TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz – Chapter 4

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Disclaimer: This work contains adult materials including sexually explicit activities, strong language, racist terminology, and human trafficking. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz
Chapter 4: Post-Coitus

As I sat in the bathtub, minutes after being sodomized by my wife, drenched in water, my body contorted into a fetal position, I looked to the ceiling above and reflected on what had just happened. 

“I never knew Raven had this side to her… but I also never knew I had this side to myself. Was this always a part of me, or was more changed than just my body? I don’t think so, and so long as I’m happy, as long as I’m enjoying myself, then does it truly matter? I suppose it does… but it also doesn’t. If I knew this was the fate that awaited me on Bitz Isle, I definitely wouldn’t have come here, but now that I have experienced it first hand… would I want to go back? No. Definitely not. My days were numbered, or at least they felt like they were. But now, they aren’t, and I have a whole nother life ahead of me… everything is different and obscured by so many unknowns, but there is something that I know for certain, based on the experiences I have undergone over the past hour. That I like this.”

“You hear that world?! I just got ass-fucked by my wife and I liked it!”

As I shouted that, the shower curtain opened up once more, revealing Raven looming above me, holding a shower stool in one hand, straining her face as she prevented herself from bursting into hysterics.

“…What, it’s true?” I retorted in order to save face, but it only went to put Raven over the edge, dropping the stool as she laughed at me for 30 seconds straight.

“Ahahaha… Sorry Caleb, but you must admit that the idea of you of all people—”

“Yeah, what of it? I’ve got tits, I’ve got a pussy. You stuck your dick in me twice and it felt great! I’m enough of a fucking man to admit that.”

Raven then laughed at my bravado and confidence for another 30 seconds, dry heaving until she finally got her fill and was able to look at me with a straight face. Once done, she wasted little time prying me off the cold damp bathtub floor and onto the stool she brought in, only to move into the tub behind me and lean in over my shoulders to grab the small bottles of shampoo and conditioner from the shower shelf, placing them along the side of the tub before leaning her chest into my back as she unlatched the showerhead. 

She played with the spray settings and made sure the water was warm before dampening my wavy hair, running her fingers through it once she was finished. She quietly mused to herself as she filled her palm with the shampoo, rubbing it between both hands before taking it to my scalp and distributing it throughout my hair, ruffling it around as she leaned her head in closer.

I never paid too much attention to my hair throughout my life. I kept it simple, short, and presentable since I was a young boy, going with whatever my barber gave me, and only truly caring about what rested on my head once it began to thin and vanish. I attempted to work with it for a while, making my head of hair look fuller than it truly was, but as my head became barren throughout the 90s, I began shaving it away regularly, keeping traces along my sides, but accepting and embracing it as part of my identity.

While I did desire to have my hair return, I never put much thought into what I would do with it, and now, as I had this intimidatingly long mane poking from my skull, I was at a loss. I never did much more with my hair than apply a scattering of gel in it or a comb through it, and I would need to learn how to manage and maintain this… along with everything new about this body of mine. 

As I was on the cusp of an internal monologue about my dying masculinity, Raven dug her hands into my scalp, rubbing and mixing the shampoo down into my roots and breaking away any dead skin. Like with many things, she started a bit rough but adjusted to her newfound strength, eventually turning this into a head massage that allowed me to enter a state of thoughtless comfort as she thoroughly cleaned my hair once, rinsed out the shampoo, and then applied the conditioner to repeat the process doubly so.

“You’ll need to experiment with what your scalp and your hair need before I can really give you a lot of pointers here,” Raven commented. “I know what works for me and a few of my friends, but none of them have had hair as thick or wavy as yours.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“Pfft. Are you kidding? Most women would kill to have thick luxurious hair like yours.”

“I think most women would kill to have a body like mine, period.”

“Heh. I’d certainly say so… I mean, if you were white that is.”

As Raven made that comment, the two of us fell silent, not really sure to broach the whole race issue. I had met enough stupid-as-fuck white people and brilliant men of color to know that race has no real correlation to a person’s intelligence or anything of the sort, but I was born in 1933. It was normal for my father to talk shit about the negros he had to manage at the factory during supper, and I do not believe I truly worked with a black man until the 70s. It was normal. It was institutionalized, and aside from the occasional tax-deductible charitable contribution, I never made any true effort to be more worldly or understanding of other races. I didn’t need to. And I did not want to. I was taught history from the perspective of the whites, that they were the ones who, through their own hands and by their own wits, forged the pinnacle of civilization known as America. And did not want to challenge these beliefs.

