Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Re;Birth – Phase 02

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Content Warning: This novel contains sexually explicit activities, extreme violence, strong language, violence against children, incest, cannibalism, ableism, and homophobia. Reader discretion is advised.

Psycho Shatter 1985: Black Vice Re;Birth
Phase 02: Re;Member

The expression of such flagrant malice indicates that the individual now known as Vice was far from a sane, normal, or reasonable person. But how did a mentally disabled individual such as Vice learn such despicable behavior and why did they engage in it with such bliss and eagerness? The answers to this question could be found in the myriad of memories that flowed through Vice’s mind as they used their newfound mental faculties to look back on their life, and the journey that got them here.

The individual now known as Vice was born into a wealthy family, where they were provided with everything they could ask for. It was a wildly advantageous position, but neither Vice nor their younger brother developed the spoiled or elitist attitude that often comes with such clout, despite having the intellect and ability to justify such egotism. The two excelled in school, flourished in all extracurricular activities they attempted, and were generally well-liked by their peers. They were well-behaved, kind, and intelligent children who their parents incessantly bragged about. Despite barely having a hand in their development next to their private caretakers, teachers, and tutors. 

That being said, the two were still allotted plenty of time to play amongst themself and pursue interests beyond the academic sort. Vice’s brother developed a fondness for the bludgeoning evolutions occurring within the consumer electronics industry at the time. While Vice was more of a naturalistic sort, having spent many an afternoon exploring the woods nearby their home. It did not take long before Vice had explored every nook and cranny of this forest, and in doing so it became a sort of secondary home for them. A place where they could be alone, read, play, and hunt wild animals. 

Vice distinctly remembered a number of their killings, ranging from chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits, the occasional mouse, and even a particularly dangerous incident where they finagled together a bow and shot an arrow directly into the eye of a young deer. The impact caused the beast to fidget about and panic for a good five minutes before it fell to the forest floor in a spasming fit. It was a memory that Vice considered quite bittersweet, as they weren’t able to save most of the deer’s tender meat, due to a family vacation scheduled the very next day.

This was all Vice’s dirty little secret, and something they only ever shared with their brother. He supported Vice’s exploits, finding their sibling’s fascination with killing, cooking, and consuming animals to be something respectable, practical, and masculine. Aside from a few reports of animal carcasses in these woods, Vice’s actions went largely unnoticed, and it remained a regular pastime well into their teens. 

At this point, Vice had picked up enough skills to build themself a respectable little home partially enclosed in an obscure cave. It was a place they used primarily to store meat, along with a collection of pornography they found throughout the woods over the years. Some inside of hollowed-out logs, some in duffel bags, and some just tossed into the dirt, all with pages stuck together by an easily identifiable translucent goo.

This sort of behavior filled Vice’s childhood, and while Vice had become quite adept at hiding his secret, this behavior was changing him. He was accustomed to death, to killing, and learned of sexual depravities before he was even capable of intercourse. As puberty caused testosterone to pump through their veins and their brain continued to develop, Vice began craving for something more. They developed a desire to take their increasingly routine hunting pastime to the next level, to make the act of killing feel fresh again. That was when an opportunity arose in the form of a girl no older than 10. 

Her name was lost to Vice, but they remembered her appearance in great detail. Her porcelain skin, glimmering sapphire eyes, demure expression, silky blonde pigtails, and doll-like face, all wrapped up in a lacy pink dress. She was an idyllic little girl, yet somehow she managed to get lost in the woods with someone who spent his leisure time musing about a number of taboo topics. 

Such as: “What does it feel like to shove one’s dick inside a woman?” “How easy is it to get away with murder?” “How well can I hide a human body?” And, most pressing of all: “What does human flesh taste like?” 

Vice very well knew the risks associated with what they were about to do, but the risk only egged him on. It only made the deviancy and pleasure of their actions all the greater.

The girl resisted. Kicking, wailing, and flailing about. But her frail figure was not very well suited to the outdoors, let alone fending off a teenage boy in peak physical condition. She was gagged, beaten, bitten, raped, sodomized, and then suffered a cerebral laceration that was followed by a ‘merciful’ severing of her carotid artery, leading to her death. 

Vice had become adept at hiding away the unfavorable elements associated with killings and was able to clean his latest catch with a degree of ease that surprised themself. By sunset of the ensuing day, they were enjoying the distinctive yet somewhat unsavory taste of human flesh, and deliberating how to better prepare it if they received another opportunity. By nightfall, they had assembled a small grave for the few remains of the child, a 6 foot hole with the girl’s small bones at the bottom, and a dead field mouse near the top.

