TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz – Chapter 5

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Disclaimer: This work contains adult materials including sexually explicit activities, strong language, racist terminology, and human trafficking. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz
Chapter 5: Bitz Und Stücke

I looked out across this boardwalk restaurant and at the lone woman sitting at the table at the very end, illuminated by the orange sky behind her, her image becoming more and more defined as my group and I drew near, only for her to rise from her chair to greet us.

“Good evening, my beloved patrons,” Doctor Bitz proclaimed with glee. “I trust you have a lot of questions and fiery emotions you wish to throw my way.”

“You’re gosh darn right we do!” Anthony shouted. “So why don’t you just cut to the chase and get to the exposition?”

“Why, but of course. However, I must ask that you all take a seat. Dinner should be ready shortly, and I much prefer to explain this sort of thing over a meal.”

With a cautious glance, Raven, Anthony, Penny, and I all sat down at the table before us, our eyes pried on Bitz even as Winter shouted her farewells and left the five of us be. Bitz sat casually in her chair, folding her legs while bringing a hand to her chin as she looked over us, the calm ocean stretching out behind her, leaving the floor open for any of us to begin the discussion, and I took the initiative by asking the most foundational question I could.

“What exactly is Bitz Isle?”

“Why, Bitz Isle is exactly what it sounds like. It is my personal and privately owned island, and as you can plainly see, I have transformed it into a resort, a subtropical paradise that my patrons can enjoy to their heart’s content. I already told you as much before, Caleb. But that is not why people pay millions to spend a month here, and why you chose to travel here even in your disabled geriatric state.”

“No, your true question is in regards to the youthful people all around us, the bodies you now occupy, the transformation you underwent, and a little device I dub the Evoker. As you all saw with your old pairs of eyes, the Evoker is a device that allows me to separate a person into two things. It reduces the body of a person into a Vessel, a suit of condensed flesh, bones, organs, hair, and skin, while extracting a person’s Essence, their consciousness, their mind, their very soul if you prefer. Once separated, two things can be done. They may both be placed into a cold storage where they may be preserved for decades upon decades. Or, they can be mixed. The Essence of one person may be inserted into the Vessel of another, reviving an individual in the body of another.”

“It is a simple process, just place the Essence into the vacant holes of the Vessel and watch them come to life. Which is precisely what we did to you. Your Essence was extracted and placed into younger Vessels of our choosing. Thereby appeasing our promise of restoring you all to younger bodies. Just 8 hours ago, you were all 84, 82, 81, and 77, but now, you are all at the prime of your lives, the ripe age of 18… or maybe 19. It is what I promised to give you all upon coming to Bitz Isle and paying the associated free. It’s just that, instead of making your existing bodies younger, which is well beyond even my capabilities, I gave you new ones.”

As Bitz continued her exposition, a young man pushing a cart came up to our table, offering us a friendly greeting before adorning the mostly barren table with… a lot of octopus. A plate overflowing with grilled octopus, a pot of octopus pasta, about 3 dozen of those takoyaki octopus balls I tried during a trip to Japan, and another dish that mixed octopus with rice. 

This put a stop to our conversation, with Bitz thanking the waiter before taking the largest grilled tentacle before us with her hand and chomping it down, urging the four of us to ‘dig in’. While Raven and I would likely have scoffed at such an exotic food being served before us normally, considering the day we went through, we both shrugged as we filled our plates with a little bit of everything. Anthony and Penny did the same, but with more vigor.

Much like with the pizza we shared earlier in the day, I was floored by the power and potency of the flavors as they danced across my new tongue. However, I was not so enamored with this meal that I wasn’t paying attention to every word uttered by our party once the conversation resumed.

“Okay, so our Essence, or mind, was put into another body, or Vessel, using your Evoker,” Raven recapped while chipping away at the food in front of her. “That is not all too complicated… so why the fuck did you decide to not tell us this when we first met?” 

