TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz – Chapter 3

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Disclaimer: This work contains adult materials including sexually explicit activities, strong language, racist terminology, and human trafficking. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz
Chapter 3: Double Degeneracy

I looked up at my wife as she stood above me. My body sprawled out over the bed. My limbs were bound by hers. Her dick looming over my pussy, a single thrust away from entering it. Her eyes, colored a pale green, burned with a fiery intensity that I had seldom seen on any person I ever met in my many years. I wanted to object, to plead, and find some angle to convince her not to do this. But as she revealed her knowledge, as she dredged up my past sins, and framed this act of bizarre intercourse as an act of righteous punishment, I could find no words to dissuade her. The only thing that I could say, the only words to escape from my luscious lips, were “please, be gentle.” She gave no response.

My body churned as Raven slammed herself against me, the air escaping from my lungs as she stuck her dick inside me. I froze for a moment as I attempted to register this feeling. It was almost like I was stabbed, impaled by some force in an especially sensitive chunk of tissue. I expected blood to come coursing out from a new grotesque laceration, but instead, I was met with comfort, a warmth that settled in as my stretched canal began adapting to Raven. Rapidly, the pain subsided as pleasure began to surface. I looked up at Raven, her face had become relaxed, her eyes glazed, and her mouth agape. She looked down at me with such an expression and smiled, consumed with a twisted form of joy.

She receded her dick slightly and brought it down, slower and gentler. The tension building throughout my body dissipated as Raven set a rhythm while I began to adapt to it. Her technique, while rough, rigid, and lacking the lifetime of experience 99.9% of dick-havers could call back on, felt… good. A part of me was appalled at my enjoyment, viciously shouting at me for subjugating myself like this, but this hysterical outburst was comparable to the murmurs of a mouse next to the part of my mind that implored me to go along with it, to move my body in accordance to my wife’s, and to go with the flow she set. I shook my wide womanly hips to accommodate her, playing along in order for our mutual benefit. Raven wore her satisfaction plainly, and from the way she looked at me, so did I. 

As she recognized my commitment, my willingness, she freed me of her clutches, leaving my arms and legs sore, but our bodies freer and closer. With her hands exposed, she took them to my chest, slowly brushing up my breasts as she examined the circumference, applying more and more pressure as she steadily made her way to my nipples. Small rubs led to light pinches, and as moans escaped my lips, she followed up on bringing her mouth to me, locking our lips before invading my mouth, her tongue mingling with my own. 

I was suddenly reminded of just how different my mouth had become. No longer was it a field of gums and dentures, but rather something far more pristine and natural. It was familiar yet different all the same, housing the same number of teeth and basic proportions, but the exact shape of all of them differed. We continued to explore each other’s mouth until I felt my body growing faint and recoiled to suck in a gasp of air.

“Do you like it, Caleb? Do you like feeling like a woman?”

I took a moment to decode those words, nearly forgetting my own name. I no longer looked like ‘Caleb,’ nor did I feel like ‘Caleb.’ I felt like someone else and, at the cost of my male pride… I loved it. I did not feel like I was being dominated. I felt like I was being catered to. Like I was being loved and filled with joyous stimulation by someone who cared for me. Perhaps it was due to the drug, perhaps I was simply trying to shield my own ego, but as I looked into Raven’s eyes, I spoke with confidence.

“It feels wonderful. Thank you, Raven.”

“Heh,” Raven snickered. “Maybe set the bar a little lower. We’re just getting started!”

My eyes widened as Raven moved her body down against mine, wrapping her arms around my back while our chests pressed against each other. Her body was firm and toned, contrasting the softer frame I had been given. It was a bit frightening, having somebody with such strength be so close to me, but the warmth of her body, the slow movements of her hands as they found their way to the small of my back, and the heartbeat I could faintly feel as I wrapped my own arms around her back, it made me feel safe. Our mouths found each other once more, and throughout all of this stimulation, even as our legs began to interlock, she continued to thrust, and I continued to accommodate. 

It was overwhelming. My body was in a stupor as I tried to focus on all of these sensations spontaneously, and I became immersed in a sea of pleasure. My moans filled Raven’s mouth as hers filled mine, and we remained like this for an imperceptible amount of time before I felt something in me snap. After Raven first penetrated me, I felt a damp secretion ooze from my vagina, moistening our parts to allow for less traction, but now, I was met with a burst, a transparent goo that exploded from my insides, coating Raven while dripping from me and onto the sheets we laid upon. My mouth freed itself from Raven as I registered what had happened, my breathing heavy as I sought to keep the rapid pace of my heart in check. 

