TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz – Chapter 2

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Disclaimer: This work contains adult materials including sexually explicit activities, strong language, racist terminology, and human trafficking. This work is not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.

TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz
Chapter 2: In With the New

When I woke up, I felt as if my eyelids felt like they had been glued shut, all sound was muffled, and I felt like I was laying on a hard wooden floor. I tossed and turned, but there was something wrong with how everything felt. I felt weak, yet limber, and as I moved my hands around, I could not help but feel as if something was… off about my person. With my senses not fully functioning as I splayed around in this state, I sought to sit upright in order to get my bearings, leaning my head upwards while pressing my arms against a cold hard surface, only to be sent tumbling back as my left eye was poked by some thick object.

“Ah fuck!” I shouted as my head slammed down to the ground. However, the voice I let out was not my own. It was not even close. I opened my eyes as I realized this and immediately regretted doing so. Before me was a penis. A black man’s penis. A fully erect black man’s penis at least a foot in length, looming over me. 

I immediately began crawling backwards, moving far faster than I expected, but in doing so I wound up slamming my head against a hard wooden corner. “Piece of shit!” I shouted, only to be met, once again, with a different voice, one that I told myself belonged to a child. However, as I looked down at my body, I realized that was not the case.

My eyes were first drawn to my legs, one scrunched up and pointed upwards and the other sprawled along the floor. They were long, smooth, and far more curvaceous than anything I had, even during my most athletic years. But what I noticed above all else was the color. They were brown. A deep undeniable brown. 

I extended my hand forward to investigate these legs, to confirm they were real, and that they were really mine. Yet before I could so much as lay a finger on my legs, I felt something brushing against my arm. Something on my chest. The shape of the legs had already given way to suspicions, but my entire body tensed as I tilted my head downwards to confirm them, inching degree by degree until I saw… a pair of breasts. Deep brown just like my legs, and foreboding in their size. 

My mind went to static as I tried to comprehend what I was seeing, and like a child, I felt compelled to confirm the reality of these things on my chest with touch. They were soft, warm, and as I placed a palm against them, brushing against the nipple, a jolt shot through my body. One as surprising as it was… arousing. I could not deny what had happened to me. That I had become a woman through some absurd methodology that I could not begin to comprehend at the moment, and a woman of a different race at that. I could not tell which just based on the sight of this body, but it would not have made a difference given the sorry state I put myself in as I made this discovery.

Heavy breathing gave way to full hyperventilation, and my body only tensed as I came to terms with all other stimuli I had previously ignored. The cushion adorning my ass as I sat on the floor. The wavy hair brushed along my shoulders. The plump lips that I now moved as I breathed. The daintiness of my slender fingers. And the face I brought them to. A soft visage that I could only assume belonged to a beautiful woman and… I was that beautiful woman now.

I did not ask for this. This was not part of the deal. During none of my conversation with Bitz did they mention, or even infer, that I would become a mud-skinned cunt. I was fuming at how my expectations had been tattered. I was horrified by what had happened to me. I was baffled by the lack of an understandable scientific basis for how I wound up in my current predicament. But all I could do in this situation was breathe rapidly while tears trickled down my face. I chided myself for such behavior, for such weakness, trying to remind myself of the man I am on the inside. 

Instead, my piteous state was only worsened as I felt somebody wrap their arms around me. They were warm, strong, with skin that was coarse in spots but reassuring in a strange way. My eyes were shut as they first touched me, but I opened them as they embraced me fully. I was being hugged by a black man… a naked black man. Presumably, the same one whose penis I saw a minute or two ago. I felt my body tense as I saw his face, his eyes shut and lips curled upwards in a welcoming smile.

“Get away from me!” I shrieked at the man as I failed my limbs wildly, trying to break free from his embrace. However, my arms lacked the strength I once had— the strength of a man— and even at the peak of my physical performance, I would have struggled to escape from the grip of a man with arms this muscular. 

“Caleb, please, calm down,” the man whispered into my ears in a soft yet powerful voice bearing a subdued yet distinctive African accent. “I know this is scary, and we’re all freaked out. None of us have any idea what is going on, but having a panic attack never solved anything.”

“Let… let me go… please,” I said in a quiet voice.