“Like I said, there was a scheduling snafu due to how the fifth member of your group, Melody, was not properly accounted for in the records I took, so we needed to expedite her transformation, prepare her a room, a Vessel, and clothing. It was a mess, and as it was my error, I did my part to provide a remedy. Unfortunately, that meant I lacked the time needed to meet with you and offer you a rundown of the services we at Bitz Und Stücke Ltd. provide to our patrons. So I vehemently said fuck it, and decided to mess with you lot.”

“How professional,” Raven grunted while swallowing her takoyaki. “You chose to subject us to fear and horror when you could have offered us a description as succinct as the one you provided minutes ago.”

“Yep! I sure could have. But I didn’t! And I don’t regret it. I’ve been doing this since 1984, and after going through 5,000 guests, I sometimes simply need to shake things up and do a wild card introduction like this. Sorry if that isn’t the type of service you expect for 10 million a person, but look at your bodies, at the 60 to 70 years you gained, and tell me that it wasn’t worth it. Go on.”

We all exchanged glances, waiting to see if anyone would question Bitz’s statement that what we received was well worth the net sum we paid, only for Penny to chime in suddenly.

“Well, it was definitely worth it with regard to the bodies we received. I can safely say that we all love the new Vessels you gave us, Doctor Bitz. However, what about the rest of our belongings? What about our money? Our accounts were in our names, so—”

“Eh, don’t worry about that dork shit. Hemming and Jetter are working on that. They’re masters of moving money, and while you will lose out on a few million due to exchange rates and transfer fees, your wealth will be transferred to your new bodies. Same with all of your shit, but your houses will be put on the market shortly, and you’ll need to live somewhere else. At least for a few years.”

“…You sure it was a good idea to not tell us all of this upfront?” I asked Bitz, scowling at the flippant look adorning her mug.

“I mean, the fuck were you gonna go about it if I told you earlier?” Bitz casually replied. “Say no and croak after a few pain-riddled years?”

I scowled at Bitz as they dismissed my concern and thought of a way to turn the conversation around, rather than admit that they were almost certainly right… only to remember a very important detail I glossed over.

“Wait, where the hell is Melody?” I asked abruptly. “You said you got her a room and Vessel.”

“I was waiting for when you’d bring her up,” Bitz slyly replied as she leaned downwards, plucking a small bell from the floor, shaking it five times before placing it back down.

After a quiet respite of exchanging confused glances across the table while continuing to eat the octopus before us, the pitter-pattering of footsteps behind me became louder, urging me to look behind me. I locked eyes with a man with darker skin dressed as a waiter, the very same waiter who brought us this octopus, and who I paid little mind to. While I would not have dreamed of making such a leap a mere day ago, I looked at this handsome gentleman and knew they had to be Melody.

“Jeez, how was I not the first thing you asked about? As if any of you all have anything else to talk about,” Melody sarcastically commented as she sat in the empty chair right beside me.

“Damn Melody, you sure make for one handsome fella!” Anthony said, stray bits of octopus flying out of his mouth. 

It was true that, much like with everybody else on Bitz Isle, Melody was quite attractive, but she was more cute than she was handsome, being shorter and scrawnier than Raven, and having a very boyish charm to her. Like all of us, her body was of a different race, that of a south Asian, or desi, man who looked positively dapper in the waiter uniform they were wearing.

Yet more than that, she looked far more content than I assumed she would have. It is true that, at age 39, she was at the tail end of her prime and would soon need to deal with the aches and true impact of age as her life went on, but she still had so much of her life ahead of her as a woman, and that was now gone. I felt like apologizing to her, feeling that I took something away that may have had a value that exceeded the 20 years she may have gained, but instead I directed my attention to Bitz.

“Why exactly did you give Melody a new Vessel?”

“It is true that, unlike you four, Melody was not in need of a new Vessel, as she was a perfectly healthy adult woman with approximately 50 years ahead of her. However, I simply can not permit anyone to visit Bitz Isle without experiencing their own transformation. And from what Seita has told me, she’s been adapting to this quite well, now haven’t you?”

