Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan – Episode Alternative

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Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan – Episode Alternative is an alternate version of Episodes 11 and 12 of Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan. A version that features characters, plot points, and a tone more in line with the original outline for the novel, as detailed in Natalie Rambles About Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan.

After blazing through the ruins of the west coast, Abigale and her two man slaves have finally made it to their final destination. With the key to absolute power just a bullet away, they do what they do best and enact mass destruction, bringing death to all who oppose them, until they find what they desire. The final offspring of Abigale, Isadore the Intellectual.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, locales, and events are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any intellectual properties referenced are property of their respective owners.

Content Warning:
This work contains sexually explicit activities, strong language, extreme violence, child sexual abuse, and violence against children. Reader discretion is advised.

In the universe of The Saga of Dawn and Dusk, there are hundreds of different ways that the story of Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan could have played out, and this is merely one possible version. A version where hope is dead and the only hero the world has is a woman of malice who desires little more than the complete domination of a tattered Earth.

This short story was originally released on April 27, 2023, five years after the original April 27, 2018 release of Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan.

Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan
Episode Alternative: Isadore the Intellectual

The electric engine of the Blazing Beelzebub shrieked as it powered through the rough and tattered road. It, like everything else, was completely wrecked by the Cataclysm, transforming the asphalt into little more than gravel. It was harsh, but it was nothing this car hadn’t seen before. Her red paint had been chipped, body had been stabbed, and there was a mysterious rattling as her engine cried. 

However, her long journey was finally at its end. She had fulfilled her purpose and brought her passengers to their destination. Alfalon University. A college campus that had weathered the Cataclysm better than most. None of the brick buildings had massive holes in them. Most of the windows looked to be intact. And if you squinted just right, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that the world went to shit seven years ago. The sidewalk connecting the buildings across the campus were cracked to hell, and the grassy fields were half a meter tall, but that was schmancy compared to 90% of the world.

As Beelzebub rolled onto the campus sidewalk, her doors swung open, revealing the only three motherfuckers who had any chance of ‘saving’ this world.

In the driver’s seat was Zedaki. Despite only being 52-years-old, time hit him like a dump truck, and he looked to be a good decade older. Stark-white platinum blonde hair brushed past his shoulders and down to his back, while a thick beard covered his face with a manly scruff. His body, tall and strong, was dressed under a scarlet jacket, stained by the dried blood of those stupid enough to stand in his way. 

As he planted his worn boots into the grass below, he tipped his wide-brimmed red hat, looking up at the vast buildings before him. Taking it all in with his pale blue eyes, he twisted his pale, wrinkled face into a facsimile of joy… that would strike fear into the hearts of anyone with an ounce of sanity. For everyone else though, his nature was made clear as he reached into the car, pulling out a Mk 18. A close-quarters assault rifle.

Popping from the back was Jack ‘Crowbar’ Onson. A ‘man’ who was the opposite to Zedaki in every way. He was a short and skinny little thing, dressed in little more than leather fetish gear. Black leather swapped around his crotch, garters strapped across his legs, thigh-high boots on his feet, and an assortment of straps spread from the bra on his chest. 

Every inch of his light brown skin was soft, his black hair was fashioned into a short pixie cut, and his frame was obnoxiously androgynous. Wide-ass hips, an hourglass figure, and narrow shoulders, but even through the leather panties this boy was rocking, you could tell he was packing a fat hog.

Jack giggled as he looked up at the sights and, true to his name, pulled out two crowbars— painted a deep electric blue. He eagerly clanged the two metal sticks together and laughed as he saw an arc of electricity jump between them.

Lastly, the passenger door swung open, revealing the leader of this merry trio, Abigale Quinlan. A woman who stood two meters tall, with jet black hair, and wore nothing but a black trench coat, black jeans, and combat boots. Her skin was a dark brown, eyes a vibrant vermillion, and every part of her body was the epitome of perfection. She had the face of a goddess, with every contour and millimeter of skin and bone crafted to perfection. Beyond her neck… she looked like she could drop a motherfucker dead in thirty seconds flat, but that wasn’t true. She only needed three

As the wind brushed against her coat, making it flutter in the wind, she folded her arms beneath her exposed breasts and snickered at the remnants of a once proud university.

“So Princess, how do you wanna play this?” Zedaki asked, his voice like gravel and whiskey.

Omigush, puh-lease let me give Amber and Skylar one last go!” Jack said, speaking with the vernacular and cadence of a valley girl, sounding pretty femme, but it was still clear he was a dude.

“Boys, boys, what do you take me for?” Abigale said, her voice deep, crisp, and just a little sultry. “It’s the grand finale! What kind of Mistress would I be if I let my so generous servants stand back while I take the easy way out? I know number seven is here. Remind me, what did you say her name was, Jack?”

“Isadore, my Mistress. Isadore the Intellectual.”

“Heh. Well, no matter how smart she is, she doesn’t have a chance. Nothing stands a chance against me.”

“Yeah, yeah, we’ve been hearing you gush about how strong you are all week. You gonna get this bitch started, or are you giving the honors to me?”