The man did just that, giving me a moment to steady my breathing and come to grips with where I was. It was… a hotel room. One that lacked the accouterments and aesthetic stylings that distinguished the most premium hotels from your more average and economical lodgings, but it was a nice room regardless. One with off-white walls, wooden floors, a king-sized bed, large television, a larger than average kitchenette, and a balcony with opened shades that revealed the endless expanse of ocean. 

Seeing this, a room that was some amalgamation of something I had seen hundreds of times throughout my life, did a great deal to calm myself and helped me build the confidence needed to try standing up, which I did with ease, not needing anything for support. I shakily began taking a few steps, feeling my hair bob across my head while my large breast jiggled as I made way across the room before stopping as I passed a wardrobe that had been concealing a full-body mirror from me.

I looked at the naked woman staring at me through the glass with a blank expression, wanting to believe that she was someone else when I already knew that it was my reflection. I drew closer to it and began to take in the details of her, of my new body. It was… gorgeous. It was the body of a model, an actress, a woman who, if crafty enough, could spend her youth making enough during her 20s and 30s that she would never need to work another day in her life. 

The woman I saw in the mirror reminded me of Sofia, a member of the hotel staff I met while at a two-week-long conference in the summer of 1977, 40 years ago. A Latina woman whose pussy was my property for 10 of those 15 days. She would come to me every morning and evening to get her fill, in exchange for a Franklin. And now… I looked like her, but better. Fuller hips, a cup size bigger, and maybe 10 kilograms lighter. As I made note of that, I smirked, making my reflection all the more beautiful. 

For as strange as this was, as unnatural and unwanted as my situation was… I could not help but appreciate it on some level. My legs moved with ease. My vision was immaculate. My hearing was what it once was. My hands no longer ached. And my fingers were straight. I had reclaimed the mobility I lost. My body was youthful and rid of the limitations I sought to relieve myself. 

On the one hand, this was amazing. This was spectacular. This was a miracle. This was beyond my wildest dreams for what this facility could ever offer. But on the other hand, why in the nine circles of hell was I a fucking Mexican bitch? This was amazing, but where the fuck was my dick? What the fuck did you doe-eyed faggots do to me, and why the fuck did you do it? I wanted to punch the mirror to vent my frustration, but as I clenched my fist, jamming my longer nails into my skin, I felt a large strong hand embrace my shoulder once more.

“Caleb, it’s okay,” the naked black man said to me, towering over me by at least 20 centimeters.

“Who are you?” I asked as I looked at the two of us in the mirror, momentarily drifting my vision to his porno-sized schlong before focusing on his… well proportioned face. He had a photogenic and picturesque face, short well-managed hair, and while much of his body was obscured by my own, he looked like he could handle every reasonable physical challenge thrown his way. From sports to more practical applications.

“I’m Penny. Penny Appleton,” the black man replied with a cheery smile.

My eyes narrowed as I tried to comprehend this, wanting to refute this claim as fecking bullshit. But if the woman looking at me in the mirror truly was me, truly was Caleb, then what’s to say that the man looking at me wasn’t Penny? I groaned as I accepted ‘her’ words as the truth, even though it very easily could be a lie.

“Please… Penny. Tell me everything that you know. What happened?” I said, pausing as I noticed the slight Spanish accent flowing out of my mouth.

“Raven, Anthony, and I all woke up about 20 minutes ago, and all of us were in different bodies. After a lot of screaming and confusion, we figured out who was who and began exploring the hotel room. Or rooms rather. There’s a door connecting this room to another over there and that’s where Raven is now, checking what we have and looking for a way out. And yes, we already checked the lobby door and windows, but they’re both locked. Anthony, meanwhile, is in the bathroom, doing some… extra research on his new body.”

“Are they both like us? Did they change sex and race or—”

“They did, we’re not sure why everything was scrambled like that, we’re not sure about one flipping thing at all to tell you the truth. Hopefully, we can figure things out soon… not that we’re in much of a rush. The fridge is stocked and the water’s running, so we can probably last a week or so. But I’d rather not stay here for a few days before getting bored, breaking the windows, and fashioning a rope from bedsheets to get out of here.”

“…Alright,” I replied, “it probably won’t come to that, but considering everything I— we’ve been through, I’m not sure about anything. Just let me just get my bearings and see what we’re dealing with here… and please take your hand off me.”

“Heh. Sorry about it. Your skin is so soft and smooth that I just couldn’t help myself,” Penny said as she lifted her hands off me.