“I should probably explain what happened to me for the rest of you,” Melody began, her voice deeper than I expected, “ I woke up in a hotel room, naked, in this body, along with the receptionist we met earlier, Seita… who was also naked. She explained this situation to me, telling me that if I was truly unhappy, I could go back to my old body, but that I needed to at least try this body out first. She guided me, helped me admire the strength and flexibility I had now that I was a man 20 years younger than myself, and as I got closer to her— after we fucked— I started really appreciating this body, and thinking that maybe I could live like this. It’s strange, intimidating, but also exciting. I don’t know what to make of all of this, but…”

As Melody trailed off, I exchanged glances with those around me and began to think. Over the past few hours, my mind has been through the wringer with shock, horror, anticipation, and hatred as I explored this new Vessel personally and with others. I shot aside my male pride to retain some dignity as I went through this situation, from enjoying the feeling of a dick getting shoved into my holes, to dressing in female clothing, and simply admiring and appreciating the fact that I looked cute. When faced with the choice of living out my days as I was or now, the choice was obvious, but could I really come to terms with myself as a woman and enjoy it? Would I see myself as such?

I looked at those around me as they mused, picking away at their plates as silence enveloped them, only to be broken by one of us.

“I… like being cute,” Anthony said, his voice alarmingly strained, “I like getting pounded by my wife’s big dick. And I am so happy that I am wearing this totes adorbs dress… but I don’t know why! I always liked getting silly from time to time, I was always a bit chemically imbalanced, I was never the manliest of men, but I know I wasn’t like this, and it is making me worried as fuck!”

As Anthony’s composure worsened, Penny placed a hand on his back, reaching beyond the cloth to comfort him with the skin of her palm. Bitz looked upon this and swallowed what was in their mouth before addressing us once more.

“You lot are awfully bad at the whole asking questions thing, so I’ll move onto the next one people usually ask. ‘Why are our likes and preferences different when in our new Vessels, and why were we placed in Vessels so radically different from the bodies we have known for all our lives?‘ Your Essence represents everything you are. Your memories, your personality, your consciousness, your sense of self. However, the person who you are changes over time. Experience, stimulation, every facet of your life alters who you are. But none more than your body, the Vessel you, your Essence, is born into. This does not overwrite or delete the person you were before in all but the most extreme of circumstances. Instead, this process is cumulative, it all builds up over the course of one’s existence.”

“…And by placing us in these bodies, we are being exposed to things that change our sense of self,” Raven commented, slowly picking away at the pasta on her plate.

“Bingo! You are dealing with different parts, proportions, texture, bodily chemistry, and brain chemistry. Everything you experience in these bodies has the potential to change and add to your sense of self, and it already has. Looking into the mirror and seeing a member of the ‘opposite’ sex of a different ethnic background, being with your spouse as they are in a similar predicament and fucking them. All of these things and myriad more have indeed altered your sense of self on some level, but they did not change who you are at the end of the day. For experience does not shatter identity, it informs it.”

“As you continue to reside within these Vessels for the ensuing month, your Essence will only change further, and even if you depart from Bitz Isle as an entirely different reformed person, you will still, fundamentally, remain the person you are. That much is always true. I have seen the entire spectrum over the years. Some despise their changes enough that they kill themselves out of hatred. Some retain the same beliefs of white male superiority despite being neither of those things. Some become only moderately more progressive and open. Some become wild radicals who despise people who belong to the group they were once a proud member of. Some discarded these changes and returned to their original bodies. One spent millions on experimental surgery to reforge their new body to better resemble their original body, but after years of failing to recreate her lost visage and form, she drowned herself in the ocean, wearing a pair of concrete shoes.”

“But most, as in 89.2%, of Bitz Isle patrons, find a happy medium, becoming more open and thoughtful, using their wealth and power for the greater good, while retaining the core of their identity. It saddens me that this percentage is not higher, but I cannot change everyone, and once a patron leaves Bitz Isle, once their paperwork has been prepared and assets have been relocated, I allow them to lead their own life however they see fit.”