Vice was immensely careful in cleaning up this incident, and was able to avoid much more than a hair of suspicion, even from their brother. In the ensuing days, word about this little girl’s disappearance began to make waves across the nearby counties, but little to no information about her whereabouts or fate would ever be publicly known. As far as Vice knew, her body was never discovered. 

A week after this incident, Vice resumed their usual woodland activities but began to develop a sense of ennui. The thrill and satisfaction associated with murdering small woodland animals paled in comparison to the rush they felt when killing a human. However, they knew the risks associated with making more than a single person ‘disappear’ and wished to delay their next murder by a significant amount of time. Instead, they decided to pursue their newfound loves of sex and deception, which seamlessly went hand-in-hand. And the first step in that process was training themself to be more charismatic.

It was all a matter of learning what their female peers craved, how to best express it, and which one would be the most willing to give Vice what they desired without coercing them into complicated and cumbersome romantic relationships. Throughout high school, Vice was considered something of a Casanova, and soon cultivated a small sample of women who were willing to offer them casual sex with little to no notice. 

While they relished in the act at first, frivolous sex soon became a mundanity for Vice, one that could do little to temper their hunger for murder and human flesh. Approximately two years after their first murder, Vice charmed a middle schooler, age 13, into following them into the woods. She was a rather plain-looking young woman, from a family with chronic money issues. She was promised a generous settlement if she offered her virginity to Vice, and in order to keep things discreet, Vice claimed it would be done in an isolated cabin. Instead, this young woman had her hymen broken from within a cavern that stank of blood, mud, and cum. 

Struck with a sense of shame and sorrow, the 13-year-old attempted to flee from Vice after the deed was done, only to have her heel sliced before she could escape from this dank abode and into the moonlight. She was a far scrappier fighter than Vice’s first victim, but she was ultimately brought down after a few bites to the shoulder and a scavenged arrowhead to the eye, the girl was reduced to little more than a husk of meat and bones for Vice to clean throughout the night. Vice only wound up returning home the following morning after having disposed of the bones in a prepared 6-foot hole.

She was victim number two, and in the ensuing four years, the total number of victims steadily reached double digits. During this stretch, Vice expanded their horizons beyond the dominion of young girls and began experimenting with young boys, their peers, and even a few prim and proper adults. These murders were spread out throughout nearby municipalities and began drifting away from the woods to alleviate suspicion that these were a series of connected acts— that a serial killer was on the loose. It all seemed like a perfect system… until Vice got too cocky one night. His victim was a fighter, and after one misstep from Vice, it was all over. The victim grabbed a mallet and, with it, assaulted Vice’s head. Over, and over, and over again.

For Vice, this began a seemingly infinite stretch of time where their memories and recollections were immersed in a dull throbbing miasma of vague images and muffled sounds that only dissipated once they were granted access to a fully functional brain. 

…But what happened in the interim 5 years? 

Upon realizing what they had done, the victim panicked and fled the scene after nervously calling an ambulance for Vice. The EMTs determined Vice had severe brain trauma, and it was impossible for them to ever lead a normal life. This came as a tragedy to Vice’s family, who began pondering what to do with their oldest son, wondering whether they wanted to send them away, or burden themself to keep Vice as part of their family. 

While Vice’s parents initially leaned towards the latter, things changed once they discovered evidence of Vice’s actions. In pilfering Vice’s things, the younger brother found a small box hidden amongst familial heirlooms and accumulated junk. The box contained a collection of teeth along with newspaper clippings of the many ‘disappearances’ Vice had conducted over the years. Immediately upon seeing this, realizing who was responsible for these sporadic disappearances, the family destroyed these materials and skimmed through Vice’s remaining belongings for any more evidence that could be used against them.

From there, the family quickly began looking for ways to distance themself from Vice and remove them from their lives, while not killing them. Their search eventually brought them to a group that specializes in disappearing or hiding individuals responsible for various dubious actions, and this entity was given three explicit instructions:

One, this individual has no identification or name, and is to be assigned a false one if needed. 

Two, they are a dangerous sociopath that must be cared for on account of their ‘mental disability.’ 

And three, they are to be kept in isolation, and out of any mental hospitals or the ilk, but are to be kept alive until they perish from natural causes. As was the Christian way.