Right as our conversation reached this lull, we were interrupted by the sound of a door opening, and out from it came a tuft of steam along with a figure dressed in little more than a towel. They were a Chinese woman, one was at least 15 centimeters shorter than me, and would look like a child next to somebody as tall as Penny. After she flipped her damp untamed armpit length mane about, her eyes landed on us and immediately lit up. Inspired, she dashed towards us, leaving a trail of water droplets in her path.

As she got closer, I acknowledged that she was a lovely looking woman, one with a vibrant smile and expressive face, along with a small frame that, despite the towel covering her torso, still had a good degree of curvature to it, boasting visible hips and breasts that, while B-cups at best, were still noticeable and worked well on her frame. I smiled as our eyes crossed from one another, only for my expression to suddenly sour as she redirected her dash towards me, slamming her face into my exposed breasts as she wrapped her arms around my back, pushing me onto the bed behind me.

“Oh my gosh, Caleb! You are soooo hecking pretty!” The Asian woman cheered as she nuzzled her face into my boobs, a slight accent ringing in her voice. 

A loud moan escaped my lips as my breasts were assaulted by this strange woman, and while I tried to counter it by adopting a distinct scowl, I could not deny that it felt… good as she stimulated me. I’ve done enough perverted shit in my day to know just how much some women yearn for a pinched nipple but experiencing it was something different entirely. Part of me wanted to lay there and let this hyperactive little lady do whatever she wanted, but my desire to get answers was ever so slightly stronger, so I shoved her off me and onto the floor.

“Oof!” The Chinese woman exclaimed as her lean buttocks slammed against the hardwood floor. “I definitely would’ve broken something if I fell like that a few hours ago, but now I’m not even sure if it’ll bruise! Oh, youth truly is wonderful, dontcha agree guys?”

As I looked at the jovial look on this woman’s face, I was reminded of my halcyon days of exploring the local woods with Anthony. One day, when I was no more than 10, we encountered a ravenous raccoon, one who I took a shovel to in order to cleave his head off. It was a wretched experience, one that ended with bloodied hands and a face painted with dirt. But as I killed the vermin, my dear friend Anthony could only smile, laughing at how we nearly got rabies and complimenting me on my quick thinking. Even as I grew jaded and cynical with age and maturity, Anthony still retained his inner child. Often a bit too much, but it was endearing nonetheless. And seeing this woman laugh like him reminded me of what Penny just told me no less than a few minutes ago. That Anthony was in the bathroom. This woman came from the bathroom. Ergo, this woman must be Anthony… and my god did I feel stupid for taking this long to put two and two together. 

“Anthony, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” I said as I clenched my temple, frustrated by how thick-headed I can be.

“Sorry, Caleb. I know I was being rude, but the look on your face was absolutely worth it.”

“Honey muffin, Caleb is still getting used to this. He didn’t have an adventure like you just had. I know you’re feeling like a little firecracker in your new body, but you’ve gotta keep your cool.” Penny said in as motherly a voice as she could with her deep male voice.

“Okay, sweetie bloom. I’ll do better. It’s just a bit hard to ‘keep my cool’ at the moment. I feel like I just got a dozen shots of espresso shot right into my veins! All I wanna do is run and shout and fuck, but I know, I should act my age, and not how I look or feel.”

“…Did you just say you wanted to fuck?” I asked, slow to accept the reality before me.

“Yep! I know it’s kinda weird since I have new parts and stuff, but even after doing like three cums in the shower, I’m still pretty damn horny. And seeing all of you naked like this sure isn’t helping. I mean, I don’t know if I’m just kinda kooky or whatever, but just looking at Penny’s pecker is getting me all hot and wild like something fierce! And I didn’t think much of dicks before all this, especially black dicks, but now… I mean, look at this thing, isn’t it M-A-Zing?”

As Anthony went on this spiel, he grabbed Penny’s penis, still fully erect, and shoved it closer to me. My eyes widened as I saw it, and I recoiled further onto the bed, telling myself I was revolted by it, but not finding it in me to look away from it until after I spent three seconds speccing it out. 

“I, um, no, of course not, but—” I stammered, trying to defend myself.