“I placed you all in Vessels belonging to a different race and sex because it is an enriching experience, it will expand your view of the world. People will look at you differently, you will come to look at them differently, and I believe that will make you better people, more understanding, more mindful, and more willing to use your wealth and associated clout to better the world at large. For in a capitalistic society such as this, the best way to initiate change is with a cause and a fat-as-fuck checkbook.”

“…So, you placed us into these bodies to help further your own political gains?” I asked, having long since cleaned my plate.

“Um, yeah. What part about that wasn’t clear? You sign up for my service, I give you the invaluable gift of an extra 60 to 70 years of life for the average fee of $12,000,000 a head— but I gave you a discount because I can’t count, and I try to ease you into my way of thinking while offering to you a breadth of experience beyond anything anyone outside of a pool of less than 6,000 people have had the opportunity to experience. If you don’t like it, I’ll pull your old Vessels out of storage and put you on the boat to America tomorrow. If you do like it, then cool, I try to make my patron’s time here as pleasant as possible… barring the rare instance when I do decide to fuck wit ‘em for funsies.”

“Might I ask why and how you are going about all of this… insanity?” Penny replied, still poking away at the remaining scraps of grilled octopus before us.

“Ah yes, la pièce de résistance. Well, seeing as how most of us are done with our meal, I will try to abridge my life’s story for you all. Emphasis on try, as I am a loudmouth as you can plainly tell. I was born in Germany in 1909, and from that alone, you can already tell that this story is gonna go into a preposterously fucked direction. The Great War took much from me, as my home was destroyed, my father died on the front lines, and my fragile mind was damaged by the sight of war and bloodshed beyond anything ever seen before. This all inspired me to do something to prevent lives from being lost so flippantly, and I began pursuing the path of a surgeon, working from a young age to help support the future I wanted to build for my mother and me while spending my free time studying with whatever reading materials I could come across.”

“Then came the 20s, when shit was excruciatingly bad in Germany, and it made for a right shit adolescence that I powered through as best I could. I miraculously made my way through medical school before becoming an apprentice to a surgeon pursuing experimental medical practices in 1932. He was a wise man who opened my eyes to a wide number of things, but after working under him for a matter of months, he disappeared. And days later, the institute he and I were working at had been assaulted, its library burnt, and everything he spent his life working on destroyed. It was, guess who, the fucking Nazis, and guess who they were going after next? A young man by the name of Claus Stücke. Also known as me!”

While my disdain for those repugnant monsters in human skin cannot be understated, I still found myself kneeling before them as they stole me from my home in the late hours of the night. They believed me to be an obedient dog as I spun them a tale of both truths and falsehoods, and through years of keeping my head down and doing as I was told, I rose through the ranks and, in 1940, was appointed to a secret project involving a strange relic found in the orient, said to be magical in nature, a woman encased in gemstone.”

“Unlike the leaders of my nation and had long since grown out of such boyhood fantasies of magic and mysticism, and had no room in my mind to believe in such trite. But I did not question why I was put on such a project, or voice any objection to it. Both to save my own hide and to waste government resources that would otherwise be used to perpetuate the war machine”

“I spent weeks looking over this thing with my team, toiling away on what I knew were dead ends until. That is until one evening where, as I examined samples late into the night, the gemstone exterior began to crack, and a living breathing woman escaped from it. Her skin was dark, her hair colored a dark green, and she had both two small horns protruding from her skull, and a pair of wings attached to her back. She was a crass and vulgar demon, a being of magic in nature, and she called herself Akumako.”

“While one might expect an encounter with a demon to go wretchedly, she looked at me as a hero, saying that she owed me much for freeing her of her prison. She offered to do anything to aid me, having overheard and sympathized with my muffled rants as I worked in isolation. My disdain for the Nazis, my desire to be freed from my prolonged period of servitude, and how deeply I loathed the supremacy they boasted, the ignorance of their perspective, and the racism they propagated while exterminating all others they came across. She shared in my frustration, distraught that, despite all the scientific advances she saw around her, humanity was still driven by such immense hatred. We discussed a manner to go about combating this threat, and well into dusk, we devised a plan.”