As the world changed, I lent an ear to the plights of others, but I was too far gone to change myself. I was too old, too stuck in my ways, and now, unless I wanted to give up what I had been given, I needed to either ignore the reality that would stare at me in the face whenever I saw my own visage looking back at me, or change my mind along with my body.

I was thrust back to reality as cold water covered my face and tricked down my body, my turning head revealing an unamused Raven glaring back at me.

“Well, somebody was lost in thought.”

“Are your thoughts crystal clear right now? After you just fucked your husband in the ass, fondled his breasts, and washed his hair?”

“Oh fuck no. I’m just better at hiding it. C’mon, we don’t seem to have a hairdryer here, so I’ll show you how to wrap your hair.”

From there, Raven tidied up in the bathtub, putting the shampoo and soap back to where they belonged, and guiding me out, my legs far more stable than they were a few minutes ago, but to say they were still a little stiff would be an understatement. Still, I felt as if I could stand and walk comfortably, and went about drying myself with a clean towel before wrapping it around my torso like I did earlier.

Raven, after drying herself and covering her privates up with a towel, then told me to lean forward and bunch my hair up, only to wrap a towel around my head, folding it into what she dubbed a ‘turban’. Supposedly because this would help my hair dry and prevent it from getting too frizzy. While I didn’t quite get what that meant, I nevertheless heeded my wife’s advice and followed her out of the bathroom and into the kitchen.

The two of us took a minute to sit down, enjoying the cushioned backs and bottoms of the chairs as we sat in silence for a moment, looking at each other, asking “what’s next?” with our eyes alone. Wanting to be proactive for a change, I was the first to get up, heading to the fridge where I pulled out water bottles for the two of us. Exhausted from sex, we both chugged our drinks quickly, letting the cold water flow through our tired bodies as our eyes drifted around the hotel room, with mine landing on the digital clock on the oven, which read 17:57.

“Say, aren’t we supposed to meet Doctor Bitz at 18:30? Because that’s in half an hour.” I asked, looking into Raven’s pale green eyes.

“Seriously? Has it already been two hours?”

“I mean, you lasted pretty long, spent a lot of time on my hair, and we did lay in the afterglow for quite some time, so it’s not all that surprising.”

“I suppose not. So, what’s the plan? Are we just going to meet her dressed in towels, or are we going to get—”

As if on cue, an echoing pitter-patter came pounding on the door out of this hotel room. We looked at each other for a moment before we both got up and walked over to it, with Raven twisting the doorknob, only to find that the door had been unlocked. She cautiously tilted her head to see who was knocking, letting out a surprised gasp before throwing the door all the way open, causing it to bounce against the wall.

Standing in the hallway outside our door was a short and pale young woman with curly brown hair, dressed in a yellow sundress. The very same young woman who greeted us as we got off the plane a mere 7 hours ago, Winter.

“Hello and good evening, Caleb and Raven. Have you two been enjoying your new bodies thus far?” She said nonchalantly.

“Considering we were shot by something that I can barely explain let alone understand, woke up in an unfamiliar room and in unfamiliar bodies, and then forced to have sex… yeah, we’ve been adjusting pretty well I’d say.” I explained with sincerity.

“…Right, that was mentioned on your profiles. I’m not sure why the Doctor modified your introduction like that, but you’ll be able to ask them over dinner. Before that, however, you should probably change. While we at Bitz Und Stücke Ltd. have no dress code for the beachfront, all guests are requested to keep their genitals covered when perusing the rest of the island, and while towels do technically meet that requirement, we would prefer it if you dressed in some proper clothes—”

“We would, if we had any clothes,” Raven interjected.

“—Proper clothes such as the ones I brought with me.”

Winter then grabbed something obscured by the door frame before me and began walking into the room, dragging two clothing racks on wheels connected to one another, both crammed with clothing. She wasted little time making her way over to the room’s two empty wardrobes, moving the clothes off one bar to another, while filling the bottom of the furniture with small wooden and cardboard boxes. She moved deftly as if she had done this hundreds of times in the past, which may have been the case for all I knew. 