Fine. If you are so impatient, my geriatric friend, I’ll just have to begin things with a bang.”

Following that quip, Abigale reached down past the tall grass and to the ground below, sinking her fingers into the dirt as she transformed it into something completely different. It was a transformation at the atomic level, altering every face of whatever object rested in her hands, converting its matter into something entirely new. It was a power known as Real Booting, the ability to transform anything to anything… with some exceptions. After a trim 8 seconds of getting her hands dirty, Abigale rose up, carrying in her hands a fully loaded bazooka.

“Woo! Let that mofo rock it!”

With Jack’s encouragement, Abigale launched the rocket, but instead of aiming for any buildings, she aimed for the cloudy sky above. Abigale let the rocket ascend, leaving behind a trail of smoke as it penetrated the sky, but once it grew taller than any building in sight, she snapped her fingers, and the rocket exploded. Not because of any mechanism in the rocket, but through Abigale’s Snap Burst power.

A concussive barrage of noise traveled throughout the campus, and shrapnel fell to the ground, clanging against buildings and sinking into the overgrown grass. Silence lingered for a few seconds before Abigale shrugged her shoulders and reached down to the concrete below, Real Booting it into a megaphone.

Heeeellloooo, Alfalon University! That little explosion you just heard was caused by yours truly. The infallible, the infamous, the destroyer of Earth, Abigale Quinlan!”

As Abigale made her boisterous announcement, Jack and Zedaki applauded her. Nobody inside any of the buildings could even sort of hear their claps, but the encouragement brought a smile to her face, and that’s all that really mattered.

“Thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind! Now, I know what you all must be thinking, ‘I thought Abigale Quinlan was dead. Gone!’ I get it, it’s been seven years, and I’ve been underground. But now I’m back, and I’m here to take what remains of this godforsaken rock and make it my own. But before that, I know that you’re hiding something. My eldest daughter, Isadore the Intellectual. If you send her out… right now, then I’ll let you live to see another day. But if you continue to hide her from me… then I guess I’ll just have to kill every last one of you. So, what’ll it be? Life… or death? Pretty easy question if you ask me.”

Silence followed Abigale’s boisterous announcement, and she tapped her foot, impatiently awaiting an answer as she extended ‘right now’ into… however long she felt like. It wound up being a full thirty seconds before she let out a sigh, and started moseying over to one of the four main buildings before her. A four story building that reeked of 1970s architecture. 

She only made it a few steps before something glimmered from on top of that building and then, a second later, a bullet found its way into Abigale’s shoulder, tearing past her trench coat and ripping into her flesh. An irritated ‘tsk’ escaped her mouth as she craned her head upwards and saw a gunman at the roof, prepping his second shot. Before he could, Abigale snapped her fingers, and his right kneecap burst open, splitting his leg in two. Panic and bad proximity sent him falling off the conveniently placed edge, where he shrieked in utter terror as he neared the sidewalk below, before landing in a wet thud.

“I swear, they never learn,” Abigale said as she pulled back her coat, revealing her shoulder, good as new, and allowing a used bullet to fall to the ground with a cheery clank.

“I knoooow!” Jack added. “Like, people this stupid should just die! Dontcha agree, Mistress?”

“Damn right I do! You two go hog wild on that building over there!” Abigale ordered while pointing at a large single-story building that covered at least two city blocks.

“With pleasure, Princess!” Zedaki replied, tipping his hat as if he considered himself to be a gentleman. When such a descriptor couldn’t be further from the truth..

Like good servants, Jack and Zedaki ran over to their destination, their faces eager and weapons drawn. Abigale did much the same, running to the four story building, but instead of running through the boarded up door, she ran directly for a wall. She revved her hand back, clenching it into a fist, and slammed it against the brickwork, causing it to shatter like it was made of styrofoam. From her fist, she curled up the rest of her body, tackling a person-sized hole into the wall.

As the dust settled and the rubble scattered, Abigale looked onward, a giant smile on her face, and was met with the sight of a classroom converted into a workshop of some manner. What they made was of negative interest to her though, and all she cared about were the humans before her. Fear painted their faces as they saw her unfathomable might, and before they could think, she already knew how she was going to kill them.

The first had her head kicked clean off. The second had his entire rib cage shattered in a single punch, sending bones ripping through his lungs and guts. The third was flung like a piece of meat into a wall, causing her skull to crack open, and blood to pour down like a fountain of wine. And the fourth had his head popped open like a rotten grape with a Snap Burst. 

Abigale proudly stomped across these fresh corpses as she reached the door out of this room. It was locked, but all it took was a good kick for her to send it flying off its hinges, where it smacked into a set of lockers across the hallway. Stepping forward, she saw people fleeing in both directions. A few simple snaps were enough to cripple those on her left, while Abigale chose to chase after those on the right, grabbing the first person she could and flinging them at the crowd scattering toward the main entrance. A dozen or so people had gathered there, optimistically thinking the most conspicuous entrance would be safe, but as Abigale saw them, she laughed.