“This led to the creation of the first Evoker, a device that used a crystalized form of Akumako’s vaginal discharge, which I extracted personally— with my dick— in order to divorce body and mind and allow me to escape this facility in the body of another man. Now, you are wondering how that makes any sense, and why demon pussy juice does such a specific thing, I don’t goldarn know. I explained the idea of a gun that would rob a person’s essence to Akumako, and this is what she came up with. She simply gave her pussy juice this power.” 

“How it works is that I press the trigger, it activates a light that shines on the crystal, and that causes a person’s Essence to fill the Evoker, where it goes through the barrel, down the bottom, and into the bottle attached below. Originally we used a pipe and glass flasks, but we’ve iterated over the past 75 years and settled on just making them bright multi-colored guns. Because guns are cool, and Evokers ergonomically work best when they are gun-shaped.”

“Now then, by hopping from body to body, I eventually managed to escape my corrupted homeland and fled to America as soon as possible. There, with a new name and a new face, I settled into a new life for myself, thinking that it would be for the best if I forgot about the past decade and lead the life of a surgeon. Even though I had the power to try and change things, I spent a good while acclimating to my new life, trying to put all the magic and body stealing behind me, despite retaining the crystals Akumako made for me, and the ability to call upon her at any time.”

“As the Nazi regime crumbled away, I tried to assure myself that there was no need for me to pursue any further action, that evil had been vanquished from this world, and that everything they stood for had been eliminated. Yet as I continued to live in America, as I acclimated to my new life and expanded my understanding of this nation, I realized how horribly wrong I was. I began witnessing the prejudice and hatred that festered in a country that was said to be the home of immigrants, a melting pot of the world. It was a nation with people of all nations, but everything was categorized and segregated. A person’s life was just as shaped by their skin and sex as it was anywhere, and that inequality… it was all too reminiscent of the motherfuckers I served under for too damn long.”

“But how does one fight against an issue that is systematic? Something that is preserved by those with power, those with influence, and perpetuated by the majority? Well, staging an uprising is all well and good, and I shall never chagrin those who fight for justice on that front. However, a more effective and prolonged way to propagate such a revolution would be to change those with the power and influence, or at the very least, change their perspective and disposition, change their worldview.”

“As a man who was living as a humble, but well compensated, doctor, I had a foot in the door to the upper class, and many of my regular patients were the elderly wealthy. While these individuals varied in their disposition and viewpoints on numerous matters, as I spoke to them about their aging bodies, their dwindling health, they all told me the same thing. That they wished they could buy more life, purchase years of youth at a hefty sum.” 

“And then, to one of my most trusted and liberal of patients, I brought up the idea of an Evoker, of allowing him to live beyond his body’s biological limits. A year later, he had adopted a young female heir, and had ‘passed away’. But in actuality, he had become his heir, and compensated me immensely for rendering my services.”

“They were the first of many I provided this service to, and over the years, after doing the same to dozens of others, I had accumulated the capital needed for me to execute on this budding idea of mind in a far more… moral manner. This led to the purchase and development of Bitz Isle. A small island 200 kilometers off the coast of northern California that is registered as a private resort, but truly serves as a place where those with wealth could pay to add years onto their lives by exchanging their old bodies for new ones. Through years and decades of preparation, construction, gathering the people, technology, resources, and permits, Bitz Isle launched in 1984, and it has been smooth sailing ever since. Our methods, ethics, and practices have all grown and changed, but our ideals and goals have remained the same. And if the social and civil rights progress seen throughout the past 30 years are any indication, I would say this whole hair-brained scheme of mine has been a huge success. That I and all under the umbrella of Bitz Und Stücke Ltd. have played a part in making the world a better place.”