Once one wardrobe was filled with male clothes and the other with female clothes, Winter turned to us and looked at the door leading out to the neighboring hotel room, where Anthony and Penny went before the aphrodisiac hit.

“I tried knocking earlier, and I’m pretty sure these two are too busy indulging in themselves to answer the door,” Winter casually explained. “Do either of you want to break their little love-making session, or would you rather let me handle it?”

Raven and I exchanged a glance momentarily only for me to let out a shrug as I moved over to the soundproof door separating us from the Appletons, creaking it open as I glanced inside, swiftly spotting the two on the same bed together, completely naked, their arms wrapped around one another, laying on top of off-white sheets stained by stark white cum. The scent of sex was overbearing as I stuck my head through the door, and I began to wonder just how many times these two went at it.

“Fuck, you two must’ve gone at it like rabbits,” Raven commented as she entered the room alongside me.

“Hell yeah, we did!” Anthony cheered, raising a fist upwards as he remained on the bed.

“I didn’t want to push my little darling too far, but you just begged and begged for more and more, you insatiable little vixen,” Penny said, rubbing a hand through Anthony’s silky black hair.

“C’mon, don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it too,” Anthony said, rubbing his wife’s chest.

“Oh, I did, but I would have stopped after three times. I didn’t even know penises could get this sore.”

“Eh, maybe five was pushing it a bit too much, but I have zero regrets! Absolutely zero!”

“Says the person who can’t walk,” Penny said with a smirk.

“I’ll get better, just give me a little bit longer to rest… while rubbed up against my coco biscuit!”

“Why, aren’t you two just adorable together!” Winter gleefully interjected. “It really is sights like this that make this job so great! Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you both need to have dinner with the Doctor soon. I’ll fill your wardrobes in a jiffy, but in the meantime, take these supplements.”

As Winter said that, she tugged up her sundress and pulled out a small plastic bag with what looked to be pink multivitamins from her modesty shorts. As all four of us looked at her in confusion, Winter plopped two of these chewable tablets out of the bag and onto a tissue she pulled out from a box on a nightstand. After performing this act, Winter then brought her portable clothing rack into this room and began to fill its dressers, speaking to us as she did so.

“Those are highly concentrated vitamins that should help you recover from fatigue, but be sure to have them with some apple sauce so your body can better digest them. Oh, and remember to drink lots of water. You’d be amazed by the number of patrons we get that forget this and get sent to first aid. Anyways, I’ll be back in about 20 minutes to take you all to Doctor Bitz.”

Following that decree, Winter opened the door out of the Appleton’s room, dragging her emptied clothing racks behind her while giving us a hearty “see ya later.” I thought about commenting on how oddly casual she was about our interaction… only to remind myself how insanely strange the past day had been, and it’s not even time for supper yet.

“…We should probably get dressed now,” Penny announced as she rose from her bed, breaking the awkward silence.

“Yeah, we should,” Raven replied as she returned to our hotel room. “Caleb and I are going to scope out our wardrobes. We’ll leave the door open a smidgen, so let us know if you need anything, ya filthy animals.”

“Puh-lease, like you didn’t do some dirty shit when you were alone together!” Anthony shouted while chewing his pink vitamin.

“We did, but we knew to stop after round two,” I said before walking out the door connecting our rooms, and away from this conversation.

As I returned to my hotel room, I made my way to the wardrobe I saw Winter unload all the female clothes into, which I opened and was met with about a dozen different tops and bottoms, along with a few dresses, all rather light, and many of them quite revealing. Which made sense seeing as how this was a tropical, or technically subtropical, island. I began to slowly parse through them, taking note of the variety before me and trying to imagine what I would look like with them on, and what would look good. I was accustomed to far less… diverse wardrobes, and after a minute of musing over what to wear, I impulsively threw two things on the bed next to me. A green shirt with a massive neck hole that looked like it would only loosely flow off of my thin body and a dark skirt that I figured would go decently enough with it. 