Shoving a hand into the nearest wall, Abigale Real Booted an explosive, tossed it, and leaned against the wall as she saw the crowd panic. They tried to run in all directions, but this single explosive was enough to take out half of the group. The rest abandoned the front entrance and headed up the open ramp way at the center of this building. Abigale snickered at the futility of going up to avoid a threat in a building, but rather than stop those rushing up the stairs, her eyes drifted to the support beam in the middle of the ramps. It was an innocuous and plain sight… but it made Abigale’s eyes sparkle with the most malicious form of joy.

A single punch to the support beam was enough for her to decimate this meter-thick hunk of concrete, and gravity took care of the rest. The concrete collapsed onto the ramp, cracking its surface, and shattering whatever was caught beneath it. Especially humans.

That was one beam down… but as Abigale looked around, she saw at least another six. Reaching into the tile beneath her feet, she produced another explosive, tossing it in her hand as she deliberated where to start in her quest to topple this building.

While the sound of explosions erupted from the four story building, it was almost overshadowed by the gunfire coming from the ‘main’ building. With a Mk 18 and a bandolier across his chest, Zedaki was an absolute murder machine, spraying gunfire across the wide expansive halls, painting the floors with equal parts blood and glass. Dozens of human-shaped meat husks were strewn against the floor, walls and doors were laced with bullet holes, and the sound of screaming and crying from those running was pitifully quiet next to the bombastic hollering of Zedaki. Truly, it was a psycho bullet festival.

Classrooms, faculty offices, the cafeteria hall— it didn’t matter! Zedaki was on a mission. A mission to kill! And he was gonna do it or die trying

He moved through the school with the proficiency of a soldier, leaving behind no survivors… or so he thought. As he trekked down a hall, the sound of gunfire filling his ears, a woman approached him, carrying an axe between her hands. Rage painted her withered face, and with the most restrained steps she could make, she reached Zedaki’s back, where she raised her axe high. The axe came crashing down toward Zedaki, only for him to immediately turn around, shooting the woman in her chest.

Bahahaha! You really thought you could sneak up on me, didn’t ya? You sassy little cuntmuffin! I have killed over 900 people, and with a kill streak like that, you don’t just die. You keep on killing until you get to 9K.”

Zedaki continued to boast to this dying woman, her face twisted in disgust as she accepted that her life was near its end. But within the fury on her face, there was a glimmer of hope as she saw a man, wielding a pipe in his hand, inch closer to Zedaki. The man held the pipe high and swung it down… only to pause as the pipe was less than a foot away from Zedaki’s head.

The man then fell down to the ground in a meaty thud, a blue crowbar lodged in his neck. Above him, Jack stared at Zedaki with a mischievous smile on his cute boyish face.

“Sloppy sloppy, Zed-Zed. You owe me one after this. We’re currently at 20 to 13, so you’ve got some real catching up to do.”

“Pfft. Those numbers are bullshit, Jack. If you’ve got time to chat, you’ve got time to kill. Grab your crowbar and get back to work.”

Fiiiiine! And here I was hoping that we could have a nice little daddy and daughter slaughter fest, but I guess you’re a lone wolf to the bitter end.”

With a pompous ‘hmph,’ Jack ripped the crowbar from her victim’s neck like a twig plucked from the dirt. As he did so however, electricity once again arced from the chunk of metal, and it continued to arc as Jack secured it in his leather-clad hands, crawling up his arms until it was arcing throughout his entire body. Across his face, through his hair, and across every scrap of clothing. Instead of recoiling in pain like a ‘normal’ human, Jack smiled and ran, moving his body at a staggering 50 kilometers per hour, while electricity continued to spray from his body.

With his body dispensing electricity like a malfunctioning transformer, and his feet faster than any other human on this Earth, he ventured to the other end of this building, where he found more prey lying in wait. With a crowbar in each hand, he wasted little time striking all he saw, smashing their skulls as he ran past, and moving faster than they could comprehend. The electricity coming off his body burned and stunned any who drew near, and for as brutal as his results were, he moved with the grace and poise of a dancer. 

He spun and posed as he assaulted his victims, twisting his body into stylish flourishes for no practical reason. And when using the crowbars became bothersome, he switched to his legs, bringing his victims to the ground, before letting the electricity overload their bodies, killing them with extreme cruelty.

He carried out this performative murder spree before reaching his final victim. An old man, easily older than Zedaki. Jack moved in front of the man as he neared a door to escape this building, and immediately brought a crowbar to a knee, shattering it in an instant.

The man fell to the ground, screaming in agony, only for Jack to stomp his leathery boot onto his neck.

“Look old timer, we can do this the nice way or the naughty way. Tell me, where might I find Isadore. You know, the brown-skinned big brained beauty with vermillion eyes? I know you must know her. So, like, spill the beans or get murked.”

“Fuck off, faggot!” The old man replied.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. That’s not very nice.”

With a mighty swing, Jack brought the crowbar down on the old man’s damaged knee once again, this time tearing a hole in the flesh. Screams followed, but Jack silenced them by banging the man’s head against the hard tile floor..

“I like the sound of your howl, so I’ll ask again. Where can I find the daughter of The Great Abigale Quinlan?”

“I… I don’t know!” The old man stammered.