As this ten minute long spiel came to a halt, I looked at Bitz with my mouth agape. I did not want to believe her— or him— or whatever the fuck they were— because what they just spewed from their mouth hole was so absurd that it went against what I had accepted as normal and real over the span of my life. …But the same could be said about everything I experienced today. My self was extracted by my person and injected into the body of somebody else, and this person before me— this blonde Filipino person eating a cold octopus tentacle with a free hand and scratching their exposed flat chest with the other— was responsible for all of this. 

Demons are real, magic is real, and most of the systematic changes seen throughout America in the last 30 years could probably be tied to this person before me, and I might actually be content, if not happy, with living as a Latina woman for the better part of a lifetime. As I came to terms with this, I looked over at the table and saw that I was not alone in recoiling from Bitz’s story, Raven leaned forward and spoke up.

“Alright, two more questions,” Raven said with a tired voice. “One, where do the Vessels you give to people like us come from? And two, how on Earth did you keep this place a secret for this long?”

“Bitz Isle is kept a secret because our patrons wisely do not discuss it with others once they leave, because we are very selective with the clientele we pursue, and because if anything really bad goes down, Akumako has promised to offer me her magical aid, for she agrees with what I am doing. As for how we have gathered the thousands upon thousands of Vessels we have given over the years, the answer is likely worse than what you would like to hear.”

“While we have experimented with growing humans, with developing them from an embryonic into full adulthood, that is a field fraught with challenges and the development of such things in private is beyond even the resources I have accrued. So instead we need to acquire humans to turn them into Vessels. There is no truly righteous way to do this, as the value of human life is immeasurable, and if we are going to make a human into a Vessel for another, then their Essence will need to be disposed of. They will need to be, effectively, murdered for the benefit of another. So, how does one go about murdering people in at least a semi-decent way? We at Bitz Und Stücke Ltd. have thought long and hard about this, and the only answer we could come to an agreement on is… human trafficking.”

As Bitz paused for dramatic effect, the five of us all glanced at each other with a look of concern, dreading just where this conversation would go.

“In short, I have agents traveling across various poor regions of the world in search of children and infants with a low chance of surviving into adulthood. Whether it be impoverished villages or entire nations where the wealth is scarce and essentials are hard to come by. The people who we capture and turn into Vessels are dramatically unlikely to live half of a full life, and what life they would live would be rife with daily struggles. We abduct these children, turn them into Vessels, and send them off to Bitz Isle or a satellite facility, where they are treated, aged, and given the nourishment needed to become strong healthy bodies like the ones you currently occupy.”

“It is an unfortunate cycle that we attempt to offset somewhat by compensating the communities we take the vessels from, offering them goods, essentials, facilities, or funds based on their needs. All of which is derived from the revenue Bitz Isle will earn from the patron who receives this Vessel. Which is why your bills were so high. Approximately half of it goes to enrich the communities we stole children from, or others like it, and the other half is used to pay the expenses incurred by transferring your assets and obtaining the necessary documentation for you to lead full lives. While human life is precious and should not be assigned a clear value, I believe that this distribution of resources, and the societal good enacted by those who receive a Vessel, is well worth the loss of a life that, in all likelihood, would have been lost in vain.”

I sunk into my chair as I attempted to untangle this web of profound fuckery. My mind narrowed in on the right response, only for someone else to take the initiative.

“So,” Melody began in a hesitant tone, “this is an island that gives rich white people the bodies of children from third world countries in an attempt to make them more progressive and conscious to the plights of others. Or in other words, your plan is… to make the world a better place… through slavery and demonic magic.”

“Pretty much, yeah,” Bitz casually replied, “I have long since come to justify my actions internally, and while I hope this method is not necessary in the future, we are not yet at that juncture. I hate seeing lives be lost or shattered, but human society is built upon lives being lost, sacrifices being made, and while this method may be more calculated or cold, it has and currently is changing the world for the better. Would you rather the lives lost be those slaughtered in protests, killed by hatred, lost to fight a vain war, or those who, in all likelihood, would die regardless. We might not save them, but we at least allow their lives to be used to better society and humanity at large.”

“Wait, then why am I in the body of a Chinese girl?” Anthony questioned after a moment of silence.