This led the firm to purchase a long unsold rural home in the middle of nowhere, several states away, install an appropriate prison, and appoint a caretaker for Vice. This persisted for the better half of a decade, until the prisoner miraculously escaped, defying all known logic or conventions and, in an even more preposterous manner, transferred their consciousness into the body of their caretaker. A young black woman whose face they were staring at in the mirror, allowing the reality of their predicament to settle and simmer as their reflection mimicked their every gesture.

While Vice had seen plenty of Jessie over the past three months, they were unable to recognize the finer details of her form, simply identifying her as a vaguely attractive dark-skinned woman. Yet that all began to change as they settled into her body. Jessie’s memories were able to instill Vice with a degree of comfort and familiarity with this new vessel. However, despite possessing such robust access to everything that made Jessie who she was, Vice wanted to explore and grow familiar with this new skin of theirs in a more… intimate way. By doing it for themself and treating the memories as mere hints about what this body could do, and what sensations Vice could indulge in. And they opted to begin this exploration from the top up, starting with the hair.

Due to the humidity, heat, and general apathy, Jessie had chosen to not take much care of her hair, and what donned her head amounted to a coiled and poofy mound. As Vice pawed through it, they began pondering alternatives, such as shortening it, straightening it, or simply keeping it in a ponytail like Jessie did while exercising. And inherited memories gave them confidence in their newly obtained asset, and even a few ideas for how they could customize or play with their look. A nice idea, Vice thought, but now was not the time.

Continuing down, having grown up with water-damaged erotic magazines from the 1960s, Vice had become very accustomed to a singular idea of feminine beauty, and could not help but feel a morsel of disappointment with the body that resided before them. While Jessie was far from an unattractive girl, Vice nevertheless found their new face to be more than a little plain, average, and generally unremarkable. 

Still, Vice was pleased with their ability to manipulate their newfound facial features and appreciated the stark differences between Vice’s former and current visages. Things were generally in the same place, but the shape of their nose, size of their chin and cheeks, look of their ears, distribution of fat to make their face look more womanly, and the darker color of the irises— It was all different. It was all new.

Continuing their visual descent, Vice scoffed as they realized that Jessie had yet to change out of her sweat-riddled work clothes, which amounted to little more than dirty wet rags. Vice eagerly ripped the shorts and tank top away to reveal an equally sweat-riddled sports bra and underwear that, similarly, they dismissively tossed aside. Freed from the constraints of clothing, Vice was free to bask in their new naked form, and as they looked upon their new self, a sharp toothy grin blossomed on their stolen face.

Their hands gradually descended from their chest down to their torso, cupping and rubbing their C-cup breasts and sliding down the trim waist and flat stomach before reaching the lower regions. But rather than delve into their newfound sexual organs, Vice instead began fondling the parts around it, cackling as they squeezed their firm behind and thighs that, while a bit large compared to the ideal they were raised on, were about as toned as the rest of their body. Vice then moved to their arms, feeling sizable muscles along their biceps, while grimacing as they realized that they lacked both the strength and stature needed to overpower others with as much ease as they once could. Though, thanks to Jessie’s diligence, her body was still stronger than the average woman, and potentially even the average man.

Finally tired of this preamble and ready to delve into this gorgeous gift, Vice took their right hand to their smooth vulva, rubbing the outer edge as their fingers gradually went deeper and deeper into their new pussy. With one hand busy producing sensations that zapped across Vice’s being, the other drifted to the second most sensitive area and began pleasuring the nipples. With stolen memories as their guide, Vice knew just how to use these to immerse their body and mind into an electric ecstasy. 

As Vice’s hands continued to work, an expected liquid began to pour onto their right hand. It was an indication that they were doing something right, and allowed them to descend deeper and deeper into the hole of self-pleasure, sinking their fingers in as far as possible. But right as they were nearing the peak of this encounter, it occurred to them how… pedestrian this scene was. How there were better ways to get off. 

Looking in the cabinet beneath the sink, Vice quickly pulled out two tube-like objects with spherical ends that, while innocuous enough at a glance, had an indisputable phallic form factor, probably on account of them being sex toys. Vice immediately rammed one of these up their ass and shoved the other into their cunt. Such a brash action caused Vice to bend over, overwhelmed by the force inflicted onto their erogenous zones, but simultaneously enthralled by the pleasure that began reverberating throughout their body as their holes adapted to the plastic.

With one hand vigorously thrusting their vaginal dildo and the other massaging their breasts, Vice climaxed, nearly fumbling to the floor as a liquid began gushing throughout their lower regions, urging them to cease. They breathed deeply while in the afterglow, mulling over the sensation of their first female orgasm, before looking forward to seeing just what they look like while in the midst of masturbation.