Jack sighed at his lack of cooperation, revved up his crowbar for another bash, but before he could strike this man, a bullet pierced his head. Jack turned and saw Zedaki, a disappointed look on his face.

“You missed three and I see you forgot an essential rule. Never try to get anything from geriatric fuckwads like this. They’re not worth the breath it takes to make them talk. Besides, if you wanna find the boss, all you gotta do is kill the minions, ya dig?”

Jack sneered at Zedaki, but before he could muster a retort, the two heard the sound of mass destruction. Stepping out the door the old man attempted to open, they were met with a billowing cloud of dust.

Where the four story building once stood, only rubble, debris, and a shitload of dust remained. Abigale effortlessly rummaged from beneath the ruins, pushing away hundreds of kilograms of stone as if it was paper mache. She could not restrain her laughter as she emerged and bore witness to the fruits of her labor, but as she examined the destruction in detail, she found that she was not the only one to survive. 

A young woman was trapped under a chunk of concrete. Blood pooled beneath her body, but she still breathed, and as Abigale stared at her, she did the same. Though this woman’s eyes were that of hatred, Abigale still tried to speak with her.

“You have anything to tell me about my daughter, or do you want me to kill even more of your people looking for her?”

“Rot in hell, you bitch!” The woman said, punctuating her sentence with a bloody cloth.

Abigale sighed at this reaction and folded her arms against her chest. Her clothes were in tatters from the rubble, but they were still in one piece. She looked down at herself, then at the stubborn young woman before her, before adopting a cheshire grin.

Abigale tore off her pants, ripping them at the seams, and leaving her wearing nothing more than boots and a tattered coat. The young woman looked up at her, perplexed as she saw the center of Abigale’s form. The cleft that laid between her breasts, her rock-hard abs, and also her exposed labia… Where Abigale began to drift her hands.

With her hands surrounding her crotch, Abigale thrust herself forward slightly, but rather than touch her genitals, her genitals themselves began to… transform. Her clitoris went from a teensy little button to something the size of a silver dollar, before expanding past her labial folds, growing larger and longer with every passing second until it stopped being a clit. Instead, it became a full on cock! But not just any cock. This was the cock to end all cocks!

A girthy, thick, 69-centimeter-long fat dick hung off of Abigale, spreading past her knees and nearing the floor. Like any sane person who saw a two-foot-long penis dangling just inches away from her face, fear, dread, and all of that nasty shit filled this woman’s mind. But instead of being forced to fellate— to suck this jumbo 4XL sized mega cock— she got something else.

Abigale took her giant dick… and used it to crush this girl’s skull in. Bones went crunch, blood sprayed, and her brains got, quite literally, fucked! She got murdered by a penis with the force and power of a shotgun blast! Needless to say, she was as dead as could be

Upon finishing this one-hit kill, Abigale looked down at this dead, nameless woman, and cackled like the psycho cock bitch she was. She could have stayed that way for a good… ten minutes, but, thankfully, her servants finally made their way to her, emerging from the thinning cloud of dust.

“It’s nice to see you… enjoying yourself,” Zedaki said as he glanced at Abigale’s absurdly long penis.

“Oh-la-la!” Jack said as he gazed upon the mega cock, his eyes literally sparkling. “I see you’ve brought out the big gun! Mind if I get a lick.”

“I’ll fuck you after I kill my last kid. You two got any idea where she could be?”

As Abigale spoke, her penis shrank, transforming back into her clitoris. Jack and Zedaki, being fellow penis-havers, were equally mesmerized by this process, despite having seen it a good six or seven times by now.

“Uh… No. I don’t know where Isadore is,” Zedaki answered, his mind still boggled by Abigale’s transforming genitals.

“I figured as much. Aside from that idiot, Punky, all of my kids understood a little something known as a preservation instinct, and wouldn’t dare sacrifice themselves to save their slaves. I’d worry that she ran away, but… I feel her getting closer.”

As Abigale said this, she heard the sound of metal pounding against dirt, of a massive machine moving itself, its components thrusting and twisting. It was coming behind her, obscured by the persistent cloud of dust, and not even remotely subtle. Abigale gestured to her goons to stay where they were as she waited for this machine to draw near… and her eyes shined as she saw it.

It was a bipedal machine with two arms, stood at five meters tall, and weighed at least 5,000 kilograms. As the image of the approaching machine grew clearer, it became obvious it was crafted from salvaged parts, but it was still a wildly impressive display of engineering for such a desolate post-apocalyptic setting. Because this was no mere tank, no typical or traditional weapon frequently used by the militaries of the world prior to the Cataclysm. This was a mech!

A mech that stopped once it was a mere ten meters away from Abigale. Once the dust fully settled, Abigale looked up at the person inside the transparent chest of this humanoid mech. A young woman with the same skin tone as Abigale, the same vermillion eyes, but a hair of stark white hair, as if it was bereft of any pigment. She looked down at Abigale from her elevated position, and spoke to her in the booming voice of a natural leader.