With the core outfit settled, I dug through the wooden boxes lining the lower shelf of the wardrobe, plucking out a pair of short white socks, brown panties that were slightly darker than my skin, and a bra of a similar color, bearing a tag that revealed I was a C-cup. Much to my surprise, as, from my first-person perspective, I assumed I was a D-cup at the very least. Next came the shoes, and I only had three pairs to speak of. Sandals, sneakers, and heels. My choice there was obvious, and I quickly unpacked the sneakers from their box, laying them at the foot of the bed before looking over the scattered clothing before me.

“You know, I would love to watch you try to prepare yourself for an outing as a woman, but that would take the better half of a day, and we only have about 15 minutes,” Raven said as she planted a hand on my shoulder. “But before getting dressed, we need to take care of your hair.”

Raven then turned me around and sat me on the bed, taking a hand to the towel wrapped on top of my head and causing damp dark strands of hair to cloud my vision. I then felt a brush go through it, moving slowly and coming at my hair from all angels, taming it, shaping it, and getting caught on split ends twice in the process. I muttered a thank you as Raven spent over a minute on my hair, only for her to then free it from my face, allowing me to look back at her. 

She had already gotten dressed, and was wearing an off-white pink dress shirt tucked into a pair of light brown dress pants, with dark shoes covering her feet. I looked at her and saw a young man with fire in his eyes, who held himself with confidence, and while he would be scoffed at for his stubble and longer curly hair back during my prime, he managed to look both professional… and hot.

I felt myself blushing as I realized how long I had been scoping out his person and reminded myself that they were my wife. That I was Caleb Jones… and that I still needed to get dressed in a nice top and skirt in a few minutes.

“You can probably handle the panties, skirt, and shoes on your own,” Raven said as she pointed at the clothes next to me. “Or do you want me to do everything for you, princess?”

I bit my tongue at Raven’s comment, tore the towel off of my torso, and immediately grabbed the underwear to show her wrong, sliding it effortlessly above my legs and around my protruding hips before snapping it against my frame as it concealed my crotch. Next was the skirt, which I tossed about in my hands before finding a zipper, allowing me to pull it up to my waist and secure it… only to realize just how little this scrap of cloth actually covered, stopping halfway down to my knee. I paused for a moment, thinking about taking off the skirt and replacing it with something more… conservative, but with Raven casually looking over at me from across the room, leaning against a wall, I decided to just move onto the next step. Jamming my tiny feet into even smaller socks and shoes.

Once the process of shoving something long and slender into a narrow and ditting hole was complete, I stood up and looked at Raven, who snickered at the girl before her, completely topless, but wearing a skirt and shoes.

“Alright, you did that faster than I expected,” Raven said as she walked towards me. “Keep this up, and I’ll make a woman out of you in no time.”

“I’m simply adapting to the situation I’ve been thrown in. Besides, you’ve become quite the man yourself, Raven.”

“Thank you, Caleb, I’m happy to know that my efforts haven’t been in vain.”

“Wait, you… do you want to be a man, Raven?”

“Heh. I often wondered what my life would have been like if I was born a man— it would have been a lot easier and more direct, that’s for sure. Now that I’ve been given the opportunity, I figured I may as well enjoy and embrace it. That is what Bitz said in the video we watched, isn’t it?”

“And you don’t feel like you’re doing something wrong, betraying part of your identity, by so flippantly becoming one with the other sex?”

“Not really. I am still an individual who has lived as a woman for 82 years. It will always be a core part of my identity, and— you know what, I need to cover those up, or else I’m going to wind up sticking my dick in them,” Raven said, pointing at my exposed breasts. “Let me finish dressing you and we can discuss such philosophical identity quandaries at a later time.”

Raven then plucked the bra from off the bed and wasted little time getting behind me, wrapping the garment around my chest and latching it securely. The tightness of a stretching band around my chest felt restrictive, but it was a small price to pay for not having sacks of fatty flesh bouncing erratically on my chest. I moved my chest about and twisted my torso about while picking away at the straps adorning my person, getting the bra to a point where it felt proportionally right before moving onto the final article of clothing, the green top I selected. Which slid on easily, and rested on the edge of my narrow shoulders, leaving the bulk of them and the entirety of my neckline exposed in a shirt that, while flowing, still left enough of an impression for an onlooker to gauge my lovely proportions.