“Caleb, don’t feel bad if you like my dick,” Penny said as she gripped my shoulder once more. “It is a mighty fine dick. And even though I never found women that attractive, I have to admit that I’ve been checking you out. I was actually about to… pleasure myself as I looked over your unconscious body. That’s why I was so close when you woke up.”

“Oh! We should probably check on Raven,” Anthony exclaimed. “She’s probably been going wild all cooped up in there. I wonder if she did anything wild, like take a pickle up her butt while pulling the pork. I always figured she was an adventurous girl when it came to masturbation, and I’m sure she’ll be an even more adventurous boy!”

“…Where the hell is that interpretation coming from?” I asked, scooching over to the end of the bed.

“What, you ever check out the novels she reads?” Anthony replied. “Shit’s as kinky as Juliana’s Disco.”

“You mean that bondage place you two went to in Deutschland?” Penny inquired.

“We are NOT talking about Juliana’s Disco!” I stated with as much authority as I could muster. “What happens in Germany stays in Germany! I do not care if Hell has frozen over and fire is raining down from the sky. We swore to never talk about that!”

The two then laughed at me, apparently finding my outburst to be humorous, but as much as I wanted to try and defend myself before them, the sound of their joyous voices did a lot to ease the tension and dread that I would otherwise be overrun with. Despite them being in completely different bodies, they still acted like people I had known for decades, and they composed themselves with a youthful vigor that I could not help but find at least somewhat nostalgic. It made me want to join in and try to act like my old self, but I was too overwhelmed by the differences before me. From the obvious and massive differences as seen in the shape and composition of my body to the comparatively subtle differences in my voice and intonation, with words not coming out as I envisioned, and a linguistic lisp altering my ability to articulate certain sounds. 

As I let out a hearty sigh, the door in the middle of a wall began to open steadily and slowly, and from it came a young man. His dark hair was curly and somewhat disheveled with a faint layer of facial hair that existed on his face. His body, while lanky compared to Penny’s, was lean with muscle, not that of an athlete, but of an individual who took care of himself and could handle most physical feats thrown his way, while remaining a considerably thin person. 

While I had become skilled at determining a person’s race over the years, they were more of a mystery, with their skin being a dark tan, something darker than my own, and face not meshing with any racial profile I could pinpoint. Likely due to them being the result of a mixed ethnic origin, giving them a unique look amongst most groups they could be placed against, especially due to the curious presence of a pair of pale green eyes. Much like everyone else in this room, they were a quantifiably attractive individual, with strong facial features, and a nicely sized penis that had to be somewhere between 20 and 25 centimeters… Lord, I hated myself for doing the mental math of figuring that out.

I say ‘he’ in my description, but by process of elimination, this person was obviously my wife, Raven. A woman who I once held a strong love for, but that faded as our lives lingered on and we built both walls and distance between each other. Still, I looked at her and tried to at least muster a smile, something that came to me quite easily, and I saw her return a toothy grin in return as she looked over at my person, clearly liking what she saw. I wanted to be appalled by this, but knowing that my wife was looking at me with some degree of attraction, well, that’s something I have not experienced in nearly half my life.

“I take it that you’ve already gotten Caleb up to speed?” Raven asked, her voice bearing an ambiguous accent.

“You couldn’t hear us through the door? We weren’t exactly quiet,” I commented.

“This place has soundproof walls. And before you ask, no, I did not find anything of note… aside from a drawer full of sex toys. No clothes, no way out, and nothing to even read for the time being. But I can see that… Anthony here has thought to dress in a towel.”

“I only did it because I was wet from my shower… and the fabric feels nice on my boobies.” Anthony declared with a glimmering face.

“How much of that shower was just an excuse for you to masturbate?” Raven coughed in response.

“Um… like 70% of it. Do you mean to say that you didn’t play with yourself? Because you do have a really nice dick. I wish mine were that big! I mean, I wish I had a dick that size back when I was a man… but what would this body look like with a dick like that? Hmm…”

“Are you sure you’re okay Anthony?” Penny asked, looking down at her husband. “Even when you’re off your medication, you’ve never been quite so… hyper.”

“Heh. Sorry about it. I guess that even with a new body, my brain chemistry is still a bit squirrely.”

“…Can we please move on to something more relevant?” I asked while covering my face with a hand. “We just learned that there is no obvious way out, so we should probably calm down for the time being. Maybe grab something to eat if the fridges are stocked.”

