Red Faction: Guerilla Review

20160724150858_1Red Faction: Guerilla has been off my radar for quite some time, which actually surprises me, as it is a game developed by Volition, the people behind Saints Row, and I absolutely loved the second and fourth games in that series. It is also a game about destroying buildings, which has a primal and cathartic appeal to me. However, the brown aesthetic of this game always put me off, and it wasn’t until I caught a few glimpses of people gushing about this game before I chose to check it out and see what made their knickers so tight and cozy. Yeah, I still have no idea what they found so appealing about this game. (more…)

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Saints Row IV Review

2015-05-20_00076As the years have gone on, I feel as if I have gotten increasingly more cynical, and less permissive of things that I openly would have praised in year’s past. I do truly and always want to sing the praises of just about anything I believe to deserve it, but there are and were moments where I was a bit too excited and felt too justified in saying nice things that I ignored some of the negligence thoughts that now fill my mind whenever I play any game, which kinda sucks now that I think about it. (more…)

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Rundown (2/01-2/07) Hyperdimension Neptunia Xtreme Victory II: Lavindation of Crystalia

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2015-02-08_00041So, I didn’t look too much into the whole Nintendo creator program last week, and assumed that Nintendo did get their stuff straight when it comes to wanting free promotion on the world’s leading internet video platform. But instead they very much force people into corners if they wish to make money by doing, say, a let’s play of one of their titles, which is foolish at best. I’ve been following the LP community back before it blew up as much as it has, and I have to say that the process is pretty time consuming, and the need to remain humorous and witty towards a game, especially when doing live commentary does take some work. Also, you know, they are showing gameplay of a title, and chances are that those who watch a title they think they may enjoy and have disposable income will purchase the title in question, thus getting you more than the paltry sum that ad revenue can get you. (more…)

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Saints Row: The Third Review

2528915-4853251374-cast.If you put me on the stop at this very moment and asked me what my favorite franchises are in the realm of video games, I would probably ponder and stutter for a few seconds before spitting out Pokemon, Metal Gear, and Saints Row. The last one is naturally what I’m here to talk about, as while I do adore parts two and four, the first and third parts of this to be pentalogy are far lower on the totem pole of quality in my mind. While part one is the franchise before it really got its own identity, part three was where the franchise was established, became AAA to a certain extent, and had a staff that was 80% people who did not assist in building this franchise up. But that was three years ago, and I feel it is worth revisiting… That, and I was in the mood for a game with character creation, and this was the only one on my list of games I own which I ought to play. (more…)

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Metro: Last Light Review

Metro-Last-Light1Funny story about how I got Metro: Last Light. I was just getting into the PC gaming in July when I was directed a link to snag the game for a penny… legally. The reasoning was that there was some error on Best Buy’s part and I managed to get the game before it was fixed. Why did it take me so long to get around to seeing as how I really liked the 2033rd? Well, I wanted to play the game in ranger mode, waited until it was on sale, played it, and realized that ranger mode was pretty terrible due to how it is impossible to know how much ammo you have. Backstory handled, so let’s talk the twenty-thirty-four! (more…)

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Darksiders II Review

darksiders-2-wallpaper-968716You ever play a game and revisit it a while later and question why you did not notice the many flaws it had? Well, this is one of those reviews, as I previously looked over Darksiders II when the game was fresh and THQ was still alive. But now that the company is no more, I got a free copy, and felt like giving the game another whirl, I feel the need to verbally express my opinions on a game that is already more or less forgotten. Also, I didn’t actually beat it a second time through, I just got right up to the final dungeon and decided that I wanted to play something else. (more…)

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Saints Row 2 Review

Saints_Row_2_Neon_v_2_by_UniversalDiabloI really do not have an explanation for what I decided to replay Saints Row 2, let along the vanilla version of a not very good PC port. I am aware that there is a supposedly awesome mod by the name of Gentlemen of the Row, but I forgot about it until I was nearly done with my 45 hour playthrough where I did just about everything I could do that wouldn’t be easily viewed as mindless busy work. However, this is not a review where I look back and question why I did not see faults with a title, but one where I actually come to terms with how I probably should have loved this title even more than I thought I did. Also, I want to review something happy on Christmas, unlike last year… (more…)

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Review


Part of me feels a bit redundant when reviewing a game like Amnesia. Well, more so than any other game, if only because pretty much everybody knows the game to be a scary good time, and I don’t have much in terms of an argument to that. Heck, I only own it thanks to a Humble Bundle I threw $5, and decided to play it because I like to have a diverse order of games to play so I am always feeling different flavors of the good stuff. Actually, the mostly unrelated sequel is coming out in a few days, so I can just use that justification.


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Saints Row IV Review

saints_row_4-wideNote: I re-reviewed this game in 2015. Please disregard this original review.

The Saints Row series has always been a bit of an oddity to me, but at the same time, few games managed to change themselves up so drastically over a single generation of consoles. From GTA clone, to a silly parallel to the series, to a game that tried to ape its wacky demeanor but somehow felt lacking. To part IV, which is probably going to be my GOTY unless I finally play Bioshock Infinite.


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Metro 2033 Review


I hate it when titles take me forever to get around to, and this one was hanging in the balance for about two months. But after using an extended weekend to plow through this title that I would expect 5+ million people to own due to how it was $0.00 for a few days. Still, I am insane and can’t go through something and not write about it unless my thoughts are totally indifferent, so here’s what I thought of the title, and two months before the sequel.

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NWS (1/27-2/02) Nintendo Bravely Shutting Down Kojima’s Microtransaction Blow

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NSW Header

Well, guess I’m going to try and make this a thing. A weekly segment where I go through the many happenings of the game industry, and maybe address a bigger topic as well, since I don’t have room for it in a review. It’s basically a grab bag of whatever’s on my mind, and it is mostly linked to Destructoid, big surprise. It’s almost like I tried sharing my stuff there before getting embarrassed and fleeing. Also, pictures from some animes, because I think it’s funny.  (Week of 27/1/2013-2/2/2013)


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Stacking Review

StackingKeyArtFinalI mentioned doing some sort of Double Fine review string in terms of their first wave of smaller downloadable titles. And since I am dreading going back and trying to review Xenoblade, with only notes of the first 90 hours to guide me, I’m going to talk about the other two titles they made in that time period. Starting with Stacking, an Adventure/Puzzle game about Russian stacking dolls and child labor… It is really hard to dislike your game ideas, you silly billies!

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Costume Quest + Grubbins On Ice Review

October is probably my second favorite month of the year. Even though I am not so much into horror, I really do enjoy the atmosphere that comes with this season. However, I also do love themes, so I might as well squeeze three titles that are at least Halloween-ish for this week. Or at least three reviews within three days. Granted, I do not own many, but I figure that these titles would not be talked as much as others, so let’s dive into some that I happen to own. Starting with Double Fine’s first downloadable title, Costume Quest!

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