As they looked into the mirror, however, they noticed that it was cracked, split into dozens of pieces that were one impact away from spraying and shattering across this small bathroom. Vice was baffled by this, as the mirror was fine a moment ago… and the only possible cause that could lead to such an effect was their continued masturbation. It was a preposterous notion. But as Vice broke down this relationship further, they began to theorize that, somehow, the fragmentation before them was caused by an expression of their mental or emotional state.

Vice began looking for something to test this impromptu experiment on and settled on the porcelain sink before them. Believing this ability to ‘break’ things as being tied to a sense of willpower, Vice glared at the sink, imagining it breaking slightly along the rim and spreading to the drain. Simple desire did not produce any results, but after clenching their teeth, channeling fury, and exerting their will upon the object, a thin crack developed throughout the sink, damaging it— but not ruining it. Unlike the now mostly useless mirror, which was more of a safety hazard than anything else. 

“Oh, this just keeps getting better and better,” Vice cooed as they began to contemplate this discovery. “New body, new life, and now what I could only describe as psychic powers? Heh. Oh life, you are ever the enigma, are you not? But I suppose further investigations can wait until after I clean myself.”

Upon removing the sexual aids and dropping them into the sink, Vice made their way to the shower. The tub retained the poignant scene of murder, with blood pooling at its bottom and splattered across the walls, yet that did not dissuade Vice from stepping into the shower and turning on the water. Vice vehemently stood under the shower nozzle as things began with a burst of cold water that gradually warmed, further stimulating their body and making them acutely aware of all the differences it held in comparison to their former form. …Not that they really needed a reminder after their masturbatory excursion a mere minute ago.

On that note, Vice was accustomed to a sort of calm after masturbation, but the warm water pouring over their body mixed with the act of rubbing oneself with soapy suds was more than enough stimulation to inspire Vice to rush through the showering process by drawing upon Jessie’s memories. They scrubbed themself and applied both shampoo and conditioner with little thought, relying on muscle memory and routine to coast them through the cleaning part, all so they could indulge in their body’s natural pleasures once again.

Still tender from the prior encounter, Vice began manhandling their body, gaining further intimacy with their curves before taking a hand to their groin and finding their clitoris at the top of their hairless crotch. They let out an audible purr as they titillated themself, yet, even this new feeling was insufficient to Vice, who began to pine for their toys. 

Unfortunately, they were outside of their arm’s reach and, not wanting to escape the cascade of hot water, Vice decided to use the next best thing. They grabbed the travel-size shampoo bottle Jessie brought to this house many moons ago and promptly shoved it up their ass. A mad cackle filled the room as Vice rammed the larger object into an erogenous zone, only stimulated further as they pressed their ass against the tub, forcing the bottle deeper into their rectum, instilling them with both intense pain and pleasure, all as they continued pinching at their clit. 

This act naturally led to yet another climax, and elongated rush of sexual pleasure, but right at the precipice, Vice recollected their intentions of practicing their powers and directed their attention at the tiled wall before them, causing many of the small jade tiles to burst out of the wall, landing on Vice or inside of the tub itself. 

“Oh fuck, this really is something, isn’t it?” Vice asked themself as they stifled laughter from their actions, the shampoo bottle still puckered up their ass. “So, I can damage objects just by cumming and focusing on them. But I’m sure there’s more to it than that… Alright, enough fucking about with my fuck holes, it’s time for some of the real shit.”

Following that declaration, Vice turned off the shower, sufficiently clean and wet, and began to pad themself down with a towel before encasing their torso in it. It was a process that came naturally to Vice, but they were left clicking their tongue at themself, irritated that they rushed into the bathroom without preparing a clean set of clothes for themself. They let out an annoyed moan before drifting their gaze to the shattered mirror, where they were met with a multitude of reflections looking back at them. 

Despite everything they had gone through, Vice still could not help but find part of this situation to be unreal. It was as if they had simultaneously regained their mental faculties while having fully lost their grip on reality and entered a fabricated and lucid existence. It was a paltry, almost innocuous, concern that Vice could not take seriously following the reality of the sensations they felt. Instead, they rolled their eyes, wondering if such a pedestrian and foolish concern was some remnant of Jessie rolling around in their head. With a small groan, they opened the door and left this steamy den of murder and masturbation behind to continue their night of exceptional debaucheries.

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