed and fleeing. Also, pictures from some animes, because I think it’s funny.  (Week of 27/1/2013-2/2/2013)

SB Go For It

Okay, so the new Dead Space game, the action horror series that led to the infamous marketing campaign of “Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2”, because EA is EA. Not only said things like, “Ultimately you need to get to audience sizes of around five million to really continue to invest in an IP like Dead Space.” When the series of two games barely even add up to that in terms of sales. They think cramming it in along with their other shooters (Crysis 3, Fuse, and Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel) in the span of two months can guarantee those unreachable goals. Well, not Fuse, seeing as how it was delayed until Q2.

MGX Face 16

But That’s not the real topic here, it’s that they are doing Microtransactions in Dead Space 3. Now, they gave the extremely faulty excuse of “There’s a lot of players out there, especially players coming from mobile games, who are accustomed to micro-transactions.” And the microtransaction are primarily for resources in the game’s weapon crafting system. Which I’m actually okay with, at least in theory. If people desire to waste more money to get extra stuff that they could get by playing the game, that’s fine. But, and this is a big but here, if they specifically make certain resources harder to find because of this, the game is dirt beneath man’s feet. Much like the last big microtransaction feast, Final Fantasy: All The Bravest.

TWGOK A New Form Of Badness? Shitty

If there was ever a reason to never trust a game the developers announced the day before release, this was it. From relying on a system that wastes the player’s time by having certain evens be locked based on how long you avoided it, unless you pay. Gameplay that literally possesses no strategy other than rubbing your palm on something. And needing to pay $4 for the game itself. $1 to unlock one random sprite character from the Final Fantasy series, and another $4 for each set of stages you desire. All while using sprites from GBA and SNES games. Well, that’s what I’ve heard from Jim Sterling’s Review and pretty much any other review out there, since I don’t even own a bloody cell phone! Yeah, I had one, and didn’t use enough use for it to be worth keeping.

SB Can't Fool The Chicken

But on the subject of companies obtaining money, or the opposite spectrum, THQ going bankrupt is still fairly recent, with a lot of people who I have primarily heard nice things about going unemployed. Namely everyone at Vigil games, the studio behind Darksiders II, which I liked a whole bunch. And Darksiders, which I was hardly a fan of. Either way, the company received no bids. Bringing up a very heartfelt goodbye from the lead combat designer.

SB Starting Sadness

But it appears that some people were not without a job, since 35 members were taken in by a new studio from Crytek, marking their eighth studio. Which, for a company that has only released three major titles, an expansion, and an iOS game, is a little suspect. Where do they get all these monies from?  Why did they even bother with buying up the Homefront IP? And, most importantly, how cheap will the Darksiders IP be? Because Atsushi Inaba is interested in buying it. And few things would be radder than a Platinum Games developed… well, anything to be honest!

SB Exactly!

But Vigil weren’t the only Austin based game studio to go down the toilet in January, seeing as how Epic Mickey developer Junction Point is no more. Or as I liked to call them, Warren Spector and some chaps who made a licensed game about a character who is basically dead for an audience that no longer existed. Kids don’t care about Mickey Mouse, neither do adults. He’s pretty much just a relic of early animation and not much more. So why would making a game about him sell? Especially when it has the word “Epic” in the title. Not that either game was necessarily noteworthy, with 2 being particularly average at best from what I heard. But it is common courtesy to not like seeing people lose their jobs. So… sad face?

MLM DIsgruntled Happy Emotion Sad

Okay, I feel no remorse at all, because I doubt they would end up being able to make a stellar product with Disney having controlled them pretty harshly. But at least another company who gets most of their profits from nostalgia seem to be more lenient, as if Shin Megami Tensei “X” Fire Emblem was not enough of a hint. For reasons that make as much sense to me as why they won’t just make several hundreds of millions off of the iOS, Nintendo has only just now collaborating heavily with third-party developers. I can’t help but wonder why it is just now they decided on doing this, but probably the same reason why they are just now sharing console and handheld architecture. I know I am being bitter, but it is nothing short of a dream of mine to see Nintendo drop out of the hardware business, become a full third party developer, and not become another Sega. The company that shuts down fan projects, rather than sells them. I mean, come on, It’s basically free money, ya silly suits!

BTM Wide Eyed Face

However, that seems like a tame complaint, when I heard Jonathan Blow claim that *unnamed modern games* are “Objectively Terrible”. Which, in itself, I find to be nothing short of close minded and rude. Really just a different dress for, “Anyone who likes X is clearly retarded.” Giving me no issue with calling Jonathan Blow, the “Greatest Racist of  Video Game”. While I do find Master of Martial Hearts to be the most repugnant piece of feces that has ever taken the form of an anime. To the point I wished a poor life upon its creators. But would I put down anyone who liked it? No! Everyone has their own opinion. Even if they think we should rape children with fire coated dildos, they are entitled to their own opinion.

SB You Are Crap And I'm Happy

I sorta get where he’s coming from. Many critics could stand to look at games more in depth, myself included. However, the issue of fun was once more brought up, and if playing Witcher 2 is anything to go upon, games without fun provide no reason to play them, making them pretty pointless. And just to clarify, I consider every positive emotion to be fun. In case people take this the wrong way, I actually like the man, but his passion can often make him look like an ass. But hey, that applies to most human beings. Especially ones who want to be taken serious. And no offense Mr. Blow, you’ve spent 5 years on your second game. How exactly does that make you some sort of guru of the industry, I never got that. But I never got Braid, because I found the story to be too poorly inserted to have been anything Mr. Blow desired anyone to ever look at.

MLM Dead Stare Serious Anger Shame

But I do get why some people are considered to be a more or less guru, and if the completely nutters work of Hideo Kojima is worth that, I declare that all well renowned game creators to get their own action figure. If only because that is completely awesome! And how I have nothing to say about GTA V coming out 17/9/2013, since I find the game as interesting as dirt compared to Saints Row. And the Playstation 4 is just a sign of my friend going away, getting five wives, seven degrees, and a goddamn space station, because he does that. While I end up getting piss in my face along with a spike in my chest, because reality is topsy turvy, bro… good night! I’m off to learn just how the hell I’m suppose to play a Metal Gear Solid, so I can then play all the Metal Gear Solids. Because I had the HD collection for over a year now, brap!

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