“We have been collecting Vessels for a very long time, and have accumulated a surplus of several dozen during various famines, disasters, and so forth, over the years. Besides, just because a nation is doing well does not mean that prosperity is shared among all. Or in the case of your Vessel,” Bitz said before pausing to check something on their phone, “she was born in a poor village, part of a family that was barely able to keep themselves fed, and to a woman too young to truly be called a woman. Shortly after the child was born, approximately five days, she took her infant child, her daughter, out into the woods, knowing that there was no place for her to lead an even remotely happy life, but unable to kill her in a more direct manner.”

“That’s horrible!” Penny shouted, slamming a girthy palm on the table.

“Yer goldarn right it is,” Bitz said. “And most of the Vessels we do give people were found in similar circumstances. So don’t go thinking that I’m all about that slave trade lifestyle, yo. I’d avoid doing this if I could, but some sacrifices are necessary. No revolution was ever founded without bloodshed, the needs of the many outweigh those of the few, and so forth and so on.”

While I wanted to disagree with Bitz on some moral high ground, I was at my limit. My mind had been subjected to a maelstrom of thoughts and concerns over the past day and now… Now I just wanted to rest. 

“Alright, I think we’re done here,” I said as I stood up from my chair. “Bitz… fuck you for not telling us this from the get-go, but thank you for everything else.”

“My apologies, and you are quite welcome. I was not expecting a patriarchal fuck like you to be so inclined to embrace their feminine side, but I suppose that’s the joy of every new group, I never quite know what to expect. I take it you also enjoyed getting intimate with your wife.”

“Yes, yes I did, it was quite lovely once I got used to it,” I declared as matter-of-factly as I could.

“Wow… I really did miss out on a lot, didn’t I?” Melody commented.

“Eh, not really,” Raven interjected, “I just went up to Caleb, stuck my dick in him, and he crumbled like a paper doll under a tire.”

“Heh,” Bitz grunted. “Yeah, I figured you would make for a good group, and I guess I was right, as usual. Somebody will come to gather you lot for a tour tomorrow at about 10:30, but it is not even 20:00, the night is young, and I ask that you enjoy it. Indulge in your desires, experiment with your identity, and free yourself of any inhibitions! You have been given a new body, a blank canvas, and above all else, I simply ask that you enjoy what I have given you.”

With that, Doctor Bitz stood up from the table and began walking away from us, greeting and making passing remarks to the other patrons of this restaurant as they moseyed on through, leaving the five of us standing around the table.

“Is everybody okay just going back to their hotel room and calling it a night?” Anthony asked before letting out a yawn.

After exchanging our affirmations, the five of us began to retrace the path Winter guided us along, Bitz Isle now darkened, but still illuminated by radiant stars and the glow of a half-moon. I walked alongside everybody slowly, my legs wobbly from sitting so long, my stomach plump from all the octopus I ate, and my body still sore from how I was handled a few hours prior. I began to stumble after walking a short while, only for Raven to reach out to my side, drawing the two of us together while laying an arm over my back. We did not exchange words as our bodies brushed against one another, and I simply wrapped an arm around her as we walked. 

I took a deep breath as I once again took note of my body. The cool ocean breeze brushing across the hem of my skirt, chilling my exposed legs, and ruffling through my top, cooling me and reminding me of what rested on my chest, while my hair fluttered, flowing across my face. I looked over at Melody, walking next to me with her hands in her pockets and a smile on her face. Beyond her were Anthony and Penny, holding hands as the vertically mismatched lovers took in the beauty of the nighttime scenery all around us. 

Part of me still wanted to reject what I was seeing and experiencing. To denounce it as wrong and vile, to demand what I thought I wanted. But as I pressed myself against one I had known for 60 years, and loved for half as long, feeling what I could best describe as butterflies fluttering through my tight little tummy, I mouthed a phrase that I had abandoned long ago and was only recently reminded of. 

“If it feels so good, then it can’t be wrong.”

TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz
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