“So, this is what a female orgasm feels like… why the fuck are women shamed for this shit?” I thought to myself as I laid in the ecstatic aftermath, Raven still churning my body while my hips gyrated, growing sore from the constant movement. 

I then found myself brought back to the forefront of reality as a burst of heat erupted from my crotch, drawing me to look down at the two of us becoming once. The transparent goo surrounding us was replaced with something far whiter and viscous, bursting from my body and spraying onto the two of us. We locked eyes as we recognized this, both our faces embarrassing, dripping with sweat, and contorted by lust. Raven leaned in to grant me a kiss on the forehead before pulling out her dick, drenched in both of our juices from the head to the bottom of the shaft, and plopping down on the bed beside me.

“Hey, so,” Raven began, “what I said about knowing everything you did… I’d be lying if I said I was on much of a moral high ground.”

“Wait… did you sleep around with a bunch of guys?” I said, looking at Raven’s smiling mug.

“Oh yeah,” Raven replied. “You’d be amazed by the amount of influence a powerful woman can have on a gullible man. I probably did it with at least 50 men over the years. Some for pleasure, most for business. I’m not especially proud of what I did, but the results speak for themselves. I succeeded where my more stringent peers failed, and I always got what I wanted. It’s part of the reason why I always valued my looks so highly. For every man I persuaded with sex, I persuaded three more with mere titillation. It was… part of my identity. One of my tactics. And after I became unable to even pull off the cougar look, I became bitter. I had already found my own company, gained influence and public acclaim for my skills and performance, but that was something I lost with age. I had everything I could ever want, all worldly desires, but I could never reclaim my beauty and youth.”

“Is this where I comment on how ‘we are not so different, you and I.’”

“We really aren’t,” Raven said with a yawn. “And I guess we never were. It’s why we hit it off, and got married a year after meeting each other the first time. But as we became older, as we became busy, we lost a lot of what drew us together. We were both busy with work, barely spoke, and when we tried to rekindle the flames at the ripe age of 54 and 52…”

“You don’t need to say anymore. I’m… sorry for everything I did Raven. I did not respect you as much as I should. I should have been open with you and I… should have made more of an effort to reach out to you. I gave up on you and—”

“Caleb, I’m sorry for everything too. I was a bitch, plain and simple. I knew I was, and I did not care. Once the sexual part of our relationship died… I let everything crumble. And I shouldn’t have slept around to get where I was but I wanted to succeed, it was an effective tactic, especially back then, and as your wife, I should have tried to keep us together. I love you and… even as a girl, you’re a great fuck.”

“You’re not too bad yourself, stud,” I said with a subdued wince. “But, um, we both have a long way to go. I sure as shit didn’t know what I was doing.”

“Me neither. But I suppose that’s emblematic of everyone’s first time. Even after doing it hundreds of times, it’s been years and offense is a lot different than defense, if you catch my drift.”

“It is, it is… what the fuck is wrong with us.”

“Depending on your perspective, everything… or nothing.”

“Thanks, Raven. That really helps narrow it down.”

Raven snickered at my reply as I looked down at myself. My breasts remained firm even as I laid down, and my body, meaning my upper chest and breasts, was coated with dried sweat. I attempted to stand up in order to clean myself, but as I used my arms to lift myself off the bed, I found myself struggling so much as sit up.

“Heh,” Raven snorted. “I may have given you a bit too much to handle. Your body’s pretty damn fit as far as I can tell, but it might not be… used to this sort of thing. I’d say you were a virgin, but I didn’t see any blood when we did it.”

“Oh, right, I almost forgot that was a thing,” I murmured in an exhausted voice. “It’s been a long time since I was with a virgin. And even then, I only ever popped two cherries.”

“I’d ask for details, but I think you’d rather get cleaned… damn, I really made a mess, didn’t I?” Raven said, standing up with ease and looking over my sex-covered body. “Yeah, I can’t just leave all this, let me just… ah fuck it, I’ll try my own brand.”

Before I could articulate a question, Raven leaned her head down and towards my groin. I could not see her over my breasts, but as her forehead loomed closer, I felt a cold dampness come from my lower body. It was hard to pinpoint at first, but as one shiver became three, I put it together.

“Are you fucking eating me out after you creampied me?”

“Yeah? What can I say, I was curious as to how I tasted, how you tasted, and how we tasted together.”


“You’re actually pretty sweet down there, and while I’m a bit too salty, it’s definitely in the top 3 semen I’ve had in my mouth. Overall, not bad. I’ve chugged plenty of protein shakes that tasted leagues worse than that.”

“ …When did we become such degenerates?” I asked as I stared up at the ceiling.