The three of them all spouted their own rendition of an agreement as I plopped myself off the bed and took charge by heading to the kitchen. The cabinets were filled with non-perishables and canned foods while the fridge was predominantly a freezer, with frozen vegetables, meat, microwavable snacks like burritos and sweet potato fries, and a number of pre-cooked meals. There was paella, nasi goreng, schnitzel, yukgaejang, borscht, and tom kha gai just to name a few, and that was just the freezer in this room. Meanwhile, the fridge portion was mostly full of canned or bottled beverages, but also had some chilled sweets and single-serving cups of apple sauce, peanut butter, jelly, and dried fruit.

On the fridge was a note saying, “don’t open something you aren’t going to eat, ya jerk’ with an angry face drawn at the bottom. It was a curious note, a more crass version of something you’d see at a hotel that had to worry about restocking a fridge, but before I could contemplate this, I was interrupted by Anthony, who squirmed around me to get to the freezer, opening it and pulling out a frozen pizza.

“Hell yeah! I don’t give a shit if I’m probably lactose intolerant now! It’s time for a pizza party!”

As Anthony began prepping the oven and tearing off the packaging, I turned my head to Raven and Penny, both of whom were in the midst of tying towels against their waists in an effort to hide their penises and maintain a degree of modesty, but the outline of their now flaccid dicks was still plain and obvious to anybody with a working set of eyes. 

Taking a cue from these two, I made my way to the bathroom and grabbed a towel for myself, wrapping it against my sensitive chest and tying it behind my back with my flexible arms. I took a moment to look over my ‘dressed’ body in the mirror, mentally remarking about how the towel looked at it hugged my figure, and adjusting it to better cling to my person… until I realized what I was doing and let out a sigh.

“Look, no matter what your reflection and voice are saying, you are still Caleb Jones. I know Anthony is… well, everybody is taking this well as far as I can tell, but that does not mean it is right or normal. Best case scenario, I only need to stay like this for a short while longer. This is not me, I should not get used to this.”

After giving my reflection a pep talk, I let out another sigh before my eyes drifted to the toilet… when I realized I needed to pee. With a groan, I undid the towel I spent so much time wrapping around myself and placed myself on the seat, spreading my legs out of reflex as I imagined the urine being released from my body, only to be met with a loud gushing noise as the liquid began pouring out from my lower body, rather than being unleashed in the stream I was accustomed to. As I heard my piss and the water below mingle on impact, I swerved my head down past my breasts as I heard this noise, watching the yellow burst from my crotch, and… it was far less dignified than what I had expected. I suppose I never put too much thought into how women urinated and simply assumed it was a steady release that hit the water more gently and quietly than what I was observing before my very eyes.

After wiggling around my protruding hips, and bumping into a nearby toilet paper holder, my bladder was sufficiently emptied, but I could still see the remnants of urine still clinging to my crotch. With little more to guide me than a vague memory of something I overheard decades ago, I took a single square of toilet paper and began pushing it against my crotch, where it immediately absorbed whatever residual droplets remained while sending certain stimuli to these previously avoided parts this body had. I looked at the door, biting down on my lip as I tried to convince myself this was a bad idea… but before I could formulate an argument, a finger found its way past the puffy skin surrounding my vaginal lips. 

“Gyaaaah!” I gasped in a high-pitched voice, overwhelmed by the feeling coursing through my body. It was abrupt, it was intense, and it left my breathing haggard. But at the same time, I immediately wanted to try doing that again once I yanked my finger out, just… a lot slower. With my mouth agape, I began to circle my lower regions with a finger, savoring in the smoothness of the skin below, as I spiraled closer to the main attraction… only to get sidetracked as I passed over a small bump that sent another jolt throughout my body. I traced my finger back to this bump, rubbing it softly with my index finger as I clawed my hand forward, bringing in my thumb to add further titillation. 

“Oh… yes,” I cooed, honeyed words lingering in my ears as they escaped my lips. The sound of this woman speaking was enough to drive me on, to light my sexual fire for the first time in years… only for me to remember that I was that woman. That I was a woman masturbating in the bathroom, maiming my male pride, while my wife and friends were no more than a few meters away. I could feel my face redden as I made this revelation, and I jumped off the toilet soon after, silently and robotically making way to the sink to wash my hands before, just as stiffly, picking up the towel I had discarded in order to pee. 