Fully dressed, I moved over to the full-length mirror off to the side of my wardrobe. While I had become… more than a little intimate with this body, I still found myself dazed as I looked upon my reflection. There is a lot that one can tell from a person based on their clothing. The clothing one wears can completely change the type of person they are, or at least appear to be. When they are naked, they are a blank slate, presented in their pure and most distilled form, but when dressed, their personality shines through.

That’s what happened with my reflection. What I had originally seen as a beautiful woman now had more attributes to her, dressed in a casual outfit befitting the warm climate that she was in, and bearing a timid expression on her face. And she was me. I was her. I was the cute casually dressed girl I was looking at, and checking out, in the mirror before me.

I shook my head as my concern began to plague my mind— as I was on the cusp of being consumed by the same ‘philosophical identity quandaries’ Raven put aside for another time. I looked across the room and spied the clock on the oven, reading 18:27. A smile crossed my face as I realized just how better my vision had become since my transformation, and with my person fully dressed, I made my way to the door, followed by Raven, who looked at me with a sly grin.

As I opened up the door, I saw both Anthony and Penny lined up against the wall, having already gotten themselves ready, and waiting for Winter. Anthony was dressed in a pink and white floral print dress that went down to his knees and his hair, which was thrown into disarray last I saw him, was straightened and combed. He looked like a sweet young woman who stepped right off of a photoshoot, but even as we stood a good two meters apart, I could still smell the scent of sex wafting from his person.

I could say the same for Penny, who continued to tower over her husband as they stood side by side. She was dressed the most simply of all of us, wearing a red tank top that exposed her thick muscular arms, a pair of dark shorts that clung against her body and revealed an outline of what she had rocking between them. I had a suspicion that Anthony, the little man-turned-minx, selected this outfit in order to better appreciate his wife… but I really couldn’t blame him for that.

“Are you sure you want to visit the Doctor smelling like… that?” I asked the Appletons as we gathered in the middle of the spacious hallway.

“We tried cleaning ourselves with washcloths… but I guess we didn’t do a very good job,” Penny dejectedly replied.

“Well, if Doctor Bitz didn’t want us to smell like sex, she shouldn’t have given us sex drugs. It’s her own fault,” Anthony declared while brushing a hand through his hair.

“I can safely say that the Doctor does not mind the smell of sex—” a mature female voice interjected from behind us. “If anything, she finds it endearing. It is a sign that you were embracing your transformation, which she loves to see from patrons on their first day. It makes the process so much easier.”

We all turned to see Winter, walking towards us with a waving hand and a cheerful smile, arriving right on time as far as I could tell. She explained to us that we needed to go on a short walk to meet with the Doctor, guiding us down the hall and the elevator while acting as a tour guide of sorts. Showing us the stairs, elevators, informing us that the hotel was rather expansive, housing over 80 rooms for staff and guests, and also saying hello to other young couples we passed by as we left.

Once outside we came to terms with just how late it was, as the sun was drifting towards the horizon, and night was near. My eyes drifted as we continued to follow behind Winter, making note of the facilities across that surrounded the hotel, the tropical fauna sprinkled between the buildings, but more than anything, I looked at the people. All young, fit, and… happy. I could only assume that these people were like us. That they were younger bodies starkly different than the ones they’d known all their lives and were embracing what they had been given. It begged the question of… why.

Why do all this? Why put the minds of the rich and elderly into the bodies of the young? Why be so secretive about this with us, and apparently just us? Why do all of this an island? Why did I feel so conflicted about everything I’ve experienced these past few hours? …And where the fuck was Melody? I mean, I was distracted by hundreds of things, but how the hell did I forget about her?

I sighed as I wallowed in these questions, reminding myself that all answers would come once I sat with Doctor Bitz. An enigmatic figure who, as Winter walked us through an outdoor restaurant that looked over the expansive beachfront of this island, came into sight once again. Beyond the two dozen other patrons of this establishment, laughing, shouting, and partaking in miscellaneous merriment, stood a lone table that sat only a single person with blonde hair, dark skin, and wearing a white lab coat. I looked at my wife, friend, and friend’s wife with concern, and they shot me similar looks of both surprise and anticipation. After all this confusion and two hours of sexual escapades, it was finally time to get some answers.

TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz
Chapter 1: Welcome to Bitz Isle
Chapter 2: In With the New
Chapter 3: Double Degeneracy
Chapter 4: Post-Coitus
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