“Abigale Quinlan. I never thought I would have the misfortune of meeting you. There was a part of me that believed that everything involving the Cataclysm was a mere misunderstanding. But now, I see you are every bit the scum I feared you to be. You have immense powers, yet you only ever use them to destroy. All I wanted was to live up to my namesake of Isadore the Intellectual by becoming a force that uses knowledge to help the world. To make this world a better place and pave the way for a better future. I had disciples, I had a community, and I was able to rebuild this den of knowledge… and you just shat all over it. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Abigale just laughed. She does that a lot, but this time, it was hoarse.

“Oh, you little brat! You think you can shame me? Please! You ought to be smart enough to know that you cannot shame a psychopath. All you can do is fight them and hope that they die. Sadly for you, I am immortal. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good scuffle.”

Abigale then looked away from Isadore and her mech, returning her gaze to Jack and Zedaki.

“Men, stand down. Either go hunt down whatever stranglers remain… or watch what your Master is capable of.”

“You think I’d skip out on this?” Zedaki chuckled.

“Fuck her up, Mistress!” Jack screeched with joy.

“I will, Jack. I will.”

Abigale returned her attention to the whirling mech before her, walking around it while sharing a monologue with Isadore.

“Once my powers are restored, I intend to remake the world in my own image. I am sure you had the intention of doing something similar, using your brain as a hammer to build society anew. But even in my current feeble-minded state, there is something I possess which you lack. And that is experience. You are a mere child— a 6-year-old in the body of an adult. While I am 666-years-old. I have seen empires rise and fall. Seen society change in ways that even scholars struggle to eruditely articulate. And while I’m a fucking retard compared to how I was before the Flare Foundation stole my powers from me, I still know the true nature of humanity. While the individual may be good, humanity as a collective is incapable of sustaining itself. If left to its own devices, they will craft systems of destruction.”

“The only way humanity and this ravaged bitch we call Earth can be saved is with a God. A God known as Abigale Quinlan. A divine master who can command humanity and prevent it from destroying itself, as it came so close to doing so many times before. You lack the wisdom to see this truth. You think that with intellect alone, you can command and control humans. However, you are not fit to run a society. You devoted all these resources into creating and powering an unconventional weapon of war, and for what reason? You may be smart… but you are still just a child.”

In response, Isadore brandished one of her mech’s arms, revealing the barrel of a retrofitted tank gun, aimed directly at Abigale’s head. 

“No matter how wise you are, no matter how much knowledge you have, there is no place in this world, or any world, for someone as vile and malicious as you. Goodbye, Mother.”

A second later, the mech’s gun fired, and Abigale’s body burst into thousands of pieces of viscera. Her blood became a mist, every bone in her body shattered, and as the dust of the explosion settled, there was no semblance of a body to be found.

By every stretch of the imagination, Abigale was dead as shit! …But to an immortal like her, death was a mere inconvenience. Though scattered, it only took a brief moment before her vaporized blood, shards of bone, and scrapes of flesh all began to move, drawing to a single point, the point where Abigale once stood. An anthill of reddish goop soon gathered, growing as Isadore looked with rapt attention, before accumulating enough mass to gain the shape of a human.

This cacophonous collection of flesh then continued to shift into the form of a human woman. Bones settled, organs took shape, and lastly, a layer of skin and hair formed on the surface. 

Within fourteen seconds, Abigale Quinlan had resurrected herself. Every inch of her body was as it was before… sans the clothing, as she was completely naked. However, this did not stop her from looking up at Isadore with a smile. One that contrasted Isadore’s furious scowl.

“H-How? Your body was reduced to nothing, no organs remained, and it… This defies every scientific principle I can—”

“—I am Abigale Quinlan! I am beyond humanity, beyond nature, and I have mystified even the greatest minds in history. You think you can comprehend my biology? If it is beyond even my understanding, at the height of my ability, what hope do you, a pale fragmentary imitation, have?”

Isadore’s brown face twisted in rage as Abigale spoke down to her, and she began revving up another shot from her tank gun. In response, Abigale walked backwards, moving approximately 30 meters away from the machine, before pointing at it with her index and middle fingers. Isadore gawked at this sight, perplexed by what her mother could possibly be planning, only for Abigale to curl up her lips, quietly muttering the word “bang.”

A hole appeared in the mech, its makeshift protective shell penetrated, and as Isadore recoiled from this, she became immersed in the ravenous flames of a propane explosion. Within an instant, her machine was reduced to naught more than burning metal. Mechanical limbs shattered and flew off in opposite directions, while the ‘torso’ of the humanoid frame was as unidentifiable as the charred corpse that lingered within it. 

Despite the flames being strong and hot enough to ward off even the most simple-minded animals, Abigale ventured toward this flaming wreckage, and placed her hand on the remains of her daughter. Doing so caused her corpse to become radiant, shining in a manner that defied all understood laws of nature, before the light flowed into Abigale. Her circulatory system shined through her skin as she absorbed every last bit of light she could, when Isadore’s corpse lost its spark, and crumbled to ash.

As her circulatory system stopped glowing, Abigale turned away from the remains of Isadore and her mech, where she saw Jack and Zedaki running toward her. She took a step toward them, only to stop, bringing a hand to her forehead.