“Since we became hotter than either of us have been in 50 years and woke up naked in a random hotel room with sex drugs in our system after some nutjob doctor turned our bodies into skin sheathes and absorbed our… Essence, I think she called it. It’s all fucked up, but we don’t have a choice, so we may as well roll with it.”

“I guess that answers my question… Say, um, could you help me get to the bathroom. I still feel a bunch of… cum lingering inside me, and I don’t think I like it.”

Rather than responding to me with words, Raven loomed over me for a moment, basking in my body before bringing her hands to the top of my back and the back of my legs before lifting me up with ease. With my eyes widened, Raven leaned her head closer to mine and spoke to me in a hushed voice.

“Why, but of course, milady.”

Wasting little time, Raven turned away from the bed and walked towards the bathroom, unimpeded by the 55 kilograms slung across his arms. She casually opened the door’s knob, brushed past the shower curtain, and walked into the bathtub, where she lowered my legs to the floor. I threw an arm out to the grab bar off to the right side, trying to support myself, but my footing was still shaky. 

“And here I was looking forward to taking a shower where I wasn’t a constant fall risk,” I said under my breath.

Undoubtedly hearing my words, Raven threw her arms around me, propping her forearms just below my breasts. I jumped from her sudden embrace and twisted my head to see her beaming face.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to support you, in more ways than one.”

I muttered a small thank you to Raven before remembering what I came here to do. Washing the excessive amount of cum from my vagina. The showerhead here was thankfully not mounted to the wall, allowing me to unlatch it and aim it as I pleased. Aiming it away from me, I turned on the water and judged the water temperature while toying with the button on the handle of the showerhead, switching it away from full blast to the lowest pressure available, and turning the temperature down to a middling lukewarm.

Once that was taken care of, I cautiously drew the showerhead closer to me, and began to aim for my lower regions, and was pleasantly surprised by how… normal it all felt. It just felt like part of my body was getting wet, which I suppose is what I should have expected to begin with. I tried to crane my neck down to make sure that I was doing a good job, but because of the tits that were constantly obstructing my view, and Raven’s embrace, all I could see was blots of white ooze swirling around the drain, and while I was not sure if I got all of it, I at least felt a lot cleaner.

“Say, Raven, do you need to wash the inside of a vagina with soap or…”

“What? No! Just spray it with water like you have been and wash outside of it.”

“Don’t say that like I should know these things! When the hell has it ever been the man’s job to clean out his woman’s pussy?”

“You’d be surprised by how many times a guy asked me if he could clean me.”

“…The fuck kind of wackos did you used to have sex with?”

“The kinds with money, power, influence, and who would do anything to get peed on by a woman. Women who think things are fucked nowadays should really take a look back at what it was like being a female CEO in the 60s…”

Recognizing the trajectory this conversation was heading in, I did not bother replying and instead began getting my overdue shower well underway. I rapidly propped the showerhead back onto its mount, switched the water pressure to something more intense, turned up the temperature, and grabbed a bar of soap on the shower shelf. I lathered a hand and brushed it against my face, rubbing my suds-filled fingers across a smooth, soft, yet firm features, bumping up and down as they danced across unfamiliar terrain. I shut my eyes as I took a moment to mentally map out just what this face was, comparing and contrasting it to my sagging and spotty mug, and trying to come to terms with what I now looked like. 

While everything I felt at this very moment, between the water dancing across my form, the embrace that kept me upright, and the pressure that said embrace put against the bottom of my breasts, was something I, to some extent, on a more macro level, have gotten used to, as I paused and focused on these subtle details, I became amazed at just how different two people, two humans, can feel. The difference between man and woman, the young and the old, at least on a physical level, never seemed to be so vast and stark as it was when I stood there, taking a moment to shut my eyes and feel. 

I continued to do so, trying to use my younger brain to formulate a thought or phrase to eloquently surmise this feeling, only to have my train of thought interrupted by whispers spoken nary an inch away from my ear.

“Sorry about this Caleb. I just can’t seem to help myself.”

I opened my eyes as Raven finished her thought only to shut them immediately as I felt a… pressure… in my ass. 

“Raven?! The fuck do you think we’re doing?”

“Doing what this body, and that aphrodisiac, tells me to do. Come now, this isn’t the first time we did it in the shower after a steamy session.”

“Yeah, but I never stuck my dick in your shit pipe!”

“Heh. Throughout all of your sexcapades, you never did it in a girl’s butt?”

“I mean, yeah, a few times. But I— Gyaaaah!”