“I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything. I just peed and struggled to tie the towel around me.” I thought aloud, adopting a more respectable tone as I tuned my voice.

Dressed in my towel once again, I returned to the hotel room, where Raven and Penny had sat at the small four-person dining table in the room while Anthony was standing laying on the bed, sprawling his body out as a stream of giggles escaped his mouth. I Looked at Anthony curiously, only to have my attention demanded by Raven, who spoke to me while bearing a sly smirk.

“You certainly took your time in there Caleb. So, how was it?”

“I didn’t realize that women peed so quickly,” I said, ignoring Raven’s intention. “I always assumed that it took longer and was a less forceful stream, but I suppose I was wrong.”

“I know, right?” Anthony shouted. “They always say that women take forever in the bathroom, but they tinkle with the quickness!”

“Caleb, dear,” Penny commented, her inflection and demeanor sounding wrong considering she had the body of such a masculine man. “I believe Raven was not implying you went to relieve yourself that way but in another way. Don’t feel shy, we were just discussing the subject of masturbation a moment ago and have all given it a try since we were given our new bodies.”

Raven’s face twisted as Penny admitted something so openly, while a smile appeared on mine. Raven clearly thought such an act was shameful, and I would not pass the opportunity to rub her nose in it.

“Well, I can safely say that I did not masturbate while in the bathroom, like a certain somebody apparently did. I guess I just have more restraint than her.”

Bitterness billowed in the glare Raven shot at me, but I remained where I was, my eyes narrowed in on her, and my arms folded under my breasts. She always was the sort who looked at beautiful women with scorn as they flaunted something she lacked, and with the harsher face of a man, her death glare had never looked so spiteful. I took in this look, recognizing it as a sign of victory, and awaited her retort… only to be interrupted.

“Wait, really?” Anthony burst as he dashed towards me. “Oh Caleb, you foolish lady-man! Assuming your body is as sensitive as my own I must insist— nay, I plead that you explore yourself. Feel free to do it in private… or perhaps you could put on a show for us all.”

“N—No, I am quite alright,” I stammered as I moved back from Anthony. “I am not interested in doing any such thing, let alone at a time like now. We should focus on maintaining our calm and making a plan to escape. But first, we need to eat. And based on the timer, the oven should be done in about—”

Right on cue, the oven timer struck down from four to zero, letting out a profound beep to notify us that our frozen pizza was done. Uttering a loud yelp of joy, Anthony dashed to the oven and grabbed a pair of oven mitts from the counter, turning off the machine before opening it and plopping a pan onto the stovetop. The smell of baked cheese, tomato, meat, and spices wafted through the air and stimulated a hunger I had been too preoccupied to acknowledge until right now. 

Whatever tension and animosity that had been building up seemed to dissolve once the food was ready, and Anthony was all too eager to expedite the process, fishing through a drawer of utensils in order to find a pizza cutter that he used to saw through the thick bread vigorously, grunting about the lack of muscle in his arms and the poor leverage granted to him being so short. Penny approached him as she recognized this struggle, but Anthony declared this to be his duty and asked Penny to sift through the cabinets to fetch four plates, but no utensils. Because only a daft posh tit would dare to eat pizza with a fork and knife.

“Everybody only gets two slices! If you’re still hungry after this, help yourself to something else in the fridge. I know I will!” Anthony said as he patted his flat stomach.

“Considering that you are a woman now, and a small one at that, you really should keep your calories in mind.” Raven lectured to the Asian girl who used to be a borderline obese man. “I’d say keep it at 1,800 or so, but if you intend on—”

“Ray-Vay, have you looked at me? Have you seen me do those ‘sick’ somersaults and handstands? If there is anybody who can eat garbage, for the time being, it’s this sexy little bitch right here!”

After that declaration, Anthony shoved a slice of pizza into their tiny mouth and began to chew, mumbling happy noises as they wandered away, letting everyone else grab their share. While Penny, Anthony, and I all returned to the table to eat, Raven isolated herself, sitting on a recliner placed near the bed. I shrugged at her action and instead focused on the food before me, taking a small bite at first to taste the pepperoni pizza, and I paused as it touched my tongue. 

“Oh my goodness! This is delicious!” Penny shouted as she finished her first bite and immediately went in for another.