“Way to go Princess! So how’s the ‘Enhanced Intellect?’ You ready to rule the world like you said you would?” Zedaki asked as he affectionately smacked Abigale’s shoulder.

“I’ve gotten eight lobotomies before… and this feels like I’m getting three at once!”

As Abigale spoke with vile in every syllable, Jack embraced her, rubbing his sweaty leather-clad body against hers… while pressing his head into her modest breasts.

“Aw, Mistress, I was super-duper worried about you. I’ve seen you hurt pretty bad before, but that was just bullets and cuts and stuff. I didn’t know you could survive something like… that!”

“Bitch, I told you about how I was at the epicenter in Nagasaki back in ’45! I can survive a nuke! I survived seven nukes! So a tank gun to my face ain’t shit!”

“Hey, be nice to the stupid man-whore. Though, I guess all of us are pretty stupid next to you, isn’t that right?”

Abigale scowled as she looked at her two minions, before turning her head and looking at the Blazing Beelzebub in the distance.

“I’m sure I’ll get all my smarts back in a few minutes. But for now, let’s just get the FUCK outta here. You’re driving, Zed.”

“Why thank you. It is always a pleasure to serve you, my liege.”

As Abigale grumbled underneath her breath, she and the boys moseyed over to their car. With every step, Abigale’s head felt a bit clearer, like a dense fog was lifting, but as it did, she froze in her steps.

“Something wrong, Mistress?” Jack asked.

“It… My senses have not faded. I can still sense one of my children… and they’re close.”

“Hold up,” Zedaki interjected before counting on his fingers. “The newborn, Bitz the Boomer, Marz, Ultros, Punky, and now Isadore. Isn’t that all six of them?”

“Um, like, if you count the miscarriage, it was seven. But that was all of them, so… I don’t think there could be any more.”

“Damn. You really are a stupid man-whore,” Zedaki chuckled. “It was seven and a half years, so 90 months, and 9 months per babe. Even if Abigale didn’t immediately start pumping out kids after blowing shit to fuck, an eighth kid is definitely possible.”

Whaaaaat?! Nu-uh! No way that Mistress Flare would lie to me like that! She trusted me with ev’rythang and made me who I am today.”

As Jack engaged in his rose-hued memories of his enslavement, Zedaki had a far more… human reaction.

“Damn, I almost forgot about her. Hey Princess, is it too late to raid the Flare Foundry and kill that bitch? Because everything I learn about her, the hungrier Zedaki The Zeal gets for blood!”

“Could you two please SHUT UP?”

Abigale then turned to her minions to answer their inane questions while dealing with the mother of all migraines. Fury filled every facet of her face… only for her expression to shift as she looked at Zedaki. 

Zedaki’s scarlet jacket was drenched in blood… and a metal spear was poking out his chest. His face remained frozen, locked in a half smile as his body shaked, barely able to comprehend what just happened.

“W-What? I… I thought we ki—” Zedaki muttered as blood began to seep from his lips.

As Abigale lingered on this sight, her eyes went wide, and she immediately grabbed Jack, thrusting him into her breasts and carrying him as she fled.

“W-Where are y—” Zedaki said before he was silenced.

The spear penetrating Zedaki then exploded, sending shrapnel across the overgrown fields and shattering the concrete below. Though fast, Abigale was unable to avoid the explosion entirely, and shrapnel embedded itself in her naked back. Lucky for her, it oozed out of her person as her Rapid Regeneration kicked it, and she was good as new in just a few seconds. Zedaki however, was not so lucky. For all that remained of him was a shattered skeleton.

“What the fuck just—” 

Before Jack could finish that thought, he vanished from Abigale’s arms.

Abigale darted her eyes around, trying to find who, or what, could have taken Jack from her. She ran about the perimeter, searching 360 degrees, but found nothing… until she saw a leather outfit drop from the sky. Craning up her head, Abigale saw Jack, his limber and fit body as naked as could be, his small breasts exposed, and his plump nine inch cock fluttering in the wind. 

Looking beyond Jack, Abigale saw that he was being carried, or rather lifted, by a woman dressed in a purple bodysuit that covered everything below her neck. Her silky fingers clenched Jack’s body, grabbing his supple micro breasts, while her boot-clad feet poked out from behind Jack.

“Clearly, you’re one of my kids. Tell me, what is your name?”

As Abigale made her request, Jack’s captor adjusted her grip on the man, grabbing him by one hand to reveal the entirety of her being. Her face was dark brown and covered in black freckles. Hair was a dark, discordant mane that flowed down to the middle of her back. Her physique was tall, muscular, and slender— almost an exact copy of Abigale’s… excluding the larger breasts. But the most striking thing was her eyes, for they were not the vermillion hue of Abigale and her children. Instead, they were a vibrant hot pink.

Abigale stared into this woman’s eyes as she hovered above, dangling Jack like a child limply holding onto a rag dolly, before she finally responded.

“I am… Mistress Maxxisaurus Omega Flare! And I have come to take back what is mine.”