After sticking it in, Raven began to thrust, keeping our bodies as close as possible, and forcing my hips to move along with her. My legs wobbled from the force exerted against the core of my being, and I threw an arm at the grab bar for support, bracing it as Raven continued. In my ass, there existed a concentrated tightness that did not exist during our previous session, something that Raven had to pierce through before truly getting inside me. While my initial reaction to this feeling, this unforeseen anal invasion, was to panic and clench my being, I could tell from Raven’s grunts that this was not good for either of us, and began to shut my eyes as I focused on loosening my asshole.

As I wiggled my butt around for our mutual benefit, I found myself comparing this to what we did maybe 30 minutes ago. While vaginas were extensively made for penises, butts weren’t. However, they were an erogenous zone, something tight that put pressure on the penetrator and the penetrated, and while I tried to tell myself that this was crossing a line at first, I began… enjoying it as Raven and I continued. It just took a minute to learn what she was trying, it was harsher, and the entry point Raven had to plow through was far tighter than the malleable orifice one perineum away.

Perhaps it was my fatigue or the fact that I was standing, but it felt… worse, rougher, and less loving than what we shared previously, with the feverish moans I uttered last time sounding more like a whimper. Still, the thrill of these new stimuli, this new sensation, was enough for me to shut up and avoid any and all objections as I concentrated the bulk of my mental energy on my perky round ass and what lay inside. After all, if I was on an aphrodisiac, I may as well try to enjoy myself to the fullest, right?

As I continued, I felt my body loosen, with even the grip I held on the bar of soap loosening… only for my hand to be clenched by another, and the bar to be ripped from my fingers.

“You seem to be a bit preoccupied at the moment, babe. Here, let me help.”

Raven then freed my chest from her embrace, nearly causing me to fall to the wet bathtub floor below if not for the bar I gripped a hand onto and the dick propping up my ass. I flinched as I stabilized myself and began to turn my head to chide Raven, only for her to take her soap lathered hands and bring them to my shoulders, loosening up my tensed muscles while cleaning the skin that covered them. As she cleaned and stimulated my shoulder and neck, she continued her trek down my arms, tickling my barren pits and caressing my hands as she cleaned them.

An objection to her actions danced atop my tongue as I wanted to defend my newfound youth and autonomy by insisting that I can indeed bathe on my own, but as she continued to brush her strong yet deliberate hands across my being, I found myself swallowing such words. Between caressing my breasts and momentarily playing with my nipples, rubbing my flattened stomach and chest, or supporting and lathering my hips, I felt like I was being pampered in a way I never even imagined. And as all of this happened, as she cleansed my body, she continued her thrusting, adopting a more deliberate, slower, and gentler approach than the rash way she first entered my anus.

With lathered hands she embraced my legs, going up and down them as both she and I came to terms with my more sensitive spots, feeling out what specific spots in my skin or musculature would make me moan, all before getting to my feet. As she raised my legs up, bending them in a way that left me stunned at my body’s innate flexibility, she brought her hands to my toes, scrubbing them with her open palm while interlacing her fingers into my toes, all while I erupted in laughter. I begged for her to stop, mostly out of reflex, but she carried on until I was clean from head to toe… except for my crotch.

Even though she just told me that you did not need to wash the inside of a vagina, she still brought her soapy hands well beyond my vulva and felt around for something, unable to rely on sight. Eager and recognizing her intention, I grabbed her hand with my own and guided her to the right spot. My sounds of my satisfaction were overlaid with her stifled laughter and seeing as how we had already been at it for so long, it did not take much longer before we reached our limit. 

As Raven unleashed her second burst of the day inside me, coating my anus with a hot viscous slime, I too soon discharged onto Raven’s palm. As exhaustion overcame my person once more, I felt my grip loosening against the ever-helpful shower bar, but Raven’s firm arms prevented me from falling, keeping me secure even as she pulled out of my bum. We spent a moment simply standing in this awkward position, the water continuing to pour down on us, and washing away all sexual fluids that would otherwise linger on our bodies. I tried to say something to Raven beyond a mere thank you, but the accumulated fatigue was too much for me to fight against gravity on my own, and she could tell. 

“Yeah, I definitely went too far with you. I’m sorry Caleb. Just hold tight and I’ll be back to finish the job.”

Raven extended an arm away from me and put an end to the cascade that had been pouring down on us, causing a gust of colder air to brush against my person, no longer protected by a stream of constant warmth. I felt myself shiver slightly as the temperature dropped, and I soon found myself on the floor of the bathtub, my legs spread out wide as I propped my back up against a wall. As I got my bearings, I looked up to see Raven stepping out past the shower curtains and onto the tiled floor, her body dripping with water as she stepped out of the bathroom door. Alone, wet, and cold, I laughed softly to myself as I brought my sore legs closer to me, brushing my thighs against my breasts.

TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz
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