I had to share her sentiment. The first bite, still lingering in my mouth, was a flavorful explosion of rich tomatoes, plentiful seasoning, crisp yet fluffy bread, and the zest of the pepperoni was among the most intense things I could recall tasting in years. I could not say if this was due to how my sense of taste became less potent as I aged, if this new body had amazing taste buds, or if this was top-shelf frozen pizza. However, I did not need to know any of that to plow through the modest amount of food on my plate within a matter of three minutes.

Upon letting out a hearty sigh, one preceded by Penny and shortly succeeded by Anthony, I picked my plate up and left it in the sink before leaning over to the fridge to grab a bottle of chilled water. A bottle I promptly chugged, having not realized just how thirsty I had become.

“Alright, where do we go from here?” I asked everybody as they gathered to rinse their plates.

“We checked everywhere,” Raven answered, “but we didn’t find anything that would get us out of these rooms, or anything that would even imply there is a way to get out aside from bashing down the doors.”

“So, you checked the beds, under the begs, all drawers, all cabinets, the fridges, both bathrooms, the TVs—” I said, listing everything in front of me

“Shit! We forgot to turn on the TVs!” Anthony screamed as he ran to the large black screen hanging from the wall, rubbing his hands around the edge before finding the power button.

With a click and chime, we all gathered around the television, sitting on or around the bed as the audio and video began coming in. I, naturally, just expected some random channel to be blaring a commercial or a program, but instead what I saw was something far more familiar. A Filipino woman with blonde hair, a bare chest, and wearing nothing above her waist other than a lab coat. She onwards from behind a desk, tapping her fingers against its wooden frame before slamming a palm down, sending a concussive boom throughout the room.

“Hello once again, my beloved patrons. In case you have forgotten, I am Doctor Bitz. Your physician, friend, master of ceremonies, and most important of all, the one responsible for putting your Essence into the wonderful new Vessels you are all settling into. Now, I know that you may be frightened, or even disgusted, by your bodies, but I ask that you try and tolerate it for the time being. Over the next month, I will help you acclimate to your transformation, come to love your new skin, and if you are truly dissatisfied, and nobody ever is, I shall revert you back to your original state, and fully reimburse you for all expenses paid.” 

“I have a lot in store for you, as I detailed in your introductory presentation, but today, I would like you to begin your adventure by exploring your bodies in great detail from the comfort and intimacy of your room. To help ease you into the process, your new bodies have been given an aphrodisiac, something to loosen the nerves you may be feeling right now and embrace your newly defined selves in the most primal of manners. You may find your preferences expanded or driven by more carnal desires, but I urge you all to explore. Do not feel bound by your past and pave your way to a new future, a new you. And don’t worry about impregnation. As I previously stated, you will not need to concern yourself with such things for a matter of months.”

“But before your desires become too overbearing, I would advise you to check out the fridge, get something to eat, and make sure you drink plenty of water. Sex is one of the most wonderful things in the world, but it’s not fun for anybody when somebody passes out from dehydration. Things should get hot and wild about an hour after all of you wake up, and a few hours after that, I will ask you all to join me for dinner, thus ending our first night together. Until then, I simply ask that you keep an open mind and enjoy yourselves. Bitz signing off!”

The screen then cut away from what I assumed to be a pre-recorded video of Doctor Bitz to three white lines of text over a black background, which read the following: “Current Time – 15:55,” “Aphrodisiac Activation – 16:00,” and “Dinner with Bitz – 18:30.” 

Silence enveloped the room during this video, and silence remained after it. I stared at the screen before the current time advanced to 15:56 before moving my head to my left, where Raven sat, and to my left, where Anthony and Penny sat. I tried to comprehend the declaration that, within four minutes, we would all be overwhelmed by sexual urges. That, assuming I did not run and barricade myself in the bathroom, I would be fucked by someone in this room. My mind immediately thought of Raven and Penny, the dicks between both of their legs, and the vagina that resided between mine. If just a finger was enough to make me scream like that, what would a penis feel like? Shit, could either of those things even fit inside me?

I bit my teeth as I realized what I was imagining, me being penetrated, accepting my status as a woman by letting a man dominate me. I could not, or at least did not want to, accept this. The comfort and acceptance of those around me had clouded my judgment. I had been too willing to accept fear and a defeatist attitude. 