Abigale paused as she comprehended what this flying woman was saying… before snapping her fingers. Mistress Flare’s head then popped open like a grape, and her body went crashing to the ground below. Using her superhuman speed, Abigale rushed forward, grabbing Jack before he fell into the unkempt grass below. She immediately placed the young man down, and moved over to her opponent… only for her to rise up, her head fully restored.

Ara, ara. I almost forgot how much of an inglorious diehard bitch you were. Maa, shou ga nai ne. Regardless, I would expect a former slave-owner— and slave— such as yourself to respect the value of personal property. And that li’l fuckboi you got there is my property. I raised him from a little lamb, I taught him everything he knows, I gave him Malaysian microtitties, and I trained him to fuck in all nine ways.”

As Mistress Flare spoke, she walked closer to Jack, only for Abigale to grab Flare’s arm before she could reach him.

“P-Please f-forgive me, Mistress Flare. A-Abigale threatened to kill me if I didn’t help her, a-and—”

“I have cameras everywhere, you man-cunt! I know exactly how it played out, and how you subjected yourself to Abigale! But worry not. I’m not going to punish you with Mister Dolphin yet again. Instead, I have a far greater punishment in mind.”

Mistress Flare then snapped her fingers, causing Jack’s head to slice open like a melon hit by a metal bat. Abigale’s body clenched as she took in this sight, and she immediately swung her fist at Mistress Flare.

“You bitch! He was my—”

Before Abigale could finish that line, her fist was grabbed by Flare. Her grip was tense, powerful— equally as powerful as her own— and it was then that Abigale truly comprehended what she was dealing with.

“You have all my powers, don’t you?”

“Oh, my Abigale. It is not quite that simple. I have all your powers, yes… but also my own. Need I remind you how I defied gravity?”

Flare then loosened Abigale’s first, and the two built a more comfortable distance between one another.

“Would you care to explain how you managed to gain such power?”

“It was through your first daughter. Well, the first one who survived. I kept her as mine— as my little pet— and after much experimentation, at my darkest hour, I finally managed to claim her powers for myself. Now, she and I are one… and I am everything you were during the Cataclysm.”

“The hell does that mean?”

“Allow me to demonstrate.”

Flare then gestured her hand up to the sky, swirling it around like a child’s idea of what a conductor does. Abigale was bemused at first, but as the seconds passed, she saw the clouds above darken… before rain trickled down on her head.

“…You can control the weather?”

“I call it… Nature Manifest. I can control weather, but I can also control the nature of the world itself. As seen by how I can adjust gravity, like so.”

Flare then lifted herself off the ground, rising ten meters high into the sky, before gesturing at an enormous chunk of rubble not too far away. Winds channeled themselves around the rubble, lifting what had to be twenty kilograms above the ground… before flinging it into the one-story building, causing its ceiling to collapse.

“…So, this is how I destroyed the world,” Abigale said, mildly impressed. “I knew I was missing something… but this is beyond even my wildest imagination.”

“Truly? Well then, you should be interested in my proposal. Which I shall dictate to you… in song form!”

Flare then soared higher into the sky fluttering around it like a child gifted the power of flight, and despite the sound of rain filling the air, her voice was loud and mighty.

As a girl of wealth, I wanted more than health.
I wished to control this world.
So I went and schemed, for all that I had dreamed. But I was not as I seemed.
They thought I was weak! ‘Twas just a little meek.

I now had it my own way. They’d do whatever I would say.
With your capture, I did prosper… until you took the world from me! 
But now…
Changing things is such a breeze, endless power with no fee.
Storm or wind or quake or nether!
I control the sea and weather, and we can be queens together!
So please be my slave!

I’d be happy— hard and happy— if you’d be my slave.
We’d be lords of, anything of, all that we could dream!
Oh, just think of what we can be. Slave and master, you and me.
Use your imagination and think of things, what we could do as Terra’s kings.
Shifting plates and acid showers!
Boundless skies and super powers!
Busty boys and endowed bitches!
Worshippers and endless riches!

There’s my offer, I’ll let it stand. So say yes, don’t be bland!
I must insist, accept my wager, For I control all of nature!
It will all be most divine, together we’ll both shine!
No more grime, no more crime. All the food will have rich enzymes.
I will fuck you a thousand times, until you just say yes!
I’d be happy— hard and happy— if you’d be my slave.
See my fellow, heads like Jell-O, what a nasty mess!
This is an offer that you shan’t refuse!
Do it and you’ll for certain die and lose!

You’ll be happy— moist and happy— when you are my slave. 
Ravage leisure, purest pleasure. So say Y-E-S!
Say it, no regret! It’s a real good bet!
C’mon now, just be brave, and become my slave!
So agree or else…

“…What’ll it be, Abi?”

“…You just took that villain song from the direct-to-VHS The Secret of NIMH sequel and changed some of the words.”

“No I didn’t.”

“I have regained my Enhanced Intellect ability, and all the useless guff that comes with it. I know that song was originally from 1998’s The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue, which featured a song where the central antagonist, played by Eric I—”

Mistress Flare then exploded Abigale’s head with a Snap Burst. It reassembled itself within five seconds. During this time, Flare impatiently looked at her wrist, as if she was wearing a watch, waiting until Abigale was fully healed did she begin speaking once more.