“I am a man!” I thought to myself. “I am a man who found success, who dominated over others. A man who said no in the face of adversity, and succeeded. I should not need to settle. I should not be controlled by the whims of this foreign body I woke up in.”

It was not what I wanted. It was not what I expected to receive. And the idea of accepting it, of indulging in the pleasures it could offer me… it made me feel weak. Like I was murdering a core part of my being. My pride as a man, as Caleb Jones, was on the line here, and I was horrified of losing it. Of subjecting myself to those around me, and I looked at them for reassurance that I was not alone in my fears. That Anthony, Penny, and Raven were not willing to accept this, that they refused to indulge in their bodies. Fuck was that stupid.

As my eyes darted over to Anthony once more, I saw his eyes glimmering, shining as he looked at the black male body that housed his wife’s consciousness with fervor. He darted his small hand at the towel covering Penny’s crotch, tearing it off and exposing her penis, flaccid, but still massive. Before the shock could leave any of our faces, Anthony latched onto the penis and began to yank it firmly.

“C’mon, you heard the Doctor! We’ve gotta get frisky! We really should make our first time be together since we are husband and wife— and not just because I want your big black dick to destroy my tight China-girl pussy! So let’s just go to the other room and—”

As Anthony explained their intentions, pulling and stimulating his wife’s member, she stood up and grabbed Anthony by the torso, flinging his small body over her broad shoulder. 

“Honey biscuit,” Penny whispered into her husband’s ear, “I love how eager you are but, um, look at me. Let me lead for once, and just follow along. I promise I’ll be gentle.”

“Well, I’d appreciate it if you were at least a little rough,” Anthony commented as he was carried out of this hotel room and into the neighboring one, the door shutting right as he finished that thought.

As the slamming of the door gave way to silence, I looked over at Raven, who looked at me with a Cheshire grin from across the bed. I jumped off the bed as quickly as I could, cobbling together a vague plot of hiding in the bathroom until the effects of this aphrodisiac wore off. But before I could get more than a few steps, strong fingers dug into my forearm, stopping me in my tracks before my breasts were hit with the brunt of a strong forearm. I groaned in a mixture of pain and hushed arousal, my face redding as I realized what I had done.

“Fuck do you sound sexy,” Raven whispered into my ear.

“Please, I… I don’t want to do this. We shouldn’t do this,” I pleaded, my voice reduced to a disgusting whimper.

“Oh? Since when have you viewed sex as something sacred? Something with shoulds and should nots? ‘If it feels so good, then it can’t be wrong.’ That’s always been your philosophy, hasn’t it?”

“I… how much do you—”

“God, you sound so weak, you know that? One would think a man who spent nights with dozens of different women in dozens of different countries would be more elegant and erudite about such a subject, but I suppose not. I do not know everything you did. I doubt you could recall more than half of them after all these decades. I’ve found letters written to you by foreign whores. I’ve smelled the waft of sex on the hired help and in bed chambers meant only for a single person enough time over the years to be confident in my estimate. Plus, you can learn a lot about a man by fucking him, on average, once every few weeks for 30 years. I could tell what days Melody gave you a blowjob. I knew when you made an exceptional lady friend during a trip. I kept quiet about it for the sake of maintaining appearance, preserving our wealth, and keeping the lives of our children happy. But now… now I have the opportunity to get back at you in a way that a ravenous dog like you can hopefully understand.”

As Raven finished her speech, she threw me onto the bed and wasted little time tearing off the towel I wore to preserve my own modesty. I thought about getting up, about running, but there was no way I could avoid her long enough to escape to the bathroom and wait this out. 

With a single tug, Raven pulled her towel down, allowing her dick to rise fully, shocking me with its size and girth. I squirmed as the inevitable drew near and soon found my arms restrained by Raven’s palms while her legs laid on top of my own. My mouth flapped open, releasing a string of half-formed syllables as words left me out of fear and concern. I had failed to preserve my masculine pride. I wanted to run. I wanted to apologize. I wanted forgiveness. I wanted to cry. And… as I saw Raven’s dick looming over me… I wanted that too.

TSF Series #010: The Island of Doctor Bitz
Chapter 1: Welcome to Bitz Isle
Chapter 2: In With the New
Chapter 3: Double Degeneracy
Chapter 4: Post-Coitus
Chapter 5: Bitz Und Stücke
Chapter 6: Third Embrace

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