“So, what will it be, Abigale? Will you join me as my second in command, or will you try to slay your superior incarnation?”

Abigale snickered in response.

“So, you were being serious there? You killed my minions, told me that I would be your slave, and you expect me to submit? Normally when people tried to earn my favor, they sweet-talked me a little, but you… you’re honest, I’ll give you that much. The answer’s no. I refuse to be your slave… but I will kill you!”

Flare paused for a moment, deliberating her next move, before unsheathing a smile.

“Very well, Abigale Quinlan. If it’s a battle to the death you want… then that’s exactly what you’ll get!”

A tempest suddenly appeared across the campus, and it swept up the stone and glass from the remains of the four story building. Abigale stood her ground, observing this feat, and saw the winds shift, transforming from a linear current into a spiraling cyclone with Flare in the center. As the intensity grew, Abigale found herself lifting off the ground, standing upon nothing as she ascended through the winds.

As she rose up to Flare, she looked down at the Earth… and saw it engulfed in flames. From the grass to the trees, but as the center of the flames continued to burn, she saw something else emerge. Something fiery, hot, and seldom seen this far away from a volcano. It was a pit of magma, growing rapidly with every passing second, gobbling up the Blazing Beelzebub and spreading to the remaining buildings across the campus.

Abigale then accepted just how dire her situation was. How much Flare had control of her, and how delicately she had to play this. She could be eviscerated by the debris, tossed by the winds, or left to fall into a pit of molten rock. A sane person would have expressed doubt or concern, but Abigale laughed instead.

The two then found themselves standing eye to eye, their bodies elevated 100 meters above the ground, and their expressions sharing the same cocky smirk. 

They then flew forward, their fight fists outstretched, and clashed in the air. The battle for the fate of the Earth had begun and no matter what, only one of them would walk away from this alive.


The image of Mistress Flare and Abigale Quinlan, their fists striking one another’s face, remained paused on a monitor. This monitor stood in a darkened room, and before it, sat three women, dressed in green, red, and blue.

Woman in Green: “Bahahahaha! We could have had this as the origin point of Psycho Bullet Festival 2222, but nooooo! Instead, we had to build on the version with Zen Abigale Quinlan, not Kuro Abigale— not this boss-ass psycho bullet bitch! I mean, can you even imagine what sort of dystopian shit show she would have whipped up?”

Woman in Red: “Darling, then you wouldn’t have had Zen Abigale as an ally, and I doubt Raiyne would have been in any position to join you. As for Terra— I mean Maxxie… she obviously loses this fight, so you would have been on your own.”

Woman in Green: “Exactly! Me against the world! And I would have needed to murder the evil queens, and Nari, to take their powers for my own! It would have been a true sequel to Psycho Bullet Festival and—”

Woman in Blue: “Verde, this Scenario is awful. It is a rampant glorification of violence and murder by a group of characters who are bereft of empathy, honor, or any system of morals. The full Scenario is little more than a needlessly edgy rendition of Psycho Bullet Festival: The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan, and it is fortunate that you did not end up in this world.”

Woman in Green: “Counterpoint, the original was boooring! This one at least has some more kick to it because the protagonist isn’t bound by a code of duty. I mean, yeah, ‘power must always be used responsibly’ and Zen Abigale was a more compelling protagonist, but when the Scenario is called Psycho Bullet Festival, you need a psycho bullet bitch!”

Woman in Red: “We are not here to determine the merit of these works and how the story of Psycho Bullet Festival could have been improved. We are here to determine if we should incorporate any persons or elements from this Scenario in The 2.0 Initiative.”

Woman in Green: “Hm… nah, let’s just do a crossover with Psycho Bullet Festival 2222 instead.”

Woman in Blue: “What about the original Jacquelynne ‘Crowbar’ Onson and Zedaki? They lived long and honest lives, yes, but would you like to add them to—”

Woman in Green: “Hell no! This project is already shaping up to be a clam jam.”

Woman in Red: “Clam jam?”

Woman in Green: “You know, like a sausage party? But with vaginas instead of penises.”

Woman in Blue: “You could have said women instead of men.”

Woman in Green: “I was very deliberate with my wording, thank you very much.”

Woman in Red: “Wouldn’t ‘taco fest’ be more appropriate?”

Woman in Green: “That’s just a Tuesday at any American public school.”

Woman in Blue: “Not every school does Taco Tuesday.”

Woman in Green: “They will once I’m finished with the device!”

Woman in Red: “FOCUS! So, we are not going to give Jacquelynne and Zedaki a send off?”

Woman in Green: “Nah. I don’t really have a connection to them, and I never met them.”

Woman in Blue: “And I take it we don’t want to include the platinum blonde blue-eyed serial killer or a leather-loving femboy in The 2.0 Initiative?”

Woman in Green: “They just died fifteen minutes ago, and they barely developed their characters, so no. As such, I think it is time to put a psycho bullet in this bitch and move onto the final item on our list.”

Fortsetzung Folgt In… 

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